The Spirit of the Ages

The Spirit of the Ages


When the Spirit of the Ages, besettleth, and beseth, the Ages of Commons, House-Worship, and Worship, they also besettled the House of Commons in Ireland, and in Rome.

For they are the Vatican Bankers, the Seeds of Old.

This spirit of the Age, is of old common Guard-ian, the Swiss Navylish Bankers, or Banksters, or, of the House of Commons, in Ireland, and In Portugal.

The Portuguese are the geese of the flock.

With the Flock Of Birds Entering the Roman City, The Also Entered into the Flock of Geese, Up on the Altar, of the Swish Navylish Banksters.


They must be bestowed upon them, that they are of this Earth, with them, with whom, they do this trickery, and Treachery, and Treasury, upon Which the Altar hasth Beseth them, for they are of this Earth, they must be, of this Earth?

O, Now of course, they do this to the Ensurer’s Policy, upon Which they Besettle them, the fleese, of Flock, or Glock, of them, upon which, them, are Besettled, and Belitteld, Upon Them, Up on the Altar, of the Riches of the Poor, in the Vaticale, or Vatican (‘in this case’), that is, With the Romish-Papalish-Caesarish, Enthrypology, or Enthropological, Endorsement, and Endowement, Upon them, The Altar ‘Beseth’.

For they are Besettled, upon the Great Spirit of the Ages, along with Dionysus, Along with Mithra, along with Horus, the Pharaoh, of the Old Ancient-Egypto-Greeko-Religio-Politico-Establishment.

With them, of course, they are of the Spirit of This Age, with them, they are Out of the Spirit of this age.


The end.


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