The History of the Contra-Reformation. And, Appended, Its Historical Developmental (stages) all Throughout History.

The History of the Contra-Reformation in its uniform Abscencees

The History of the Protestant Reformation is one of Many Virtues, and many, Many, Ups and Downs, for the Downs are Up, and the Ups……… Are down.

For they are common of this Common Old Age to BE of Virtues, and to BE of Virtuousness, and for that alone, we must praise the Lord, Allah, or, Perhaps, In fact, even Jesus?

For Jesus, and Allah, are but mere denominations of the Common Catholic’s churches system, for, and, This is an absolute fact: The Vatican Created Mormonism, and, also, the Vatican’s Inquisition Raiders; The Knight’s Templars, or, More commonly Known, according to me that is, as, The Knight’s Raiders.

For these Knights Raiders are of the Common E-Ological, or, Egyptological Themes of the Past, AND, of the Present Future, for, the Present Future is of the Future’s Past, and of the Past’s Present.

They are here to Commemorate the Fallen Angels, the NEPHILIM, so to speak, for they are VERY, VERY, Common, to the Age old Philosophical Teachings of Philo, AND OTHERS.
And yes, they must be here, seen to the Common Masses, and Seen to the Common Janitor, as they are Here to Endorse, AND ensue, the Very Fact, that Virtues are of EVERY AGE, and Also, of Every Past, AND, of Every Past, or, Every Past, of Every Present.

And Presents are no Gifts, for Gifts are Not Common, they are Rather Unique if you Think About It.
And, also, Many, many, present writers, don’t notice the Difference in Change, as Pope Leo XI. was Poisoned to Death By His Knight’s Templars, for they are of the Templian Order, the Order of the St. Benedictian Monks, The Order of the Garter, the Order of the Substitute of the Prophets of the Pope.
And, as many various authors have written about this subject, Many, Many, different virtuous of the Popes are, and WILL, be Addressed, and, I think in fact, EVERY POPE, THAT HAS EVER LIVED.

The Catholic’s Counter-Reformation goes through every age, all the way back to the Ancient-Canaanite System of Reduction, and all the Way to the Present, to the Modern Art, Which, and What, we see in industries all Over the World, all the Way (up until) to Neo-Impressionism, and, Also, Internationalism, Surrealism, Vorticism, and, last but not least, Fauvism AND Expressionism.

For, Many, Many, artists, are Jesuits, and Many Are freemasons, such as, and Just as, They are Also Politicians,……. And, ‘also’, just like Street Artists do their ‘thang.’
For, many do their ‘thang’, The Thang of Tango, of, the Thangonism of Tangonists, for, Tango, is But A latin-Pop Dance, and also, Tango, is a thing of great virtue, and also, Many Virtues, ARE OF THE TANGO, for, Like I said, IT IS LATIN, THAT IS A FACT.

It has to be Latin, and Latin, or, the Language that is, is Also of the Fauvism of the Early-20th Century.

Fauvism, is a style of art, which can be Best described as: The Interpretor’s Interpretor of the Interpretor’s Dream.

That’s right, It’s a Dream State of Many, many, Common Virtues, and, also, in the Mythological Sense, Many, Many Dream States.

Now, in the Late 1800’s, Pope Pius IX., who was also a Common Denominator, AND, A Knight of Malta, AND, ALSO, A VIRTUOUS STATE OF AFFAIRNESS WITH THE VATICAN’S CATHOLIC CHURCH OF IMPRISONMENT, OF, THE STATES OF VIRTUE.

Also, when Acharya S, AKA, D. M. Murdock, said, once, that: (Many) Virtues are of the Common State of Virtuousness, and, Many Virtues Are, OF, THE COMMON STATE OF AWARENESS.

Hah, how silly can one be, when Pope Pius IX., who, once said, that “Virtues are of the Common Good, But Non-Virtual Issues are of the Catholic’s Church Issues.”

That is true, he did Once say that, didn’t he? Folks.
With this having said that, and this will be a LONG intro, I suspect, and I feel, for this will be a VERY, VERY Worthy Document, and, Probably, or, Should I say, PERHAPS? Many, Many, pictures will be added, perhaps of Popes Even.

Who knows, we’ll see what happens.

Now, with the Common Knight’s Templar’s Rule, or Should I say, RULES, of Engagement, they also Engage in Different Matters, Altogether.

For they meet in Secret Places, and Secret Plagues, Upon Man, and Men, and Women, and also, from time to time, BEAST.

For the Beast System of America, and the US, and the USA, AND, the US OF A, AND, Belgium.

They are of the Common Good of the People, Just like E. Boyd Barrett wrote in his most excellent, And virtuosenessal Treatise, Called: “Rome Stoops to Conquer.”
For this treatise is of Great and Most excellent Brilliance, and, also, at the Same time, A VERY, VERY, Rare book. Only 25 Copies have been made, and printed, I suspect, in the US.

That is not a whole lot, or, Maybe, perhaps, 30?

Anyway, who cares, that’s kind of irrelevant.

Now, E. Boyd Barrett, wrote, About the Jesuitical Influence on the Roman Hierarchy’s Papal System in the City of Jerusalem; the Templar’s Knights Kings of Jerusalem’s Holy City of Conquerment and Desolution, AND……….. DESOLATION.

For, they ARE Desolated, and yes, they ARE, of this Common Virtue, AND, of this Common Practice. And, with that having said that, Let me just quickly QUOTE Dr. E. Boyd Barrett.

In it, In his book that is, he writes, on pages 78 through 79, the following, as such:

The comparison that the Jesuit makes between Catholic education and Catholic journalism gives us an insight into the Catholic conception of the function of the latter. The purpose of the Church in launching so many hundred Catholic papers and practically forcing them upon their Catholic followers, is not to foster the love of art and literature nor to
give Catholics academic delight in reading discussions of highly speculative theories of science and philosophy. The bishop’s purpose, and that of the Pope who stands behind them in the Press drive, is grimly practical. There is work to do—Catholic Action—and the work needs the stimulus of printed thought and emotion. They mean the Catholic Press to function as an organ of persuasion, encouragement and inspiration. They want it to be a militant Press, a Press that in turn praises, criticizes, threatens and attacks. It schoolmasters with rod in hand. It points out mistakes and imposes tasks. It is relentless and severe. Always it is alert to the interests of the great Cause. “Were we dependent,”
writes the editor of America, “upon the secular Press for the truth about legislation which can be used against the Church and against Catholic interests, our cause would be lost.”[1]

It would be unfair to pretend that the content of the betterclass Catholic journals, such as the Catholic World, the Commonweal and America, makes no appeal to the intellect and
to the aesthetic sense. At times these journals contain interesting and beautiful pieces, well written and thoughtful, but these flickers of light are infrequent. The tenseness and moroseness of propaganda pervades all Catholic journals, high and low alike. In general, the Catholic Press is a war Press and betrays the throbbing militancy and excitement that fills the Catholic camp.

[1] February 9, 1955.

This is absolutely True.

The “Betterclass,” “Action-Redemption-Theme,” is, of the Highest Order of Magnitude of All the Popes, Combined, That is.
For they are Common to the Redemption theme of the “betterclass”-welders, of the Common Good, AND, the “Catholic Action,” as described by Mr. Barrett.
For, they are also of this Common Ground of Senses, AND, of the Senses of the Ground, and, also OF, the Senses of the HIGHER COMMOLogical Theme.

Also, when “Catholic” Action is Put into Practice, Many welders of the Common-Sensical Theme of Enlightenment turn their cheeks the other way around, and turn to the Left, while the Left Brain’s Side, is, Exactly on The Right, On the Opposite of the Left. (Side).

And, also, when Turns are Made, the Checkmate of Impression is the Knight’s Welder on the E4, AND, The E8, of the A4, and, the A2, for the A1 Belongs to the King, and the Checkmate of the Queen, and the Runner, and the Tower, are, as, of the A6 and a4, or, perhaps, a5, Respectively.

Now, dogs barkings are a menace, for they bark, and bark, and bark, into the midsts of heaven, of the skies, of old, and as “catholic” action is put into practice they are, of the Biggest Dog Barkers of All.
Perhaps, that’s why My Dog is Annoying me as we speak, or, Should I say, As I Type?

He, or She, is Barking right now, and, that is a fact. And it’s majorly Fucking annoying, let me tell you. It barks so darn, or, so DAMN Much.
It’s quite fucking annoying, and that is the truth.
But, now, with having said that, the barking dogs of the Knights Templars are of the Justinian I’s Orders, of the Order of the Gantlet, or, Should I say, the Order of the Bath.

With Their Special “Loan of Interest,” they succeed, And Succumb, to the Engineer Corps of Hell, as Written about, and by, the Late Great, and AS OF LATE, and STILL, AS OF GREAT, AS THE GREAT LIKES, OF THE LIKES OF, THE GREAT LATE, AND ALSO, NOT TOO GREAT, BUT, IN MANY REGARDS AND MANY RESPECTS, A GREAT, GREAT MAN, Mr. Edwin A. Sherman.

He wrote THE most Amazing Book I’ve read in a long time, Regarding the Jesuits, that is.

His Book is so motherfucking Brilliant, let me tell ya.

At least, the Edition of the Book that I have. I don’t know if there are (any) others out there.

But this Edition is Absolutely Brilliant, and also, I Think there’s another Edition out there, And that One is not so great.

The Edition that I have contains 332 Pages. So, If you have one that has less pages, try to get the 300+ page book, it’s motherfucking essential.

Now, Edwin A. Sherman wrote this book, and it is an absolute gold-mine digger, and, it digs for the Corpses of hell, as instructed by the Jesuits, as they Wander around their Peasant Farm, Looking For Instructions from Higher (up) Above.

For the Jesuits Aren’t in Control of the roost, other people are.

But, I DON’T know who exactly. I’m not certain at all.

But, anyhow, let us continue.

Now, Melchior Inchofer wrote The, THE, most Amazing book on the Jesuits ever, In the History of the World, In my Honest and Humble Opinion. (IMHHO).

He wrote a book, called, La Monarchie des Solipses, A Nearly 700-page exposé on the History of the Jesuits, AND Who they abide, and succumb, and subc-side by.

The Title of the book IS PERFECT. It Couldn’t have been a better title, no Fucking way, Impossible.

The Best, and MOST literal Translation of that French Title that I can give is (And I speak French fluently.): The Monarchy of the Solipses.

It’s absolutely Perfect, and It’s what I quite like to call them as well, to be honest, AND, to be fair.

For, this Solipsis-Society of Solipsicitely-Minded People, are of the Same Solipsicity-Society.
They ARE the Solipsists. They are.
Or, should I say, “Sollipsists”? You Decide what is More Accurate.

Now, here’s a direct quote, From this most AMAZING book.

Regarding the charge, or, Should I say, Charging, of satraps, which are in the provinces or in the cities, it, or should I say, THEY, (ARE), (is) not perpetual. The Monarch Continued,or Has, Continued the exchange with the People of the Old Commological Empire, With Straps and bounds, when HE pleases, (so), and he must be in a very, very great credit to stay (for) five years.This is not by intrigue, or, neither is by, or IS NOT, or, No, It should VERY, VERY, well be by the cabal that achieves these places. Those who least expect it, there are raise, and those who should, or Shouldn’t, Exclude the Fiercies of the Fiercest of CommonPlacical Places of the Old-Western-Civilized-Romani world, would, or Should, and ALSO HAVE BEEN, and also, are…. most able to fill in & are excluded, because than they would have needed it in their administration, for it, and OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF REGISTRATIONAL AND SURRATIONAL MATTERS OF THE COMMON OLD PEOPLE OF THE LAW-LESS LAND, that the relief of their own lights, instead (other) than others, deprived of any acquaintance, and having just common sense, govern only by the spirit of the monarch. And this is why it is still popping the extent of his power, able to combine two things so opposite, and which appear even over natural forces, giving the Government its people to people – that ignorance makes it quite unworthy.

This Is A most AMAZING quote by the late great, and great, AS OF LATE, AND ALSO, A TINY BIT TOO LATE, perhaps, for us to be aware of this information.

Because, when the Roman Rulers go on Patrol, they are common of the Patriol, of the Vitrid, and The Most Vivid Experiences of all.
And, now, when Roman Rulers go Marching on IN THE STREETS, they are, and MUST be common of the COMMONPLACICAL PLACEST, OF THE MOST COMMONPLACICAL PLASEST, or, Should I say, Placest, of the ‘most ‘law‘-less land.

For, the lawless of the Old People of the Old Germanian AND Grecco-Romanian Empire ARE Grecian, and for that, they must also be of the most, or, should I say, THE most Commonplacical Religionists, and for that, the Religionists of Old, and Of New, are also of the Jesuits, and their Jesuitical Empire, of Enslavement, and of Savants.

For they are the Common Rulers of the Savant, and, also, This Article will expound on a WHOLE LOT MORE THAN JUST THE PERIOD OF THE CATHOLIC REFORMATION. Which, I guess you could say, lasted from 1750 BC up Until, let’s say, around, the Latest of Latest Periods, Around – Give or Take -, 2150 AD.

That’s right, It’s still On-Going. That’s an absolute Fact, and, it ALSO has to do with money, for this Contra-Reformation is, NOT a Counter-Reformation. It is a Contra-Reformation of the Countering of the People’s Tendencies in the late, great period, of the 1980’s, for, when Neo-Imperialism started, it Also started a (common) Wave of many Arti-Textual Industries, for, of, and for, OF THEY, They are ALSO Common, to THE most Uncommon People of the ‘Law’-Less Land. And for that, they MUST be governed, by Government-Country Rulers, AND, of Course, by, The Society of Jesus, AKA, the Jesuits, AKA – and, it’s also their best name, it’s the best name ANYONE could ever give this title to, (them), and that is… – The Monarchy of the Solipses.

For Melchior Inchofer knew MANY things, for, yes, he WAS a Jesuit Insider, and he wrote the book AFTER BEING IN THE JESUITICAL ORDER FOR ALL OF HIS (ETERNALLY LASTING) LIFE.

That’s right, he was IN this Order for Nearly 75 years, that’s a fact, AND, it’s ALSO a fact, that HE wrote THE GREATEST EXPOSÉ ON THE JESUIT ORDER, EVER.

That’s a fact, and he SHOULD be commended, And Recommended, for, and to, and from, and to and fro, and to AND FROM, for it.

For yes, it is true, Many Jesuits are On patrol, ON THE LOOKOUT, for Many Virtuous Signs of Improvement of the masses. And, also, the Very Distinct Nature, AND FEATURE, of the Jesuitical Order, and, Of their Order of Knight’s, AKA: The Knight’s Raider’s Templar’s.

For these Templar’s, or, Tamplers, or, Should I say, The Knight’s Tramplers, or, The Knight’s Trampler’s.

For they Trample, and Stample, Everything they every come into contact with.
For yes, they ARE of this Great and Jesuitical Order, and OF THEM, and, also, TO THEM.

Oh yes, they are, and, OH YES, THEY MUST BE.

For, here is ANOTHER QUOTE, STRAIGHTY, and DIRECTELY, from E. Boyd Barrett – From his Great and (Most)-All Powerful Book: “The Jesuit Enigma.”


Only 25 Copies or so exist today, and, as of yet, I’m one of the Last Lasting Survivors of this Great Empressionalism, of the Great Impressionalists of our Time, for, Impressionalism, or, Should I call it, INTERSENSATIONALISTS.

Also, when Rome Stoops to Conquer, they also Conquer the Jesuit Enigma, and, of them, AND, From them.

For here is a Direct quote, straight from pages 84-85, from the book I just Previously mentioned.

The Jesuit Institute is defined as “the way of living and working peculiar to the Order.” The underlying spirit, the “mind of the Order,” finds expression in its “way of living and working,” and in “the written documents authorised by legitimate authority which describe it.”[1]

There is abundant material for studying the mind of the Order, for Jesuit works are very varied in kind, from growing vines in Australia, to teaching diplomacy in Washington, and official “written documents” which give rules and ordinances for Jesuit behaviour, are, to say the least, voluminous. But in spite of this abundance of material, the “Mind of the Jesuit Order” is beyond the reach of ordinary investigators. For “the Jesuit way of living and working” is in its essentials rather heavily veiled, and inquisitive eyes that would fain
pierce this veil are baulked.

Jesuits, nevertheless, complain of critics who write about them without contemplating them in the nude. “It is notoriously impossible,” writes Fr. Pollen, S.J.,[2] “to expect that anti-Jesuit writers of our day should face their subject in a commonsense and scientific manner… the only rational manner of enquiry into the subject would be to approach the
persons under discussion.” But what do we find when we follow the “commonsense and scientific manner” and approach Jesuits to ask them about themselves? We have, let us
suppose, been reading the Jesuit Constitutions, and have been astonished to find elaborate provisions for spying and secret denunciation; for expelling members without trial or
judiciary procedure; for punishing and incarcerating members, and we feel that there is an element of great harshness in these enactments. But before forming a final judgment
we turn to Fr. Pollen, S.J., to seek enlightenment. He tells us [3] with unction that “the rule throughout is one of love inspired by wisdom, and it must be interpreted in the spirit
of charity which animates it. This is especially true of its provisions for the affectionate relations of members with Superiors and with one another.”

Or, let us suppose, we have been reading the Papal Brief of Clement XIV in which he enumerates the evils he found in the Order at the time he suppressed it in 1773, and before
forming any judgment about the state of the Order at that time, we turn to the Jesuit General, Fr. Roothan, to enquire of him, as regards the matter. He replies as follows, leaving
us again somewhat puzzled:

“When the Society began its third century, it was flourishing and vigorous as it always had been in literature, theology, and eloquence; it engaged in the education of youth with distinguished success, in some countries without rivals, in others it was second almost to no other religious Order; its zeal for souls was exercised on behalf of men of every condition of life, not only in the countries of Europe, Catholic and Protestant alike, but among the savages of the remotest parts of the world, nor was the commendation awarded them less than the fruit they had gathered and what is more important, amid the applause they won and the favours they were granted, their pursuit of genuine piety and holiness was such, that although in the vast number of more than twenty thousand then in the Society, there may have been a few, a very few, ‘who in their life and conduct were not altogether what they should have been, and who in consequence brought sorrow on that best of Mothers, the Society, nevertheless there were very many in every province who were conspicuous for sanctity and who diffused far and wide the good odour of Jesus Christ… It seemed like a splendid abiding ‘place of science and ‘piety and virtue; an august temple extending over the earth, consecrated to the glory of God, and the salvation of souls.”

Thus, when enquirers seek further information about the Rules, or about the state of the Order at the time when Christ’s Vicar considered it his duty to suppress it, they are told
by Jesuits that the Rule is one of “love inspired by wisdom” and that the Order in its worst days was “a splendid, abiding place of science, piety and virtue.” But there are other
reasons, more serious still, for doubting if it is “scientific and commonsense” to ask Jesuits about their way of living and working.

[1] Epit. Inst., 4.
[2] Catholic Encyclopedia, “The Society.”
[3] Catholic Encyclopedia.

This is absolutely true, and, for that, ALSO, more Commonsensical speaking; many Jesuits are of, and IN the know, about the Truth of Jesus Christ, and Many, Many, other brothers and sisters, and, Should I say, Brothels.

Now, with this having said that, there Exist many, many, “conspiracy” theories around this Theologian of Theologian, Eric Jon Phelps, Who I think, Is a Jesuit Coadjuator Himself. For He doesn’t talk about anything that MIGHT BE above the Jesuit Order, nothing Whatsoever, NONE, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA.

Yet, they are MANY, MANY books written about this subject of Orders being HIGHER than the Jesuit Order, and, To name of its few orders that is HIGHER than the Jesuit order, and that is, The Orange Order.

For, the Orange Order Butchered a lot of People in Tongo, quite a while ago, in the mid-60’s, to mid-70’s, and that’s a fact.

Now, with this having said that, The Orange Order isn’t the Only One that is More Powerful than the Jesuits, no no.

For instance, the Justinian I’s Order of the Order of the Knights of Malta, AND, the Order of the Bath.

The Order of the Bath is a Religious Order in Ireland, which takes its orders DIRECTLY FROM THE JESUITS, AND(!!!), Vice Versa.

For, the Order of the Bath is Of The Same Religious Order as the Order of the Bath(-Tub), lol.

Now, the Incoming, but yet, Subsiding Economic Collapse will not happen until 2025, or so. Give or Take.

With this having said that, the Order of the bath Tub is of the Same religious Order as the Common Counselor-People’s Jewish Agenda, which I have talked about previously, before, right here.

The Senopsis, or, The Common Aunselor, Or Counselor Age, or Page, of the Common-Rogressive-Retrogetive, Ferious, or, Should I say, Furious Age of the Common-Counselor People, is ALSO of the age of the Order of the Bath.

For, the Order of the (British) Both takes its orders directly from the likes of King Juan Carlos of Spain.
And, also, the Order of the Likes of Professor John Smith, of Fordham University.

Now, with this having said that, as Edward Gibbon explains in his book, History of Christianity, talks about the influences of the Christendom on the Jewish People of the Old West, and, Western, Jerusalem, AND, ITS Cities.

Now, to quote Gibbon directly, from page 75 from his book, History of Christianity:

” … Instead of looking down as calm and idle spectators on the theatre of Europe, our domestic harmony is somewhat embittered by the infusion of party spirit; our ladies and gentlemen assume the character of self-taught politicians; and the sober dictates of wisdom and experience are silenced by the clamor of the triumphant democrates. The fanatic missionaries of sedition have scattered the seeds of discontent in our cities and villages, which had flourished above two hundred and fifty years without fearing the approach of war, or feeling the weight of government. Many individuals, and some communities, appear to be infested with the Gallic frenzy, the wild theories of equal and boundless freedom; but I trust that the body of the people will be faithful to their sovereign and to themselves; and I am satisfied that the failure or success of a revolt would equally terminate in the ruin of the country. While the aristocracy of Bern protects the happiness, it is superfluous to enquire whether it be founded in the rights of man: the economy of the state is liberally supplied without the aid of taxes; and the magistratesmust reign with prudence and equity, since they are unarmed in the midst of an armed nation.

The revenue of Bern, excepting same small duties, is derived from church lands, tithes, feudal rights, and interest of money. The republic has nearly £500,000 sterling in the English funds, and the full amount of their treasure is unknown to the citizens themselves. For myself (may the omen be averted) I can only declare, that the first stroke of a rebel drum would be the signal of my immediate departure.

When I contemplate the common lot of mortality, I must acknowledge that I have drawn a high prize in the lottery of life. The far greater part of the globe is overspread with barbarism or slavery: in the civilized world, the most numerous class is condemned to ignorance and poverty; and the double fortune of my birth in a free and enlightened country, in an honorable and wealthy family, is the lucky chance of an unit against millions. The general probability is about three to one, that a new-born infant will not live to complete his fiftieth year. I have now passed that age, and may fairly estimate the present value of my existence in the three-fold division of mind, body, and estate. …”

This is great, great stuff, by the late, and, not (so) great, Or, Should I say, late, and great, Mr. Gibbon.

And, as the great “emperor” Charles the Great once said: “Virtue is an absence of all times of deceit, and also, of all times of deceit of time.”

And, what with this having said that, the Great Emperor, Charles the Great, also said this: “When Things go tough, Things must go tough, and when Things go tough, the tough things must Immacilatized; for Many are of this nations, and of all the nations to come.

Now, the Emperor Charles the Great also said many other Great things. For he was a Jesuit Coadjutor; oh yes, he was.

Now, the Great, and Late, Edward Gibbon, wrote some amazing(ly), powerful books.

One of them includes the Huge, and HUMONGOUS, volumous set, called: “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.”
In it, he explains the Virtues and Virtuousness of the Immortal, Sentient beings of the Time of Charles the Great, and also, of Roman Emperor, Justin II.

For, Justin II was but a mere successor of the Roman Holy Empire Church, and, also, OF IT, and, TO IT.

For he must have been subsized, and SUCCUMEBED, to the Powers of the Wealthy, and Holy, Roman Empire Church.

Now, in Volume 2 of the Amazing(ly), and brilliantly put together of the Catholic Encyclopedia, it is written that Holy Roman Emperors of Great, and of Late, Great Virtue, are also of the time of Christ, for the Time of Christ is of the Suns of God, and also, of the Sun’s of God.
Now, with this having said that, let’s turn to pages 898 and 899 of said volume, of this Amazing an humongous sets of books.

Claude-Frédéric Bastiat

A French economist, b. at Mugron, a small city in the Department of Landes, 29 June, 1801; d. at Rome, 24 December, 1850. He was the son of Pierre Bastiat, whose father had founded at Bayonne a business house that prospered in consequence of the ranchise granted this port by the Treaty of Versailles, but ceased to flourish under the prohibitory regime of the Empire. The widely different effects of these two economic systems upon the fortunes of his family undoubtedly gave rise to Bastiat’s free-trade opinions. Left an orphan at the age of nine, he was brought up by his paternal grandfather and, after pursuing his studies at St. Sever and Sorèze, entered the business founded by his grandfather and then conducted by his uncle at Bayonne. Returning to Mugron in 1825, he inherited an extensive estate through the death of his grandfather, and subsequently devoted himself to farming. After the Revolution of 1830 he was appointed justice of the peace at Mugron and, being deeply interested in political economy, gave himself up to it with great earnestness and constituted himself the champion of commercial liberty. In 1841 he published his first essay “Le fisc et la vigne” and, apprised of the free-trade movement that Cobden was then directing in England, joined forces with him. In 1844, his article, “L’influence des tarifs anglais et francais” in the “Journal des Economistes” opened his way to fame. Then, appeared successively: “Sophismes économiques”, “Cobden et la ligue”, and several pamphlets, one of which, “Pétition des marchands de chandelles”, against the sun that interferes with the candle merchants’ trade, is a little masterpiece of verve and delicate irony. Elected to the Constituent Assembly in 1848, and then to the Legislative Assembly, he became the implacable enemy of socialism, against which he wrote: “Propriété et loi”, “Capital et rente”, “Justice et fraternité”, “Protectionisme et communisme”, and other treatises. In 1849 he published “Harmonies économiques”, which the illness that had already undermined his health prevented him from finishing.

Bastiat belonged to the Liberal school and enunciated its principles on the following liens: “Let men work, trade, learn, form partnerships, act and react upon one another, since according to the decrees of Providence, naught save order, harmony, and progress can spring from their intelligent spontaneity”. (Harmonies, p. 12.) Of a sincere and generous nature he was fitted to understand and defend Catholic truth; but the prejudices in the midst of which he lived kept him aloof from the Faith until the very eve of his death. It was in Rome that his eyes were opened to the light of Catholicism, and Prodhon, his enemy, says that in his last hour Bastiat cried out with Polyeucte: “I see, I know, I believe; I am a Christian”. Some time before his death he declared that if God would but grant him a new lease of life he would devote his energy to the development of Christian harmony and political economy, but he did not live to fulfill his vow. Bastiat’s complete works were published by Guillaumin (Paris, 1854, 1872).

Baunard, La Foi et ses victoires (Paris, 1884-1902), II, 107; Perrin, Les doctrines economiques depuis un siecle (Paris, 1880), IX, 125; Gardelle, Frederic Bastiat (discourse at the reopening of the Court of Appeals at Pau, 1879); Passy, Notice biographique sur Frederic Bastiat (Paris, 1855); De Fontenay, Notice sur la vie et les ecrits des Frederic Bastiat (introduction to his works); De Molinari, F. Bastiat, in Journal des economistes, XXVII, 15 Feb., 1851; Macleod in Dict. Of Political Economy.


Guillaume-Andre-Rene Baston

Now, Bastiat was ALSO a Jesuit Coadjutor.

For, Claude-Frédéric Bastiat WAS a Jesuit Coadjutor, for he WAS of the Holy Roman Empire’s Church of the Vaticalé’s Hill, up upon the Roma Hills of the Vatican, in Venice, Rome.

And, also, when he set sail to Europe, he was of the French Guard of Intellectuals, and also, of the French Guard of Intellectuals of Common Grounder People, and also, of the Grounder People of the Economic Empire.

And, when he devoted time to his Immaterial Wife, he was also of the Opinion That Jesuits must be Succumbed to the Immaterial Life-Style of the Jesuitical-Enforcement Camp.
For it, he was the Against of the Roman Holy Empire Church Holy Roman Coadjutor’s Temple of Knight’s of Man. The Knight’s Temple Raider, /em/emor, Should I say?……. The Knight’s Tempal Raiders.

For, the Tempal Raiders are of the Economic Past, and with their Great Slogan, or Should I say, Motto, called, and said: “As Above, So Below.”

For they knew…….. They knew what it Meant.

It wasn’t only Earth-Based Bound, it was also up in the Heavens that they knew,…….. Oh yes, they knew, that’s for sure, and THAT’S A FACT…….. AND THEY Still KNOW.

Oh yes, they do, for the Knight’s Templars are of the CommonGroundOlogical Sensualization of the Roman’s Holy Church of St. Felix IV., in 527 AD. When this Holy Roman Emperor of the Church, St. Felix IV., entered the Holy Roman Church at age 29, OR, age 34-35-36-37-38-39-40, PERHAPS as Late as 49-, or, Perhaps, even 50, it’s tough to say, He also said to the Other Holy Roman Emperors of the Past that, The “Holy Roman Church is NOT an Enemy of the State, (but……..) It is a friend of Virtue, and Virtuousness, and this Virtuousness is of the Holy Roman Papal Seat, of the Knight’s of Malta, and, of the Knight’s of the Holy Roman Church, AKA, The Knight’s of the Order of St. John, Because Drolor Bosso Adamtey I (Known in his Real, and Private Life, as: Dr. Kingsley Fletcher), The FIRST Holy Roman Emperor of the Knight’s of St. John., ever Since the Creation of the Vatican Church, To BE of African Descent, and, this Holy Roman Emperor of the Knight’s of Saint Malta, of the Knight’s of the Holy Roman Emperor’s Seat OF the Knight’s of the Saint’ Hospitallers of the Knight’s of Saint Rhôdes.

This “King Adamtey I,” is, of the Holy Roman Empire’s Church of the Knight’s of Saint Malta, AND, of the Knight’s of Rhôdes, for he IS of the Knight’s of Saint Malta, AND, ALSO, OF the Knight’s of Rome, of the Roman Holy Empire Church, and also, as, and OF, the Likes of the “Assassinated” Vatican Banker, Who was hang, or Should I say, who was HUNG, from a bridge In London, from the Towering’s Infero Tower of the Bridges of the Saint’s of the River Kwai, for he is of the Knight’s of the Saints of the Holy Roman Empire Church.

Now, King Adamtey I, is, also, OF Royal Descent, because he was admitted into the Knighthood at Age 21, I BELIEVE, or, Perhaps as late as 24-25-26-27-28-29. I don’t think it was as late as his Thirtieth Year.

Now, for this having said that, This Document, or Should I say, Article/Pamphlet, will be EXTREMELY, AND VERY, VERY Lengthy. For MUCH is to be discussed, and also, for MUCH is to be discussed about the Private Lives of the Saint’s of the Craig Oxley’s of this World, and Of the Likes Like Saint Eric John Phelps, and Saint; “Dr.” Ben Kingsley. lol.

For “Saint” is but a mere title of Virtue, it doesn’t mean a whole lot.

For the Word “Saint” comes from the Latin Word, “Sanctantius”, which means, “VIRGIN BIRTH,” and Acharya S knows this, for, it is a fact, that SAINTS OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE SAINTS OF RHODES, ARE ALSO OF THE SAINTS OF THE HOLY ROMAN VIRGINIAL CHURCH OF THE ROME’S OF THE POPES OF ROME.

Now, in AD, Or, Should I say; SPECIFICALLY, in 555 AD, then Holy Roman Empire’s Church Seater of Power, namely, Pope Pelagius I, Admitted into the Holy Roman Church’s Vatican Walls, the Order of the Knight’s of Saint “Hell;” for hell is but a mere, or, Should I say, MERE OF MORE, but, it’s just a mere sociological Concept of Virtues AND INVIRTUES, for the INVIRTUOUSNESS is of the SAME INVIRTUOUSNESS OF THE KNIGHT’S OF THE SAINT HELLÉNIAN SAINTS OF THE HELL CONCEPT OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE SAINTS OF ROME.

For, this Virtuousness HAS A LOT TO DO WITH THE CATHOLIC “REFORMATION.” And, OF THE KNIGHT’S OF THE SAINTS OF ROME, Many have come and gone, and many will come and go, and MANY, will Also, come and go.

Now, as Dr. And, Saint, Claudius, the VERY, VERY FIRST ROMAN HOLY EMPEROR OF THE CHURCH OF THE SAINTS OF ROME, once Said, in A speech to his Other Holy Roman Church of the Vaticalé’s walls of the Saints of the Knight’s of Rhôdes, at the time, he said the following, (thus):

“The Knights of the Saints of Rome ARE of the Holy’ Roman Church, Seat of Power, and they are ALSO of Virtue, to the Kings of the Masses, and also, to the Kings of the Masses of the earliest of earliest, Knight’s of the Saints of the Freemasonic Knight’s Templars.

And, for it, they are of THIS Common Virtue, and also, of the Common Virtue of the People; and, also, it is to be said, the Very First Once, Saint Claudius, the Roman Holy Empire’s Church of the Knight’s of the Saints of the Vatican, which, and Whom, of, is, I, The First, and very the Roman Holy Church Empire of the Seats of the Knight’s of the Saints of Rome, aka, the Very First Virtue, of Virtuousness, of the Knights and Saints of Rome, AKA, THE KNIGHT’S OF THE EARLIEST OF EARLIEST OF KNIGHTS OF THE SAINTS OF RHÔDES.

Now, with this having said that,……. The earliest of the Roman Holy Empire’s Church is Also of the Babbitt, or, Should I say, the E. Boyd Barrett’s of this world, for, Like I said, he wrote an Absolutely AMAZING BOOK, and, I DO SUSPECT, he WAS an insider.

Perhaps A knight of the Order of Saints Johns of the Orders of the Orange Order of Malta, something to that effect.

I’m not certain.

Now, there’s an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING BOOK OUT, that, and which, talks about the Genocide by the “Orange Catholic-men” in Tongo, in the Mid-to-60, and, early-to-mid-to-very-late-70’s.

And, also, Another book, by A person, and Author, Named, and called, Eric P. Kaufmann.
Now, this book is an absolute Goldmine, and it is simply Called: “The Orange Order.”
For this Orange Order of Knights, AND of Saints of Malta, have (had) a Huge Say in How things developed during the “Early(er)” Stages of the Development Phases AND “Stages” of the Holy Roman Empire’s Church of the ‘Catholic’ Reformation.

For this Catholic Reformation is but a Thing of Virtue, for, and also, This Concept of Hell was Created during the Middle, AND, the Dark ages.

But, it was instituted, AND, Conceptualized in the early-to-mid-14th-Century, In the Holy Roman’s Seat of Absolute Power in the Middle Ages, and still is: Venice.

Now, this Conceptualization, was, Like I said, Conceptualized in the Very Distinct, and VERY, VERY numerogical Year of the Year 555 A. D..

For this Year of Holy Roman Patriarchs and Common Conceptualizations of Numerological Indifferences is but one of MANY, MANY Virtues.

For, it is true,…….. I do believe Eric Jon Phelps to be a Jesuit Coadjutator, but, NOT, a Jesuit Coadjutor.

For, he NEVER, EVER, discusses the Knight’s of the Saints of the Orange Order of Malta’s, (in) (and) the Developmental Stages of the Orange Order’s Involvement in the Knight’s of the Saints of Rhôdes, for, These Saints of Rhôdes, are, also, OF INDIFFERENCES, and, OF, INDIFFERENCES, of the Many, Many, masses, OF, the Old Commological Empire, AND, of THE KNIGHT’S OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR’S SEAT OF OFFICE, IN VENICE, ITALY.

And, Portugal, Lissabon, and It’s, or, Should I say, ITS, Surrounding Nations, ALSO have a very, very, huge Role to play in the Developmental Stages of the Creation of the Holy Roman Vaticalé’s Church of the Seats of the Hills of the Counter-Reformation.

For this Contra-Reformation is but a thing of Virtue, and…….. ITS Knights are OF COMMON, AND(!!!), COMMOLOGICAL SENSES OF VIRTUOUSNESSAL VIRTUOSENOSENESSAL INVIRTUALITUDES.

For these Invirtualitudes are of the Commological Senes, of Man, and, Of woman.

For they are here to stay, and, for Years on End.

For New Year’s End’s Eve, is of the Same Importance as the Importance as, and of, the Knight’s of Malta, for they ARE knight’s, they Are Knight’s & Castlehoods.

For, as Dr. Ian Barnes Points out in his Most Brilliant, and MOST EXCELLENT, BRILLIANT OF BRILLIANT TREATISE/BOOKS, called, The Historical Atlas of Knights & Castles.

In it, He discusses the Holy Roman Empire’s, AND, Holy Roman Emperor’s Church of Knight’s and Castlehoods, of the Past’ Lives of the Saints of the Knighthood of the Order of Saint John.
For these Saints of John ARE of the COMMOLOGICAL EMPIRE, OF, THE CHURCH, AND, the Seats of Rome.
Now, here is a DIRECT Quote from this most amazing Book.
In it, on page 270-271, of the Dutch edition, he – the Author, Dr. Ian Barnes- writes the following little piece of Very, Very, Important Information, about the Knight’s, AND, the Saints of the Order of Saint Jerusalem, AND, its Knights, the Knight’s Templars, and, their VERY, VERY virtuous state of the Loan-Embellisment.

Or, should I call it, the LOAN-EMBALLISMENT.

For, I already Quoted and talked about that Earlier in a Previous Article of Mine, and it is true, the Loan EMBALLISMENT is of the Great Quotes, and, IS ONE OF THE GREATEST QUOTES THAT I CAN GET, AND RECEIVE, out, and out and from, and out and to, and from and to, and fro and TO, TO AND FROM, From this book.

Now, Like I said, here’s a direct quote from pages 270 and 271 from this Most Amazing, and this MOST EMBARKING-UP(ON)-A-Mission-Of-Virtitude, Most amazing, of Most amazing books of all time, called, The Historical Atlas of Knights & Castles.

When Pope Urban II. heard of this letter [The letter, of the latter, which embarked them – The Knights of the Order of Saint Jerusalem – (up) on a mission to the Holy Roman’s Seat of Church and Power, In Venice, Portugal, AND, ALSO, Venice, Rome.], he was moved, and he realized that the imminent, persuading, and PUSHING (OF), destruction of the Christian, AND, Christialized, Byzantine Empire, would be an Unprecedented disaster. He was worried, AND, was concerned about the Atrocious Acts of the Turks and Sympathized with, and also, ABOUT, the Raids of the Christian Knights [Of the Order’s of the Saints of John.] in their Home – Dwelling – Countries. That’s why he, Pope Urban II., tried to get them All behind the Same Virtues, and Cases of Virtuous, and Virtuousnessal Indigencies – The Feudling Nobles, that is -, Under the leadership of the Church. He Proposed and agreed to the plan of his Predecessor To help, and Help The Executing, of the Helper’s Execute(-ing), To Secure, and Succor, and Perform, that, and those of the beleaguered Eastern Christians.

Texts of his Speech And the news about his intention circulated in the European Court Dignitaries, and his visit to Clermont in November of 1095 A. D., where a council of bishops and other prelates about the affairs of the Church would take place, was Announced, far, and far, in advance. Pope Urban, again, called A Political Truce, and, on the 17th of November he wrote, and directed, and witnessed himself to the People, of Peoples. There was such a Huge and Large Crowd, which, and whom, of, and, who and to, and from and to, Who gathered, that he had to keep his speech on a meadow outside the City.

He started out by eliciting sympathy of his audience and then aroused a feeling of outrage at the atrocities committed by the Turks against the Christians and their contempt for the holy places of Christianity into the most Excruciating, and Revolting details. Pope Urban was French, and, according to Robert the Monk, the Columnist of the First Crusage, his message was clearly oriented to, and from, and about, and of and from, and to and FRO, TO, the Franks:

Who will avenge these crimes, who will retake and reconquer these lands, if is not for you, and, if it is not Except for you, and not, and from, and not OF YOU? You are the race to Whom God has bestowed its glory in arms, generosity, physical strength and courage, the pride of those who resist breaking against you … Oh, brave knights, descendants of unbeatable ancestors, remember the courage of your ancestors and make them not to shame!its glory, in arms

According to another Columnist, Balderic, the Pope directed himself to, and at, and FROM, and at and TO, To the Knight’s [of the Orders of the Saint Johnsonians], but with a lot less of complimentary terms and words:

You who bear the insignia of Knighthood are arrogant and proud,  you fight against your Brothers and cut each other to pieces.But the true warriors of God do not tear the flock, off, and from, and to, and EXHALT, AND EMBALLISH TO, AND FROM, AND TO AND FRO, FROM, AND of the Savior … you, oppressors of orphans, widows looters, make you guilty of murder and sacrilege and deprive others of their Rights; you rake in the pay of thieves for the shedding of Christ’s blood. Like Vultures, you smell the Stench of Corpses, so you sense, and anticipate where there will be conflict and there you rush back to, and longingly wait for, and Anticipate, to and from to, and Haul in the Stenches of the Vultures, Accordingly (to), AND, Rapidly.

However,… He, Pope Urban II, offered the Knights [Of the Knight’s order of (the) Saint Johnsonians] a chance at redemption; They could, and would also be able to, to comply, and heed (to) the Political Truce by waging a Holy War in the Far, Far, East. Pope Urban disseminated that the Crusaders who died in the Battles with the Heathens would be rewarded with A Sanctuory of the Elevated Places of the Heavenly Places, called: Heaven. In the heat of the moment many, many Knights, Farmers, and Rulers (Sovereigns, Monarchs, AND KINGS) adopted the formation of the Cross. To pay for the trip, the horses, supplies and personnel to accompany him [The Pope] to the Holy Land, Many knights had to pledge or sell property. Duke Robert of Normandy obtained a loan of 10,000 silver marks from his brother William Rufus, the King of England, and gave his Duchy in pledge.

But, going on a Crusade, also had Its Advantages. Every knight who adopted (into) the formation of the Cross, swore that he would pray in, and at, The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. This had a lot in common with a Pilgrimage, and that’s what it was called back in the (Old) Day(s). The Crusader [Knights] were given temporary status of clergy and so they were just under the jurisdiction of the Ecclesiastical Law. While they [the Crusading Knights] were on a crusade, they didn’t have to pay taxes (on, and of, and from, and to, and on, and to, ON THE LEVY OF THE CHURCHES) and, also, neither one of them, did, or, did not, have to repay their debts. The interests on their debts were frozen (in, and onto, Liability(-ies) of Action, AND, Inaction), and, also, they did not have to provide for the Usual Feudal Knight Services. The Church promised also to protect, AND Serve, the Families and Possessions against plaintiffs who, and whom, tried to take advantage of the situation, and, or, and to, and from, THE SITUATIONS (at hand).

The five Armies of the Official Crusade, under the command of Count Raymond of Toulouse, Count Godfrey of Bouillon, Count Hugh of Vermandois (the Brother of the French King), Robert Duke of Normandy (the Brother of the English King) and Bohemond of Otranto (the Son of Robert Guiscard) left their departures, and, in the late summer of 1096 [A. D.], went to the Holy Land. It’s difficult to assess and estimate the numbers of the amount of people who left, because the Columnists over-exaggerated the numbers. But, about 35.000 Crusaders [I think there were about 70-75.000 To be Honest.] departed, and 3000 to 4000 were Knights [Of the Saints of the Order of the Saint Johnsonians, and the Saints of the Holy Land of the Crusaders Monks of the Knight’s Order of the Orange Order of Knights, of the Saint’s Cross of Malta, and, Of the Saint’s cross of the Cross of the Crucifixes of the Orders of the Baths. – Also, I think about 55.000 of them were Knights of these Orders, AND, other Orders as well.]

This is amazingly Important, and very brilliant and Very, very relevant Information.
For these Knights of the Saint’s Orders of Monks of the Knight’s of the Crucifix, and, of the Knights of the CROSS OF THE CRUCIFIX, they were also Orders of the Knight’s of the Monks of the Orange Order; for the Orange Order is but One of Many Knighthoods, and These Knighthoods are of the Pretance, or, Should I say, Prutence, of the Development of the English-Language-Based-Anglo-Saxon-And-Anglo-Saxish-Empire-Army-of-the-Great-East, and, West(-ward) Warriors.

With it, and FOR IT, they also deemed themselves invulnerable, to the Commands of the Knighthoods of the Old Empire, and, for that, and, OF THAT, they also deemed themselve(s) Unworthy of Treaties, and, also, of, and FROM, TREATISE, for they were not of the Book Keepers, but of the Holy Land Keepers, of the Holy Lands of Jerusalem – The Knight’s Order of the Saint’s Cross of Jerusalem, that is -, and, also, of the Holy Roman Land of the Holy Roman Seat of the Knights of the Saint’s Cross of the Terror Frightening Experience, or, Should I say, experiences of the Knights of the Saints Order of the Order of Monks of the Knight’s of the Malta-Hoods.

For these Hoodwinked Many, Many Slaves, of the Usurbers, AND, the usurpers, for they Pledged Allegiance to the Flag, and Flags, of the Old, Commological Empire, and also, To This, and to this day, AND DATE, MANY MONKS OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE SAINTS ORDER OF THE CROSS, were, and, still are, of this Great Knighthood, are of the Same Order of Knights of the Sainthood, AND, priesthood, of the Order of Monks, WHO ALSO WROTE THE KING JAMES BIBLE, THE KING JAMES AUTHORISED VERSION OF THE BIBLE, That is.

This Bile, of Bibles, is also the way the Brilliantly Gifted Author, AND RESEARCHER, AND RESEARCHER OF MONK’S ORDER, OF THE ORDER OF MONKS OF THE MANY SAINTHOODS, OF OLD, AND OF OLD, Kersey Graves,……………. Has written about, and, has written about many, many things.

For, he writes on pages 81-82, of his Most EXCELLENT, OF EXCELLENT AND BRILLIANT TREATISES, CALLED; The Bible of Bibles. In it, he discusses the pages, And Wages, of the West’s Influence on the Bible, and, Of the Bibles of the Bibles of the West, for they are to be commandeered, AND, Commanded, into the Knight’s Holy Cross of the Sanctuary, for they are to be seen as warriors UPON the Crucifix of the Slaves of Old, AND, of the Old Empire, of the Slaves of the Old Empire, of Old, AND, Of New.

For here goes, from pages 81-82, straight from Kersey Graves’ Book, called, AND ENTITLED; The Bible of Bibles:


40. The Bible teaches that “God made man in his own image.” The reverse statement would have been true, “Man made God in his own image;” for this is true of all nations who believe in a God.

41. Here let it be noted the Bible contains contradictory accounts of creation; one found in the first chapter of Genesis, the other in the second. In the first, animals are created before man; in the second, after man.

42. The first chapter of Genesis says, “Let the earth bring forth plants” (Gen. i. 11): the second says, “God created every plant…before it was in the earth” (Gen. ii. 9). A contradiction; and neither statement is true, there being no creation.

43. The first chapter has the earth created several days before the firmament, or heaven: the second chapter has it created on the same day (Gen. ii. 4).

44. The first represents fowls as originating in the water (Gen. i. 20): the second has them created out of the water.

45. After the first chapter says “God created man in his own image” (Gen. i. 27), the second says “there was not a man to till the ground” (Gen. ii. 4).

46. The first chapter represents man and woman as being created at the same time (Gen. i. 27): the second represents the woman as being created after the man.

47. The first implies that man has dominion over the whole earth: the second restricts his dominion to a garden. Which is the inspired story of creation?

48. The Mexicans claim that the first man and woman were created in their country. The Hindoos aver that the original progenitors of the race (Adimo and Iva) first made their appearance amongst them. The Chinese claim a similar honor. The Persians contend that God landed the first human pair in the land of Iran. And, finally, the Jews affirm that Jehovah created the first pair in Eden.

Exactly right!, Mr. Graves.

The first pair of humans was, and were created, by the Devine, Or, Should I say, Divine, FEMININE, God Source.

That source which is everything, and which is everything, for it is the North (+) Node, and the Male are the South (-) Node, that, which is electricity as well.

For God gave BIRTH TO THE UNIVERSE, and to you, and TO I.

Only God can give Birth to Universes, no one, and, nobody else.

For, this is true of the Jesuits as well, for they give birth to their very own Universe(-(c)ities), for they CREATE Universities, Left and Right, down and under, left and right and UP again, lol.

For this is true, many, Many Jesuits are in the know of what is happening, and what is going on, but NOT ALL.

That’s just a fact, and, it is true, that Many, Many Jesuits, are also of the Opinion, that their God, “Satan,” is (one) of the divine dwellers, or, of the Divine Dwellings, OF, Divine Dwellings of Divine Dwellers.
For Dwellers ARE amongst us, they are Everywhere, and they Must be everywhere.

Now, King Satan, or, King Charles the Great, who was, in fact, “King Satan,”, For he was a very, very high level-priest.

He was a Very, very High level Jesuit-priest, that is.
He WAS of the Jesuit order, and, in 1789, he was ordained by the Priesthood as A prince of Saints, AND, ALSO, “PRINCE OF THIEVES;” where do you think the “Prince of Thieves” theme came from, when, and ALSO, in relationship to “Robin Hood.”
For King Charles the Great was A Robin Hood(-er), He was, A ROBIN HOOD, he was robbin’ the hood of people, left and right, down and under, and UPPER AND MIDDLE, AND BACK TO THE LEFT AGAIN.

For the Left is of the Left Side of the Brain, thé Most Commological Sensical, AND, Sensual Side of the Brain, that is; for senses ARE there, for they are here, as well……. AND, the Right Side of the Brain is the more creative one, that which touches the senses with INFERTILITY, and, which causes it to BLOOM, AND, TO BLOSSOM, TO FERTILIZE THE EGG, AND EGGS, OF THE LEFT SIDE – THE COMMOLOGICAL SIDE OF THE BRAIN -, And, also, to Exercise it(s), and, THEIR RIGHTS. Of Man, and, Of woman, But……. not of Beast, for the Beast of Revelation is NOT A WOMEN, NOR, IS IT A MEN, IT IS A MAN, AND A WOMEN, COMBINED, ALL TOGETHER IN ONE BIG BOOK, CALLED: “The Musical Allegoriation of the Book of Revealings, of the Book of Nations of the Revealing Departures of Prophecies, and Sainthoods, AND knighthoods, of the Priesthood of the Revelations of the Priesthood of the Saints of the Knights of the Orange Order.”

I’m of the Opinion that the Saints of the Knighthood of the Orange Order WROTE the King James VERSION, AND, THE KING JAMES AUTHORISED VERSION OF THE BIBLE. And, ALSO…………….. “The Book of Revelation.”

That’s right, The Orange Order of Monks is of the Same Priesthood as those as of the Likes, as of, the Priests of the Order, or, Should I say, Orders of the Priests of the SAINTS of Malta, and those, of………… The Malte Cross, OF “CREATION”-(Of the World.)

That’s right, the Saints of the Malta of the Saints of the Cross of the Historical World ARE of the Sainthoods of the Saints of the Brotherhood of the Bell, who, also, are in Intertwined Messages with the Ghosts of the Ghosts Ships, which, include, AND, NOT LIMITED TO, THE SAINTS OF THE ORDERS OF THE TITANIC, AND, THE SAINTS OF THE ORDER OF THE LUSITANIA.

For this Ship was sunk on, and, in, and from, and to, and from and to, and FRO AND TO, FROM AND TO, FROM IRELAND, TO THE IRISH COAST OF CREATION, TO THE SOUTH POLE; for there, it was sunk, on creation, ON the day of creation.

For……… The word “Lusitania,” In Dutch, Doesn’t mean a whole lot, and neither does it in English, or Any Other Language for that matter, it’s “simply, “a word.”

However, there’s more to it than meets the eye, for………. Lusitania Spelled backwards MEANS KNIGHT’S OF THE SAINT HOOD OF THE ORDER OF SAINT JOHN.
That’s right……. Spell it backwards yourself; anyway, let me just do it, right about now: ainatisul.

Also, it was Called “RMS”, which stands for: “Redeemer AND Mercury Succession.”

For, Lusitania is of the LUSITANIAS OF ALL THE WORLD. Which, Brought US in, and INTO, World War I.

This Ship brought many, AND, great wealth, with it on board, LIKE, AMMUNITION and the likes.
For, this Ship is of GREAT, GREAT importance to, and of, the Jesuits.

For, like I said, the Word spelled backwards, is, and means, KNIGHT’S OF THE SAINTHOOD OF THE SAINT’S ORDERS OF THE MARCH OF TIDES.

For, In the Chinese Astrology Calendar, the Month of March, and, Most Specifically, the 20th of March, is THE FIRST DAY OF CREATION.

And, the 21st of March, is, when things go at an EVEN KEEL, and also, The Sinking of the Lusitania, happened on the 21st of March of THE FIRST DAY OF CREATION, BY THE VERY LEARNED, AND ELDER, AND WISE, VERY OLD AND WISE, CHINESE LEARNED ELDERS OF THE ORDER OF THE ASSASSINS, or, Should I say, The Order of the Assannines.

Yes, It did happen on May 7, 1915; that is true.

But, that’s not what It says in Chinese Mythology, AND, Chinese Astrology, if YOU DO THE MATH YOURSELF.

But, it’s very, very, VERY, VERY, VERY……… VERY, VERY, VERY, Difficult math indeed.
I know how to do it, and I think VERY, VERY, VERY, FEW, People, Can.

For it is true, the Sinking of the Lusitania isn’t the First, for on…… October the 21st, The Titanic was Sunk, by, none other than, a “supposed,” and, “so-called,” ICEBERG.

For, this Ship, Sank, on the Normally-Accepted-Julian-Creation Calendar, on the 15th of May, after being struck, or, IT, SUPPOSEDLY “STRUCK,” An Iceberg, on the 14th of May, 1912.

Now, this SHIP WAS ALSO CALLED, AND DEEMED, UNSAVORY, AND UNSATISFACTORY, As…….. It was also labeled “RMS.” Which, again, means: “Redeemer AND Mercury Succession.”


But not Subliners, or, Should I say, Submarines?………… lol

That’s right, it Happens below it, as the ship, the Titanic, was Sunk by Air-to-Ground-Missiles, and, as, very, very, few people know this, yet, SOME DO.

And, yes, I have read a book on it, there’s a book out there, but I Can’t GIVE YOU THE NAME.

I don’t know, I just can’t, but, Oh well, It’s kinda irrelevant.

No fucking way that an iceberg struck, or, Should I say, the Titanic Struck an iceberg, fucking Impossible.

And yes, the Captain of the Ship, Mr. Edward John Smith. And, he was also dubbed: “The Millionaire’s Captain.” For, he Was, and brought forth, Many, Many millionaires, and, and to, and from, and, ON AND TO, AND FROM AND TO, FROM AND TO, AND TO, TO THE TITANIC.

For he was a captain of Great Virtues, and also, it’s hidden in HIS NAME.

For his Name, In Chinese MYTHOLOGY AND ASTROLOGY COMBINED, AFTER DOING THE MATH, MEANS: Snake of the Serpent Hill of the Old West of Empires.

And into the darkness they go, AND DWELL……… (This is a continuation of the Chinese Mythology’s Myth and Legends, being abbreviated, to Accompany his name, that is.)
Now, with this having said that, what does this have to do with the the Sinking of the Titanic?…………. I mean, the “Counter”-Reformation……….?
We’ll see,……. Well, I do mean, YOU’LL SEE;

It’s all interconnected, as I’ll have to go back all through, and throughout History, to Explain to you the Meaning of the Counter-Reformation, for, the Catholics, AND JESUITS, were mere pawns of this Jesuitical Order Of Monks, and of the Knight’s Monks.
For, I don’t trust Eric Jon Phelps……. I don’t, I really, really don’t……

Now, having said this, let me Quote the Late, and The Great Freethinker of Our time, of Our Latest Past time, that is; none other, than Mr. David Hume.
For David Hume was a gentile, oh yes, he was, AND, A VERY POWERFUL ONE AT THAT.

For, in his “Philosophical Works,” he Writes about the Freethinking of the Nations, and, also, the Freethinking of the Spirits of Man, So, Don’t worry about it, the Freethinking of the Nations ARE of the spirits of man, and, also, for the Slow and Slowness of typing, into the (common) senses of man, and, OF WOMAN.

So, who cares right, let us have some fun….

Now, let me quote the late, and the great, 18th century writer, David Hume…….. Straight from his “Philosophical Works,” from pages 187, 188, 189, 190, Straight out of his 4th Volume of his “Philosophical Works:”

There is, indeed, a more mitigated scepticism or academical philosophy, which may be both durable and useful, and which may, in part, be the result of this Pyrrhonism, or excessive scepticism, when its undistinguished doubts are, in some measure, corrected by common sense and reflection. The greater part of mankind are naturally apt to be affirmative and dogmatical in their opioions; and while they see objects only on one side, and have no idea of any counterpoising argument, they throw themselves precipitately into the principIes to which they are inclined; nor have they any indulgence for those who entertain opposite sentiments. To hesitate or balance perplexes their understanding, checks their passion, and suspends their action. They are, therefore, impatient till they escape from a state which to them is so uneasy; and they think that they can never remove themselves far enough from it by the violence of their affirmations and obstinacy of their belief. But could such dogmatical reasoners become sensible of the strange infirmities of human understanding, even in its most perfect state, and when most accurate and cautious in its determinations; such a reflection would naturally inspire them with more modesty and reserve, and diminish their fond opinion of themselves, and their prejudice against antagonists. The illiterate may reflect on the disposition of the learned, who, amidst all the advantages ofstudy and reflection, are commonly still diffident in their determinations: And if any of the learned be, inclined, from their natural temper, to haughtiness and obstinacy, a small tincture of Pyrrhonism might abate their pride, by showing them, that the few advantages which they may have attained over their fellows, are
but inconsiderable, if compared with the universal perplexity and confusion which is inherent in human.nature. In general, there is a degree of doubt, and caution, and modesty, which, in all kinds of’ scrutiny and decision, ought for ever to accompany a just reasoner.

Another species of mitigated scepticism, which may be of advantage to mankind, and which may be the natural result of the Pyrrhonian doubts and scruples, is the limitation of our inquiries to such subjects as are best adapted to the narrow capacity of human understanding The imagination of man is naturally sublime, delighted with whatever is remote and extraordinary, and running, without control, into the most distant parts of space and time, in order to avoid the objects which custom has rendered too familiar to it. A correct judgment observes a contrary method, and, avoiding all distant and high inquiries, confines itself to common life, and to such subjects as fall under daily practice and experience; leaving the more sublime topics to the embellishment of poets and orators, or to the arts of priests and politicians. To bring us to so salutary a determination, nothing can be more serviceable, than to be once thoroughly convinced of the force of the Pyrrhonian doubt, and of the impossibility that any thing but the strong power of natural instinct could free us from it. Those.who have a propensity to philosophy, will still continue their researches; because they reflect, that, besides the immediate pleasure attending such an occupation, philosophical decisions are nothing but the reflections of common life, methodized and corrected. But they will never be tempted to go beyond common life, so long as they consider the imperfection of those faculties which they employ, their narrow reach, and their inaccurate operations. While we cannot give a satisfactory reason why we believe, after a thousand experiments, that a stone will fall, or fire burn; can we ever satisfy ourselves concerning any determination which we may form with regard to the origin of worlds, and the situation of nature from, and to eternity?

This narrow limitation, indeed, of our inquiries, is, in every respect, so reasonable, that it suffices to make the slightest examination into the natural powers of the human mind, and to compare them with their objects, in order to recommend it to us. We shall then find what are the proper subjects of science and inquiry.

Great, powerful AND Amazing stuff by Mr. Hume.
For, he is, without a doubt, one of the Greatest Freethinkers ever.
For yes, he must be within, and also, a slight hint, and a bit, or, At least, A LOT, of Predetermination.

And even though he Didn’t really believe in determination, (yet), he didn’t completely and utterly rule it out, anyhow, anyway, AND, Perhaps.

That’s right, I believe strongly in Predetermination, as I HAVE TO, ….. After everything I’ve experienced in my life, I just Motherfuckin’ have to.

That’s just a fact, that Predetermination DOES Exist. It HAS to coincide with “free will,” It just has to.

It’s inevitable, that once, or, Once upon a time, one day, EVERYONE WILL KNOW THAT PREDETERMINATION DOES, AND HAS TO EXIST.

Anyway, not gonna expand And expound on that too much now, that’s a bit too personal for me at the moment, Although……..

Nah, I just don’t want to, It’s kind of irrelevant at the moment.
But anyway, let us continue with the Subject at hand, which is, the Predetermined Life-style of the Jesuits, and ALSO, Its Dominions…….. Which are, the Power of the Jesuitical Order of the Knights of Saint Malta, And, also, but, not limited to, and, NOT excluding, or, Not, Excluded to, the Powerful Knights of the Order of the Monks of the Freemasons.
Also, and, this is also not limited to, anything, but, not ANYTHING TOO Powerful; and that is, or, should I say, are(?), The Powerful brotherhood of the Bell, WHICH, ARE, IN FACT, THE BRITISH SAS.

Also, the Freemasonic Knights of the Orders of the Saint Justinian I.

That’s right, Saint Justinian I STARTED The Freemasonic Order of the Knights of Saint Malta, the Knight’s Tampler, or, Should I say, The Knight’s Templar Raider’s, (Of the Lost Ark of the Covenant, that is).

Also, also, Justinian I, or, More Commonly Known as, Saint Justinian The Great, also, AND TOO, AND AS WELL, started the Knights of the Saint Monks of Orders of the Saints of the Saint Johnsonians of the Middliëstic Town of The Freemasonic Thought of Venice, in Rome, AND, in Jerusalem.

No, this is not Meant in A cryptic manner, for……….. David Hume, he Knew, that Knights Templars ARE of the Justinian Order I of Monks. He KNEW, I THINK, that is.
Anyway, that’s kinda irrelevant.
Also, the Earth was created 17.500.065 Billion Years ago.

To the day, I think.

But, that’s for a later time, not now…….. As I have THE MOST AMAZING BOOK, AND VERY, VERY, RARE BOOK ON THIS SUBJECT. It’s absolutely friggin’ brilliant.

Yeah, I know how to choose books, that’s for sure, but, who cares, MANY, MANY, know how to.

But, let us continue with the Subject at Hand, shall we?
Also, the Knights Templar’s of the Rhôdes of Saint Justinian I are of the Knights, also, of the Rhôdes of the Cecil Rhôdes of the Knights of (the )Saint Justinian(s).

For they ARE of the Saint Justinians, and, oh yes, THE ARE, FOR THEY HAVE TO BE.
Now, with this having said that, let me start the “quoting-process,” lol.

Anyway, I won’t quote a total fucking amount of shitload, no way. But, I WILL Quote A lot, and, of course, ONLY THE BEST AUTHORS ON THE SUBJECTS IN THE RELEVANT FIELDS.

No fringe Second-Hand sources or some shit, only THE BEST OF THE BEST.

For, as Macrobius Once Said (And, I’m Paraphrasing here):

For the Power of Nations is in the Nations of Power, and, ALSO, in The Wealth of the Kingdom, and as………. The kingdom diminishes, it takes Its Wealth with it, to the ground, and, of the Ground of Nations, of the Common UnderDwellers, and, also, the Nation, or, Should I say, Nations of Power, are also of THIS WEALTH, of the Common Wealth of the Good of the People, which, will, and, always will have to, survive.

For it is true, that MANY, MANY nations of power, are of this Great Generation, of People, and Of man, AND, of WOMAN, as well, of course, but, for it, BEAST AS WELL, FOR, BEASTS TOO ARE DEVELOPING INTO GREATER AND MORE HUMONGOUS ANIMALS OF SUPERATION AND ANIMA.

For, they are of the Common Sense of the Good of the People, and As Hercolubus Approaches, or, is, approaching, many Nation of States will dwendle, AND, Dwindle in(to) Fear, of Seperation, OF CHURCH, AND, OF STATE.



As opposed to Certain supposed “people,” like, for instance, “Plato,” AND, “Manetho.”

For, no, Plato and Manetho Never, ever existed in the first Place.

For, that much is true, in the OLD, ANCIENT-INDO-LATIN-INDONESIAN-SANSKRITIAN-LANGUAGE-OF-THE-OLD-COMMON-LAW-LESS-LAND(S), Manetho, and plato, have total, and completely and UTTERLY different meanings, than, and OF, It is commonly accepted to as now.

Also, Common Usurper Dwellings have Also Existed, like the Very Least, Known of Knowns, of the Holy Roman Empire Church, the one and Only, Who lived during the “Supposed” Reign of Manetho, the “God-King,” The “Sun-God,” of the Ancient OLD Indonesian Egyptians, and, of, also, Constantinople, who, also, Did, IN FACT, NOT EXIST.

For he was but a mere creation, a FICTION SOURCE OF THE CREATION OF THE VATICAN.

For yes, he was, the: The Learned Elder of the Elder Scrolls of the Fictional Vatican Character of Jesus the 24th, who, WAS IN FACT, THE 24TH IN LINE (OF DEFENSE), OF, THE 24TH ELDER SCROLLS OF CREATION OF THE VATICAN MYTHS.

For it, and, OF IT, there must have been many, for, MANY, MANY, Fictional Scrolls have existed, and, also, CONSTANTINE, THE I, that is, Constantine the Great, or, Saint Constantine the Great, Who, DID IN FACT EXIST, AND, WHO, CREATED THE FIRST ORIGINAL GOSPEL STORY IN 25 A. D..

And, by FIRST ORIGINAL GOSPEL STORY, I do mean, the VERY FIRST, UNTRANSLITERATED, COMMOLOGICAL, FICTIONAL-SENSATIONAL-USURPERIAL, Commonsensological, Sanskritian-Indonesian-Grecian-IndonesianSaxish, Of the Slavish World, OF, the SLOVENIAN AND SLOVAKIAN PEOPLE, and, ALSO, Alexander the Great, who was, in FACT, FOR A VERY, VERY LARGE PART, SouthSlovak, and, A LITTLE BIT OF GREEK.

I’d say, 2.2% Greek, and 97.8 Greek. And, About which, and, ABOUT WHOM, I’ve already Written a bit about in 2 articles, previously, of, and FROM, my hand, and BOTH OF WHICH can be found HERE, and HERE.

Anyway, let us continue Onwards, shall we?

Now, The Greeks of the Old Grecco-Romanian-Slovanian-AND-Indonesian Empire, are, also, of the Great Embellisher of the North, and OF THE NORTH NODE, AND, OF THE SOUTH NODE.
For Saint Gabrielalus, or, Saint Gabrielalus the 4th, or, Saint Gabriel, or, Saint Gebrielalus, or, More Names………. And, I’ve also written a relatively extensive article about that subject, which can be found HERE.



Give or take, that is. I do believe it was 25 A. D., although, it Could have been as late as, let’s say, 35, or even 45 A. D., Although, I do Kinda DOUBT That.

Now, let us continue to the Catholic Reformation of the 16th and 17th Century.

For This Protestant-Catholic-Reformation, was also one of the Church of Rome, for she, or, Should I say, Thee, or, Should I (perhaps) Say, They, or, Thei, or, Thie, for, They are also of the Common Reformational Theme, of the Old Slavish, AND, the Old Saxish Guard, of the Commo-Ruler-Exceptional-Fictional-Creation-Character-of-The-Church-of-Rome: Jesus H. Christ.

For, Jesus H. Christ is but a fictional Creational Story, up Upon the Alters, or, Should I say, up UPON THE ROMAN ALTARS OF TIME AND SPACE.

For, Jesus H. Christ has traveled through time, AND, through Space, through the Continuation of Time, AND, of space.
For he is of the Great PowerWelders, of the Great Reformation, FOR, this Catholic-Reformation is of the One of A kind, for, AS SAINT LOYOLA, OF THE USURPERS OF ROME, AND, WHO, WAS ALSO A ROMAN CATHOLIC GREEK Gentile. HE WAS, A greek Gentile, for yes, he was of Grecian Origin.
Both his Parents Were Grecian, So was his Grandfather, and, also, HIS OTHER GRAND-AND-GREAT-GREAT-GRAND-FATHERS.


For, As Edward Gibbon Has Written About, in his GREAT, AND MASTERFUL, AND VERY, VERY POWERFUL CREATION, OR, SHOULD I SAY TREATISE, OR, PERHAPS, BOOKLET, or, Perhaps, Book called: “History of Christianity.”

In this Book, he explains the Virtues, AND, the Essencies of the Necessities of the Great Catholic Scheme of the Old, Musical, Catholic Usurperation of the Catholic-Vatican Scheme of the 18th Century, straight, and right, next, into the 21st Century………. (for) of Creation, there is, and, ARE many, Great Usurpers of the Old Catholic Theme of Creation.
For yes, they have to be, THEY ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE.
Now, with this having said that, let us turn to ANOTHER MASTERFUL BOOK, or, Perhaps I should call it a “treatise”, by, none other than the LATE, AND THE GREAT, EX-JESUIT-INSIDER-(When he wrote this book), Called, E. Boyd Barrett.


He also wrote two OTHER, MAGNIFICENT BOOKS ABOUT ROME AND ITS USURPURATIONAL POWER, both of them, which are, called, Rome Stoops to Conquer, and, the Other one is called, The Magnificent Illusion.

Also, this Last Great Treatise, or, Tract of His, called, Rome Stoops to Conquer, is about the Jesuit’s Enigmatical Influence in the Roman Holy Hierarchy, of the Direct Descendants.
Because, Noah, or, Should I Say, Noach, who, was in Fact, Greek, or, perhaps even a bit of Southslav, is also a Roman Greekish Roman Ruler.

Oh wait, Oh wait, No I’m not, No, I’m not confusing him with Hitler, Not, I meant “Nero,” who ruled the Roman Kingdom for Many, Many Years.
He, Nero, was in fact, also, A Roman-SouthSlav, oh yes he was, for he was of the Great Egyptian Rule of the Throne, for, in 565 A. D., Then Conqueror and Holy Roman, and Ruler, AND, Cesar of Rome, King, and Juan Carlos the I of Rome as well, THEN KING AND ROMAN RULER AND CONQUEROR OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE CHURCH, Called Justin II, Invaded the Holy Roman Land of the Usurpers, and, also, Invaded the Knight’s Templehood In the Caribbean, in the Slavish Establishment of Curaçao.

For, the Caribbean, or, Should I say, The Pirates of the Caribbean are also on the Jesuit’s Hit list, for, yes, the Quadrilogy of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, is Based on the Jesuit’s Holy Temporal Church in the Midst of the 17th and 16th Century B. C., and, ALSO, A LITTLE BIT OF LATER HISTORY, THAT IS TRUE.

For it is also connected to the Roman Knight Invaders of the Knights of Saint Justinian I, During the Raid of the Holy Land in 525 A. D..

Also, when Saint Justinian I, AKA, Saint Justinian “The Great,” Invaded the (Holy) Roman Land at the time, he was in Cahoots with Many Roman Generals, also, of which, and not included, and, NOT LIMITED TO, THE SENATE OF THE THEN-TIME.

He was of the Knight’s Crusaders of the Templehood of the Knight’s of the Saint Justinian’s of the World.
Also, when He Invaded the Holy Roman Lands of Turkey AND, its Capital City, at the Time, Istanbul, he also went TO FRANCE, AND, TO GREECE.

When the Ottomans Invaded Istanbul, in 521 A. D., They also connected, AND, Conquered the Holy Roman Empire of the Holy Roman Church, of the THEN, Knight Invaders, of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, in, NO LATER THAN, 526, or Perhaps as late as, 527-528-529530-531-532-533-534 A. D.

That’s right, and, Dr. Ian Barnes explains this very, very well in his Book, called, The Historical Atlas of Knights & Castles.

Now, when Dr. Ian Barnes wrote this book, he also wrote two others, also, and, not including, or, NOT INCLUDED, or, Should I say, NOT LIMITED TO THESE TWO BOOKS, AND, TWO OF WHICH INCLUDE: “The Historical Atlas of the Bible.” And, the other one is called: “The Historical Atlas of Judaism.”

All three of these books are EXTRAORDINARILY BRILLIANT.
Oh yes, they are, for, Dr. Ian Barnes is an absolute, and Complete, friggin’ genius.

Now, let me quote Mr. Kersey Graves Once more.

‘Cause in his Book, called, The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors,” he talks about ALL the Gods, and ALL the Religions that are precluded to these Gods, for, in it, he is ALSO of the Roman Holy Empire Church, for yes, HE WAS A JESUIT INSIDER, BUT, HE WAS NOT LIMITED TO IT, OR, SHOULD I SAY THEM.
Meaning, he was NOT a Jesuit Insider, he simply was friends with a whole lot of them, which Caused him to have ACCESS TO THEIR BOOKS IN THEIR LIBRARIES.

Oh yes, he had to beg, and beg, and beg, AND BEG A LOT, But, He did succeed, AND, Manage to succeed, 3 Extraordinarily Powerful books of the Highest Right.
Now, I do have a couple of Books by A Jesuit Insider, and that name, the Title of Which Belongs to: Count Paul von Hoensbroech.


One of His Best books, is in Fact, called, and labeled: “Warum sollen die Jesuiten nicht nach Deutschland zurück? Eine Frage und eine Antwort.”

In it, he discusses the Politics and the Embracement of the Catholic Empire of the Holy Roman Church of Creation.

In fact, It’s one of THE best Books I’ve ever read about on the Subject of Jesuitical politics.

Also, I AM talking about the 260+ Page book, not a Shorter Released Version of that one.

But, one of THE most Exposing Books on the History of The Jesuits, AND, its Development, is, of course, called, ALSO BY COUNT PAUL VON HOENSBROECH: “Fourteen Years a Jesuit.”

In it, he Discusses all the Stages that he went through to Get Through (to) Jesuitism, and, he Stayed for over 45 Years in the Church of the Holy Roman Empire Church.

In fact, It’s just as equally brilliant as Melchior Inchofer’s La Monarchie des Solipses. Of course, it’s completely different, but still……….
Now, music is playing in the Right Ear, and the Left, for Music Controls the Senses of time, and, also, the Anthology of the Christ Myth, For, Acharya S, aka, ANTARYA S, or, No, That’s not what she is called, lol……

But what I mean by that is, Acharya S, AKA, D. M. Murdock, wrote a couple of MAGNIFICENT BOOKS, and, A couple of which, which Include, for example: “Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled.” Also, Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ, and, also: “The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story every Sold,” and, Last, BUT NOT LEAST, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.

For she is an AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT AUTHOR, Oh yes she is.

Oh yes, she is, for, she is of the Likes of Gerald Massey, Jacob Bryant, AND, none other than, Rev. Robert Taylor.

All three, or, Should I say, ALL FOUR OF WHICH, Which I’ve defended In a Previous Work of Mine, Called, AND Entitled: The Life Systems, of Systems to work, in a time, and Nation’s, of time, of the Late Greats, of the Likes, of Robert Taylor, Jacob Bryant, and the late, Great, Gerald Massey..

Also, the Likes of the Great of Rev. Robert Taylor, whose work shall be Included in this SYNOPSES OF SINOPSISES.

For, they are FULL OF SIN, and, Of course, Sin, Meaning, something good, for SIN IS A GOOD WORD.

In the Ancient, Old-Indo-Sanskritian-World, of the Elvish Past Lives, Sin Means: The Power to Construct and Deconstruct, of the Ancient Old, Past Elvish Lives of the Elvish-Lavendelish-Lavelish-Usuerperish-Of-The-Common-Good-of-The-People.
Also, this means that “Sin,” is, in fact, a very, very, Good Word.
For, he will be included in this text, and also, He, will be Included in all my Next, and perhaps, Previously Published texts, as well.
For he was a Genius of, and, in, his own right. And Acharya S Knows this.


And, of course, Like I explained Previously, A little bit earlier in another Article of mine; Jacob Bryant was in Fact a Woman, So, I should Call him, Or, Should I say, Her(?), Mrs. “Jacob Bryant.”

Also, when Town-Ships go On patrol, they bring back food, and, when they bring back food, they bring back great kingdom(s).

But, when they DO NOT GO ON PATROL, they Bring back Lavishel food, for, Lavishel food is (of) (the) food of the gods, and also, the Food, of the Gods, are demi-urges, of the Common-Conceptual Man. lol

Anyway, That’s about it for this junk, lol.

Also, the Knight’s Templars of the Knight’s Raiders are of the Conceptualization of the Knight’s Brotherhood of the Brotherhood of Snakes, and, ALSO, the KNIGHT’S TEMPLEHOOD OF THE FORGOTTEN KINGDOM OF JERUSALEM.

And, with this having said that, let me continue with the Knight’s Templars, of, the Holy Roman Raiders of the Christ’s Church of Infixication, for, Infixication Mean: On, and of, the people, of the low-lands, of old, and, of the usurper’s-dream, of the USURPERS USURPER’, AND, Also, of the USURPER’S USURPER.

For yes, they ARE Usurpers, for, INFIXICATION is (also) of the Low Lands of the Romanish, and Romanish-Roman-Rulers-of-the-Roumanian-Kingdom.

And, also, for they are of the Pictures of the Low Lands, and, the Low Lands are Common Usurpers of the Common’s Dream of the Usurper’s Dream.
That’, and, also that, of the Low Lands, Combined with the Low Lands of the Old Elvish Empire, is, of course, Common to the Commological Theme of Commological Senses of the Old, the Age old Empire of the Ottoman Empire.

For, as Dr. Ian Barnes Writes, in his Great and most WONDERFUL TREATISE, CALLED, The Historical Atlas of the Bible:

The Usurper’s Dream of Usurpers is of the Same Generation as the Common-Old-Age of Generations, for, these Generations, of the Bible, are of the Bile of Disgust, and, of the Bile of Conduct.
For this Code of Conduct is of the Same Pile of Conduct as All other Piles of Conduct.
For, Piles of Conduct are of the Common Usurper’s Dream, and, this Dream is Being Shattered by the Holy Roman Empire’s Church. And, also, of the Holy Roman Empire’s 2nd Church, The Vatican.

For, the First Temple of Worship of the Mithraic Religion – Which is now more commonly called: “Catholicism” -, was, in fact, in, and AT, the Temple of Mithra, at Abydoss.

For, the Abydossians are of the Same Generational Influx as the Common Usurperial Dream.
For Dreams are meant to be shattered, but not yours, of course, for, basically, what I’m saying is: Your Dreams are of yours, and Common Usurper’s Dreams are NOT of Yours. Don’t let them be yours, let them Be someone else’s.

That’s right, this common Usurpical Dream is also of the Common Code of Conduct, as is Seen in the Movie, Angels & Demons.

For, this Movie, Which I’ve watched a couple of times, is of the Common Usurper’s Dream, that, I’ve had to watch it so many times, and, yet, I still loved it.

Now, I should Note that I haven’t read any of “‘Dr.” Dan Brown’s Works, for, I have not had the chance yet, but, perhaps, in the future, I will? Who Knows.

Now, let me Quote from the Book, An Illustrated History of Ireland, by none other than the late, and the great, but, not best author, but still, ONE OF THE MOST INFORMATIVE AUTHORS EVER, ON THE HISTORY OF THE JESUITS AND THE CATHOLIC’S KNIGHT OF MALTA ORDER, AND, THE VATICAN’S HOLY CHURCH OF ROME, THE SEAT OF VENICE,………. None other than the late, and great, Mrs. M. F. Cusack.

Also, she wrote 2 other books as well, both of which are equally as brilliant as the other 2.

That’s right, She Could have written more than 3, that’s true. Maybe I’m not aware of all of them, who knows.
Anyway, let me give your a direct quote from the Book Which I’ve previously Mentioned, called, An Illustrated History of Ireland. For, this Book is an absolute gold-mine.
For, like I said, she is not THE MOST Talented author Ever, but, that doesn’t matter; it’s the Information which, and what, matters the most, and that’s a fact, proven conclusively ALL throughout History.
For, in this book, on page 79, she writes the following (as such):

Those who are anxious, for obvious reasons, to deny the fact of St. Patrick’s mission from Rome, do so on two grounds: first, the absence of a distinct statement of this mission in one or two of the earliest lives of the saints; and his not having mentioned it himself in his genuine writings. Second, by underrating the value of those documents which do mention this Roman mission. With regard to the first objection, it is obvious that a hymn which was written merely as a panegyric (the Hymn of St. Fiacc) was not the place for such details. But St. Fiacc does mention that Germanus was the saint’s instructor, and that “he read his canons,” i.e., studied theology under him.

That’s Right, and, St. Patrick was In fact, Saint, And King, “Pope,” Julius I.

For, he was not much of a Pope, but, More of like a king, for he Ruled by Iron hand, AND, by, and, also with, With, Roman Rulish Hand of Control.
For he was a dictator, a dictator of the first kind, AND, of the Worst, for he was also A GERMAN INDUSTRIALIST.
Oh yes, he was, he was German Alright,……….. Of German Descent, I mean.
He was in fact A german, that’s a fact.

Now, what does ALL OF THIS has to do with the Catholic’s Counter-Reformation? And, also, with the Protestant’s Reformation?
We’ll see, AND, You’ll see, This is Still building up, to Greatness, I hope. And it will, It will be Great.

It will be excellented.

Now, let me conclude this Chapter with a Chapter by the Late Great, and, Always Great, Mrs. Acharya S, AKA, Mrs. D. M. Murdock.
For, in her Most excellent and Most Brilliant of Brilliant books, called, AND ENTITLED, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.

For this Book makes excellent and great connections, all throughout the Ages, all up into (upper) Egypt, of the Knight’s of the IV’th Dynasty, and, also, of the VI’th Dynasty.

Also, ugly and Palmed Hands are of the Generation of Sources, for, Sources are Everything, And Acharya S DOES know how to Source her Work.
And, I know MANY, MANY, of her Sources, that is a fact.

Now, here’ s a very, very, juicy Quote, straight from her book, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.

In it, in this book, that is, she explains the Inner Workings of the Vaticalé’s Rome Hills, for the Roman Hills of the Roman Caesars of Rome are of the Same, and of the Same, AND GREAT, GENERATION, OF USURPER’ KNIGHTS, AND, ALSO, of the same generation of Usurperial Knights, of the Knighthood of Saint Jerome.

For, Saint Jerome was but a mere puppet, a Mere Sainthood of the Knight’s Templars, and, also, Pope, and KING, Flavius IV.

Or, should I call him, Saint Justinian I, Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus.

That’s right, that’s his full length title he was given when he was Roman Caesar at the Roman Emmerols of the Flavius State of the Flavanian Society of the Roman Ruler’s Empire, and, Emperor, of Society.
Now, here’s this great, and this Late Quote, of, and none other, than, Acharya S, AKA, D. M. Murdock. For she writes, in her book, on pages 137 and 138, that…

In his discussion of the Egyptian derivation of the name Miriam, which is alleged to be the origin of “Mary,” Gardiner says:

“No Egyptian personal names are commoner than what the hieroglyphs write as Mry or the masculine and as Mryt for the feminine, meaning either “The-beloved” absolutely or “The-beloved” as shortening of some theophorous name like‘Imn-Mryt (doubtless to be read Mryt‘Imn) “The-beloved-of-Amun.” [The “u” in the word, “Amun”, is with a some sort of a “heightened hyphen” on top of it, but I can’t write it, I don’t think this font allows it, if it’s even a font at all, don’t know.] At some time or other Mryt was doubtless vocalized Marye, since we have in Coptic a well-authenticated perfect passive particle from another verb…”[1]

In a note addressing the order of the epithet ‘Imn-mryt or Amun-Meryt, Gardiner says that “[d]ivine names were often written honoris causa in front of words which they followed in actual speech.[2] In other words, here is another instance of honorary transposition. Again, Gardiner remarks:

“… it seems impossible not to think of the Egyptian goddesses and priestesses who were called Mrt, i.e., in all probablity Marye “the-beloved…””[3]

Gardiner’s remarks reveal that it is often scholarly consensus based on serious study, as opposed to a pristine “smoking gun” artifact, that determines an accept fact. Such educated speculation constitutes, in reality, the reason for scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles in the first place. In this same manner, Gardiner presents his convincing and “comfortable” case that Mary is Miriam is Mery, revealing that the Mrt-Mery-Marye-Mary connection constitutes a scientifically sound thesis.[4]

In the end, the assertion that “Isis was never called Mery” remains unsustainable and erroneous, as not only was the Great Lady much beloved by many millions of people over a period of centuries to millennia but also, as we have seen, she was most definitely labeled many times during that period with the epithet of Mery in the Egyptian, centuries prior to the common era.

[1] Gardiner, JAOS, 195.
[2] Gardiner, JAOS, 195.
[3] Gardiner, JAOS, 196.
[4] Nevertheless, after essentially proving that Moses and Mary are of Egyptian origin, Gardiner does an about-face in the last sentence that debunks the thesis, claiming claiming that the Egyptian origin of the names Moses and Miriam are “extremely doubtful” and leaving us to wonder about a possible fear of backlash, as has happened to so many others. (Gardiner, JAOS, 197.) Knowing how the censorship gears have ground scholars down, we may logically suspect an agenda of not wishing to offend religious sensibilities. Obviously, we believe that Gardiner demonstrated satisfactorily scientific arguments to prove the thesis that the derivation of Mary is the Egyptian Mery. Adapting Gardiner’s own words concerning the name biblical Phineas obviously being Egyptian, it would “demand an excessive skepticism to reject” the etymology of Mary from Mery. (Gardiner, JAOS, 192.) It is apparent from Dr. Hoffmeier’s comments that he too has chosen to ignore Gardiner’s disclaimer.

Exactly right, Mrs. Murdock.
For this is true, as “Mary,” is, in fact, “Mery,” for, the Mary’s of the World, are also the Merries of Creation, for, Merry Christmas is of the same distinction, AND, Succinction of the Common Old, Usurper’s Era.

This is true for Many, MANY, Mary’s. For they are to be seen as gods and goddesses all over the world, for, Mary…………. can also mean a masculine name, A Man, that is.
That’s right, even thought it is very, very, rare.
But, all in all, mary is the Distinction, AND, the Succinction of the Common Old Era’s Usurper. And, also, as in which, they are to be, and, still being succumbed, to, the Common Old Era of the Empire’s Past, and, with it, the Common Old Age of the Usurper’s Dream.
For this Dream is about to End, as we enter into the Age of Aquarius.

It’s still a bit too soon for that, I’d say, around 2050 A. D. We will enter into it, Give or Take.
Also, this Age of Common Knowledge, or, also commonly called by me, The Age of the Apocalypsus, or, The Age of the Apocalypse.

Also, The Saints of the Saint Jinsonians, or, Should I call them, the Saint Johnsonians, are, of the Same Knighthood as those of the Saint Knighthood of the Saints of the Saints of the Apocalypsus.

For the Knights of the Apocalypse are of the Same Knights as those of the Knighthood of those of the Saint’s Johns.

They control the Book of Revelation, as the Book of Revelation is merely a Musical Allegory.
Although, there’s a whole lot more to it than that.
For the musical Allegory is one of great deception, and for that, it is also very, very, important, that typing this message, is supposedly difficult, for typing is but a thing of the future, and, in it, and, for that, it would, and Should, Be wise, to let the serpents Knave, or, Should I say, Knive, its way through the forest of the woods, and, also, for that, on the Hill of the Vaticalé in Rome, or, Should I say, Roma?

Roma, or the King of the Hills, is also of the Age of Christ (AoC). For, the Age of Christ is of the Age of Common Demonimators, and, also, of the Age of Consensus.
For it is true, that Many ages are to come, and, are yet to come.

For it, and also, because of it, and, for it, this Lengthy article, or, Should I say, Treatise, is of the Same Age of Commons as the Historical Development of Man;
For I have in My Possession the 9th Edition of the Encyclopædia Brittanica, which is one of the rarest of the rarest edition of Encyclopædies ever.

It’s a great, and VERY, VERY fundamental work in My researches of the Common Origins of Man, and also, of The Space Book, Which I have in my possession, why is Authored by None Other than Jim Bell himself.
Now, for the Space age is coming to an end, and the Space Age interpretation of the Bible is also coming to an end, for this Space Age of Practical Commons is one of Zero Mistakes, and, also, of Zero Mishaps, and also, of the Common Ages of Man, and, for it, Also, of Women, for the Common Age of Man is of the Common, Oblivious age of the Man of Commons.
Although, many Think mistakes might have happened already in this article, but, I assure you, they have not.
Zero Mistakes have happened, just like My opinion on the Definition of the “RMS Lusitania,” and, also, of the Common origins of Man of the “Titanic,” and, also, of the Common Age Origins of the Man, And the Woman, of “Mary,” for she is but a mere mortal, and, also, a Wortal, for, “Wettelen,” in Dutch, in A Flemish Dialect where I live, Means, and literally translates to, AND AS, “Carrots.”

That’s right, Carrots=Wettelen.
And, where I live, There’s a lot of Historical Ground, and, Grounds, to be Covered, for it is true, that, “Today,” Means, and, Translates as, “Vandaag,” In Dutch.
And, also, “Stop,” Translates as, literally, as “Stop,” Although, there is a slight difference in pronunciation.

Also, when Roman Invaders go On Patrol, the Knight’s Templars are on the Crusading-Limit of the Old Borger Kingdom, as Depitected in the Movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

For the Two Towers are of the Age of the Apocalypse, and, 9/11 Was a Fertility Cult “Hit,” for it was to be a Fertility Cult “Hit.” That’s right, A cult hit, a very rare, and very rarely appreciated Movie.
That’s why Many, Many People think the second movie of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and also, the Second Movie of the Matrix-Trilogy Series, are the weakest in its kind, in, Its Trilogy.
Although, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Directed by James Cameron, is an Exception.

And there’s a very, very, obvious reason for that.

For the Judment is to Befall upon Man, and the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger, AKA, Christopher Columbus, in Roman, and Ancient-Sanskritian-Language-of-Gematria) is to Besiege the Roman Empire, and, Its Roman Emperor, of, and to, be careful of the Flood of Noah, or, Should I say, Noach?

Also, I have one of Thé Greatest Documents, AKA, Books, In my possession, Three of them, that is.

One of them is called: “Histoire Universelle, Depuis le Commencement du Monde Jusqu’à Présent.”
The Next one is called: “The Modern Part of an Universal History, From the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time.”
And the last one is, Histoire Générale des Civilisatios.

Also, the first two are the exact same, basically, although, they’re entirely different altogether, also.

And the Last one, Which I’ve read also, is the Best In-Literal-Translation-Of, the Common Human Age of Commen Conceptions and Conceptualizations.
For it is an AMAZING, Historical Account, it’s absolutely Brilliant in its own right, for, its Authors, did A brilliant Job of Piecing together the History of the World, in an AMAZING 6-Volume Set, of books.
For it, it shall be quoted Often, I think, for it is An Absolute Goldmine, of Brilliant, Absolutely Stunning Authorship, and Craftsmenship, in its Analogy, Hypothetical Analyses, and also, the CraftMANship of the Common Era, all combined into one HUGE package, and, Like I said, an AMAZING 6-Volume set. And, it is also quite rare, but I don’t Think it’s the rarest of the rare.
Althought, I could be Mistaken about that.

Anyway, let us continue, for these Books are absolute gold-miners, and, they are to be dug By Gold, for They Are gold, and, OF Gold, Should be Dug By Gold, Lol.

Also, when the Roman Rulers and Invaders are of the Section of the Analogy of the Past Elvish Lives, they are of the Elvis’ Presley’s of this World, and, also, of the Knight’s Crusaders of this World.
For, it must, and Shall be remembered, that, Analogy’s, and, Past Lives Hypotheses, are, of this world, and, of the Next, Coming, Flat World, for the Next World IS Flat, That’s a fact.

And, some of us Know that already; but, it’s very, very difficult to talk about in public, I know.
Also, the Roman Rulers of the Invading Countries are OF this Flat World, and, it’s almost as if they Transversed, or, Traveled Back in time, back into the Old Age, of the Missing Part of Creation.
For, I have a couple of Amazing, absolutely stunning, and absolutely Brilliant, BRILLIANT, books, in my possession, and, also, and for it, as the Late, Great, “Dr.” Edward Davies Said, and, still says, in his Most Brilliant of Brilliant treatises, called, The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids.

In this book, its author, Mr. Davies, goes on the Explorational Tour of Finding Exact, and very, very, Specific Examples of the Commorational, or, Should I say, Commoréational, Explorational Features, of the Common Age World, of the Common Old Age of the Commoréational, and, Commoreactional, or, Commoreationalfeatures, of the Common Age of the Commoréational Features of the Common Age(d) World.
For this Treatise, That I’m writing right about now, and That You Are reading right about Now, is, also, of this age, and, of the next age to come.

For, it is to come. That’s a fact.
Now, the Coming Globalizational Powers of the “Powers that Be,” are, of the Same Commological Theme as the Same old Rest of Creation, for they are to be Usurped by the Late, and the Late, as of Greats, as of the Late As of Great, as THE LATE AND THE GREAT, AS THE LIKES OF THIS WORLD OF THE LIKES OF THE ONE’S OF THE LIKES OF THE ONE, OF THE LIKES OF THE ONE, NONE OTHER THAN THE GREAT, Rev. Robert Taylor.

For, as he writes, in his Most AMAZING, of AMAZING, and most BRILLIANT TREATISE, Called, The Diegesis.

He has also authored 3(!!!) Other books on this subject, more or less the Same Subjects, that is.
For he was of Great, and Powerful, virtue.

For he was a man, and a force to be reckoned with;

For, this Great man of old, AND, of New, is also of the same likes as the Likes of the Other “Rev. Robert Taylor,” as, none other as of the likes, of both of these, or, Should I say, All three of these, which include, and, none other than the very, very, venerable, AND, Honorable, as the likes, and, NONE OTHER THAN, as the likes of, Which Include, NONE OTHER THAN, THESE, Great, and very, very, Prolifict Authors, which, and, not, only Limited, but also A little bit limited to, the Likes of these:

  • Gerald Massey
  • Jacob Bryant
  • Acharya S, AKA, D. M. Murdock
  • Rev. Robert Taylor
  • Mr. Edward Davies
  • Mr. E. Boyd Barrett
  • Mr. Andrew Steinmetz
  • Mr. Archibald Bower
  • Eric P. Kaufmann
  • A. H. Sayce
  • A. L. Soror
  • A. Smythe Palmer
  • Kersey Graves

And many, many more….

For there are so many others, that one must not include these others in the list, for the List would Grow TOO (darn) Lengthy;

Yes, I can remember all of them, that’s a fact, but who cares, lol.
Now, let us continue with this very, very, important subject, on, and of, these Parts.
For there is ONE OTHER AUTHOR, WHICH I MUST MENTION, FOR HE WROTE THE MOST AMAZING BOOK ON THE SUBJECT OF THE BABYLONIAN INFLUENCE ON THE RELIGION OF MITHRA, and, also, in turn, on the Religion of Catholicism, and, its derivatives, “Mormonism,” and “Protestantism,” and, “Calvinism,” and, “Jesuitism.”
And, a few, or, many others which are not included of course.

Oh, and, I do Have to mention that I am talking about the “so-called” “Popular”-Edition of this Work, for, it is not Popular, it is very, very Rare, indeed.
And I do believe it Differs greatly with other more well known edition(s). I truly, truly, Do believe that.
So search for the “Popular Edition” if you must, it is of VITAL Importance that you get this one.

Of course, I am talking about none other, no other book, than the very, very, veneered book, called: “The Two Babylons,” By, Alexander Hislop.

The Edition I have has 362 pages, just mentioning this very interesting, but also, VERY, VERY important fact, just In case You’re searching for an edition, and it doesn’t have the “Approval” Stamp of “Popular Edition” on it, lol.
Anyway, let us continue, for;………… This book is an absolute Gold-Mine, and, is, in my very own, and very honest, and VERY, VERY, Humble Opinion, a MUST HAVE. The So-called “Popular Edition,” that is.

And I do mean “so-called,” because I doubt it’s popular;
Anyway, this book, like I said, is called, The Two Babylons, By Alexander Hislop.
Here is a direct quote, from the book, NOT PARAPHRASED, about the Influence of the Babylonian Influence, and, its influence on “Christianity” with a “Capital” “C.” Not with a “lower case” “c.”

It’s not the same.

Anyway, in this article, we’ll Mostly Discuss the “capital C” Christianity-Form-Derivative.
That’s right, the Lower Case Capital C, or, Should I say, the Lower case “c,” is, not of the Same Origin as the “Capital C” One; no It’s not.

Not it is not.
No, that’s just a fact.

Also, when Roman Rulers go On Patrol, they travel to far about lands, and, Far off Lands, for they are of, and, of to, to be common with (other) roman Rulers of the Past Elvish, and Past Lavendelish-Lives-Kingdom.
For, here is the quote, straight from Alexander Hislop’s “Popular Edition” of The Two Babylons.

In it, on Page 279, he writes the following statement, in his Appendix, as such:

Now, assuming that this [The Roman God “EL,” who is also the Law AND the Care-Giver, and, Care-Taker at the Old romanish Parish, Hill, of the Romanishi Paris Hilton of the PARISH HILLTON OF THE NECROPOLIS, IN VENICE, GREECE.] is the “Father of the Gods,” by whom Rhea, whose common title is that of the Mother of gods, and who is also identified with Ge [With a “Heightened Hyphen”-like thing on top of the “e”], or the Earth-goddess, had the child called Muth [Again, with a “Heightened Hyphen”-like thing on top of the “u”], or Death, who could this “Mother of the gods” be, but just our Mother Eve? And the name Rhea, or “The Gazer,” bestowed on her, is wondrously significant. It was as “the gazer” that the mother of mankind conceived [and Perceived] by Satan, and brought forth that deadly birth, under which the world has hitherto groaned. It was through her eyes that the fatal connection was first formed between her and the grand Adversary, under the form of a serpent, whose name, Nahash, or Nachash, as it stands in the Hebrew of the Old Testament, also signifies “to view attentively,” or “to gaze:” (Gen. iii. 6) “And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and pleasant to the eyes, &c., “she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat; and gave also unto her husband with her, and he did eat.” Here, then, we have the pedigree of sin and death; “Lust, when it had conceived, brought forth sin; and sin, when it was finished, brought forth death” (James i. 15). Though Muth [Again, with the “Hyphened Like Thing” on top of the “u”], or Death, was the son of Rhea, this progeny of hers came to be regarded, not as Death in the abstract, but as the god of death; therefore, says Philo-Byblius, Muth [Again, the Hyphen..] was interpreted not only as death, but as Pluto.—(Sanchun., p. 24.) In the Roman mythology, Pluto was regarded as on a level, for honour, with Jupiter (Ovid, Fasti, lib. vii. 578); and in Egypt, we have evidence that Osiris, “the seed of the woman,” was the “Lord of heaven,” and king of hell, or “Pluto” (Wilkinson, vol. iv. p. 63; Bunsen, vol. i. pp. 431, 432); and it can be shown by a large induction of particulars (and the reader has somewhat of the evidence presented in this volume), that he was none other than the Devil himself, supposed to have become incarnate; who, though through the first transgression, and his connection with the woman, he had brought sin and death into the world, had, nevertheless, by means of them, brought innumerable benefits to mankind. As the name Pluto has the very same meaning as Saturn, “The hidden one,” so, whatever other aspect this name had, as applied to the father of the gods, it is to Satan, the Hidden Lord of hell, ultimately that all came at least to be traced back; for the different myths about Saturn, when carefully examined, show that he was at once the Devil, the father of all sin and idolatry; who hid himself under the disguise of the serpent,—and Adam, who hid himself among the trees of the garden,—and Noah, who lay hid for a whole year in the ark,—and Nimrod, who was hid in the secrecy of the Babylonian Mysteries. It was to glorify Nimrod that the whole Chaldean system of iniquity was formed. He was know as Nin, “the son,” and his wife as Rhea, who was called Ammas, “The Mother.” The name Rhea, as applied to Semiramis, had another meaning from what it had when applied to her, who was really the primeval goddess, the “mother of gods and men.” But yet, to make out the full majesty of her character, it was necessary that she should be identified with that primeval goddess; and, therefore, although the son she bore in her arms was represented as he who was born to destroy death, yet she was often represented with the very symbols of her who brought death into the world. And so it was also in the different countries where the Babylonian system spread.

This is absolutely Amazing and Powerful stuff by the late, and the great, Mr. Alexander Hislop, if that, was even his real name, lol.

Anyway, regardless of the validity and Accuracy of the name, this is Absolutely Mind-Blowing Information, for it must be said, that the Powerful-Generators of the Common Old Empire are Now better, better than ever before, for they are Instructing their Jesuit-KNIGHTS, of the Round Table of King Arthur (Who did, in fact, exist, btw. He’s not mythology, nor, A fictional Character.), with great surges, and GREAT SPEEDS, for, and to, and from, to the Power of the Knights, and also, as they are not a man, and, also, Not, or, Should I say, Neither, A woman, for, this Beast of Revelation is of the Same Virtuoseness as the Same Virtuoseness as the other ones before.
For it must be said, and, truth be Told, or, Should I say,, that, Many, Many virtues, are of the Same Virtuoseness as many, many, other Babylonian Gods before, and, before of, and before, it, and before them.
Now, this Great God Muth [With the “line”-like thing on top of the “u”] Was also of the Great Muthuneans of the Past old Empires, for these Muthuneans, are, or, Should I say, or, Are, Commonly called the Knight’s Crusaders of the King’s Table, are also of the Knighthood of the Order of Saint John.
For, as I’ve read in this most Wonderful Treatise, called “Histoire Générale des Civilisations,” The Knight’s Raiders of, and on, and round and about, the Round Table, of the Order’s Of Saint John, of the Cecil Rhôdes of the time, was, also, of the Times of Noach, who, Did in fact Exist, and who was also, King Justinian I, the MASTER OF MASTER OF THE ROUND TABLE ACCESSORIES, for he WAS a force to be reckoned with, and also, to be seen as the progenitor of the Old-Phoenician-Canaanite-System-Of-Reduction-AND-Deduction.
Now, with this having said that, These “Hyphen-like-things-of-Connections” are very, very Important, for, as Histoire Générale des Civilisations conclusively proved, and still proves, is that the Knight’s of the Round Table of the Cecil Rhôdes of their time, were also of the Same Knighthood as the Progenitor of the Old-Phoenicia-Canaanite-System-Of-Reduction, For, it was OF deduction, and, also, of a LOT OF DEDUCTIBLES, just like the Tax-Deductible we have today, or, more Commonly called: “ObamaCare.”
For, it is true, that ObamaCare IS a Tax-Deductible Company, for it Deducts the Taxes from, and of, your levies of Power, and also, of the Levies of Power of Procreation.
For, Procreation is not a thing of the past, it is a thing of the future, for, it keeps, and continues to keep improving over time, and OFF, AND OF TIME.

For, it is true, that many Knighthoods of the Saints of Cecil Rhôdes, of the Knights of Saint Rhôdes, are also of the Same Knights as the Reverberated-Through-Time, Knighthoods of the Order of Monks, in the Eyes of the Late, and the Great, and THE LATE AS OF EQUALLY AND AT LEAST AS GREAT AS, HIS VERY OWN KIND, Mr. Dr. Ian Barnes.
For, as he describes in his most wonderful 3-volume book of treatises, which CAN be regarded as ONE Volume, he sat, and set forth on the time of the Ancient Kingdom, and also, of this GREAT TRILOGY OF BOOKS, ALL CALLED, AND ALL STARTING WITH: “This Historical Atlas of…”

For they ARE Historical Atlas’s of Treatises, for, they ARE, of this GREAT HISTORICAL ACCURACY, WITH LIKE ZERO TO NONE INACCURACIES.

Anyway, enough about that.

That’s right, the Roman Kingdom of Hierarchial Systems Produces MANY, MANY, Knighthoods, for, they are not Limited to, and, Not excluded to, One Another, AND, TO, AND FRO AND TO, AND FROM AND TO, ONE ANOTHER.

For, here they are, in the Most Commonsensical Themes of Creation, for, in it, they are Of THIS CREATION, OF THIS COMMON USURPERER’S LAND.
In it, in this, or, should I Say, these 3-Great-Volumes-Of-Sets, it is said, that, the Common Usurperer’s Land is of the Great Usurpers of the Past Live’s Kingdom, and, also, of the Kingdom to come, and, also, for it, some of it, is also to be Cryptically understood, for Cryptic Messages are NOT a thing of the past, for the Past is of Computechorial Past Live Kingdoms of the Technological Age.

Now, these “Technological” Knights Are of the Knighthood of the Sainthood of Saint John, for, Like I said Earlier, and Previously, the Knighthood of the Saint Johnsonians of the Saints of Saint Gabrielalus, is also of the Sainthoods of the Knighthood of the Saints of Gabrielalus; for, they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and, also, with it, the Same Livelihood of the Saints of the Seats of Power at the Calculus at the Knighthood of the Mathematicians, for they ARE KNIGHTHOODS OF THE MATHEMATICIANS, for MATH IS THE MOST BRILLIANT, AND THE MOST INTELLECTUAL LANGUAGE ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET.

They Control the Mechanicia-Centrals as well, and, as, also, the Mechanical-Centrals, also, and too, and a Little Biter of as well.

With this Having said that, let us turn to the Next Chapter of this Book, No, Actually, I should Say, ‘Small’ booklet, or, better yet, the Article of Articles, all in all, my MOST Important article to date, de facto.

For it is true, that Knighthoods are of the Common Era as well, for, it, too, is of the Same Sensological Themes as the Age old Religions of the Past, for they ARE to be seen, and ARE to be seen as a force to be reckoned with.

For they Control your Pasts, and Your futures, AND your Livelihoods, for they are, to be PEEDEE-EFED, I mean, PEDEFIED.

That’s right, PEDEFIED, which means, the Pedefying of the age of the Common Sensological Themes of the Commongroundical Sensological Systems of the Past old age, which are to be Shattered by new Revolutions, such as the TV, AND, OF COURSE, THE INTERNET.

It Can’t be beat, no way, not possible, IMPOSSIBLE.

Anyway, enough about this “Technological”-age, Garbage, for, Garbage goes in, and, goes out, for, Garbage of the Garbage dwellers of old, the Holy Roman Empire “Church,” of Mithra, and Zoroaster, and Ahura Mazda.
For Ahura Mazda is more, or, Mere, than Just a Car-Symbol on the Symbols of the Certain Cars which, and what, and also, who, and also, WHAT – TO WHOM, THAT DRIVE AROUND.

For Car Symbols ARE of the Commological Age, and, of the Sensological Age as well, for they ARE a force to be reckoned with, as, like, the Knighthoods of the Saints of Saints John, of the Sainthood of the Livelihood, as, and of, and, as of like, the Sainthood of the Knights of Malta, the Rosicrucians, the ‘Freemasonic’ Knight’s Templars, The Freemasons, and, of course, not the least to which is omitted, and admitted to, by myself, by virtue of progress, in the likes of Many, Many images, in the past, of the past lives, none other than…………… “Mormonic”-Freemasonry.
For this Branch of Freemasonry is of the Mormons as well, for the Mormons are of this COMMOLOGICAL AGE, of the Senses of time, and they ARE FREEMASONS, without them even know, that is.
For, Unbeknownst to them, they are, also, of this commological age, and, also, of all the Commological ages behind them, in the past time, AND, the PAST tense, of Creation, and, Of Creation of time, AND, of, the Space time Continuum.

For these Freemasonic Knights of the Mormonic Church of Freemasonry are also of the same subjects as the Freemasonic Knights of the Round Tables of Saint John, and, of the Freemasonic Knights of the Round Table of the ‘Cheating’ Twelve.

For, the ‘Cheating’ Twelve are of YOUR priestlyhood, and, YOUR Knighthood, for they ARE, of this Commological and Sensical age, for, they SENSE THINGS, and, also, THEY SENSE AND SEE THINGS IN THE ‘DARK.’

For yes, they ARE Common to this Very, very, old age, of creation, and, of Creation of Time.
For time is everywhere, and, also, this is just, MERELY, the Beginning, of this VERY, VERY, Important Tract of mine.
We’re only just getting started folks, don’t worry.

This is just, and this is just merely the beginning of a Journey Through time, and space, for, the Space time continuum is of the Same Creation as the Space time Continuum of ALL the previous Ages Combined, and, the Knight’s Templars Know this, as, Like I said earlier, Perhaps, I think, for, Yes, I think, and many Think, and MANY KNOW, that one of the most famous verses, or should I say, lines, or Perhaps, Motto’s even, of the Knight’s Templars, is, of course: As above, so below.

For it is the Most Historically Important, and MOST HISTORICALLY ACCURATE PHRASE EVER COINED BY MAN.
For, I will show, and prove, in this Article of mine, or, Should I say, Perhaps, This Pamphlet, of mine, it will be shown, AND, Conclusively proven, that, the Knights of Malta, the Knights of the Saints of Rhôdes, the Knights of the Saints of the Order of Malta of the Saints of the Orders of Saint Justinian I, “The Great.”

And, also, the Freemasonic Knights of the Times, and, Of the Space of time, for, there are many, MANY, Knights, of the Saints of the Saints of the ‘Sints’ of the Saints of Rome.
For, the Vaticalé’s Hills in Rome, AREof, the same knighthood as the Saints of the Knights of the Saints of Saint’s Rhômes, or, Saint Rhôdes, of Rhôme.
For “Rôme,” Should be with an “^,” for, yes, that is true, without it, the Whole System woudl fall apart, lol.

It’s the Roof which Combines everything, and, Keeps everything in place, that’s a fact.

For, this “Roof” is also of the Commological Sense, for, As, seen, Rhôme, is, of the Old Roman Age of Creation, and, in it, and, with it, we will see a Huge, HUGE, Rush, of Contemplation, of many Different Virtues, and, MANY, MANY DIFFERENT VIRTUES OF MANY, MANY, MANY DIFFERENT KINDS.

For yes, it is, and, shall, be seen, by Many, many, different Knighthoods, is, and that, that, Are, of creation, are, also, OF CREATION, for they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and, also, and, NOT LIMITED TO, The Perception of time; for, They CONTROL THE ELDER SCROLLS, AND, AS SAINT CONSTANTINE IS ALSO CALLED, BY ME, BUT, NOT LIMITED TO ME, AND, NOT LIMITED TO ANYONE, AND THAT IS, ANOTHER NAME FOR SAINT CONSTANTINE THE FOURTH, WHICH IS:

The Saint of the Knighthood of Saint’ Rome, of the Knights of the Learned Elders of Malta, AND, The Scritural Elder I, into the Abyss of the Midsts of Heaven, AND, of the Minds of Men, for, in the Fire of the Minds of Men, there are many, Many, Rhôdes, which, of course, as always, LEAD TO ROME.

For, Constantine is but a mere conglomeration into the Saints, and Thy, Priestlyhood, of the Heavenly Fathers of Creation.
For yes, EARTH, is the Only Planet which can ‘Sustain’ Life, like Ours.
Advanced Human Beings, or, More Commonly Called, “E. T.’s,” can’t exist, No way, not Possible.
For, the Blue Book Project of the Blue’berg, or, Bilderberg Group, is of the EXACT SAME NAME AS THE BLUE’S, OF THE BLUE’S OF THE LAGOON, OR, SHOULD I SAY, The Blue Lagoon, which is a Movie, which I(‘ve) Watched, when I was young(er).

For, this Movie depicts the Knight’s of Saint John, AND, the Knight’s of the Saints of Malta, for they ARE, of this Knighthood, and, of All the knighthoods to come;
For, the movie The Blue Lagoon, is, also, of the Knights of the Saint Cecil’s of Rhôdes, for, yes, they are of this Cryptic Message, relayed, and, Bestowed, Upon, and Toward us.
For, toward us, there is an earthquake ahead, with, which, and, also, whom, which, is which, is also, with which the seamen of the Sound-Floor, Or, Should I say, Ground-Floor, has bestowed us upon.
For, the Blue Lagoon of the Lakes of Time, are, ALSO, of Barking Dogs, And, Barking Dogs ARE of the Sands, and, of the Sea(s) of time, for they see things in the dark, and, the commosensical Human Beings of Creation are ALSO of this Creational, or, Should I say, RE-Creational Force, of Creation, and, OF, Creation, of time, and, OF SPACE, AND, OF SPACE AND TIME.

For, the Unit inside a Unit, is but a mere unit of Succinction, and, the Playground of the Learned Elders of Creation is but a Mere Commological Succinction in, and, also, but, not limited, into, the Mere succinction of the Timely Place of the Heavenly time, of Space, AND, OF TIME.

Also, when Time and Space STOOD STILL, which they did, about 25.000 Trillion Years ago, the Time of the Universe was in the Mere Succinction of time, AND, of Place, for, It HAD TO STAND STILL, and, IT DID, for it was Created by the force, of a Magnitude of about 1.585.675 times a 99.999.999.999.999, TIMES, THE EXACT SAME NUMBER, AND, TIMES, (AGAIN), THE EXACT SAME NUMBER, AND SO ON, TIMES, and, also, Divied by 15, or perhaps, 25, lol. Who cares, right? It’s fucking unmeasurable, and, also, innumerable.

For the Succinction of time is, of the (same) time and place as the Great Divider Of Men, and also, OF AND FROM MEN.
For they have to, they absolutely, Motherfuckin’ Have to…….. For No mistakes have happened so far, no fucking way, not possible……………. It’s absolutely Impossible for Mistakes to Happen in this day and Age.
No way, bro-hie’m.

No way, Not possible.

For, time is of the essence, and, also, of the Essencies, and, also, of the Creation of Time, for Time MUST be a Unit, IT MUST BE UNIT OF MEASUREMENT, Otherwise, nothing would Exist.

Well, let me tell you…………………………………………………………………………….. Everything!

From, whence, AND, from Whence, and, FROM THENCE, Someone once said: “Let thy own will be done. (And Dusted for. – The Author of this Article, lol.)”

Also, the Pious Memorials of Time, in our Own Sickness and, (of), Health, we Must be Remembered, and Remembered as, for, The Pious Memorials are of This Sickness of Creation, AND, of Their sickness, of Creation.

For Many will look with their eyes, but shall, or will not see.
For many will reek with their nose, or, Should I say, noses, but shall not, AND, Will NOT, See.

For that is true, they ARE of this religious Order of Pious men, and, also, OF, the Pious Men,…………. Of Creation.
For the RE-Creational Sense, and, or, of, and from and to, and of and from and to and fro, OF, THE RECREATIONAL SENSES OF MAN, AND, OF WOMAN, AND, OF THE WOMEN OF REVELATION.

For the “Beast” in Revelation is but a mere Musical Allegory, For, “Black Holes” CONTROL Time, AND, CONTROL SPACE AND TIME.

For, Many Know there ARE black Holes in the Sky, yet, none question, and, nor, Ponder what they are there, AND HERE, to do, (for.).

For yes, it is true, many, many, black holes of the As-ses, of Pressure, are of the SAME As-ses, as, OF PRESSURE, AND, AS (OF) SENSES, OF CREATION OF TIME.
For, going out partying is a fun thing to do, yet, when you’re there, you never, EVER, question, why are black holes here, and, WHY, Do they exist? In the First place, AND, IN ITS LAST PLACE, AND, IN ITS LAST PHASE.

For there ARE, phases of the moon, the Sun, the Tides, the Earth (The Seasons, Time. Etc……..), AND, there are also Phases, connected to, and, INSIDE TO, the Black Holes of Essences, AND, Essencies of Time and Creation.

For, Controvertation is but a Mere Term I just Invented, didn’t I? Who cares, words are invented all the time, nobody gives a fuck about them, lol.

For, Controvertations are the Sun-Cyclical Spots of time, for they ARE of this Essence, AND, of the Schizomaniapheliacs of Our time.

For, SCHIZOMANIAPHELIAMANICA, IS, of the Essence of Time, AND, of Crr about lands, and, Far off Lands, for they are of, and, of to, to be common with (other) roman Rulers of the Past Elvish, and Past Lavendelish-Lives-Kingdom.eation, for, I’ve already written quite extensively on this subject of Schizomaniapheliamanica, and, for it, That Article can be Found HERE.

For, it is true that SchizomaniaPheliacs are of the True Essence of Creation, for “Schizo,” in the Ancient Indo-Sanskritian-Latino Language Means, “To Love,” or, “to Be Loved.” For, that is true, SCHIZO MEANS TO BE LOVED, THAT IS A FACT.
Now, this pressure of the As-es, is, also, OF THE PRESSURE OF THE AS-ES OF TIME, for the AS-IFS, or, the AS-IF-BUTS, are also, but, not, or, not, or, not also, or, neither or, or neither of, and, NEITHER OF AND FROM, AND TO, NOT LIMITED TO THE AS IFS, AS THE AS IFS BUTS OF TIME ARE OF THE MERE ESSENCE AND SUCCINCTION OF CREATION.

For they ARE of this Essential powerhood of Man, AND, of BEAST, AND, ALSO, A LITTLE BIT OF WOMAN, AS 9/11 has proved, and, still proves it to be, Conclusively, that is.
For, like I said, the Event that Happend on the 11th of September of 2001, was nothing more, or, Should I say, Nothing Mere, than A mere Creation of the Power Elite, the REAL, REAL power Elite (That I know of, that is) of this world, which, are, and which, still are, the Orange Order of Spain, AND, the Orange Orders of Holland, AND, of the Netherlands.

For, Holland AND The Netherlands are NOT One and the Same.
Holland is the abbreviation for ‘Hollandaise,’ which means “to be loved,” or, “to be loved indefinitely,” In ancient Old-Indo-Sanskritian-LATINO-AND-POWERFULNESS-of-The-Druids, of the Old Ancient Old Empire.

For, the Wood of the “Holly tree”, is white, but, not Harsh, for it IS WHITE, and, also, a LITTLE BIT OF BROWN, for, it must be said, that THIS TREE, is also of HOLLYWOOD.

For, still, the magic continues to Evaporate at Hollywood.

For, as Jordan Maxwell has once said, that, the Wood of Hollywood is made out of the Same wood as that of the “Holly Tree.”

That is true, for the Same Essences, and, Essencies, of the Same “Holly Tree” ARE of the Same succinction as of the Same Succinction as the Essences of time.
For Hollywood is but a MERE substraction, into the Counterfeiters of time, into the Plaintiffs of old, AND, ALSO, INTO THE KNAVES, AND, THE PLEEBS, OF OLD, AND, OF NEW.

For, When Roman Rulers of the Ceasarian Guard Go On Patrol, they Conquer Holy Lands, and, Also, the Torture Victims of the Essences of time, for they are “raped” beyond belief.

Of course, “rape,” is but a mere succinction of the Fabric of creation, for, and, as of, “Rape,” in its truest form, AND, DEFINITION, Does not Exist.
No woman, or Man, OR BEAST, Has ever been “truly” ‘Raped.’

No way, José.

No way.


For, the Monarchy of the Solipsists (The Monarchy of the Sollipsies, AKA, The Jesuits, AKA, The Societ of Jesus) are the True Controllers, and the TRUE Elite of the world, but, they DO ABIDE BY OTHER MASTERS, THEY AREN’T IN FULL AND COMPLETE CONTROL, OH NO, NO WAY, JOSÉ.

No way, not possible.
For, there are Orders, and Others, which are much more, and much more SUCCINCTLY POWERFUL than the Order of the Knights of the Saints of Jerusalem, The Knights of the Saint Johnsonians, AND, the Knights of the Knights of Malta;
For, Craig Oxley of “The Unhived Mind” Knows this.


No way, I don’t see it like that…….. Unlike Eric Jon Phelps, of course, who wrote the book, Vatican Assassins: Wounded In The House Of My Friends.
For, I truly believe, that He IS, A “Jesuit Coadjutator.”

Oh yes, he is, and, does, AGITATE MANY, with his Coadjutatorial Skills, that is true,…………. Yet, he never, or BARELY, EVER, EVEN, discusses any other orders, it’s ALWAYS THE JESUITS, ACCORDING TO HIM; It Can’t be ANYONE ELSE, FOR THAT MATTER, IMPOSSIBLE.

He is, supposedly, able, to trace back, EVERYTHING, to, the Jesuit Order,………… SUPPOSEDLY, THAT IS.

For, this Book, which I have In My possession, and, MIGHT I ADD, THE COMPLETE EDITION, THAT IS, with Nearly 700 pages of Information.
For, there is Another edition out there, which has only, something like 440 pages or so; A LOT HAS BEEN EDITED OUT OF THAT VERSION, A LOT. And, I should Know, as I have, and READ, BOTH.
That is right, this Book is Absolutely Vital, ESSENTIAL, EVEN.
For it Conclusively Proves, the Role, and, ROLES, of the Jesuit’s Involvement in Foreign AND Political Affairs, and, ALSO, THAT THERE ARE HIGHER POWERS, WHICH, AND WHOM, AND, ALSO OF, AND, ALSO NOT LIMITED TO, THE JESUIT ORDER MUST ABIDE, AND, MUST, ABIDE FROM AND TO.


In fact, I’d wager a guess and say that 95% of the time, THEY DON’T. 95% of the Time they DON’T have Any Say in the Matter WHATSOEVER.

For, South America is but a mere stepping-stone to the System of Reduction.

That is right, Many, Many, Jesuits ARE in control, BUT NOT ALL.

Only The Highest of The Highest, Are, in control, and, CAN, control Financial Matters, and, Other Political Institutions, AND, POLITICAL INFLUENTIAL AFFILIATIONS.

That is right, the Lower Level Jesuits have zero, absolutely ZERO, ZERO say in the matter, and that’s just a fact.

And, I also suspect that M. F. Cusack, who authored the book, The Black Pope, was, a low level Jesuit, for she was NOT AWARE of the High Level Intricacy of the High Level Power(ful) Jesuits.


For, this German Book that I mentioned Previously By him, and, also, (he has written) Other books, in German, of Which I have a few, a couple, that is.


He, and, Melchior Inchofer, are on exactly The Same Line, and, also, on Exactly the Same Page.

For, Jesuitical Whistleblowers are very, very scarce, indeed;

For, here is a Direct quote from Count Paul von Hoensbroech Book, Fourteen Years a Jesuit. For, he was, for over 40 years, A member of the Catholic Church, BEFORE, He decided to become A jesuit.

I haven’t read every book in the world, and, also, neither, AM, Aware, of every book in the world.

Now, Here’s a direct quote from his 2-Volumous book set, Called, Fourteen Years a Jesuit.

From the Second Volume, page 422, he writes, AND Says, and, still says (even though he passed on):

The terrible excitement of this last period [Before, ON AND ON, and ON AND OFF, OF, Leaving the Period’s of the Jesuitical Sytem ‘Of Control and Slavery’] brought on a long and serious illness, of which I was only cured by a residence of some months in Heligoland, from May to August, 1893. Returned from Heligoland, I took up my permanent residence in Berlin.

How often have I been reproached, publicly and privately, by Catholic Ultramontanes, who say: “You broke your vows; you committed perjury.” Even evangelical circles have manifested their disapproval of the “apostate Jesuit,” the “recreant priest.”

It is surely more than obvious that after fourteen years of conscientious life in the Order and six years’ priesthood, the questions of apostasy, recreancy, and perjury should have occurred seriously to myself. But I took little time to decide them, so simple are they.

The vows of an Order, and the state of the priesthood, are adopted in the belief of serving God and thus entering into a specially close relation to Him. When this belief is recognised to be erroneous, in that same moment the vows of the Order and the priesthood are cancelled. They were errors, just as the foundation on which they were based was itself an error, and a man is fully entitled to cast such errors away.

That evangelical circles too are often subject to such prejudices, is due to their contemptible traditional dependence on the Catholic ultramontane point of view. The fact of the apostate monk and recreant priest, Luther, strangely enough, seems to make no impression on such evangelicals.

Exactly Right, Mr. von Hoensbroech.
For, the “Apostate” Jews, of Old, AND, of new, are also of the same Jesuitical Hierarchy of Monks, and of Evangelicalists, for they ARE evangelicalists, for they are, oh yes, they are.
For Paul von Hoensbroech was but MERE OF A JESUIT INSIDER, as he was ALSO an Insider of the CATHOLIC CHURCH OF ROME.

That’s right, Before he turned to the Jesuit Priesthood, he WAS a Catholic priest, AND, A VERY, VERY Devout one at that.

And now, he has written, these, A couple of Amazing books, on the Subject of Jesuitism, and the Roman Cathorical Sytem of Hierarchial, MONARCHIAL, CONTTROL.

With this Having said that, let us first turn to the Order of the Saint Monks of Justinian, also Knows as, Justinian I, or, Justinian the Great.
For, these Monks of the Knighthood are OF The same Order as Other Order of Monks, for yes, they ARE, of, this Commological, and Commosensical Grounds of Control, for, how come, all this knowledge Comes from, Everywhere, AND, Anywhere.

It is connected to everything, and, all about, everything, AND, ANYTHING;
For knowledge MUST come from somewhere, it MUST come From DEEP, VERY, VERY, VERY deep, within the Soul, of Creation, of the Soul Life, Soul Train “Thang.”

The Knights of the Sainthood of Saint John, and the Saints of the Saints of Rhôdes

The Knighs of the Order of Saint John, AND, The Knights of the Order of Saint Rhôdes, are very, very, much interconnected, AND, Intertwined…….
Now, let the extensive quoting begin, lol.
First off, let me start off by saying that the Knights of Saint Rhôdes are of the Same Sanskritian Order as Those of the Pious Members as those of the Knights of the Saints of Jerusalem.
For they MUST be interconnected, that’s a fact, and This Article is All about facts, that’s just a fact of life.

Right, so, here we go.

First off, let me start by saying, ALSO, that the Knights of the Saints Order of the Justinian’s I, are, of the Same Knighthood, AND, Brotherhood, as those of the Knights of the Saint Johns of Malta. For yes, they ARE Interconnected, and they do intermingle, with, and on, Certain affairs, of powers, and, also, Regulating powers.

For, when The Knights of the Round Tables of Those of the Saints of Malta go on Patrol, they also do it on the Superstinction of, and, as of, the Same Orders as those of the Saints of Malta. And, when they go on ‘cruise’-control, they also control, AND, Limit themselves, as, the great power wielder, AND welder, for they connected, and interconnected, through time, AND, Through Space, but, for this to take effect, it must be said, and, ALSO be said, that, the Knights Of The Saint order of Jamaica, are also the same Knights as those of the Same Knighthoods as those of the Same Knighthood  as  those of the Same order as Those of the Knights of Malta, for yes, they are, and yes, MUST BE, Interconnected, and also, everything is fine and dandy, when it computer to computer, and Computer Savvy-Tech Guys, that is true, but, it must be said that The Computer-Techy-Savvy Guys are ALSO OF THE SAME INTERCONNECTMENTSHIP OF THOSE OF THE SAME SAINTS AS THOSE OF THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA.
For, Hacking is but a thing of the past, and, by Hacking, I DO MEAN HACKING INTO THE BANKS OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE SAINTS OF MALTA, for they are of the same “hacking” business as the common welder’s theme, with those, regulated, from below, AND, From Above, for, Power Comes from Above, from The Skies, and, of and from, from the Upper Echelons of Creation.

Why do you think “Solar Power/Solar Energy” is the BEST SOURCE OF POWER IN THE WORLD?

And, also, in the future, we will be able to garnish, AND Gather, Starlight, as well, just like we do now with Starlight of the Eclipses of the ‘Solar‘-Sun.
With this having said that, The Power Knights of the Power Wielders of the Knights of Saint Malta, ARE, of the Same Order, and, Order of Inefficiency, as those of the Same Order of the Garter, and, With those, all of it, and, all of this, is said in many, many books, and, most of which, and, whom Of Which, I have read, lol.
And, also, it should be noted, that, it shouldn’t be missed, in time, AND, in space, for, we Are Glad we are here, and we Are glad we Are of this Creation, of Succinction, of time, and, of space.
For, the Powerwelder of Creation is of the Same Powerwelding AND Powerwielding Source as those Other Sources of Creation, for Spiders ARE of the Common Theme of Creation,…….. Sure, they do look like 8-legged freaks, but who cares about them, they’re irrelevant at this point.
But, the point being, is that, Spiderwebs ARE, of the world-wide-web, oh yes they are, and yes, they MUST BE.
For the World Wide Web IS, THE, Power Source Creator, of All time, that is.

For the Power Source Creator that I, and, We, And, All of Us, knew, is the fact that, we don’t have to do anything special whatsoever, as many different virtues, AND, Interests, are of the Same interests of Power as the Power Wielder of Creation, i.e., God.

For god, or, Should I say, “God,” is of the same Feminine Power Essence of GOD, as, God is, for, GOD IS THE ALMIGHTY ALL POWERFUL CREATOR, NOT GOD.


That’s right, GOD control Everything, NOT “God.”
For God with Only “one” capital letter, is but one of mere succinctions, and, also, one of many virtues, for SHE is the Source of EVERYTHING, That’s right, SHE IS.

With this Source of Creation being EVERYTHING, There must be more than One common Denominator, for, the Common Denominator in the pre-Sourcial Life, is of the same virtues as the ‘All-Powerful GOD of Creation.’ For, it is said, AND DONE, that THE All-Powerful-Source-of-Creation, is of the same Powerful Source of ALL (of) Creation.

For, ‘IT,’ too, is of the Same Space Time Continuum as All of Creation; For, the Cretins and vermins of this world, ARE, of, the Common Denominator of the Same Time-Succinction, and, also, of the Same Time-Power-Regulator, as those of other time-periods.

For, it must be said, and, Truth be Told,…………. Why would we, ‘this Earthly round planet, be, the Only Place, or, Should I say, Habitable planet, in Existence?

Why would that be, doesn’t that seem Illogical?
No? Does it NOT? No?

No way, Not possible, José, No way.

For this Place of the Garden of Eden is of the same Gradient as the Same Common, Logical, AND, (and) Logical Place of Existence.
For the “Garden of Eden” is Everywhere, yes, SHE must be.

Because, She, is also, HE, AND, He AND She, make up the two of us, that is, we, or, Should I say, Us?

That’s right, for it is true, and, truth be told, the US OF A, OR, BETTER YET, THE UNITED STATED OF AMERICA, IS, THE U OF THE S OF THE A.

That’s right, the US, or, The United States of America, are the only place in existence right now, which control, and Regulate space time continuums.

They DO have these Secret Facilities, and, ONE OF THEM, IS…………….. Dulce, New Mexico.

That’s right Folks, BUT, THEY AREN’T GOD, NO WAY.
All they can do is time-Travel in a certain area of space, WHICH THEY‘VE Created, and, also, Which they control.
For, nothing, nothing else other than GOD CAN CONTROL SPACE, AND TIME.


That’s why Mine Failed? lol.

Anyway, who cares about that garbage, lol.

For, these powerful knights of the Order Of Saint Monks of the Knights of Malta, are also of those of the Knights of Malta OF the Order of Saint John, and, with that, and, also, Without that, they are here to CommonSensical the Place UP, and, ALSO, Down, and, also, a little bit back of ‘UP.’

For, it is true, and, Truth be told, that many, many, different virtues exist, in space, and, in time.
For they are Here, they are Here, to control space, AND, to control time.
For, music is but a recognisial tool of ALL of Creation.
They sound kinda the Same, yet, they are different.
Now, to quote the very, VERY, Learned, Elder of Creation, Mr. Dr. Ian Barnes, as he wrote a Great and most Powerful Book,………… IN FACT, The, And I do Mean, THE, THE, THE, most Powerful book of all of Creation of books, on the history, of the subjects, of the Knighthoods, AND, ITS POWERFUL PRINCES AND PRINCESSES……………
For they ARE, a Monarchy, oh yes, they are. They must be, that…………. THEY ARE, A MONARCHY. That’s just a fact of life that cannot be ignored.
Now, with this having said that, let me quote him right about now, as I’ve Already quoted him earlier in this Article.
And, the Book in Question is called, AND ENTITLED, The Historical Atlas of Knights & Castles.

No, My parents haven’t read these books (He’s written 2 others as well, on various, various subjects, kind of related to this one, in a certain way), I’m certain of that, but they do read a book, once in a while, that is true. That much is true.

For these books are very, very, powerful indeed.
Now, here’s a DIRECT QUOTE, FROM HIS BOOK, The Historical Atlas of Knights & Castles.

Straight from page 189, we read the following (as such):


It has already been – long in usage, that Sovereigns, Knights, Rulers, and Monarch have used Knight-Orders to Honor their most Cherished, AND, Perished, Subjects, AND, Servants. These Orders use Emblems, who, and, whom of which, and, what, are, Carried by Members, and Carried, or Carried on, and, still carry on their escutcheons; the usages of these emblems varies from Country to Country.

Ribbon: European Knights of an Order often place a Ribbon around, and on, their shield, usually represented with a slogan, like the British Order of the Garter. Their Ribbon is Blue with a Golden Fringe and Buckle, and reads, as follows (as such, that is): ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense‘ (shame on him who evil thinks).

Circlet: Usually, most of the time that is, a collar.golden Necklace, which, is worn on, and around and about the weapon, with, on it, depicted, and, represented the emblems of the order on the Links (On and of, off the Shackles of Circumcision, and, Other Brands of Bandages in the Weapons Depository of the Knight’s Sainthood of the Order of the Garter) and the Insignia, or badge, of the Order, as A Pendant (For the Pendant is of the Circumcision of the Order’s Knights of the Saints of the Saints of John). For example, as is in usage, in, and, is, in, and, is common to, the Swedish Order of the Seraphim. People are allowed to Wear, and carry, Circlets of Various, and Multiple, and different, and separate, orders.

Insignia: The Badge, or, Insignia, is, and was, and, still is, worn, by the Lower Ranked Members of the Order, and whilst it is attached to a ‘Ribbon’ (Or ‘line,’ of Some Sort), its also worn Underneath, and below, their shield (escutcheon).

Religious Knight Orders

These are the remains and the remnants of the Crusades, when Knights joined Military- and Hospital-Orders to fight for the Holy Land, and, also, to tend, aid, and take care, for, the Sick and the wounded Soldiers. Few Still Remain, and exist, as Charities. They have their own weapons and badges, or, insignias, known as Crosses (of the Crucifix of the Saint Order of John of the Johnsonian Smiths of the Old and New Empire).

Grandmasters can wear, and carry, and, carry on, and, also, Bestillsth to carry on, and for, the weapons of the order as a shield quarter. Ladies, Dames, and Knights show the “Cross” of their Order behind their shield, or, escutcheon. Members can carry, and maime, and aid, the “Cross of the Crucifix of the worn Elder of the Knights of the Saint Johnsonian of the Knight’s Order of the Crucifix, of old, and, Of New” of the order on a “Ribbon” (Or, ‘line,’ of some sort), and attach it, and hang it below their escutcheon.

Weapon Law

Nowadays everyone can request the right to bear arms, but a person can only carry a weapon, of Existing Prejudice, and, Exciting new fields, if he can prove, conclusively, that he – Through the Male Line of Descents, and Descendants – is Descendant of, and from, someone who previously had the Right to Bear an Arm. In some Countries it’s allowed to accept, and carry, and ‘handkerchief’ a random weapon of choice, but there is no guarantee that it’s unique, (Supposedly, unique, that is, – In the Right to bear Arms law – that is.)

Heraldry is a European Phenomenon, of A European Kind, that is, but, because Heraldic Authorities in Europe have Got Jurisdiction, Over, only, The Population and Inhabits of their Own, Very Own Country, everyone must – who wants to achieve Heraldic status, AND, Stature – turn to their own body of legislative and procedural ‘means.’

In the ‘New World’ this is completely, and utterly, different. Many Inhabits, aka, Countrymen, and, Women, are – there – of European Descent. If a Person wants to prove their Right to Bear Arms (the Weapon Law, of Old, AND, OF NEW, AS WELL, AND, A LITTLE BIT OF ALSO, TOO, AND ALSO, AS WELL), or, even, ask permission to buy, and receive, AND, Succumb to, Buying, and carrying, a new weapon of some sort, they must focus their attention on, and, are drawn and directed to, the Country of Origin of their Forefathers, and, Foremothers. Heralds of one country cannot allot, and, asign, and show interest to, and, OF WEAPONS OF, AND TO, AND FROM, TO Inhabitants of a different country, even though they ARE allowed to create, and design, ‘Weapon Designs’, who, and whom from, and, whom of, they go and get registered at the State’s Legislative Body, the Coat of Arms of the Knights Cross of the Saints of Malta.

Now, this translation took a while to complete, but, I finally managed to do it, and, done it.

Also, the Legislative body of the Coat of Arms of the Knights of Malta, Wear Very, very, different Coat of Arms, and, also, Very, very, many Circlets, Badges, Insignias, and Ribbons.

For, Ribbons are of the Same Order as Circlet, or, more specifically, Collars. For, like I said, they are, most of the time, OF A BLUE COLLAR, and, with a Blue, or Golden, Fringe, or ‘Siringe.’
That’s right, the ‘Siringe’ is of the Same order of the Garder as the Order of the Bath, in the Knight’s of London’s Headquarter, in Venice, AND, in Rome.
For Venice is the Capitcal City-State of the Knights order of the Londonian Guard-Bridge-of-the-Brigade;

And, Birmingham is safe and sound, Craig Oxley, don’t worry, lol.
Anyway, that’s my opinion of course.
Now, I’ve had some major, weird, and major fucking weird goof-ball shit happen in my life, and, not the Least of Which, and Amazing, and AMAZINGLY TERRIFYING TERROR FRIGHT, which, no one else has felt, or, will EVER feel.
Anyway, the reason why I bring this up, is, the Fact that he, the Man of the Coat of Arms, THE CRAIG OXLEY’S OF THIS WORLD, HAS, or, SHOULD I SAY, STILL HAS AN AMAZING WEBSITE, AND, FORUM, CALLED, The Unhived Mind.

For he is one of the very, very, very, VERY, Few People that I really, REALLY, Trust.

No way is this Guy a “Shill,” or, a “Jesuit Coadjutor,” or, perhaps even, but, not totally impossible, but still not probable, a “Jesuit Coadjutator.”
No way, not Possible, José.

Also, the Order of the Garter isn’t aware of ANY OF THIS STUFF, I THINK.

Now, with this having said that, let me turn to one of my Favorite Authors, and, also, one of the Least “Shilling” Authors of our time: Mrs. D. M. Murdock, AKA, Acharya S.

For She is a True Spirits of the Truest Spirits of Kinds, of the Kind and Gentle, AND, Gentile Kind.

For “Gentile” is but a mere word, of Succinction, into the Prawler’s Hands, of Thy Prawler’s Kingdom, of, and of and to, and from and to, and OF AND TO, AND FROM AND TO, AND FRO, AND FROM AND TO, TO THE TIME BEING, OF ALL THE INNOCENTS OF THE WORLD, AND, OF AND FROM, POPE INNOCENT III., who, also, was in direct correlation with King Josephus Flavius the 1st, who, was also, a DIRECT descendant of the King of the North, “King,” “St.” Julius I.

For, Julius I, who ruled the Roman Holy Empire’s Church in the 4th Century A. D., is, also, of Roman Descent.
For, his grandparents were of Greekish-Romish-European-Napolitanian-EuropeanEuroSaxish Descent.
For yes, they WERE of this Great Empire of Old, AND, Of New.

For Many Knights are to be ‘Knighthooded,’ and, many Knights must also abide to the Weapon’s Rule of the Rule of Law. For they are the Ribbons of the Piece keepers, or, Should I Say, the Peace keepers, of the Ribblets, of the Circlet, of the Emissionary, of the, THÉ LEONARDO DA VINCI’S OF THIS WORLD.

And, for this, there must be MANY, MANY, Knighthoods, which must be, to, and fro, and from, and from, and to and fro, and FRO AND TO, AND FRO, AND TO? AND FRO AND TO, AND FRO AND TO, AND FRO AND TO, AND FRO AND TO, From, the subpoena of the Right’s of the Bear Arms of the knights of the Saint’s Johns of the Order of the Garder, in Great Britain, AND, THE U. K..


For, the Brotherhood of the BELL ARE, IN FACT, BRITISH, OH YES THEY ARE.
And, when things, or, should I say, When Push comes to shove, the Shoveling Takes Place in the Higher Gears of the Echelon of the Sacrificial Lambs of the Order of the Garter, who take DIRECT, AND ALSO, INDIRECT ORDERS, OF AND FROM, AND FROM AND TO, AND TO AND FRO, AND FROM AND TO, AND FROM AND TO, AND FROM AND TO, AND FROM AND TO, AND FROM……… AND TO, TO THE DIRECT, INDIRECT ORDERS OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE SAINTS JOHNS OF THE ORANGE ORDER.

That’s right, the Orange Order is in control of ALL FINANCE(S).

That’s right, they are. They are even More Powerful than the Vatican Jesuit Bankers, and that’s a fact.
For, Roberto Calvi was but a mere Puppet of the Roman Holy Church of Seat of Power, in The Hague, Holland.

Where the Criminal’s Court System of Law and Reduction, AND, Redemption, in the Low and High lands, switch into high gears, every, every fucking time, a law, or, should I say, ‘lew,’ is passed, in any of the other places of the world.
That’s right, The Hague, in Holland (But NOT in The Netherlands), is, the CRIMINAL’S COURT JUSTICE SYSTEM. FOR THEY ARE CRIMINALS, OH YES THEY ARE.


No way, José, that is not possible;

It is a CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, not the other way around.

Now, with this having said that, Jordan Maxwell said also something similar to that effect, but who gives a fuck about him, lol, he’s definitely not the smartest, NOR, the Brightest Guy of the Bunch.
His work is  full of errors and mistakes, and, mistakes of Big Mistakes of Mishaps And Unjustly, Unlawful, and, Unlawfully Killing of the Pledging of the Allegiance of the Flag of, and to, the Common Good of the People, of the Lawless Order of the Lawlessness of the Land of Old, and, OF THE LAND OF MORDOR, THE GREAT.

That’s right, he is one, but, of many, who are very, very, injust, AND, Unjust.
For he is a “Shill” of the Highest Order, and that’s a fact, basically.
Also, that “Masonic” hand shake he did with Zecharia Sitchin, on video, should tell you a lot, ALTHOUGH, DEFINITELY NOT EVERYTHIG.

For yes, he DOES SHILL A LOT.
BUT, that does not Necessarily work for a company, or, any of the other institutions in existence, from, and and, and from and to, and FRO AND TO, he does not talk about,…………. Who knows.


That’s right, but, he’s fine in my book.

Also, the Knights of the Saints Order of Justinian I, is, also of the Very Few, and, Same virtues, as some of the Rare Books I have in my collection.
For, Dr. Ian Barnes’ Books aren’t the rarest of the rare, but they’re not pretty darn common, that’s for sure; Especially in Belgium, and, Other European Countries.

Anyway, having said that, let us return back to the Order of the Monks of The Knights of Saint Justinian I, for, he was of POWERFUL WELDING AND WIELDING, AND, ALSO, of powerful welding and wielding of the Holy Roman’s Catholic Church of Inquisition, for he was INSTRUMENTAL IN ITS, OR HERS, DEVELOPMENT.

Also, when Roman Guards go on patrol, they are set in stone of the Old Guards of Redemption, and, also, of the Order of the Garter, and, FOR IT, THEY ARE COMMON TO THE LAWLESS LANDS OF OLD, OF THE PEOPLE OF THE NATION.
For, as this once great quote, has proved, throughout, and, Over time, by the late, and the Great, as the Likes of Dr. Ian Barnes, which, this quote is of, and by, the Late Great, and the Mr. Of the MISSES, MISSES, or, Should I say, Mrs. Acharya S; Aka, D. M. Murdock.

For, in her book, Sun of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled, AND, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection, she layed the Groundwork for MANY, MANY, AND MANY, MANY, MANY, OTHER, different writers.

For she is a stepping up, and, up upon which, other giants, can beseth, and Befollow.
For this Fellow in me, IN MINE, is of the Great Virtitude, AND, of the Great Septitude of the Common Law People of the Counselor Land, and, No way is she a “shill” of some sort, no way, José, no way.

Also, she is of very, very, great virtue, and, also of the Greats and the likes of Robert “D. M. Murdock” Taylor, lol.
That’s right, Rev. Robert Taylor wrote many, many, great books. About 4, or Perhaps a couple more, if I remember correctly; kinda lazy to check right now, lol.

Anyway, having said that, he, Rev. Robert Taylor, wrote many, many, Great, Non-Fictional books, including, and NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH IS, NOT LEASED OF, AND FROM, THE PUBLIC, WHICH IS: “The Diegesis.”

But, he also wrote Many, MANY, MANY, other great books, and, one of them includes the one with the VERY, VERY, Aptly titled book, called: “The Astronomico-Theological Discourses.”

That’s right, But, alas, sadly, I only have Volume 1. I haven’t been able to buy the other volume(s). (If there are more than one or two, that is.)

Also, in this great book of his, called, Natural History of Religion, he explains the Virtues, AND, Ineptitudes of the Grand Commandery of Knights of the Orders of the Saints of John, The Knights of Malta.
For these Knights of Malta are, of the same order as the Knights of Malta, as, of old, AND, as, of new;
For they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and, also, a force to be Succumbed to, and, fight, or fought, against, to, and, Against to Eachother.
For they ARE to be seen by the Force, as, and of, and from and to, From, and to, For the People, OF, the lawless Land.
For they ARE to be continued with, and with on, and, without Reason, for they are here, of the Septitude, of the Serpentitude, of the Knights of the Saint Johns of England, the Knights of the Garterian Order.

For yes, THEY ARE, of this commological Age of Senses, and, Of Virtues, for they are of the Common Land of the Lawless People, AND, of the Lawless Land of the Common People.

That’s right, and, then, of course, there’s also “Mormonic” Freemasonry.
For, there is an absolutely Brilliant, AND MASTERFUL, AND SCHOLARLY WORK OUT ON THIS SUBJECT.
And, it should be added, it is also a very, very, very, rare book, as, I believe, it is also OUT OF PRINT, and, I kinda doubt it will be back in print any time soon.

Don’t ask me how I know this, It’s just merely a Gut Feeling, of the Speculative kind.
For, they are of the Common Censelor, and, of the Common Jewish Counselors of the Worst Kind.

And, also, as I previously discussed in TWO articles of mine,…….. Jesus and Christ have over Two Thousand Faces Combined,…….. Excuse me, over 155.000 Faces combined, that’s right.

Both of these articles can be found HERE, and HERE.

It’s very, very, important that I mention these Articles at this time of the Article’s-Period of Adjustment and Insightment.

Also, here’s a very, very, VERY, rare drawing of Some Jesuits, Confronting Eachother, Straight out of the Book of James A. Wylie’s Very, Very, Historical essay, AND TREATISE, CALLED: “The History of Protestantism.”

For this 3-Volume-Set is an absolute friggin’ Gold Mine, I’m not kidding you, for it is said that the Knight’s Orders of the Saint Justinians of the Knights of the Orders of the Knights Tables are of the Same, and very, very same, Virtuous(ness) Order of the Knights of the Saints of Malta.

For they Are the Time Keepers, of the Old Age, AND, of the Guardian Age.

For they control Space and time, and, also the Future’s Imposters of the worst kind, for they ARE of this Commological Age of oppression, AND, Succession, for, they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and, also, for, the Jesuits Are, of, this control.

Anyway, having said that, here’s the image:

Here we have a group of Jesuit monks embralling on the same theme of the Old and Slavish Indo past, of the Embrallment of the Knight's Kingdom of the Knighthood of the Templar's Past and Priesthood of the Elvish' Lives of the Common People. This same group of Jesuit Monks is of the same order as of the same order of the Knights of the Sainthood of Saint George, the 24th. He was of the same order as the Knights of the Priesthood of the Jesuit Monks, as they were embralled and enthralled at the knight's priest of the feet of the Kiebler' Elves. For they were of the same Jesuit oath which embarked upon a mission to enslave humanity, in their very own right, for they are, and still were, the DEVIL'S PITCH FORK'S OF THE DEVIL PITCH FORKS. For they are to be embarked upon by the same Knighthood of the Religious Order of the Saint monks of the Jesuit order. This Order of Jesuit monks is of the same order as the Order of the knights of the Saint's Bells of the Bellhood. The brotherhood of the Bell is the same as the British SAS, as I explained and expanded on in an earlier and previous article/Pamphlet of mine. For they are of the Same Jesuit order as the monks of the Priestly Sainthood as many other order of monks, for they are to be seen as the enemy of the State's. For yes, they are, the enemy of the states, for yes, they are, of the same priestly knighthood as Saint Justinian I. For yes, they are, of the same Knighthood as the Priestlyhood of the Same Jesuit Monks of the Saint's Order of the Knights of the Cross. For yes, they are, to be seen, and this is about the end of this "rant", for yes, they ARE TO BE SEEN........ as the Knight's Priestly Priesthood in the Order of the Saint Monks of the Justinian Order, the Knights of the Saints of Malta. For yes, they are of YOUR SAME PRIESTLYHOOD, and yes, they are of YOUR SAME PRIESTLYHOOD, as the Knights............. Of the Saint's order of the cross. Also, these Same Order of Monks are of the Same Virtue, and, Same Virtuousness of the Same Order of the Kind of King George I, and, King George II, for, they are of THIS KNIGHTHOOD, AND, OF ALL THE KNIGHTHOODS TO COME. For the come from the Land of the Dwelling Down Under, Under the Usurper's Dream, of the 9/11's of this world, into the Hands of the Usurper's Dream of the Commological Age of Senses, and, of Awareness (Increasing). For they ARE a Force to be reckoned with, and, also, A FORCE TO BE SEEN WITH, for,............... Jesuit are of the Worst kind, as they take their orders DIRECTLY FROM THE ORDERS OF THE KNIGHTS OF SAINTS JOHN OF THE ORANGONIAN GARDER, or, SHOULD I SAY, OF THE ORANGE ORDER OF THE GARTER. For they control Time, AND SPACE, and, in their SPACE TIME CONTINUUM "LABS," THEIR LABORATORIES are FULL OF MICE. For Mice are the Flinces, the Flinches of the Common Usurpical Dream, of, the Knight's Order of the Sainthood of Creation, about 17-18 Billion Years ago. For, this Order of Monks, is, of the SAME ORDER OF MONKS AS THE KNIGHTS OF THE SAINTS OF LOYOLA, FOR, THE LOYOLAN INSTITUTES ALL AROUND THE WORLD ARE INTERCONNECTED, THROUGH YOU, AND, THROUGH EVERYONE, FOR THEY USE THEIR, AND YOUR, VERY OWN SENSES AGAINST YOU. These Knights of the Saints Order of the Saints of the Front Row of the SAINTS OF THE BOTTOM ROW IN THE BOTTOMLESS PIT OF THE ORDER OF THE MONKS OF THE FREEMASONIC KNIGHTS TEMPLARS. For, the KNIGHT'S TEMPLARS ARE FREEMASONIS, OH YES THEY ARE, AND YES, THEY HAVE TO BE; Also, the Freemasonic Knight Are of the Same Order of Knights, and, OF MONKS, for, They ARE a controlling force of the Knight's Jesuit Monks IN the Order' of The Garter Secret Supression of Monks of the Castle, AND, of the Historical Atlas's of the Bible, of Jerusalem, AND, of the Knights& Castles to the Plugins of the Likes of the Likes of the late, Rev. Robert Taylor, AND, to the Likes, of the Likes, AND, TO AND FRO, AND TO AND FRO, FROM AND TO, TO THE LIKES OF THE LATE GREAT, AND, AS OF LATE, AND, STILL AS OF GREAT, AS THE LIKES OF THE LIKES, LIKE: D. M. Murdock, AKA, Acharya S. For she is a powerful wiz, oh yes she is, for she is very, very wise. Now, let me Conclude this by saying that the Order's Powerful Knights are of the Same "Lending of the Borrowing Knight" Priesthood of Creation, for they abide, and, ABIDE TO, the Same Order of Creation, for they must be, and yet, must, also be, OF THE SAME ORDER OF CREATION, FOR THEY ARE, OF THE SAME CREATIONAL, AND, RECREATIONAL FORCE OF THE SAME ORDER OF MONKS AS THE KNIGHTS OF SAINT JUSTINIAN, OH YES, THAT MUCH IS TRUE. And, that's about it for this piece of text. Let me just round this off, and end this tiny little bit of a rant, by saying that the Knights of the Saints of the Rount Table of the Saints of the Garter of the ROUND TABLE OF, AND AT ROME, AND, ALSO, AT THE ROMAN HOLY SEAT OF POWER, AT THE ROMAN, "PILLAGE" VILLAGE, AT THE ROMAN VILLA, OF, PISA DE COMPOSTELLA. That's right, PISA DE COMPOSTELLA. It's a bit cryptic, I do Apologize for that, but, Who gives a fuck, right? lol, You'll understand, so it Doesn't matter. ---- CREDIT IMAGE: The History of Protestantism, By James A. Wylie

Here we have a group of Jesuit monks embralling on the same theme of the Old and Slavish Indo past, of the Embrallment of the Knight’s Kingdom of the Knighthood of the Templar’s Past and Priesthood of the Elvish’ Lives of the Common People.
This same group of Jesuit Monks is of the same order as of the same order of the Knights of the Sainthood of Saint George, the 24th.
He was of the same order as the Knights of the Priesthood of the Jesuit Monks, as they were embralled and enthralled at the knight’s priest of the feet of the Kiebler’ Elves.
For they were of the same Jesuit oath which embarked upon a mission to enslave humanity, in their very own right, for they are, and still were, the DEVIL’S PITCH FORK’S OF THE DEVIL PITCH FORKS.
For they are to be embarked upon by the same Knighthood of the Religious Order of the Saint monks of the Jesuit order.
This Order of Jesuit monks is of the same order as the Order of the knights of the Saint’s Bells of the Bellhood.
The brotherhood of the Bell is the same as the British SAS, as I explained and expanded on in an earlier and previous article/Pamphlet of mine.
For they are of the Same Jesuit order as the monks of the Priestly Sainthood as many other order of monks, for they are to be seen as the enemy of the State’s.
For yes, they are, the enemy of the states, for yes, they are, of the same priestly knighthood as Saint Justinian I.
For yes, they are, of the same Knighthood as the Priestlyhood of the Same Jesuit Monks of the Saint’s Order of the Knights of the Cross.
For yes, they are, to be seen, and this is about the end of this “rant”, for yes, they ARE TO BE SEEN…….. as the Knight’s Priestly Priesthood in the Order of the Saint Monks of the Justinian Order, the Knights of the Saints of Malta.
For yes, they are of YOUR SAME PRIESTLYHOOD, and yes, they are of YOUR SAME PRIESTLYHOOD, as the Knights…………. Of the Saint’s order of the cross.
Also, these Same Order of Monks are of the Same Virtue, and, Same Virtuousness of the Same Order of the Kind of King George I, and, King George II, for, they are of THIS KNIGHTHOOD, AND, OF ALL THE KNIGHTHOODS TO COME.
For the come from the Land of the Dwelling Down Under, Under the Usurper’s Dream, of the 9/11’s of this world, into the Hands of the Usurper’s Dream of the Commological Age of Senses, and, of Awareness (Increasing).
For they ARE a Force to be reckoned with, and, also, A FORCE TO BE SEEN WITH, for,…………… Jesuit are of the Worst kind, as they take their orders DIRECTLY FROM THE ORDERS OF THE KNIGHTS OF SAINTS JOHN OF THE ORANGONIAN GARDER, or, SHOULD I SAY, OF THE ORANGE ORDER OF THE GARTER. For they control Time, AND SPACE, and, in their SPACE TIME CONTINUUM “LABS,” THEIR LABORATORIES are FULL OF MICE.
For Mice are the Flinces, the Flinches of the Common Usurpical Dream, of, the Knight’s Order of the Sainthood of Creation, about 17-18 Billion Years ago.
Also, the Freemasonic Knight Are of the Same Order of Knights, and, OF MONKS, for, They ARE a controlling force of the Knight’s Jesuit Monks IN the Order’ of The Garter Secret Supression of Monks of the Castle, AND, of the Historical Atlas’s of the Bible, of Jerusalem, AND, of the Knights& Castles to the Plugins of the Likes of the Likes of the late, Rev. Robert Taylor, AND, to the Likes, of the Likes, AND, TO AND FRO, AND TO AND FRO, FROM AND TO, TO THE LIKES OF THE LATE GREAT, AND, AS OF LATE, AND, STILL AS OF GREAT, AS THE LIKES OF THE LIKES, LIKE: D. M. Murdock, AKA, Acharya S.
For she is a powerful wiz, oh yes she is, for she is very, very wise.
Now, let me Conclude this by saying that the Order’s Powerful Knights are of the Same “Lending of the Borrowing Knight” Priesthood of Creation, for they abide, and, ABIDE TO, the Same Order of Creation, for they must be, and yet, must, also be, OF THE SAME ORDER OF CREATION, FOR THEY ARE, OF THE SAME CREATIONAL, AND, RECREATIONAL FORCE OF THE SAME ORDER OF MONKS AS THE KNIGHTS OF SAINT JUSTINIAN, OH YES, THAT MUCH IS TRUE.
And, that’s about it for this piece of text.
Let me just round this off, and end this tiny little bit of a rant, by saying that the Knights of the Saints of the Rount Table of the Saints of the Garter of the ROUND TABLE OF, AND AT ROME, AND, ALSO, AT THE ROMAN HOLY SEAT OF POWER, AT THE ROMAN, “PILLAGE” VILLAGE, AT THE ROMAN VILLA, OF, PISA DE COMPOSTELLA.
It’s a bit cryptic, I do Apologize for that, but, Who gives a fuck, right? lol, You’ll understand, so it Doesn’t matter. —- CREDIT IMAGE: The History of Protestantism, By James A. Wylie

That’s Exactly right, The Jesuit’ Monks of the Order of the Garter, of, the Pisa de Compostella of the Order of the Garter of the Knights of the Sainthoods of Rome.

For the Monks of Rome ARE of the Order of the Garter, and, also, of the Order of the Garter of the Saints of Justinian, for they ARE of the Saints of Justinian, and, also, OF THE ORDER OF THE GARTER OF THE ORANGE ORDER OF ROME.

For this lengthy article is only just getting started, that I CAN promise you.
For, it is true, that many Knights of the Saints Order of the Garter ARE of the Saint’s Priesthood of the Knights of Malta, for, the Confirmation of the Knights of Malta ARE of the Same order as the knights of Malta of Terrorizing Fear, hah, That’s exactly right, and, that is also a motherfucking fact of life.
Now, the Order of the Garter is of the SAME ORDER AS, AND ALSO AS, AND, ALSO AS IF, THE ORDER OF THE SAINTS KNIGHTS OF JUSTINIAN I, for, he was THE FIRST ROMAN RULER OF THE ROMAN RULERS OF ROME, AFTER Justin I, aka, “Flavius Iustinus,” who, was ALSO of the Order of the Garter, for this Order has Existed for Thousands, AND THOUSANDS OF YEARS, and that’s just a motherfucking fact you’re gonna have to learn to live with, lol.
For, also, this Knighthood of the Priesthood of Rome, is of the Same Roman Rulers and Civilizations as the Roman Rulers OF the Knighthoods of Rome, for they Are of the Commological Theme, AND SENSE, OF THE KNIGHTHOODS OF ROME.


For, this Order of Knights, AND MONKS, is of the Same Frankish and Ottamanish Empire of Monks, for they ARE OF THE SAME DYNASTY.


For, These Knights of the Saints order of John, are of the Same Cryptic Message-Responders as the Knights of the Orders of Saint John.
For they have to be, they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO BE. And That’s a fact.
Now, these Roman Crusaders are of the Same Roman Dynasty of the Roman Religion of Old, of the same Old Roman-Rulish Empire of the Knights of the Monks: The Order of the Monks of St. Flavius I., also known as Justin I.
For, Flavius I, or, Better yet, and, more commonly known as, St. Flavius I, According to me that is, for the Empire of the Roman City State of the Holy Romanish-Romish Church of the Latter Day Saints, is of the Same Mormon Church as the Church of the Latter Day Saints, in the Roman Capital of Vicenzo Diella Plazia.

For this Capital of City states is of the same cryptic Matter of existence, and, of none other matter than the Knights of the Saint Johns of Rhôdes, for they ARE to be connected, through time, and through space, for, of it, and, From it, they ARE OF THE SAINT IAN BARNES’S OF THIS WORLD, AND, ALSO, OF THE D. M. MURDOCK’S, AND ALSO, BUT, NOT LEAST, AND, ALSO, NOT LIMITED TO, THE ACHARYA S’S OF THIS WORLD.

For they ARE interconnected, through marriage, and through Inter-City-travel States of Commerce, for, that is a fact as well, that Saint Justinian I is of the Same Romish, and Romanish, and Roumanish, Roman Rularian Guard of the Common-Slavological System of Reduction, AND, Redemption;

They are here to be bestowed, AND, to be bestowed upon, upon the altars of time, all throughout History, of the Knights of Saint Rhôdes, AND, of the knights of Malta.

For, this Transference through Time is Best Explained by the late greats, as the likes of none other than Bill Hicks.
For, he wrote, or, Should I say, said, many, MANY, great things, of the Virtues of State, and, OF, The State of Awareness, through the people, OF TIME, AND, OF SPACE.
For this Fabric of Space time, AND, Space time continuum, he said, is also of the Same Space time Continuum in the PROGRESSIVE STATE IN THE FEUDALISTIC SOCIETY OF THE COMMON-OLD-DWELLER’S STATE OF AWARENESS.

For he is to be seen as a ruler, this Bill Hick’s, Guy, for, He, is of the Guys of Guys, for his Importanance, and, his, Impressionance, is, of the same Resonance as his Free Speech “Lectures” on the Roman Rulerish Society of the Commoner Age…………………….

For he knew, OH YES, HE KNEW.

He was AWARE of the Roman Jesuiticial Influence on the Time’s, of Space, and, ON, THE ESSENCES, AND, ESSENCIES OF TIME.
Anyway, said article, which I talked about just now, Just previously, can be found HERE.

That’s right, BILL HICKS KNEW.

He was AWARE of what was going on, and, MIGHT, and I do say, just MIGHT, have been “silenced.”
Who knows, maybe somebody else does know? I’m not exactly sure myself.
Anyhow, he was AWARE of the Essences, AND, ESSENCIES OF TIME.

For time itself is an illusion, a Befallesth Up, Upon Man, and, OF WOMAN, but, NOT ON BEAST, FOR BEAST KNOWS NO “REAL” SENSE OF TIME.

For this Fabric of time is of, as, and, also as, and, also as if, the Same as of, if, the Same Essences, AND, Essencies of time, Through the Fabric of Creation, up until, and, not including to, AND, ALSO, NO EXCLUDING TO, THE ALTARS OF TIME.

For this VERY, VERY Fabric of Creation, is also of a Creational Sense, of, and from, the Essential Oils of the Fabrics of Time.

For this Article discusses the very, very means, by which the Jesuits control ‘Their‘ Space time continuum, for, yes, THEY ARE GOOD GUYS, OH YES, JUST LIKE CHRISTIANS ARE, JUST LIKE I TALKED ABOUT IN THIS POST OF MINE.

Also, it should be noted, that, Sanity, is but a mere fluctuational Membership of time, and, of Space, for Sanity, is, in which, and, which is also controlled by Time, AND, by Space;

For this Space time Continuum is of the CONSORTS OF THE TRAVEL-BACK-IN-TIME-KIND-OF-LIKE-SENSE.
For these Fluctuating Vibrancies are of the Same Commological Theme of the Age Old Empire of Creation, for they are the Sciences of Space, and, of time.
For Space time Continuum of Sanity, is of the Same Space time Continuum, as Sanity, IN SPACE.

That’s right, this ONE ESSENCE, of the Old and New Testament Combined, is of the Same One-Essence of the Fabric of time, AND, ALSO, OF THE FABRICS, OF TIME, and, OF SPACE.



That’s right folks, A LOT.

I know you might not see the connection just yet, but, that will come, I promise you that.

For, the Essencies of Time are to be Created, AND Controlled, by the same essencies, at the time which, Constantine the Great, or, Should I say, Constantine the Fourth, who, and, whom, also of, Created the FIRST ORIGINAL GOSPEL STORY, IN AND, OR, IN OR AROUND, 425-565 A. D..

For, As I mention in that Article, he should, in fact, be called: Saint Constantine the Fourth, the Great Emperor of the Holy Land, and the Scriptural Elder of the Promised People of the Saints of Malachai and the Saints of the North Node of the Archangel Gabrialus.

Or, simply abbreviated as such, as: Saint Christus Constantine the Great, 4th.

That’s exactly right, Saint Christus Constantine the Great, The Fourth.

That’s right Folks, he Really, Really, should be called that, for, he, in fact, DID EXIST. Unlike some other people “we” have mentioned before.
And, “we”……….. I do mean, just I(!!!!!!!!!), the Author of these Articles on this blog, “dls87.”

Now, the Author of this blog also confesses to know not any real Jesuits in real life, nor any Jesuit Monks, for that Matter, NOR, ANY, OR, FOR THAT MATTER, NOT, NOT, ANY, CATHOLIC-JESUIT MONKS, NOR, AND, NOT LIMITED TO, ALSO NOT, NOT, ANY CATHOLIC PRIESTS FOR THAT MATTER.

I know none of that kind, none of that sort, and that’s just a fact;

For, those are facts you’re just gonn have to learn to live with. lol.

Also, when Jesuits go on Roman Patrol, they Bring with them, (back), Knighthoods of the Roman Cards, of the Romanish Papal System of “Flavius I.;” for, that much is true, for he IS of the Romanish Ruler Guard, of old, and, of new.

Now, let me just Conclude this with a quote by, and from, and of, of the Jesuit Coadjutator of Old, Eric Jon Phelps.


That’s right, they are extremely, EXTREMELY, Powerful.

And that’s a fact you’re gonna have to learn to live with folks.

Anyway, here is this quote, straight from Eric Jon Phelps’s Book, Vatican Assassins: Wounded In The House Of My Friends.

That’s right folks, he is, a very, very, VERY, Powerful, Jesuit Coadjutator, for, he is, yes, A VERY, VERY, POWERFUL, ORDER OF THE SAINTS OF THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA, IN MY OPINION.
Anyway, that’s just what I Deduct, from his Style of Writing, mainly.

Anyway, like I said, now, A quote, straighty, and DIRECTLY FROM HIS BOOK, which I’ve already mentioned Earlier, in this Article, and, also, probably, in some other Next Articles to come, MOST LIKELY.

This quote is STRAIGHT FROM PAGE 1489:

Again we read of Hunt’s connection with the pompous Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, Knight of Malta and CFR member, William F. Buckley, Jr., whose brother, James Buckley, was also a Knight of Malta and CIA officer as well as the personal friend of Cardinal Spellman’s key Jesuit in Vietnam, “Father Hawk” Dan Lyons:

One must wonder where he gets this information,………….

Anyway, let us continue with the Rest of this Quote:

“[Fordham University graduate and Jesuit-trained Papal Knight G. Gordon] Liddy completed his testimony perfectly, stating that while he no longer associated with Hunt, he did see him last, he recalled, when both  men demonstrated their support for another former CIA officer, William F. Buckley, Jr., as Buckley celebrated the anniversary of his television show at the New York Yacht Club.”

All of this is VERY, VERY, factual information.

Dear truth-seeker, Hunt was close to both powerhouses, Buckley and Luce. Hunt was also working with two of his fellow criminals in the future Watergate scandal, G. Gordon Liddy (Jesuit-trained) and Chuck Colson (pro-Jesuit, New “Dark” Age Protestant). And in 1985, it was Jewish Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Mark^Lane, in creating a CIA “limited hangout,” who proved in Miami’s federal court that Hunt was in Dallas the day President Kennedy was murdered. Therefore, the conclusion was obvious: the CIA with its agent, E. Howard Hunt, had killed the President. In the words of the jury’s forewoman, Leslie Armstrong, we read:

What a bunch of complete and fucking utter garbage, Fiction of the Highest Order, what the fuck.
That’s right, HUNT WAS NEVER CLOSE TO THE POWERHOUSES OF THE BUCKLEY’S AND THE LUCE’S. No way, fucking impossible. And, also, “Hunt” NEVER, EVER, Was in cahoots with “two fellow criminals of his,” in, the “future Watergate scandal.”
That’s fucking Impossible;

They had zero, ZERO, ties with one another, or, Should I Say, With One, of Eachother, and, With one another, as well, Hopefully.

That’s right………… And I hope Craig Oxley Knows how WRONG Eric Jon Phelps is On this Point, AND, MANY, MANY OTHER POINTS AS WELL.


No way, do Georgetown University, AND, Fordham University have a lot of say in the matter of Killing Presidents or what Have you.


“ ‘Mr. Lane was asking us to do something very difficult. He was asking us to believe that John Kennedy had been killed by our own government. When we examined the evidence (for 65 minutes) we were compelled to conclude that the CIA had indeed killed President Kennedy.’ . . . Hunt had been part of it, and that evidence, so painstakingly presented, should now be examined by the relevant institutions of the United States Government so that those responsible for the assassination might be brought to justice [which investigation will not be allowed to proceed as the Department of Justice and FBI is in the hands of the Order].”

Look at what he, Eric Jon Phelps, has put between “[].”

“[which investigation will not be allowed to proceed as the Department of Justice and FBI is in the hands of the Order]”

That’s absolutely NOT TRUE AT ALL.
The Jesuits DON’T CONTROL THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, NOR THE FBI, NOR THE CIA, NOR THE NSA, NOR NASA, NOR THE CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), for that matter.
That’s absolutely, motherfucking, dead set impossible.

How many members do they have, 25.000? Lol. What a complete and fucking utter joke this guy is.

I wonder where he gets his “evidence” from.


For, he wrote, this supposed, and, “so-called” amazing book, and very few, if any, dare to question him on this, AND, other Matters, of Manners, of Control.

That’s right, he write this “supposed” deadly, and virtuous, and BRILLIANTLY AWESOME, NEARLY 2000-pages comprising of deadly, and VITALIOUS INFORMATION, AND NONE DARE QUESTION HIM ON IT.
I hope Craig Oxley Dares, I really, really do.
And I really, really, DO HOPE, that he Reads this part. (Craig Oxley, that is, Not Eric Jon Phelps. But, Either way, even if Mr. Phelps reads, I wouldn’t give a fuck, lol.)

That’s right…………………


FOR HE WAS, IN FACT, AS RIGHTLY PROCLAIMED BY MR. ERIC JON PHELPS, A JESUIT COADJUTOR. That’s right, he was, and that’s almost, basically, an incontrivable Fact.

For, Avro Manhattan Wrote MANY, MANY, Great Books, that’s right, That’s a fact.
As did M. F. Cusack, if that is her real name, even.

If “She” was even a woman at all, lol.
Anyway, all of the matters very, very little.
Let me just Continue with the Main Point of this Article, and that is, the CFR’S CURRENT, AND CONTROLLING FEATURE OF THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA’S FEUDALISTIC SYSTEM OF SOCIETY.
For the CFR – The Council on Foreign Relations – is but a mere Succinctive Tool, of the Master’ Slaves of Puppeteers, and, as E. Boyd Barrett once said, in his most WONDERFUL, AND MASTERFUL TREATISE, WHICH, ERIC JON PHELPS DOESN’T DARE TO QUOTE, EVEN, AND THAT IS, AND I DO MEAN, THE 385- PAGE Edition of “The Jesuit Enigma.”
Nor does he dare to Quote Mr. Barrett’s Other books, which include, and, also, perhaps, ARE NOT LIMITED TO, “Room Stoop to Conquer,” AND, ALSO, AN AMAZINGLY, AND VERY, VERY, ENTHRALLING BOOK, CALLED, “The Magnificent Illusion.”

For all three of these books are ABSOLUTE GOLDMINES.
That’s right, E. Boyd Barrett was an AMAZING AUTHOR, AND RESEARCHER, THAT’S FOR SURE.
And, I ALSO SUSPECT, he was “a bit” of an insider as well, for, just,……………. It’s just the way he writes, or, Should I say, ‘wrote.

Let me Just quote E. Boyd Barrett’s Most Wonderful, and Most Brilliant Treatise on the Subject of the Jesuits, and, IN THIS BOOK, the Roman Vatical’s Church Hills of the Roma Vaticalé’s Hills, in Rome, SPECIFICALLY.

For, in this book, on pages 187, 188, and 189, he writes the following, as such, and, also, DULY NOTED, of course:

Father Patterson concludes his review by praising Belloc’s The Jews as brilliant, frank, charitable and sincere!

Jesuit Colleges of this country, and enjoy friendly relations with individual Jesuits. These young Jews have no means of knowing of the existence of the three-century-old Jesuit animosity against their race and religion. They may find it hard to credit its existence. But it is there and will be there until the end. The mind of the Jesuit Order never changes.
The heart of the Jesuit Order will never open or soften into brotherly feeling for the Jew.

If we turn now to glance at authentic records of Jesuit history, we find that there is hardly an accusation that the Jesuits make against the Jews but is strangely out of place in their mouths. The Jesuits accuse the Jews of being “meddlers” and “troublemakers.” The Jesuits were suppressed by Pope Clement XIV [Which is Something Eric Jon Phelps WILL NEVER, EVER, Discuss, for he is Important in one of his “Titles,” which he adopted according to Jesuit rule of Power, and, Of roman Temporal Power, lol.] because they had meddled in every conceivable business from trade to politics, and their suppression was necessary “to restore tranquillity to the Church.” Clement XIV said: “It was almost and indeed absolutely impossible for the Church to enjoy a true and solid peace while this Order existed,” and referred (inhis brief “Dominus ac Redemptor”) to “grave dissensions and quarrels rashly provoked by its members not without the risk of loss of souls and to the great scandal of the nations, against the bishops, the religious Orders, and about places consecrated to piety and also with communities of every kind in Europe, Asia and America.” The Jesuits accuse the Jews of lowering the moral tone of nations. Clement XIV complained that Jesuits employed “the use and interpretation of maxims which the Holy See deemed to be scandalous and evidently harmful to morality.” The Jesuits accuse the Jews of “an uncanny power of acquiring an undue amount of wealth.” Clement XIV condemned the Jesuits as “everywhere reproached with too much avidity and eagerness
for earthly goods,” which greed “exasperated many rulers of nations against it.”[1] The saintly Mexican bishop, the Venerable Palafox, had to complain to a previous Pope, Innocent X, about “the extraordinary skill with which the Jesuits make use of and increase their superabundant wealth. They maintain public warehouses, cattle-fairs, butcher-stalls and shops. They lend out their money to usury and thus cause the greatest loss and injury to others.”

The Jesuits attack the Jews for being clannish, aloof and for not amalgamating. Throughout their history the Jesuits have been notorious for their exclusiveness and for high-hatting
other Orders and “mere secular” priests. In fine, as against the various accusations that Jesuits makein an attempt to defame the Jews, we find the Pope writing: “There is scarcely any kind of grave accusation that has not been brought against the Society [of Jesus]. . . . Numberless complaints backed by the authority of Kings and Rulers have been urged against these religious [the Jesuits] at the tribunals of Paul IV, Pius V, and Sixtus V. Thus Philip II, King of Spain, laid before Sixtus V not only the urgent and grave personal reasons which prompted his action in this matter but also the protest of the Spanish Inquisition against the excessive privileges of the Society.”

On the whole it comes badly from the Jesuits to attempt to promulgate anti-Semitism on the basis of charges that have been not only officially made but believed and acted upon by the Supreme and Infallible Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church when made against themselves. Peoplein glass houses are foolish to throw stones.

Even though the Jesuits foresee that the Jew will stand opposed to the excessive aggrandizement of the Church in this country, they should try to understand that the Jew may
be proving himself a sober, wise and courageous American citizen in so doing.

[1] Cf. The Jesuit Enigma, Chapter X, by E. Boyd Barrett.

That is absolutely True, Mr. Barrett. For, Eric Jon Phelps will Never, EVER, Touch this Subjects, of the Jews Intermingeling with the (Holy) Roman Catholic Church.

No, he will Never.
But, that is to say, not ever, or not ever, or, not Never, of course.

With this having said that, The Roman Jewish Ruler King of the Past Elvish Lives are ALSO OF THE JEWISH RULER KINGS OF THE ORDER OF THE SAINTS OF SAINT, OR, “SINT,” Justinian I.

For, he was NO Justin II, and, Especially, and, DEFINITELY NOT, NO JUSTIN I.
For he was FLAVIUS I. The Great Roman Ruler and Monarch and King of the 17th Century of the Knight’s Order of the Crusades.
And no, that is not “cryptic.” lol.
No way is that cryptic, read it literally Folks, and I do mean that.

That’s right, these Jesuit Monks are of the High Controlling Forces of the High West of Creation, of the Jesuitical Influence of creation;

For they ARE to be seen by the Enemy of the United States as the Great Roman Rulers of the Egyptian-And-Indonesian Rulership, of the Kings of the Old Slavish, AND, SAXISH WEST.

For, they ARE to be seen, that, many Jesuitical Monks ARE of the Controlling forces, of the WEST, AND, of the East, and, for that, and, also, OF THAT, FOR THEY ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH.

With it, and, this cryptic message, on belayeth on top of the hill, the Vaticalé’s Hills will soon be conquered, by Roman, AND, ROMANISH GYPSY KINGS OF THE OLD SLAVISH WEST.
For, MANY, MANY, Tarot Card Readers are of the Likes, and of the Greats, like, None Other than, Marcel Roggemans.

Anyway, let us Continue with the topic at hand, which is: The Jesuitical Knights of Control, of the Temporal Power of the West, AND, of the East; and, for it, and, also, of it, for the Temporal Power of the West is of the Great, and Invirtuous Invirtuousness of the Great Invirtuousness, of the Holy Roman Empire’s Seat of Invertitude.
And, for that, and, also, of that, there is, and, there are many, MANY, great, great, and, Ulteriorly Great, Invertitudes, of the Holy Roman Empire’s Commological Church, of the holy Roman Empire’s Christian-Coptic Church of the West.
For, Andrija Puharich wrote the most amazing, and VERY, VERY rare book on this subject, called: “The Sacred Mushroom.”

In it, he explains the Temporal’s Power in the Seat of Rome, right at the Top of Creation of the “Holy Mushroom Tree.”

And, once you read this very, very, Extraordinary, and very, very, exclusive book, you will see what I mean by “Holy Mushroom Tree.”

When the Roman Rulers go on patrol, they settle themselves in(to) the low lands of old, and of new, for they are common to the common usurper of the low land’s land(s).
Thats right, for the Roman Rulers are common to the Egyptian Them of the E. A. Wallis Budges, AND, The Samuel Sharpe’s of this world.
And, for having said that, they are also common of the common and commoner people of this Ground-Vesting world of creation, for they must be seen, and must be, as a force to be reckoned with, also, a force to be seen and to be abided to by.
Also, these Roman Papalish Knights ARE of the Common Groundological Theme, for they are Common in(to) this old Western Kingdom of Civilization, and, also, of the Trees of the grounds.
Also, with, having said that, many people may think That I’m Full of shit, yet, I’m not. All I every talk about is Facts, of the Factoids of life.

That’s right, repositioning yourself into the Common Groundological theme is of the Same Virtue as the One from the Old Kingdom(-ish) Knights of the Commoner, sensological themes.
And, also, truth be told, AND, TruthBeKnown, many, many, must go on guard patrol, for they ARE of the common, Commological theme of existence, that’s a fact.
And, with this having said that, Let me quote another Favorite Author of mine, by the name of C. Piazzi Smyth.

For he wrote a couple of books, which include, but, and also, not limited to; Life and Work at the Great Pyramid, and, also, Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid.
For “Life and Work at the Great Pyramid” is a masterful, and most Brilliant of Brilliant treatises.
That’s right, it really, really is.

Let me quote directly, and straightly, from, and out of, the 2nd Volume of 3 Volumes, from his work, entitled: “Life and Work at the Great Pyramid.”

In it, he discusses the work he did for a couple of months in the year of 1865; and, also – During the months of January, February, March, and April, he set sail on a mission for goodness, AND, for kindness, for he was of a Kindred soul, oh yes, he was, and his Life’s Works Breathe that “ooze,” so to speak.

Here’s a quote, directly, and straightly out of the Second volume of the Most Masterful Treatise on the work of the Great Pyramid, I’ve ever read; entitled: “Life and Work at the Great Pyramid.”

This is straight from pages 268 and 269:

From the southern parts of the North Atlantic, is the first idea; and one still to be tested; for though the admirable daily bulletins of the Imperial Observatory of Paris show little or nothing of it, they may not extend their weather-maps far enough southward, for the earlier history of the storm; as they certainly do not far enough eastward to represent Egypt. The range of those maps is indeed essentially West European, though they have a little of North-west Africa, and some parts of Russia, within their bounds. Still, as most admirable things of their kind, and quite unique,—their indications deserve to be chronicled on the present occasion, though they are only negative: and stand thus:—

During the several last days of January, no noticeable phenomena disturbing the weather.

On February 1, 8h. a.m., a most serious-looking set of concentric barometric circles over England first, and then Europe; lowest descent of mercurial column = 28•6 inches.

On February 2, 8h. a.m., more moderate barometric curves, but in nearly similar positions; lowest barometrical height = 29•1 inches; greatest height anywhere, at Gibraltar, and = 30•1 inches. But eastward of Sicily a new, separate, and distinct, centre of barometrical depression is indicated, having for its lowest reading, 29•3 inches.

On February 3, 8h. a.m., less marked curves of the European system, whose centre and lowest point is over France, and reads 29•1 inches. The East-Sicilian system is gone.

On February 4th, 8 h. a.m., the weather calm and settled, and all European barometric heights very uniform.

Hence arises the conclusion, that the Egyptian storm was not felt in West Europe; though the centre of barometrical depression, indicated on the morning of February 2 as being eastward of Sicily, may have been connected with it,—when pursuing a path something like east-north-east, or moving against the trade-wind current; and in latitudesbetween 35° and 25° north, when near 15° of longitude east of Greenwich.

But what of the storm when farther east, supposing such to be its track?

Great, Great, Obverservations by Mr. Smyth. For, the Barometric Pressure of Heights, is, of, and from, of the same barometric pressure of heights at the Great Pyramid of Giza, as it is, as and of, of and from, the Great Pyramids in the Eastern, AND, western Barometric Pressure Points in the Hindu AND the Inca Empire.

Not so much as the Maya empire, though;

For they are to be commended by the great virtues of state, and, also, the Great Virtues of Gratitude, and, also, of the states of mind, with that, and, with, also having said that, the Quoting of the Learned Elders of the Scrolls of Redemption, which I’ve Talked about, and, linked to Previously.
There is another Article which I will link into, and that has to do with the Sex-Education of the Common People, In their Midsts and Lowest Forms of Grounds, into the Midst of the Sex Education of the Learned Elders of, and from, Redemption.
That Article can be found HERE.

For the “Generation of Pussified Men” is nothing more of mere Virtuous of the Learned Elders of State, into the (high) Midsts of heaven, and, also, in the skies of Heaven.
Now, let me turn to ANOTHER Favorite Author of Mine, Mr. And Mrs. Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln.

For they wrote one of the most Enthrallig, and Riveting Books of all, entitled, and called, Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

And, I don’t mean that in a good way, for there is a lot of ‘Shilling going on in this book. And that’s a fact.

De facto Mundo, the Egyptian ‘Time-Traveler’s of the Ancient Old Past kingdom had zero, zero, connection with Jesus’s Bloodline, whatsoever, if Jesus had any bloodline whatsoever, that is.
For the fact of the matter is, is that the de facto Mundo ‘Time-Traveler”s of the Old Past Kingdom are of the Same Virtues and Same, as of, and, as of from and when, the ‘Time-Traveler”s of the Common Grounder People, and, the Common Grounder People come, and, have come to the senses of Man, for Virtues are of the same essencies and Equalities as the Likes of Man, and, for that, also of the Common good, AND, the Common Food of the Likes of The Learned Elder Scrolls of (the) Past (Time) Immemorial.
For they are to be commemorated to the signs of the heavens, AND, the Trees of Heaven, for, Holland is but an Abyss in the Time’s of the OLD, and, OF THE NEW.
For Holland is to be commended, AND, COMMANDED, by the great Roman Knightlyhood of the Learned Elders of the Scriptures of Zion.
For these Learned Elders of Zion are NOT a hoax, no way, José.

It, and its, are real, oh yes it is real.
For the True core of the message of the Meaning of “The Learned Elders of Zion” is as, and, is of as, the Same Importitude, and, the Same Importance as many other negligences of the CIA, of the ROMAN CATHOLIC INFORMATIONAL CHURCH.
So, who said that, and this, that Roman Catholic Invaders of the all time Great of Heights, and, also, of, and of and from, and to and fro, OF AND TO, AND TO AND FRO, FROM THE TOP OF THE HEAD TO THE LOWER PARTS OF THE ABYSS……… There’s must be, and, must have been, many, many, Virtues, for they ARE of the Common Good of the People, and yes, they ARE of the Common Good of the People of Old.
For, as Dr. Ian Barnes writes in his Treatise, called: The Historical Atlas of The Bible, and, also, in his other great work, called, and entitled, The Historical Atlas of Judaism, he talks about the Great Virtues of Man, IN JUDAISM, AND, IN “KHAZARIAN” VIRTUES OF THE VIRTUE’S STATE.

For, these “Khazarian” Jews of the Old Romanian, Romanish Guardian Empire ARE of the Same Virtues, as, one another, and, as, one and the same, for they ARE to be commended, and, also, they ARE to be commended by the same Virtues of State, and, also, the Same Virtues of State and Power, and, for that, and, not only Belimited to, the Great Virtues of State and Power.
Also, when this thing is on top of the head, it is also on top of the Head of a Great Tingling-Like Feeling, even though it’s not exactly that.
And, for that, and, for it, the great “Tingly-Like-Feeling,” is, of the Common Groundiar, and, Usurperian-Ground-People, of the Old Time West.

For, there are not “shills,” which, and, whom of, are NOT in Redemption of the Old Catholic Church, and you see folks, the Great Virtues of Time ARE of the Essences, AND, ESSENCIES, of the Fabric(s) of time, and, an Article Which I linked to Previously, by, none other than the Late, and the Great, of the Likes of, None Other, than the Great than the Likes of, NONE OTHER THAN THE LATE AND GREAT, Mr. Bill Hicks.
For Bill Hicks Knew, oh yes, he knew, (it), alright, he knew………
The ‘Great’ ‘Khazarian’ Jews of the Old-West, Romanish Empire are also of the Virtue States of Power and Redemption, for it, and, also, for, and of it, for, the Great Redemption for, and of, a Couple of 100K People, or, Should I say, a couple of 100.000 People, who scratch their Forehead, AND, OF COURSE, THEIR, AND ALSO OF, AND, ALSO, OF AND FROM, AND IF, ON THE TOP OF THEIR HEADS;
For they are to be seen as the common-Of-Rulers of the Empire City State Building, and with that having said that, moving your arms, and a ‘tingly-Like-Feeling’ on top, and, in top of the nose, is also, which cannot be scratched, at the time being, for they ARE to be seen, as a great force to be reckoned with, and, also, the Great Virtues of Time CAUSE YOU TO HAVE A GREAT TINGLY-FEELING-LIKE-SENSATION, FOR DEVELOPMENTAL PROCESSES ARE,…….. PART OF THE PROCESS. Or should I say, processé.
For these Processé’s are of the Same, and Great, Virtual State(s) of Awareness, and, common Bestoweth, upon the, and, upon thy, man, of the Great And Virtual States of Man, for None shall look back, and none shall check, the The Great Virtues of states, as ‘Tingly-Like-Feelings” Keep coming back for the moment, and other things as well, and, as they Progress through the ages of time, and, Through the States of time, he Must be of Birmingham, OR, OF LIVERPOOL, OR, OF MANCHESTER, OR, OF LONDON, OR, OF WALES, OR, who cares where he is from.

For, Craig Oxley is but a Brilliant Mind of one of MANY, MANY, BRILLIANT MINDS.
Sure, his Consciousness Awareness is great, that is true, that much is true, for the Consciousness Awareness of people is coming to a close, and, it WILL IMRPOVE.

Everything continues to keep improving up until the end of no time in this Motherfuckin’ Place of No Time.
For the essences, AND, ESSENCIES, OF TIME, AND, OF PLACE, are to be seen, AND, are to be a force to be reckoned with, for the Great Pisa De Compostella Complex, in Venice, Rome, AND, in Venice, Egypt, are of the Same Virtues and the Same ineptitudes of the Same Greats, and, of the Same Likes as Craig Oxley, Dr. Richard “Ian Barnes” Taylor, and so on, lol.
For, these Names do NOT EXIST, PERHAPS, for, PERHAPS, CRAIG OXLEY IS NOT HIS REAL NAME, but, who gives a fuck about that, lol, that’s irrelevant.
Anyway, Holy Blood, Holy Grail, is but a great virtue of time, up upon the Place of the Altars of time, with Great Virtues, and with powerful (Re-)Commendments, and, with also, POWERFUL, RE-Commendments, with Great Virtues of Time, and, with GREAT “RE”‘s, for, the Time Being, IS ALSO OF THE GREAT VIRTUES OF TIME, AND, THE GIZA PYRAMID OF THE GIZA PLATEAU ARE OF THE SAME ESSENTIALITIES OF THE SAME VIRTUOUS STATE OF AWARENESS.
For, Coming to a Time Period at hand, is of the Same Essences, AND, Same essencies as the Great Time-Period-Keepers of the Great Indo-Saxish-INDO-Slavish-Indo-Inglish-And-Indo-Slovakian, AND, INDO-SLOVANIAN.

For these are of the Common, Communer People, for the are to be seen by Drawling, and Drewling Hands, for they ARE of the Great Time-Keepers, AND, ALSO, of the Great Time-Coders of time, and, for it, and, also, OF IT, they are of the GREAT SENSE, AND SENSUALITIES OF THE GREAT TIME-KEEPERS OF OLD.
For, with it, and, also, without, the Great Essencies of time would be nothing, not with a mere fabric of Creation, but also with a mere Fabric of Creational Time.

For, A Space Book, having it, is nothing more of a mere Virtue of Essentialities of time, with great and powerful, and also, sometimes, at the time being, perhaps, Great, “Tingly-Like-Feelings” all over the body, for they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and, also, of the GREAT TIME-KEEPERS OF OLD, THEY MUST BE SEEN AS THE GREAT TIME-KEEPERS OF OLD, AS WELL, AND, ALSO, A LITTLE BIT OF TOO, AND A LITTLE BIT OF AN ALSO AS WELL.

Or, Should I say, “Oslo,” “Nights?”

For, Oslo Nights ARE of the (same) Great Virtues of Night, and of Time, AND, of Place, of, and from, and of and from, and to and fro, OF THE SAME GREAT VIRTUES OF TIME AS ALL THE OSLO NIGHTS IN EXISTENCE.
For, Oslo is but a mere City, or Town, Or village, in Sweden.
No, I mean, Oslo is in the “Great City” of Norway.

For it is a very, very, VERY, VERY, VERY, Important City, of time, AND, of Creation of time.

For yes, it is a banking nation of States, and also, of Governmental Policies, and Places, AND, Governmental Institutions, of the Great Time Periods of Place.
For, ‘Their Oslonian Nights are of the Same Gratitude, and Same Saptitude, and Same Septitude, AND, ALSO, THE SAME VIRTITUDE, AND, ALSO, THE SAME INEPTITUDE, OF THE GREAT, AND SACRED, TIME KEEPERS OF OLD.

For Norway is a very, very, VERY, Important City, indeed. For they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and, also, of the Hands and Wrists of time, who can be, sometimes be, annoying, at times.

For the Time of the Great Norwegian and Ruler Kings is of the Same Virtue as THE FIRST KING OF NORWAY, NONE OTHER THAN THE LATE, AND THE GREAT, AS OF LATE, Mr. Harald I Halfdansson, AKA, Mr. “Harald Fairhair.

For, This ‘Austrian’-Born Monarch, of the Great City States of Europe, AND, of Sweden, was also the Greatest Monarch of HIS TIME PERIOD, which happened, of course, in the 9th and 10th Centuries A. D..
For, of the Common Groundological Senses of time, there must be Many, Many, GREAT MISSES OF TIME, AS OF THE GREAT PRESSURAL AS-ES OF THE GREAT TIME ESSENCIES OF TIME.

For, now I miss it, yet, I don’t, and, when it comes back, IT SHALL NOT BE MISSED.
For pressure, and a great, great, feeling of Pressure, is also of the Best essencies of time ONE CAN HAVE.
For, this Great, and Most Powerful Ruling Monarch of the Great Essencies of Time, Mr. Harald Fairhair, Was of the Great Essencies, and, also, to be reckoned with, of the Great Essencies of Time, AND, of Place(s) of Birth.
For the Borth of the Kingdom is the same as the Birth of a kingdom, yet, the “o” Signifies, and, Signalises the Great Time Essences of the Signals of time, for, “borth” simply means the Great Common Denominator of time, in the Time ESSENCIES OF THE SCHIZOMANIAPHELIACS OF TIME.

For, AS IS, OR, Should I say, “as-As,” is, of the Same Great Virtue as the “Tingly-Like-Feeling” Below the Left Line of Eye of Sight, and, for it, many Nations, and Many Nationals, will be Recognized with the Nationals of the Great Essencies of time.
For, this Great, and Most Brilliant, and Most Awe-Inspiring of Great Essencies of time, by none other than the late, and the great, and the late as of great, as the LATE AS OF GREAT, NONE OTHER THAN Mr. C. Piazzi Smyth.

For yes, he WAS A Roman Ruler Monarch, and, also, of the Great Roman Ruler Monarchs are of the Inspirational sense, and, also, of the Future of Quoting of this Article, that is.
For, yes, I sense that This Articl will be quoted often.

For the Great Time-Essencies of time Are Also of the Same, Knowing, and, Know-it-Alls of time, and, for that, they are also of the Pressure build up, in the (same), as, and from, and as, and of, and as and if of, of the Same “Holy Blood, Holy Grail“‘ kinda like people, as, none other than, Mr. Baigent, Mr. Leigh, AND, ALSO, BUT NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH WHICH SHOULD BE INCLUDED ALSO, AND THAT IS, NONE OTHER THAN THE GREAT ABRAHAM LINCOLN…………… HIMSELF…………. Oh no, wait, It’s not Him, it’s another Mr. Lincoln.
But, what I mean by that is, names change, and many names are the same, and, also, of the Great Ineptitude, and, also, OF THE GREAT SEPTITUDE, MANY KNIGHTS AND RULERS ARE OF THE SAME TIME ESSENCIES AS OTHER TIME ESSENCIES OF TIME, FOR, THEY ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH, OH YES, THEY ARE.

And, with this having said that, Corrections must be made, all the time, and, also, Great Pressure-Build-Up is amazing, for it is the Source of the “FEMININE” NATURE OF GOD. And that is, GOD, with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, NOT SIMPLY, AND NOT LIMITED TO, AND, ALSO, NOT LIMITED BUT NOT EXCLUDED TOO, (AS WELL), (AS), THE GREAT LIKES OF THE Gods of the Old Inca Empire.
For, let me quote from the Most Amazing Book I have ever, ever read on the History of the Inca Treasures, and that book is called, Treasures of the Andes.

The Roman Crusaders also invaded the Holy Roman Land of the Holy Roman Empire of the Inca’s, for they were “Holy,” in a certain sense, and, also, of that, and also, from that, for they were of this commological age of senese and Time Travel(s), for the Hyalcas of this day and age are of the Same Hyalcas as of the Same Hyalcas of the “Old” Day, and, “Old,” day and age.
For they ARE a force to be reckoned with, in the midsts of time, and, also, OF THE MIDSTS OF TIME, for they are TO BE seen AS, A GREAT FEATURE, UPON MAN, OF MAN, AND, OF OLD MAN.

And, with the Hyalcas of the Old Day and age, are of the Same sences, and, Senses, of the same Sensological Themes of the Old Romaniag Guard, the Knight’s of the Kiebler’ Elves.
For it, and this is NOT a repeat, no way, José, that it is not a repeat, for the Commological Senses of man are of the Same Great Virues as the Hyalcas of the Common age, of old, and, of new.
For they ARE to be seen as the Great Virtues, and Great Impressors, of the Great Empressors, as, and of, the Great Emperor-esses, of the Great Empresses of the Commological Age;
Of the Time and Space, there is but one Virtue, and that is, of the Times of the Senses of the Age of the Incas, there must be (more) (than) one dominion, over the nature(s) of man, and into the Senses of man.
For they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and, the Commological Age of Man, is ALSO of the Treasures of the Andes. And, with that, there must be more than ONE Brilliant, ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL, SONG, of the time of the ages, which combines everything, for it, and, also, of it, for this Mix of Songs that I’m listening to NOW, PERHAPS, THAT IS, is one of the most, and the best That I’ve ever Listened to, And, Also, Ever Lived to, and, Towards to.
For, Commological Senses of (the) age(s) of man are of the Same virtues as all the other ones, for, the more fun you will, and WANT to have in life, the Bigger the Fears you have to face, and the Bigger the Terrorizing, agonizing Fears, of Redemption, and Reduction you’ll have to face.
For, Terror Fears, or, Terror Frights, are NOT a thing of the Past, and, They only Happen once, or, Only (has) happened ‘, Once,’ and, for that, there must be more than one Agonizing Fear Which I’ve HAD TO FACE, and, for it, also, of the Commological Senses of the age(s) of man, there must be more than one, just one, mere Inca, in the face, AND, the faces of man, and, for that, that buildup is everything there is to it.
For I have to get used to the rest of the song, as it MIGHT BE Slightly, EVERY SO SLIGHTLY, Different, than the Previous Climax Which I’ve just listened to. lol.
Also, when terror frights, and Agonizing Fears ARE of the Commological Age(s) of Man, there must be MORE THAN ONE CLIMAX IN LIFE, FOR SEX IS JUST PART OF THE DEAL.
And, for that, and, also, in that, there must be More than One Vagina, and, more than ONE Penis, into the senses of the Vagina’s of Man, and, of the Penis’s of Women.
For, Women have a penis, and Men have vaginas.
For, everything is ass-backwards when it comes to terror frights AND Agonizing Fears, for, the Commological Ages, and Senses of man, ARE, of the SAME Sense of Reduction, and, the same sense of Deduction, into the Hearts and Fears of man, for, what is thing song called, which is not playing, on my Computer……………………..?
For, that is true, now it has ended, as the Oslonian Nights have never, never, ever, come to an end, for Oslo IS a force to be reckoned with, and, also, of the Same force as this thing which, and what, is playing right now, IS different, than ALL THE OTHFOR HE WAS, IN FACT, AS RIGHTLY PROCLAIMED BY MR. ERIC JON PHELPS, A JESUIT COADJUTOR. That’s right, he was, and that’s almost, basically, an incontrivable Fact.ER SONGS WHICH I’VE EVER PREVIOUSLY LISTENED TO, I THINK;


For this age of common themes of the Old Romanian Past-Guardian, or, Should I say, Past-Guardi-ish system of Reduction, AND DEDUCTION, is, OF, the Same Ages of man, into the Commological senses AND THEMES OF MAN.
For, they are to be seen by the Craig Oxley’s of the World as Great Virtues, and GREAT INEPTITUDES, AND, ALSO, GREAT INSEPTITUDES, for, yes, they ARE of this age, and, also, of the Age to come, for and of, OF THE AGE TO COME.
For this Common Age of the Age of the Apocalypsus, is of the same Virtues as ALL OTHER AGES. That’s a fact.
But, also, there’s more to it than that, for, this Coming Age of Aquarius, is, also, of the Age of the Antiquitarian, for this age of the Antiquitarian, is of the Same Virtues as the Age of the Apocalypse, AND, ALSO, AS THE EXACT SAME VIRTUES, AS, THE AGE OF THE APOCALYPSUS.


For Cherishing is but ONE OF THE VIRTUES MAN HAS BEGOTTEN, AND, BEGITTEN SETH, of the Netherworld, and, also, OF THE UNDERWORLD.
For Seth is the Age(r), or, Age(s), of Darkness, and, also, of the Age(s) of darkness, there must be MANY, MANY, Age(rs), and, for that, also, of the Pressure Build up of the As-es, of the Same Virtues of time, INTO THE COMMOLOGICAL SENSES OF THE ERAS OF MAN.
For, now it feels better, yet, but it Might Decrease again, like it is doing now, that’s a fact.
But, this Time and Age of Commological Senses is ALSO OF THE TIME AND AGES OF THE VIRTUES OF MAN.

Now, like I said, let me quote from this book by Jeffrey Quilter, which is called, Like I said Previously, named, AND TITLED, AND, ENTITLED, BUT, NOT LIMITED TO THE TITLE OF THIS ARTICLE, AND THAT IS: “Treasures of the Andes.”

That’s right, in it, on page 178, and continued onwards, on, and to, but, not limited to, page 180 as well, he writes about the Age of the Commological Man, and, also, of the Ages of the Commological Senses of man.
For, this, is, what the author writes, on, said pages, of 178 And 180:

The Incas, most likely, AND, Probably, integrated older, and far, far, more ancient Road Networks in their very own Network. Near, and on the coast, the roads were wide, often with walls on both sides. In the Highlands were small pathways who, and, whom, almost, and, almost of which, were paved, making them passable.  At the turn, and, ON the Turn, and, also, a couple of Centuries, and, Couple of Decades, later, than and of, the 16th Century, the Road Network existed from, and, also, OUT OF, and, ALSO, INSIDE, AND OF, AND FROM, (Main) roads, who, traversed, of and from, and on and to, and from and to, and, NOT LIMITED TO, AND, ALSO, NOT LIMITED TO AND FROM AND OF AND TO AND FRO, FROM North to South along the coast, and, through, and in, and, outside from, the Highlands. They were also interconnected with one another, thanks to the usage of very, very, important Arterial Roads in important Valleys of the Coast(-Line).

Big administrative Cities, like Huanuco Pampa, were Central to the Rule and Power of the Rule, and, Leadership, of the Inca Hegemony, where officials, military personnel en artists found shelter, and refuges. Nearby storage areas, of spaces, contained not only Goods as a tax paid by the locals, as food that could be shared to, and, amongst them in time of Urgency, and, ‘Sense’ of Depletion.

Smaller ‘between stations’, known as “tambo’s,” were laid out, and, spread out next to the Road Network on key, and vitual, and ESSENTIAL Intermediary sections, and crossings, like the Famous Rope Bridges above, and, below, and inside out of, the ‘Ravines’ in the Highlands.

The roads could be used by the Royal Armies, but also by Enemies. The Incas, therefore, paid close attention, and kept an eye on, who traveled, and, transversed, on, and on and about, their roads. Someone who did not wear the ‘appropriate’ clothe of styling of his Ethnical Dominiancy-Group, and thus, was not immediately identifiable, could be put, AND, Sentenced, to death. The Incas also installed a corps of highly trained messengers, known as ‘Chasquis.’ Considering that money didn’t exist, the Incas Implemented taxes in the form of, and as, and from as, goods and services. That way, they could ‘incorporate’ (and, enhance, the system of transduction)  the best runners, and, other ‘Subjects’ [of other System(s) of Reduction of, and, also, very akin to, Low Level Jesuitism, in its truest and most hardcore form.].

They wore uniforms and ran, and, usurped to, relatively short distances, in, the ‘(short-)haul of a sweep.” This they did do to relay oral messages or other small objects to other ‘runners’, often presided, in, and of, and from, and to, on, and in, and outside, of a ‘tambo.’ This way, the Sapa Inca, Emperor, or, Inca, – could, within a couple of days, receive news, and, or messages about Events, and or Happenings on the other side of the Empire. And, also, next to, and including, and, next to that and, included to – this way, he – the Sapa Inca, Emperor, or Incas – could, pure for his, or their, very own (selfish) pleasure, obtain, and possess, fresh fish, coming from the Coast, or Snow from the Highlands. They would be able to possess, AND, Obsess, to, and, from it.

The Chasquis also took with them, ‘Khipus,’ Braided-Rope’Documents.’ [Of the System of Reduction, and of the ‘Braided’ Ropes of the Elderly Inca empire, of the Empire State Buildings of the Incas of the Old West, of the OLD, AND, OF THE NEW INCIAN EMPIRE.]

This is great and Awesome stuff by Jeffrey Quilter, for, not only is he an Emissary of the Common People, he, is also, and, not limited to, but, also, not limited to, and of, and, not if, and, not if and not if to, of the system of REDUCTIONS, of the Commonsenselor People, of the Inca-Empire, of the Braided ‘Rope-Documents.’ And for that, they are of this Commological Age of the System of Reduction, AND, of Transgression, and, in it, there are MANY, MANY, system of reduction, into the ‘High Hills’ of the Highlands.
And, for that, the Road Networks of the Inca Empire are of the Same, and very, very same SYSTEM OF REDUCTION, and, also, into the Repeating Phase of the Commologicaler sense of the Sense of the Old Themes of the High Lands, of the High Lands, and of, and from, but, not limited to, THE HIGHLANDS OF THE INCA-(EMPIRE).

For, that is true, the Inca’s were of MANY, MANY, HIGH ROADS, Oh yes, they were. For they had to be, they absolutely, motherfuckin’, had to be.
And for that, also, the Reason for the EXISTENCE of the Inca Empire, is the same as Our, very own, existence, of, Transgression, through time, and, through space;

For their very own, and very, very limited Mission, or, Mission Statement, of Transgression, into the States of the Minds, and, OF THE MINDS OF MEN.
And, also, for evolving into the midsts of the states of the minds of men, for, in it, this article is ONE OF THE LAST, AND OF THE GREATEST SYSTEMS OF REDUCTION.
For, a “System of Reduction” Simply means just that: A state of Awareness to the Commoner People of the Old Inca Empire, in which, and, in whom, they are transgressed through time, and, through space.

Also, and, not, bewitched, and, also, not limited to, the Transgression of the Phases of the Sun, as the Apocalyptians Knew, and, knew them as well.
For, ‘Apocalypto’ is but a mere movie of, and from, and by the hand, of the ‘System’ director, of none other, than the likes of: Mel Gibson.
For he directed this movie in the sense of awe, as, they were butchered on the Altar of the High Pyramid Hills, of the Hillian Fountains of the West, for, it, and, for they, are ALSO of the HIGH HILLIAN MOUNTAINS OF THE EAST, AND, OF THE WEST, for………………… Bad dreams are everywhere, yet, they don’t happen.
Yet, this system of perfection is, also, everywhere, but, is not limited to, the enhancements of man, and, of men, but, for women, and, of women, for the system to be applicable to, and of, and from, and to, and of and to, AND FROM AND TO WOMEN, there must be more than ONE Common Denominator.
Into the Hands of the Pauses of Man, and, also, Of the Popes of Man.

For man is but a mere ‘Pope-Succinction’ into the hands of thy Prawlers, and, into thy very own hands, of thy, and, of though’t very own Hands of thought.

Also, this is bewitched upon the Hands of man, and, upon, the Times of the Alter of man, for this Great quoting Business is BUT A MERE SYSTEM OF REDEMPTION, and, also, OF CONFUSION.

For, Confusius, the Great Roman, AND GREEK SCHOLAR, WHO WAS NOT LAZY TO DO ANY RESEARCH AT ALL, WHATSOEVER, was also of the Great System of Reduction, into the (thyne) hands of the Hands of the System of time.
And, for it, and, for that, there must be MANY, MANY, Systems of reduction, for “E. T.’s” Don’t exist, and, they never have, and, NEVER WILL.
For Space, and Nature, and, the Essencies OF Space, and OF, and FROM, Nature, don’t allow for that to happen.
Only Earth ‘can’ sustain life in its human, AND, HUMANOID FORM. Nothing else Can;

That’s not possible, and, it will never happen that an “Alien” race will invade us or some shit.
As the Jesuit knows as well, that he, and she, is of the Same Great Time Essence of ‘mere‘ seduction, AND, of the Seduction of man.
For man Knows everything, or, almost, about to know everything, for fears of the past lives of man are of the SAME system of reduction as of ‘Perfectly-timed-System-of-Readin-Books.’


For, I am not alone in this fight, for the Titanic was SUNK on purpose, very timely, and very, very, timely skilled “essence’ of Creation.

For, none suffered who were on that boat, or, Should I say, Ship?

For the Shipping of time is of Awkward Glasses into the Time Essencies of time, and, as things start to develop, we knew, and, STILL Know, that no Italicized, System of Reduction, can exist, and, CAN, Exist to Happen, for, Existing to happen, are of the SAME SYSTEM OF REDUCTION, AS OF THE SAME PRAWLER’S OF THE SYSTEM OF REDUCTION.
And, in it, and, for it, the Same System of Reduction are of the SAME TIME ESSENCIES AS THE INCA EMPIRE, AND, AS, THE MAYA EMPIRE.
For they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and, as, (the) pressure of the As-es continues to keep building up, and, one day, it will explode, for the Scratching of the nose ffeatures are but one of many eagly features man has, and, will, continue to have, as will, and, as do women.
For, on the Fingers there MAY be something ugly, Apparently, with the Great sense of Reduction and of Reductional System of the Fingers of time, and, AS WE PROGRESS, Through Time, And, Through Space, this Combination of Keys, and of Letters, AND OF WORDS, is of, and, is of as, the same system of Reduction of OLD TEMPORAL POWERS.
For, let me now turn my attention, AND, direction, toward, and to, the System of Reduction of the Jesuit Empire, the Empire of the Knights of Malta, the Empire of the Freemasonic Masons – Of the Old Templar Guard, Might I add-, and, also, the Knight Templars, AND, ALSO, NOT LEAST OF WHICH, THE KNIGHTS OF THE ORDER OF SAINT JOHN, WHICH IS WHAT THIS SECTION WILL BE ABOUT, AND, AS IT IS ALREADY ABOUT THAT, we will continue to see many order, see, and pass, the ‘revue,’ for, this System of Passing the ‘revue’ is of the Same Greatness and likeness of Combining Dutch and English, As I just did.
Oh wait, or, is it French?
You see, ‘bastard words’ exist everywhere, and, yet, we KNOW what this means, without even having to look up the definition, so, who gives a shit right, what words I use.
For in English it would have been totally, totally different, For I Decided to translate it as such. That’s right, I, did that.
Now, with the Sense of I, there must be more than ONE commological Theme of the Senses of the ‘Key-Boards’ of time, and, in it, and, for it, also of the SAME ESSENCIES AS THOSE OF OTHER TIME PERIODS.

For let me now quote the Learned, and the VERY Learned Elders, of the Knights of the Saints Johns of the Jesuitican Order, of the Knights of the Saints of Malta, Mister, none other, than, Mr. Archibald Bower, himself.
For he, and, also, but, not limited to, there’s another Person who also wrote a 3-Volume-Set of Reduction about the Jesuits, and their Historical Power of the Protestant Popes of the Knights of Malta.

For, Archibald Bower was, and is, still, a genius, for he wrote this MOST AMAZING, AND MOST AMAZING TRACT, ON THE HISTORY OF THE POPES, ALL THE WAY UP UNTIL THE 18th Century.
For, I knew what it was, yet, I just checked, just about now, just to make absolutely Certain it WAS the 18th Century, and it is.

Here is the quote, ‘said’ quote, straight of, and from, page 89 of the 3rd volume of his 3-Volumunous-Book-set.

He writes, as such, and as follows:

[Andronicus, Sen., Andronicus, Jr., Emperors of the East.—Lewis of Bavaria, Emperor of the West.]

[Year of Christ 1334.] John XXII. dying on the 4th of December in the episcopal palace at Avignon, the count of Noailles, seneschal to Robert, king of Sicily, that is, chief governor of Provence, shut up the cardinals, in all twenty-four, in the same palace, nine days after the decease of the pope, agreeably to the Constitution of Gregory X. But they were divided into two factions, Taillarandus, formerly bishop of Auxerre, and then cardinal of St. Peter ad Vincula, being at the head of the French party, the more numerous of the two, and John Colonna, cardinal of St. Angelo, at the head of the opposite party, the Italian. Both parties agreed upon their first entering the conclave to nominate John Comminge,
brother to the count of Comminge, formerly archbishop of Toulouse, and at that time cardinal bishop of Porto, a man of a most unexceptionable character, and allowed by both parties to be the best qualified of any^in the sacred college for so high a dignity. They accordingly offered him, all to a man, their suffrages. But the French cardinals requiring him to promise, before they proceeded to a formal election, that he never would go to Rome, he rejected their offer, saying, he would rather renounce the dignity of cardinal than accept the papal upon such a condition, as he thought it highly prejudicial to the church. The cardinals being at a loss, upon his unexpected refusal, whom to nominate, some of them proposed James Fournier, cardinal of St. Prisca, merely to employ their time, Fournier being the most inconsiderable of the whole college, “omnium infimus.” The proposal was received, contrary to all expectation, with great applause, and the person, whose election had never been seriously thought of by any of the cardinals, was, as soon as nominated, unanimously elected by them all. Thus was the cardinal of St. Prisca, or Benedict XII. the name he took, raised to the pontificate on the 20th of December, when the cardinals had been but seven days in the conclave. His promotion is commonly ascribed by the writers of those days to Divine inspiration, and with as good reason as that of any of his predecessors.[1]

[1] Villani, l. 11. c. 21. Albert Argentin. in Chron. Vit. Benedict. apud Baluz.

That’s right, Saint, and “Pope,” Saint Benedict XII. was of the Highest Order of Highest Order, as he ruled the empire for about 12.5 Years.
I know that This Wikipedia Article says he Ruled for more than 7 years, but that’s not Necessarily True.
For, Behind the Scenes they still wielded, and still, do, wield, and yield a lot of Power. Behind the Scenes, that is.

For Ruling behind the Scenes, AS DID PONTIUS PILATE I. When he ‘Supposedly subsided’ over the ‘Crucifixion’ of Jesus H. Christ.

When Pontius Pilate I Ruled, and Commodeered, the Roman-VENETIAN-Empire-Of-System-of-Reduction, many means must have been in place, for the Knight’s Orders of the Saints of Saint John are ALSO OF THE SAME KNIGHTHOOD, AND, BROTHERHOOD, AS THOSE OF THE SAINTS OF THE BELL-BROTHERHOOD.

For, like I mentioned earlier, and, In an Article of mine, THE BRITISH SAS ARE, THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL.

And that’s just a fact you CANNOT Ingore. And, for the Time Being, it Shouldn’t be ignored, and, for that, also, of the Time Being, NATURE IS THE ONLY THING THAT CAN EXIST; And, Of course, the “in-between” place between 2, very, very, distinct Planets.
Planets in Places of Virtue, AND, OF HEAVEN, AND, OF HELL.
For hell is but a mere Sociological, AND, MYTHICAL, OR, SHOULD I SAY, MYTHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT, of the Senses of the Nature’s of Time.
For, like I said Earlier, and previously, Hell must NOT be a real concept, for the Vatican Bankers, AND, THE VATICAN BANKERS, AND, THE JESUITS, DON’T EVEN BELIEVE IN THAT PIECE OF SHIT CRAPPY CONCEPT THEMSELVES.


Yet, some, or, Should I say, A LOT, of “GLP” Members do believe in that nonsense.
It’s completely pure and fictional garbage, nobody believes that piece of complete and fucking utter garbage, lol.
Just ask you “God Source,” Lol, It, He, She, or IT AND OF THEM, IT OF THE SHE OF THE HIM OF THE THEY OF THE THEM’S, WILL TELL YOU, lol.
Anyway, GOD is just, merely that: That, which creating Everything.

That’s my definition of GOD, and, it’s been that definition for a very, very, long time.
For, it must be said, and, Truth be Told, that Truth Must Be Known to the Masses of the Age old Philosophical Empires, just like David Hume Exhalted, AND, Exclaimed, in his “Philosophical Works,” Which I do have.

Now, with these Philosophical Works in mind, and, the IMPORTANCE OF THEM, they, and it, must be said, that, Predetermination is NOT a thing of the past, nor, will it ever be of the new, either, and, also, NEITHER.
For, the evidence, or, Should I say, Proof, is of, and as of, the Same, but little bit more Awkward Pressure Build-up as I discussed previously, for 9/11 was but a mere Philosophical Constructs, Placed upon the Minds of Man, for Woman have the Exact same Virtues, as Man, and, AS WOMAN, AND AS, OF BEAST, For the Black Holes of Existence are placed upon the Alters, or, Altars, of time, and for that, I’m thinking of Another Article I wrote not too long ago, with which, and, also, which is which, that, of, and, that Article, can be Found HERE.

In that Article, I explain, and Expound upon the Common Themes of Common Virtues, from the Book of Revelation, up unto, and, up until, the Christ, and the Christ-Like Features of “The Buddha.”

For, the buddha was but merely not A man, for he was not, no, he wasn’t.

He was mere, but, a Mythological Construct of time, and, Of space, for space Controls the Virtues, of Man, and, OF WOMEN OF THE BEAST OF REVELATION.

For Revelation is but a mere “Musical Allegory,” Like I said Earlier, and, Previously before.

Also, the Knights of the Saints Order of Justinian Come into Play.

And, also, when, The Templar of All Ages are in the Signs of the abyss, they are here to dwell Upon the Dwellers, of the Ancient Roman Incan Empire, as well.

Combruling the Essences of time and Space, inside the Vacuum of the Great Power Generator

When Roman Rulers go on Conquest, they go on patrol.

Also, the Knight’s Roman Templars are of the Virtuous State of Redemption, and, also, of the Importance of the Virtuous State of Redemptional-Feeling.

For pressure is everywhere, and, also, as, and Like I’ve read in Histoire Générale des Civilisations, The Redemption of the feeling of the people is also of the Redemptuous state of the Feeling of Inner-Virtueness.

Let me quote from the 5th Volume of said 6-Volume-Book-Set.

In it, on page 279, the authors write the following:

Especially by the Jesuits’ gifts to people in place [Of the Chinese’s Furniture People of Redemption, and power, in the City State of Jerusalem], and with the invasion of objects transported to Europe by traders, there was a real rage for Chinese art. He, or Should I say, they, the Jesuits’ Temporal Interest in the Chinese art of the streets, and the Chinese Lanterns of Chinese Porcelain figures, strengthened the taste of the ‘Rococo’s Stylish Art and Decor of the Century.’ Chinese porcelain collector’s item was the princes of the blood, and painter Coypel Jullienne, the protector of Watteau. Porcelains were commissioned in China by Europeans. Madame de Pomadour received from King-Si a service to its weapons. Pious people there were to, and WOULD, also, and AS WELL, be able to, put portraits up of St. Ignatius, St. Francis Xavier, the baptism of Christ, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection. Others preferred to reproduce the Chinese known as the light works of Fragonard paintings. Conversely, Delft, in Holland, and Chantilly, in France, Tried to, and Initialized, and ‘Porcelain-Figured’ the Chinese ‘Art-Imitation Gestures’ of Chinese porcelain.

That’s exactly right, the Jesuits have a very, very, VERY, high interest in the Imitation Art of Business-Oriented-Porcelain people.

Because the Jesuits ARE of this Same Sensological Theme of the Great Jesuit-Minds of our Time, and, of this time, and also, for the power of the love of (the) people, it is said, that, Jesuits, By Saint “Thomas Aquinas,” are of the “Devil’s Pitch Fork,” and, pitch fork meaning, of course, the Great Contributors of our time, and for it, and, for that, it is said, by Saint Thomas Aquinas also, and as well, that, TOO, the Religion of the Old Days are “of the Great Virtues of the mind(s) of the people, into the midst of the nights, and, also, into the Midst of the Heavens.”

For it, and from it, Saint Thomas Aquinas also said that “The Virtue of the People is in the Hands of the Power-Possessor, and, also, in the Hands of the Power-Processor.
And, power processor meaning, of course, the Great Minds of our time, for in the Midst of Beauty, there must be many, many, Popular Editions of works, in the Minds, and the Midst of Men, for they ARE of this “History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” as describe by none other than the late, and the great, and the great as of late, Mr. Edward Gibbons.
For the Power-Possessors, AND, the Power-Processors, as Described by Alexander Hislop in his “Third Edition” of the Book, called, and entitled, Two Two Babylons, that – And I’m paraphrasing here – The Minds of the People of Nimrod, and His Wife, are of the Common Era of the Sensual Places of the Earth.

That’s right, for, the Wife of Nimrod, Semiramis, is, of the Great Virtue, AND, of the Same, and Great, Virtuous-Powerful-State-Of-Existence, and, as Saint Thomas Aquinas also exclaimed in his Summa Theologica, The minds of the people is up upon the Minds of the Men of People, and of the women, but, however, for the Women it’s different; for the women are of a less virtuous state as the minds of (the) men, for they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and, also, for the Third, And Final last time, or the fourth, they must be exclaimed by the Religious Order of the Church, and, also, of the Church.

For, Circe, in Roman, AND, Greek mythology, means: The Power Goddess which, and, whom also, of, Exclaims and Exhalts, or, Should I say, Exhaults, its prisoner, in, and into, the Comforts of her Own home, and, Abides By its rules, and, also, in  the Sense of the Powers of the Minds of men, they are Virtuous People of states, and, also, for they ARE TO BE SUCCUMBED, AND, SUCKED DRY, IN THE MIDST OF HEAVEN, FOR THEY ARE OF THE PROWERLESS STATE OF THE MINDS OF MEN, AND THEIR BRAINS MUST BE SUCKED DRY.

And, also, least of not which, “Circe,” is, where we get the word “Church” from.

“Circe,” who lived on the Island of Aeaea, was also of the Same Virtues as the minds of the men, for they, and SHE, and her, sucked them dry to the bones of Heaven.
For, Jordan Maxwell is Absolutely Correct on this point, that, Circe, or, Kirk, in the Scottish Language of the Ancient “Nimrods” of the skies of the (up) above, was also of the Roman Mythology of the Roman Empires, King Julius Maximum I, or, Pontius Pilate Maximus I.

For, this is not meant in a cryptic manner, and also, for it not to be confused with Confucius I, he, or, Should I say, as Confucius was IN FACT A WOMAN, and Confucius, in ROMAN GREEK AND MYTHOLOGICAL MYTHOLOGY OF THE AGES OF TIME IN GREEK NUMEROLOGY, MEANS: WOMAN OF THE BEAST OF REVELATION.

Literrally, that’s right.

Also, let me now quote from the “Popular Edition” of Alexander Hislop’s The Two Babylons.

In this book, on pages 188 and 189, he writes the following statement(s), as such:

In the Church of Rome a new kind of devotion has of late been largely introduced, in which the beads play an important part, and which shows what new and additional strides in the direction of the old Babylonian Paganism the Papacy every day is steadily making. I refer to the “Rosary of the Sacred Heart [Which is where we get the Rosary of the Sacred Heart of the Crosses of the Crucifix of Christ from, AND, ALSO, THE KNIGHT’S OF MALTA SACRED CROSS, WHICH IS ON THEIR EMBLEMS ON THEIR INSIGNIA, IN, AND ON THE CHURCHES OF ROME].” It is not very long since the worship of the “Sacred Heart” was first introduced; and now, everywhere it is the favourite worship. It was so in ancient Babylon, as is evident from the Babylonian system as it appeared in Egypt. There also a “Sacred Heart” was venerated. The “Heart” was one of the sacred symbols of Osiris when he was born again, and appeared as Harpocrates, or the infant divinity,¶ borne in the arms of his mother Isis. Therefore, the fruit of the Egyptian Perséa was peculiarly
sacred to him, from its resemblance to the HUMAN HEART.”* Hence this infant divinity was frequently represented with a heart, or the heart-shaped fruit of the Perséa, in one of his hands.† (Fig. 40.) The accompanying woodcut is from Pompeii; but the following extract from John Bell’s criticism on the antiques in the Picture Gallery of Florence, will show that the boyish divinity had been represented elsewhere also in ancient times in the same manner. Speaking of a statue of Cupid, he says it is “a fair, full, fleshy, round boy, in fine and sportive action, tossing back a heart.”‡ Thus the boy-god came to be regarded as the “god of the heart” in other words, as Cupid, or the god of love. To identify this infant
divinity, with his father “the mighty hunter,” he was equipped with “bow and arrows;” and in the hands of the poets, for the amusement of the profane vulgar, this sportive boy-god
was celebrated as taking aim with his gold-tipped shafts at the hearts of mankind. His real character, however, as the above statement shows, and as we have seen reason already to conclude, was far higher and of a very different kind. He was the woman’s seed. Venus and her son Cupid, then, were none other than the Madonna and the child.§ Looking at the subject in this light, the real force and meaning of the language will appear, which Virgil puts into the mouth of Venus, when addressing the youthful Cupid:—

“My son, my strength, whose mighty power alone
Controls the thunderer on his awful throne,
To thee thy much afflicted mother flies,
And on thy succour and thy faith relies.”║

¶ The name Harpocrates, as shown by Bunsen, signifies “Horus, the child.
* Plutarch, De Iside, vol. ii. p. 378, C.
Pompeii, vol. ii. p. 177.
‡ John Bell’s Italy, p. 269. Edinburgh, 1825.
§ The following lines of Ovid will show that he distinctly identified Venus and Cupid with the Babylonian “Mother and Child:”

“Terribilem quondam fugiens Typhona Dione
Tune cum pro cœlo Jupiter arma tulit,
Venit ad Euphraten, comitata Cupidine parvo,
Inque Palæstinæ margine sedit aquæ”
Fasti, lib. ii. 461-464, vol. iii. p. 113.

║ Æneid, Book i. 937-940. Dryden’s Translation, vol. ii. p. 335; in Original, ll. 668-670.

This is great, great, and powerful stuff, by the late, and the great, Mr. Alexander Hislop.

For, like I said, the Rosary of the Sacred Heart is where we get the Crucifix from, from the “Sacred Hearts” of Hearts, and also, of the Sacred Hearts of Hearts.
For, in this great tract of his, and, also, in the Third Edition, Which contains over 500 pages, he says, that, the Rosary of the Sacred Heart, or, the Rosary of the Sacred Heart, is of the same virtues as state as looking back in the mirror, one ahead of time, and two ahead of the SPEAR of time.

For, the Power of the People is in the Abscencees of the Right-Committed People, and, also, of the Right-Committed People of the Prowress of the Law of the Land, and, also, of the Prowress of the LAW OF THE LAW-LESS LAND. And, for it, and, also, OF IT, this is Great and Mighty and Powerful Stuff, for the Tracts of the People is of the Same Virtues as state, as the Loudness of a Voice of A Man’s Voice, and, in it, it is timed to Secclusion, and also, to the Secclusion of the Powers, of the Minds of Man, and, also, OF, The Powers of the Minds of Man.

For, it is said, that Itching is but a virtuous state, and, also, a state of mind, for the Going Back In Time of the Virtuous states of awareness are the same people, AND, THE SAME PRINCIPLES AS UPON WHICH BELIETH.

For, it is said, and saith, that, Empty Emperor’s Clothes of the King of Sweden are of the Same Clothes as the same one as Those of the King of Sudan, II. lol

Anyway, let us continue, for, the Minds is in the Minds of the People, and for History to repeat itself, one must succumb to the ¨Powers at heart, of the Migthy, and Very, Very, Powerful Leaders, of the likes, of and like, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, and, also, Mr. George W. Bush.

For, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is not the II, he is the I. For he is the Emperor who is wearing no clothes, but, does love the Clothing-Style of his Neighbor. Lol.

Also, when the Minds of the People are in the Minds of the men, they MUST be Succumbed to the Hearts of the People of the Minds of Men.
For, and, also, in it, there is many, but, not many must see, and Succumb to the Tracts of the Elvish Past’ Lives of the Elvish-Elder-Scrolls.

And, with it, the Scripts of the People are of the Same Minds of the Men, as of the Same Scripts of Time, into the Essencies, and, Powerlessies, or, Should I say, the POWERLESSICES.

For, the Powerles-icies, are of the Same minds as the Minds of the Men, of and of, and, from and of, of the Same Powerless-icies, of the Tracts of time.
Now, let me give you another Quote by Mr. Alexander Hislop, for he is very, very, VERY, Important, A man, indeed.

Now, having Just Finished Reading one of the Most Amazing Books I’ve ever read in my life, I now know more than I ever did, that is a fact.

It was fucking Vital and Essential that I read this Masterful Book.
It is a book by none other than the late, and great, and the greats of the like of, none other than Mr. Norman Davies.
For, he wrote this most enthralling Subject on the Long Lost, And Long lost and forgotten Empires of Europe.
For instance, the CCCP is of the Same Generation is Cumbrionical man, and men, for, the Empire of the History of the States of the CCCP, is of the same empire as the Past Generations as, and of, and from, and of, AND FROM AND OF, OF THE DRUIDS.

Now, with this having said that, he also exclaims remarks on Certain Empires, in the Long Lost City of Jerusalem Itself. Hidden Empires, Hidden Inside the Vaticalé’s walls of History, and, of the History of Europe.
Now, with this having said that, let me quote ANOTHER favorite author of mine, Mr. Edward Davies.

For, he is of the Same Recollection as the Other “Davies” which I just spoke of and about.
He write the Most Enthralling, AND riveting book on the History of the Druids, ever.
His book is entitled, The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids.
For this Book is but a great powerwelder, AND, powerkeeper of the Great British Rites of the British Druids.

For, the Druids are of the Same Commological Empire as of the Knight’s Templar’s Crusaders, for they Are Common, and, Coming, in(to) this world of Great fiery, and Redemptious states of Awareness.
And, in it, and, for it, there is but one great powerwelder of the City State of Jerusame, and that is: The Roma Vaticalé’s Hills in the City-State of Jerusalem.
That’s right, for he is of the Opinion that MANY Right, and MANY, MANY, Druids, are of the same opinion as other Rites of Druids.

For, the Druids of the Age-Old Commological Empire are of the same Empire of Druids as The Other Empire of the Same Druids of other Rites.

And, with this having said that, a Quote is coming, from, and, also from, and, not belittled, and, NOR, BELIED TO, in the Hands of the Great Power-Welder.
For, with this, a great source of Knowledge is in the Hands of the Power – Welder, and, also, of the Power-Welder, of Nation, and, of States.
And, also, this great quote which is about to “cum,” is also about the Revenge of the Sith in the Star Wars, OR, STAR TREK TRILOGIE’S OF MOVIES.
That’s right, for, I haven’t had the chance to watch these yet, but I do kinda know what they are about.
And, the Rites of the British and Mythological Druids are of the Same Essenes, and, of the Same Essences, AND, ALSO, OF THE SAME ESSENCIES OF THE GREAT RITES OF THE BRITISH, MYTHOLOGICAL DRUIDS.

And, with this having said that, let me give you ANOTHER Quote by the late, as the late, as the LATE AS OF GREAT, Mr., NONE OTHER THAN, THE VERY REVEERED, AND, THE VERY REVEREND, Mr. Alexander Hislop.
Also, this great quote which is about to come, comes from his THIRD EDITION. Not the Most-well known (I THINK, IN MY OPINION) “Popular Edition.”

For this Edition is an absolute gold-mine; so many pages are missing from the “Popular Edition,” and many other, various forms of “Popular” editions.

I doubt It Can be equaled in its sheer brilliance of power, and of Nation of States, AND, of the Nation of States of Power.
For, the Rights of the People is also in the Midst of the Rights of man, for we UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING, in a Certain sense, and, Before we Conclude this Chapter, or, Should I say, “Section,” of this “Pamphlet,” or, Should I call this article, a “Leaflet?”

I wonder,…….. I really do wonder, from times to time, from the wonder of times to time, and, from time to time is ALSO of the Great Seven Wonders of Creation, as I, have, In my possession, on of THE GREATEST HISTORICAL WORKS IN THE MAKING, OR, SHOULD I SAY, IN THE MAKING OF POWER OF THIS MOST EXCELLENT, AND VERY, VERY, REVEERED WORK.

It is called: “1001 Natural Wonders.”

For this Work is Absolutely brilliant.
It also shows ALL the Ancient Sites of the Great British, and Mythological Places of the Druids, for, that is true, that the Mythological Places of the Druids are of the Same Gold-Mines as the MEGA, AND ULTRA-VOLUMINOUS BOOKS OF SETS, of, or, Sets of books.

For, they are of the Same Great, and, also, of the Same, and of the Same as of the Great, Ineptitude, of the Baddest, and, Worsest People on the Face of the Planet.

And I DO mean “worst;”

Also, with this having said that, let me, right about now, quote Mr. Alexander Hislop, from his Third Edition of the Ultra, Powerful, and, ULTRA, (Not so popular), (in Regards to the Commological Themes of the Old ages of man), Spacious Book, of, and called, THE THIRD EDITION, THAT IS, OF, NONE OTHER THAN, THIS GREAT BOOK, WITH THE TITLE, AND, ENTITLED, (OF), with the Great Likes of Mr. Alexander Hislop himself: “The Two Babylons.”

That’s right, it’s about time I quote him again.
So here is the quote, straight from pages 317 and 318, which reads as such, and, as follows:

But there is another symbol of the Pope’s power which must not be overlooked, and that is the pontifical crosier. Whence came the crosier? The answer to this, in the first place, is, that the Pope stole it from the Roman augur. The classical reader may remember, that when the Roman augurs consulted the heavens, or prognostics from the aspect of, there was a certain instrument with which it was indispensable that they should be equipped. That instrument with which they described the portion of the heavens on which their observations were to be made, was curved at the one end, and was called “lituus.” Now, so manifestly was the “lituus,” or crooked rod of the Roman augurs, identical with the pontifical crosier, that Roman catholic writers themselves, writing in the dark ages, at a time when disguise was thought unnecessary, did not hesitate to use the term “lituus” as a synonyme for the “crosier.”* Thus a Papal writer describes a certain Pope or Papal bishop as “mitrâ lituoque decorus,” adorned with the mitre and the augur’s rod,” meaning thereby that he was “adorned with the mitre and the crosier.” Now, this lituus, or divining-rod, of the Roman augurs, was, as is well known, borrowed from the Etruscans, who, again, had derived it, along with their religion, from the Assyrians. As the Roman augur was distinguished by his crooked rod, so the Chaldean soothsayers and priests, in the performance of their magic rites, were generally equipped with a crook or crossier. This magic crook can be traced up directly to the first king of Babylon, that is, Nimrod, who, as stated by Berosus, was the first that bore the title of a Shepherd-king.† In Hebrew, or the Chaldee of the days of Abraham, “Nimrod the Shepherd” is just Nimrod “He-Roè;” and from this title of the “mighty hunter before the Lord,” have no doubt been derived, both the name of Hero [Which is where we get the “Latin” transliteration of the word “Heroic” from] itself, and all that Hero-worship which has since overspread the world. Certain it is that Nimrod’s deified successors have generally been represented with the crook or crosier. This was the case in Babylon and Nineveh, as the extant monuments show.

* See Gradus ad Parnassum, compiled by G. Pyper, a Member of the Society of Jesus, sub vocibus Lituus Episcopus et Pedum, pp. 372, 464.
† Berosus, apud Abydenus, in Cory’s Fragments, p. 32. See also Euseb. Chron., Pars i. pp. 46, 47.

This is great, and AWESOME, AND POWERFUL STUFF BY Mr. Hislop.

For Nimrod, and his wife “Sarah,” are, of the Same Virtues, and, of the Same ‘Virtuesees” of the Commological age of man, and, of that, and below that, is the same worship of the Kingships of the Men of old, and, also, OF NEW.
And, for that, many, many, MANY, of the Same virtues of man are of the Same Successors of the Same People, of the Peeps of man.
And, for that, Many Religious Orders, like the Jesuits, Adopted the Nimrod-Legacy, AND, Nirmod-Legancy, of the Legacy of the Legged Legancy.
And, for that, this Brilliant, and Utterly Completely THIRD EDITION Of “The Two Babylons,” is also an Ulterior, and Promised Treaty, of the Promised People of Israel, AND, their Holy Land.
For, the Land of Israel is nothing but, and, merely, but, not also, and, not limited to, and also, not limited to the Superior Power of the Jesuits, and, for that, there must be many, many, Abbreviated forms of the ‘Genesis’ of creation, and, also, of the Creational ‘Fictional’ Story of the ‘Story’ of Babel.
For the Story of Babel is but a mere allegorical Myth, and, for it to improve, with these Voices “inside our head,” We must be seen as the Great Commumator, but, NOT, COMMUNITATORS, for, the Commune of the People is of the Same Communication of the Same Old Religious Folks of the Babylonia Myths of Chaldee, and, ALSO, OF AND FROM, AND TO AND FRO, FROM, CHALDEA.

For, Chaldea is but mere a Sociological Construct of the Fabrics of time, and, as Bill Hicks once states, and, as I’m about to paraphrase him,…….. He said, once upon the Time in the West, of the Age old Commological Empire of MEN, OF WOMEN, AND, ALSO, OF BEAST:

The fabric of nature is in the minds of men, and, for that to Continue, NIMROD, AND, THE TOWER OF BABEL STORY, IS NOTHING MERE, OR, SHOULD I SAY, NOTHING MORE THAN A MERE-TOWEL MYTH.
For, Towels are meant to be dirty, and to be dried, and CLEANED OFF. And, also, the ‘Tower of Babel’-Myth, is of the Same Sociological Construct of the Times AND the Midsts of men, and, for that, The WOMEN ARE OF POWERFUL VIRTUE, and, for that to exist, NOTHING ELSE…….. CAN……….. Exist.

That’s about it for the paraphrased Quote of, and from, the late, as the great, as of late, AS OF THE GREATEST AS OF THE LATEST, AS OF, NONE OTHER THAN Mr. Bill Hicks himself.
Now, the Powerful Structures and Essencies of time, are, of the Same English, and, also, a little bit of Inglish, and, also, of the SAME ENGLISH THEMES OF THE ENGLISH THEMES OF THE INGLISH THEMES OF THE LAND.

For, the land of the powerful, PROWESS PEOPLE, is of the SAME MYTHOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT OF THE SAME PEOPLE, and, also, AS OF, the Same People of the Promised Land of the ‘Un’-Holy Land of Jerusalem ‘City.’
For Jerusalem is but a mere city, of this Intro of Virtues, and, also, of the Virtues of man, and, for that to Exist, many, many, MANY, must exist, before, and in, and also, IN, AND UP TO, TO THE FABRICS OF TIME.
Now, let me give you ONE MORE QUOTE, FROM THE “POPULAR” THIRD EDITION Of Alexander Hislop’s The Two Babylons.

In it, on page 279, he writes the following, as such, in a written statement of lawyer-like feelings, and, also, of the Myths of time, OF THE NIMRODS OF OUR TIME, AND, OF OUR GENERATION, OF TIME, AND, OF MEN, AND, OF WOMEN OF TIME.

[…] for Harpocrates, or Horus, the infant god, was regarded as Bel, born again.*

* See ante, p. 100.

That’s exactly right. “Harpocrates” is the Same Name as Horus, in ancient, Old, Indio-Latin-and-Indo-Latin-Languages-of-Construction, of the (mere) fabrics of (our) time.
And, for that, Harpocrates is of the Same Mythological Construct as of the (same) fabrics of time.
For it, he is the Great Care-Giver, and, for that, BELGIUM, OR, SHOULD I SAY, BEL-GIUM, or, perhaps even, Baal-Gium.
That’s right, Belgium, or, Baalgium, is the Great Caregiver of the people, as WE ARE (As I live in Belgium. N. B.) At the Heart of the Core in Belgium.

That’s right, Belgium is the Nation’s Capital of Europe, and EUROPE CARES FOR ITS, OR, SHOULD I SAY, HERS PEOPLE.
Also, the Flag, which is, also, and, not belimited to, the Flag of the Great Belgian Nations, the Black-Yellow-Red, and, also, perhaps, sometimes, even a bit of white, lol…………… If you know what I mean.

That’s right, Our Flag stands OUT from, and AMONGST ALL THE OTHER FLAGS IN EXISTENCE, THAT’S A FACT.
And there’s a reason for that.
For flags are of the SAME mythological Construct as of the Flags of the Great Belgian Nations of Old, and, also, OF THE SAME BELGIAN NATIONS OF THE VIRTUES OF OLD, and, ALSO, AND, FOR IT, NOT BELIMITED TO, THE GREAT BELGIAN FLAGS OF THE FALSE FLAGS OF TIME.

That’s right, for Belgium is the Same Mythological Construct as MANY OTHER NATIONS OF STATES, and, also, of the Same Nations of States as those of, and from, Estonia.
As The Estonian Flag stands out a little bit as well, TO BE HONEST.

I’ll Give you a Picture of the (Current) Estonian Flag in a little while, but, for now, I must Subside, and, SUBDIDE, TO THE POWERS OF THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH, and, for that, also, of the Nations of the Earth of Belgium, and also, OF ESTONIAN’S, AND OF BELGIAN’S FLAG.


And “Gentile” doesn’t necessarily mean “bad” or “good;”

It’s of the Same nations of States as the “Gentiles” of the Old Mythological, and Constructional Work of the Same Mythological Scheme, and Essence of Schemes, of the Great Fabrics of time.

And, also, for it, for, Estonian was founded as a NATION, IN 1948(!!!!!!!!).

That’s right, before that, it was merely a nation of states.

For Estonia is the Land of the Powerful, and Mighty, and ALL-POWERFUL Riches, of, the Face of the Earth, and, also, of, the Mythological Creates, AND FACES ON THE PLANET OF THE EARTH.

And, with it, Estonia is of the same sociological Construct as the Great Nations of the Face of the Earth.
And, with it, also, and, not belimited to, the Facial Nervous System of the Faces of the Earth.


And, also, with that having said that, Let me Quote Mr. Bishop, from the Movie “Aliens.”

In this movie, the first one, that is, he says something along the lines of (and I’m paraphrasing here, Combining a couple of quotes, with my own virtuous insights combined into it as well):

The Nation of States of the Powerful Nations of Estonia are of the Same Essencies are Prawlesness, and Virtuousness, of the Same Nations of State, of the Nations of State of time, and, OF SPACE OF TIME, OF THE (NEVERENDING), AND, ALSO, OF THE NEVERENDING STATE OF TIME IN THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE PEOPLE’S MINDS OF THE FRAMES OF TIME.

That’s about it for that paraphrased quote, lol.
You may disagree with it, of course, you always May. But, that’s just the way I see it.

Also, this Sense of Entitlement is of the Same Nations of States, as of the same Other Virtues, as, and also, as and from, the Same Nations of State, as other Fabrics of time (who may, or may NOT exist).

Also, the Timing of the Future, is of the Same Mythological Construct as Other nations, and OTHER FARERS OF THE NATION OF STATES OF TIME.

For, as we evolve, and CONTINUE to evolve, into the Greatest Human Beings ever, we must not forget the Past, and also, not the present, but DEFINITELY NOT, the FUTURE.

This is the Estonian Flag over the Parliament of, and over, the British Flag of Redemption, and, also, over and of of the Great Powerful Nations of the Western Empire, and, also, of the GREAT WISDOM OF THE VIRTUES OF POWER, and, also, OF THE GREAT WISDOM OF THE POWERFUL PLAYERS INTO THE KEYS OF THE CHANGE, AND, ALSO, INTO THE KEYS OF THE CHANGES OF THE ESTONIAN FLAG OF POWER. For Many Nations are to be seen as great, great, power(ful) welders, of nations, and, of powers, and, also, of NATION, and, also, OF POWER OF NATIONS. For Estonia IS the Land of the Powerful Riches, of the Nations of State, and, also, of the Nation of States of DENMARK, AND ALSO, OF DENMARK OF THE SWEDISH AND LITHUANIAN CONUNDRUM. Also, for it, and, also, with it, Mistakes must not happen, for the Great Powerful and Wielding Torch-Bearers are of the Same Nation of States as OTHER powerful Wielding, and OTHER Powerful wielding, and torch-bearing, of nation, of states, of NATION OF STATES OF POWER. And, also, with that, the Great Empire, and, also, THE GREAT UMPIRE, OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE, IS STILL IN DIRECT CONTACT, AND CONNECTION, WITH, AND OF, ESTONIA: THE LAND OF THE POWERFUL RICHES. For, the Land of the Estonians is on Virtuous ground, and, also, Grounds, for the Grounds of the People are of the Essences, and, also, THE ESSENCIES, OF THE NATION OF STATES, AND, OF THE STATES OF POWER, RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF THE STATES OF POWER. That's right, Correcting Mistakes, as we think, is of the Same Greatness and Virtuousness of Barking dogs, who aren't as annoying anymore, as they were, and, still are, USED TO BE. For, Barking Dogs must exist, and, also, in it, and, also, of and from it. For they ARE of the GREATEST BARKING DOGS OF NATIONS, AND I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST ESTONIA, NOR THEIR ESTONIAN COUNTERSHIPS OF THEIR PEOPLE'S LANDS, AND THEIR PEOPLE THEMSELVES. For it, and of it, this is about the end of this 'rant,' there must be many, many, nations of power, into the HANDS OF THE POWERFUL RICHES OF ESTONIA, and, in it, and OF IT, they are the KEY to Unlocking, or, ONE OF THE KEYS, TO UNLOCKING THE NIMROD BABYLONIAN SYSTEM OF REDUCTION. But, NOT OF REDEMPTION, FOR THEY ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH, AND, ALSO, A FORCE OF FORCES OF ALL NATIONS, OF ALL NATIONS OF STATE, and, for that, there must be of MANY, MANY, Nations of Power, and in Many, Many, Nations of States. ---- CREDIT IMAGE:

This is the Estonian Flag over the Parliament of, and over, the British Flag of Redemption, and, also, over and of of the Great Powerful Nations of the Western Empire, and, also, of the GREAT WISDOM OF THE VIRTUES OF POWER, and, also, OF THE GREAT WISDOM OF THE POWERFUL PLAYERS INTO THE KEYS OF THE CHANGE, AND, ALSO, INTO THE KEYS OF THE CHANGES OF THE ESTONIAN FLAG OF POWER.
For Many Nations are to be seen as great, great, power(ful) welders, of nations, and, of powers, and, also, of NATION, and, also, OF POWER OF NATIONS.
For Estonia IS the Land of the Powerful Riches, of the Nations of State, and, also, of the Nation of States of DENMARK, AND ALSO, OF DENMARK OF THE SWEDISH AND LITHUANIAN CONUNDRUM.
Also, for it, and, also, with it, Mistakes must not happen, for the Great Powerful and Wielding Torch-Bearers are of the Same Nation of States as OTHER powerful Wielding, and OTHER Powerful wielding, and torch-bearing, of nation, of states, of NATION OF STATES OF POWER.
For, the Land of the Estonians is on Virtuous ground, and, also, Grounds, for the Grounds of the People are of the Essences, and, also, THE ESSENCIES, OF THE NATION OF STATES, AND, OF THE STATES OF POWER, RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF THE STATES OF POWER.
That’s right, Correcting Mistakes, as we think, is of the Same Greatness and Virtuousness of Barking dogs, who aren’t as annoying anymore, as they were, and, still are, USED TO BE.
For, Barking Dogs must exist, and, also, in it, and, also, of and from it.
For it, and of it, this is about the end of this ‘rant,’ there must be many, many, nations of power, into the HANDS OF THE POWERFUL RICHES OF ESTONIA, and, in it, and OF IT, they are the KEY to Unlocking, or, ONE OF THE KEYS, TO UNLOCKING THE NIMROD BABYLONIAN SYSTEM OF REDUCTION.
But, NOT OF REDEMPTION, FOR THEY ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH, AND, ALSO, A FORCE OF FORCES OF ALL NATIONS, OF ALL NATIONS OF STATE, and, for that, there must be of MANY, MANY, Nations of Power, and in Many, Many, Nations of States. —- CREDIT IMAGE:

Now, the Virtuous state of affairs, is also of the State of Affairs of the people, AND, of the Nations of Power.
For, here is a direct quote, from Dr. Ian Barnes’ Books: “The Historical Atlas of Judaism.”
In it, he describes the Nation’s of Power, Power wielding Nation of Power, Estonia, and its influence, AND, influences of, and on, Society.
For, I shall Paraphrase this quote:


That’s right, that is the ‘paraphrased’ quote.

For, this Great treatise is coming to an end, and, for that, and, of that, the Great Tract Treatise of the ‘Cumma Laude’ must be on the Guardian’s Patrol side, for, and of it, this must be Regarded as a great and wonderful treatise, into the essences, and, the spaces of time.

For many ARE of the Cumma Laude’s, especially the Pope’s of rome, and, in it, and, into it, the Cumma Laude’s Must be on the Guardian’s Side of the Great Tracts, AND TREATISE, of the common age era.
And, for this, there must be MANY, MANY, GREAT GUARDIANS, AND, ALSO, GREAT EDITS, of the Protestant reformation, through the Ages of time, AND THROUGH, the GREAT ESTONIAN FLAGS OF OUR TIME.


Into the Great nation of time, and, also, into the times of the Great Nation.

And, also, of it, the Sensury, or, the Consensus of the Virtues of Time, and, of the great Time Essencies of the Great Essencies of time, and, also, in it, THE CUMMA LAUDES OF THE ESSENCIES……… OF TIME.

The End.

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