The Dwellers of the Dwellings.

The Dwellers of the Dwellings. 

Of the Ancient past, and of the Ancient Canaanite, Akkadian, System of Riches and Of Poorerst.


The Dwellers, those who, amongst, many, are the Dwellers of the Past Live?

Oh yes, for they are, and for unto them, they are of this Generation of Common People.

With whom, none could have existed, nor, and and, have survived, this Past Demonic Temple of the Past Elvish Lives…

For they dwell, and dwell, upon Powerful Land-Riches, of Old, and of New. They are the Master-Key Holders, for Up, Unto them, they settle TO THEM, for they are of the Powerful Dwelling-Elite. They must do this to Ensure Policy, and Ensure Vaticale-Policy, for they are of the Master-Key-Strokes; For they are, THE MOST POWERFUL EITE.
Who is it, whom that dwells, and who is it, who that dwells? For they do this, to the Common Cause of People, or Peoples, to the Austrian, or Austerityan, Common, Wealth, of the People. For they are the Settlers of the Old Common, or Commonial Guard. For they are of the Old and the New, of the Past, and the Present. They are the Austerity-Bonds, the Legally-Issued-Bonds.


The Legally Issued Bonds of the Vaticany-Banksters are of the Old and the New Romanish-and-Papalish-Romanishy-Vaticana-Powerful-Elitish-Power-Banksters of this World. They are the Common Rulers of the Vatican City in Londen, for they are, of this Romanish, Papalish, Wordly Affairish, Swedish, Swissonian, Swisherish Calluable, Elitist, Enfostructure.


They are, or thy, or, are, of the common Cause of People.

In Rome, and in London, they are on the Thames of the Old Romanish, Pavlovish, Empirish, Empire State Building. The Dwellers of Vatican City.

For they, are, The Jesus Christs of Old and of New.

In this spirit, and in this Age, they are of the aeon, the Ages of the Earth. For they mustn’t do this, for they must, up on the Hills of the Vaticales, for the Truth is Beseth Upon them.

For they do this to Ensure the Policies of The Policy’s Makers. The must, and, yet, they mustn’t. They are of the Common Cause of People. They are, and they do. How do they do it? They Ensure the Policy’s Makers to Gather, and Strenghten, all their might, of, and, up on the Peoples of this Planet Called Earth, and then, when none is, or are, watching, they look behind the Veil of the Vaticale’s Bansters. For this, they are ensured Strength, and Power, and Wisdom? Oh yes, and all they do, is Garnish, Information, Power, Wealth, Strength, Forbidden Kingdoms, Forbidden Fruits of the Trees of Knowledge. They gather, and garnish, everything. From then, and from thence, and whence, thy Came Forth? No, Thy Came not Forth, Thy Came Behindst, for Thy are of this World, and all the Previous and Next Worlds, Combined.


This is the Powerstructure of the Elite, the Elitist Bankers of Vaticale’s City. They are the Vaticale’s, The Vaticales, the Vatican, but, it’s not just the Vatican, there’s a whole lot more to it than that.


They are the Druids of the Elvish Past, oh yes, oh yes they are. They must be, or they must be done and Dusted For. They Dwell, upon the City of the Hills in Vaticale’s City. For, and from them, they are common Cause of People’s Investment, in the Money-Banker’s Elitist Leftist Power? Oh yes, they are, and they must be, WITH FIRE IN THEIR MINDS OF THEIR MEN, AND MINIONS, OR PLEEBS, THEY ARE THE KNAVES OF THIS SOCIALISTIC REPUBLICAN REVOLUTIONARY INVESTMENT POLICY.


For they must, and I repeat, for they MUST, they MUST, do this to ENSURE THEIR POLICIES’S Makers, for they are the Dwindling Artefact, or Artifacts. Of their Common And Good, Common Wealthy-Accordeonic, Cause. For they Dwendle, and Dwindle, in Upper Might, of all their, that is rich, and they, that are riches, of this Powerful Community, Called: The Vaticale’s Bankers of the Common Cause of the People of this Planet, Called Earth, Uponth Whichth, thy has beseth, and Becommeth, the Behometh, or the Bethometh, of this Sudden Surge and Surgical Strike of Thy’ne People, or Peoples, of this Planet, Called Planet Earthia, the Planet Called Earthias, with Earthias in their Center of their Common Centrish-Power Structure.


For they Settle, and besettled, in their midsts, of Heaven, with Hell Awaiting them.


The Hell of the Thunderdome, the Hell of the Thunderdome, THE PLACE OF SEXUAL WORSHIP, WITH THE DEVIL AT ITS HEELS, OR HEALS, OR KNAVES OF THE HEELS, OF THE ELVISH PAST, with their Lord of the Rings, trilogy, upon which, the Estonians of this Earth Are Beseth, and Belittled, upon which, their Altar has Fallen Unto the Ground, of, and under, Beneath their FEET.

Or Fetishes, which is what they are called also.


The end.

PS: This common, Globalistic-Power-Structure is of the Ancient Canaanite-System. They are the Canaanites of this Power-Global-Elitist-Structure. With them, of course, the Canaanites are the Original Sexual Worshipers, they are the Akkadians, The Common Ancestorial Roots, of the Common Cause of the Church, or Churchists; The Churchists, or the Eucharistic Churchists.


The Church comes from the Latin-Indo-European-Sanskritian word, Churchia. Or, Churchias; Which Means, The Common Cause of the People is Divided Amongst the Peoples of this Planet, called Earthias, and they are besettled, and Benowned, Upon which, the Altar of the Great Churches of the Roman Patriarchy, are of the Swedish, or Demonic, Devil, or Devils, of the past lives, in which their Kingdom Dwelleth? Oh yes, for this, they are the Undergrounders, the Undertakers, of their Besettled, belittled, and Belithled, Belithledest, with which, and whom, and when, and whence, and thence, thy, and them, hasth beseth them, upon their Altar, of the Great-Greek-British-Slavish-Empire, of the Futuristico, Empiralistic, Slavikish, Systemo, of the Swedish-Danish, Common Ancestorial Roots, of the Heavens of the Sky, upon which, the Alter of the “Jesus” and the “Christ” areth, Beseth.


For they are settled amongst, and bemongst them? For yes, oh yet, they, and thy, are, of this Planet Called Earthia, or, Earthias. Earthias,  of the Common Ancestorial Root Word of The Indo-Latin-Sanskritian ROOT WORD EARTHIASI.


EARTHIASIA: The Root word of the common Cause of the Peoples of this World, and Beyond, with which, and with whom, or whomse’ OF, with whom, and with whom, they are coming to the End of the Age, with whom, also, and too, they are besetthled, and belittled, upon which, the Altar hasth Beseth them. For they are of the Rulers of this Past Lives,  and these Past Lives, and Futuristic Lives, with whom, they are, and thou are, Beseth, upon the Altar of the Great Riches and Great Kingdoms of the Elvish, and Slavish, Pastic, Lives, or PLASTIC LIVES.


The End.


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