Predicting the Weather.

On A certain Forum, Abbreviated: “GLP”, I predict storms, and do many, many, other things.

I talk about anything and everything.

On this page, I will link to the threads, in which, and, in what, time, or period of time, I predict Storms.

I just Recently started, with one of the Very First Threads, that I started, being about the Weathery-Winter-Storm which will hit in the very, very, neary future, let’s say, around the 21st of January. I don’t know how Accurate I will be with all of these threads that I started about Various Storms, Tropical Cyclones, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Bad, Stormy, Piece of Shit Weather are my main focuses; Not so much individually located Bad storms, like thunderstrikes, thunderstorms, lightning, bad, shitty, and lots of rainy Kind-of-Events.

Anyway, like I said, I only recently Started: Around the 6th of January, I believe, which was one of the First Threads that I started. (Which will also be the first one that I link to on this page.)

Oh, btw, Like I said, I only link to threads that I started. My forum handle, or nickname, is : OneFootUnder. Or, Abbreviated as such, as, “OFU”.

I am the (OP), or, Opening’s Poster, or, when it’s read, /or, as in, in the first post of the Thread, it can also mean: Opening’s Post.

Maybe I am total and Complete Utter Crap at Forecasting the Weather (Events), if that is the case, so be it. Good, Less Violent and Destructive Forces of Nature (Storms) to Hit People, Building, Cities, Towns, Villages, Coastlines, Etc…

Here goes, and It will keep being updated, with links,in Chronological Order, as of this date of writing, 01-16-’14, 1.56 AM, Belgium. (UTC+1)

Started 06/01/2014
Tropical Cyclone (Hurricane) to be expected In or near Fukushima, In about 2.5 to 3 weeks from now. A Cat.5 Tropical Hurricane (Around 01-24-’14)

Started 06/01/2014
I see another major storm brewing South of South America.

Started 06/01/2014
Storm warning (Blizzards) For Central to SW & SE America, in 2 weeks time (around 21st of January 2014) [Tornados Expected]

Started 08/01/2014
Warning: Heavy severe thunderstorms and PERHAPS a couple of EF1’s for Maryland. East North East America. (01-22-14)

Started 16/01/2014
I see Another Great Storm brewing, a South Atlantic Storm, Which will Hit Central, to South West Namibia, in the very near future.


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