Welcome to My “Blog,”.

When this Roma-Industrialized Revolution Began, it Became, or Came, Into Existence, from Previous Settlements, in the Roma-InfroStruture, of the Secular Indo-Empedements, or ‘-Impedements, With Religio-Politico Control-o, of the Vaticale of Roma, – Not the Vatican In Rome, that’s not What I mean/Meant. – with a Power Structure of Futuralistica, Common Themes, of the Thames in London, and In, and Of, And ON?.

That’s right, that is why these Demos, and Demonos, and this Demonological, or Demological, Common Theme in the Infrastructure, or/of the UnderStructure AND Infrastructure, Common’s Theme, With, Underlying Subserverient Masters (Or: Subservient/), With Additional, Footage, of the ANcient Rites of Fraamosonry, OR, FREEMASTONRY, oR: Freemasonry, Jesuitism, Knights Order of the Templars, Knights of Malta of the St. John’ers, the Swish, or Swiss Navy, the Religio-Politico, Establishment of London, of the St. John’ers of London-o? And Many,many More “Secret Orders”.

With Religio Politico, Endoctriment, of the Knights of St. John, with Archontiple at its heels, or HEEL? or, HEAL? (And there could very well be, Much, and Much more Important “Secret” Orders, Priesthoods, and what  have you. Remember that. I’m still young, and I am learning, still, forever and ever, till the end of No time In this Black Void of Nothiness Where there is no-time.

No, Not Heal, he did not do Such a thing, for he was but a master Slave, of the Common Ground Theme, of the Ancestoral Ansanity, or Anxiety, of them, on them, AND, they switched ONTO, them?. With great Might, and Also with Jesus Christ Superstar, he Superseded and ENDED, the MIGHT, of THE ANCIENT KINGDOMES OF THE COMES, or COMETH, of THOU’GHTS, COMETH, with thy thou come, to the THY UNDERGROUND OF THY NE KINGDOM, or, THY’NE KINGDOM.

With Superseding might, of the SuperRitual, sweet spot, on the Old Guard, of the Biblical Envisionment, with sweet spots, of the OLD DEMOLOGICAL SENSUAL AND SEXUAL SENSATION, IN,and AND: INDO-SANSKRITIAN (Sanskritual)-LATINO-INDOLATIN-SENSURICA-SENSUÉLA, SENSUALÉ, with End(w)owerment, Sensualé-POLITICA-ROLIGIA-, SWENSERING, or,  Swensing, the Devine, or Divini (-Divine-) Spirit of Jesus Christ, Even though, I’m not Religious, Don’t see any Reason why I should be.

Jesus Christ was a Superstar, in Heaven, and in Hell, Amongst the Demons of the Ancient Rites of Egypt, Sweet Ole’ Egyp, with Great Sense and endowement. Amongst demons, HE DWELLED, WITH DEMONS? And with the Devil.:

PS: Demons IN Indo-Latino-Sanskritian Language means: Good Spirits


Hell, In Latino and Sanskritian, Combined, it means: A place of Sexual Worship Amongst the Stars of the Divine Inter-between the Hell and Heaven places, of the Age of Pisces, with Sweet numerologial Commensent, Andn Settlement, witherto, Thou has Changed to Thyne Religio-Politico-Sensologico-SinnerSweet S,Embarresment.

And the Age of Pisces, in Which Jesus Christ Dwembled, or, Dwendled, He settled to the High, of UP, Heavens, Up ABove.

Also, as in, Latino-Indo-Nesia-e-Sanskritian, PIECES (Or Pisces, which is an Anagram, coming from the WORD PIECES in SANSKRIT.-), MEANS:


That’s what PIECES Means, in Indo-Latino-Sanskritian.

Or, in Other Words.

The age of Pisces during the Ages of Christ, all throughout the Known Kingdoms, Up Up-onto The Hill of Vaticale Hilly, The City of the Upper Dwellers of the North Nodes, as Jesus Christ is the Upper-Logicolo, Superior Dweller of the Upper Norths of the Kingdoms of the Abodes, Above.

For they, thy Settle-ment In-Betweenst, them? Oh yes, for they do, they must, or mustn’t, settle, to THYNE KINGDOM COME’HT?

Thou hasth Beseth, thyne kingdom to the Superior Ruler, or Rulers, of the Archangels of Egypt, with Thyne Kingdom Cometh, to Thyne, and Them, Thou Hasth Beseth, thyne kingdom with ALterior, or, ULTERIOR MOTIVES, (-And Superior, Motives-) (-Of Superiority,;:), AND SUPERIORITY OVER THE ARCHANGEL GABRIALUS, OR GABRIELALUS, THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL ARCHANGEL OF THE NORTH NODE, IN UPPER EGYPT, AND, IN SANSKRIT, GABRIELA, OR : GABRIELALUS, or GABRIELLUM, or GABRIELLIUM, THE SUPERIOR GENERAL OF THE JESUITS, SAINT IGNATIUS LOYOLA;

The Loyalty of the Jesuits to Saint (Or Sint-) Gabrielalus, or Gabrielus, or Gabriellium, the Superiority of this Tendency to Thyne, Rome, In londen, (Not London), Heavens, up Abode, or Above the Sleeping City of KRAKATOUA, with THeM, THY HAS, OR HATH, BESAITH (up Onto Them).

Do my thing, to do my thing, up on the Hills of the VATICANIOLÉ, VATIALINOLÉ, TO THEM THOU HASTH BESETH, TO MY BROTHERS, MY BREATHREN, MY COMMON GOOD OF/AND, OF ANCESTORS, To thy hasth thy or thou, becomesth, to with, or, TO WIT, with Kingdom Come, with Furious Anxiety, witherto, and in LIEUE, with them, of them, to them, out of them, to common them, to them common themse, Or Themes, of the GOOD SPIRITS, OR DEMONS, OR, DAEMONS, WITH TOOLS OF THE SUPERIORITY OF THEM, OR THYNE, HEAVENS, WITH SILVER, SLIVER, AND GOLDEN STARS, UP OF THE ABODE ABOVE, WITH WITHERTHO AND ENHANCED ULTERIORITY, COMMON SENSICALÉ, AND COMMON THEMICO- OF THOU, and WITH(erto) THEM.

The stars of Bethlehem, are common themes in Indo-Juresalea-Jerusalem(-Ico).


The heaven, or, Heavens, of the Dwellers ABOVE, with them, They(Thy) settled to the Old Might, Or Night,, Of Them, and, With them. To Them, then, Common Grounds, of the Religio-Politico-Senseo, And RELIGIO-POLITICO,-, to them, Superiority to the Heavens Abode, or ABOVE, UN, ON TOP OF THEM, or, ON TOP OF THEM, With the SWISH NAVY, AND THE SWISHIAN GUARD, of the APOCALYPSE, or APOCALYPSUS, the Star of the Heaven, in the North, of up on the sky, with them, Heavens, or dwellers ABOVE THE SLEEPING CITY OF ANCIENT RELIGIO-POLITICO-JERUSALEMIO, or JERUSALEMICO(N).

To the Icon of the Superior-Sterious, StarLight, Alignment, with them, up on them, and Up on the Superiority, of the Sky, Up Above, with THem, and To THem.

The Star alignment in 555 AD (At the exact same time the Concept, or (Conception) of Hell was introduced to the Vatican Hillio, Politico Embarrismento.) Was Of the High Alignment of the Souls, of the Heavens, and of the Superior Body of the Superior General of the THEN NON-EXISTENT, JESUITS.

For they are of the Superiority, for they call, ALL the Head-Knights, the Star Knights, The Black Popes, As M.F. Cusack Calls him, and, or THem.

He is the Superiority of the Jeneral Jesuits, or, the General Jesuits.

But, the Jesuits aren’t the Mightiest Power Structure I don’t Believe, I don’t think so that is.

Who controls this world? No Idea, I don’t know.

But the Jesuits are important, just like the Vatican bankers (Banksters) Are, just like the Superiority of the Knights, or, Knighthood of the Malteser Crossers, or the Knights of Malta, The Freemasons, the Bilderbergers, the Knighthood of The Saint Order of the St Johnsonians, The Superiority of the Knighthood of the Saints of (the) Templars, The Superiority of the Rosicrucian Order of the Sainthood of the PowerStructure of the Elite.

The Superiority of the Freemasonic Dwellers of the Superiority of the Elitist Tendencies, up on the Hills of them, with Superiority-and-Mighty, Superintendent, witherto, to The heavens, Above. Above them, they are.

Also, the Superiority of the Sainthood of St. John, not , with them, or without them, Nothing, could have existed.

Many underplay the Importence, or Impotence, of this Knighthood, for a knighthood it was, and now, most likely (Although, still not possible-), is, Non-Existent, for them they are, or were, Superior to All.

For, or, To the Jesuits. No, they Did not Exist back then, But to the Faresight of the Jesuitical, Philosophical, Solliptisti (Or, Sollipticism), Religio, and Politico, Jesuitico, power Farers, of the old Greecian, Grecco Romanian Guard, of the Old Order of the Knighthood of St. John, and OTHER KNIGHTHOODS OF (the) COURSE.

I’m not sure which one IS the Most Powerful Political-and-Religio-logical, Order, in the World,.

I don’t know who RUNS THIS PLANET, I DON’T KNOW, and I will probably never, ever find out.

I’m just a normal guy, I’m In my mid-to-late Twenties (As of this writing.)
I am no insider, I am no “shill”…

I like snooker, and women, and a bit of booze once in a while, and Partying (Going out to clubs), Movies, Music, I study various things… Etc…

I am nobody special.

Sure, this is some sort of a Blog, but Be skeptical as you’d, or you, want to be, LIKE. Not like me, But like Everyone, The Diviness, the One-Essence of All.

That Divine Creation,  Which is Feminin, Which many of you Would LIKE, or like to Call “God”;

That which is the Feminin Essence of God, that, which is God, has to be Feminin;

For it is I, I am of God, and God Gave Birth TO EVERYTHING.

God is not male, or emmaninite (“Male Essence”.)

It is Femminite, It has to be.

Where else do things, come from, if it is not of, or FROM, FEMALE ESSENCE, OR FEMALE ESSENSITY.

Women, The feminin Orgy, Rule the World. They are the PowerHolders, The Powerstructure, They Can control Men Like Flies Control Vultures. Like Volcanoes Control the Sea, and so ON.

It is ON THEM that the MIGHT LIES.

I don’t know who runs this World, Women, Men, or Both.

I doubt Beast, and I doubt Reptilian ShapeShifter. (I doubt, I sincerely Doubt they exist, at all, Even.)

And I doubt E.T.’s (Extra-Terrestrial Beings exist – An Advanced Civilization That is.)

I don’t know who Runs this Planet, That I don’t know.

We will see.

And now we End this page with a link to a Favorite Forum of mine.

It is a free, well-known Forum, And the Owner has allowed me to Post the Name of This Forum on This Page. (I have zero Politico-Religico-Financialo-Commitments or Affiliations, or Certain Stressonic Bonds, or AFFILIOTIONS, To the Web-Owner of This Forum, or This Forum Itself. I am Just A Mere Member, and My Abbreviation of My Forum Name, or HANDLE, is: OFU (I will not Give out my Forum Name in Full here.)

But the Name of this Well-known and Popular Forum is:

Godlike Productions. (GLP):


I Just, Merely, Mention the Name of This Forum, Because, It is great, Yet, but Not, Perfect.

Some Things I don’t Like, Like for Instance.

Financial Matters are Barely Discussed, Unless they are Pinned (Something Similar to “Stickied” On various Other Fora. – On Top of the Page that is.)
It is, however, a great resourceful Informational-o matter, o-f. Important, and Seriousness, of Matters; Religio-politico, and, Oh, well, EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN, And Far out-Wide. 🙂

That’s about it.

Take care all, and, above all, that is else, have fun. 🙂


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