The Time of the Roman Civilization, to the Inca’s

When the Inca’s bore their very own land, they also settled in the nerve states of the Ancient Old Empire of the Old Russian Civilization, as explain by Gorbachev, who, also, and whom, also, is in the Russian’s Period, Period of Enslavement, AND entrapment, is on the OTHER side of the fence.

The Inca’s of the Ancient OLD, Romanish Empire, are also of the Romanish Period of the Ensettlement, AND entrapment of the Current Civilization, the CURRENT entrapment of the Hunger Games of old.

Now, they also settle in their low land, in their very own low land, for that, they must also SEIZE the opportunity to ENGAGE, and ENDANGER, in those, and from those, and from whose those, and FROM WHOM, those, are of settled, and are ALSO off-settled in the low lands of the ancient ROMANISH British Empire.

To quote one very, very esteemed author on this subject, namely Mr. Edward Davies, he, also, suggests that the BRITISH Druids are of the Ancient Old, Commological LAND.
For that, they must be enslaved by the common thrust people of the Ancient Old COMMOLOGICAL LANDS Of Old. And, of New.

And, for that, they must be settled in their Nerve Landings, for the Nerve Landings are of the Commological THEME, of the Ancient Inca’s, and the ANCIENT BRITISH PEOPLE.


Now, as Mr. Edward Davies explains, in his MOST WONDERFUL TREATISE, CALLED, The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids, they also settle in the LOW lands of the OLD, ANCIENT OLD, COMMOLOGICAL EMPIRE.

And, for that, THE COMMOLOGICAL SENSE of this DIATRIBE is also of the TRIBES of the Old, Ancient Old, WEST, OF THE WESTERN PACIFIC STATES, AS H. H. Bancroft Explains.

Now, to quote the VERY, VERY esteemed author on this subject, Mr. Davies, on pages 289-290, he explains, and says:

Having now taken a considerable range in the grounds of British superstition, I shall dismiss the present subject, with the persuasion, that the facts which I have brought forward in this, and the preceding section, will furnish a master-key to the stores of British mythology.

It has been proved, that the great secret of the ancient Bards, who professed themselves disciples of the Druids, and consequently of the Druids themselves, resolves itself into the mystical rites of Hu and Ceridwen; that these characters were no other than the Bacchus and Ceres of antiquity, whose mysteries are acknowledged to have been duly celebrated in the British islands, and that the ceremonies and traditions of the Britons, had evident analogy with the superstitions of the Greeks, and of some of the Eastern nations.

It has also been seen, that the British mysteries commemorate the deluge, and those characters which are connected with its history; and thus furnish an undeniable confirmation of Mr. Bryant’s opinion, that Ceres was an imaginary genius of the Ark, from whence the post-diluvian world derived their being, their laws, and their science; whilst on the other hand, that opinion supplies a lucid solution of the great  Bardic ænigma, that every thing sacred, pure, and primitive, was derived from the cauldron of Ceridwen.

In British antiquities, the subject is new, and upon that account alone, may be deemed curious by many readers; but I regard it in a more important light, as in connexion with the discoveries of Mr. Bryant and Mr. Faber, affording a demonstration to the candid philosopher, that heathenism had no foundation of its own to rest upon, and that its tottering fabric merely leaned against the great historical truths, which are recorded in the sacred volume.

Now, having said that, the British Druids are also of the Ancient Old, Commological Theme, as I have said Already;


That’s what Commological Means, and I Might have Invented that word, who knows.

Anyway, doesn’t matter who invented it, it simply means just that.


Who, was of course, the KING OF THE DEAD.
As explained in the Movie The Lord of the Rings, of course, who, dwell upon the Green Ancient Lanterns of light, and, who, and whom, also, dwell upon the lanterns of light in the Ancient Old City of Jerusalem.

For, as thy’th hath said, thy, must be of THIS WORLD, and also, of ALL THE NEXT, AND CONTINUING, AND UPCOMING WORLDS, COMBINED.

For that is true, that much is true.

Now, let us return of “Mr.” Bryant’s works. For, as I explained in another Post of mine, he, was in fact, a SHE, or, should I say, a HER, A female, that is.

But anyway, that’s kinda irrelevant now.

In her great, and enthralling, 3, OR, 6-volume set, she writes about this “New System”, of deduction, of time, and, of space.

For she is True to her core, and ALL her OTHER works are great, enthralling, and riveting as well, AND, A LITTLE BIT OF TOO, AS WELL, AND ALSO, OF COURSE.

Now, in one of her other works, called, Observations upon the Plagues Inflicted on the Egyptians, she discusses the very fact that the Egyptians were nothing new, more of the Old Same, of the Ancient old, Phoenician-Canaanite System of Deduction, AND reduction.

For, that much is true, she MUST be true, and NEW, to her core, and to the CORE of the Ancients.

Now, to quote this great work, on page 89, she writes, and says the following little piece, and bit, of information, on the Ancient Canaanite System of Phoenician Origins:

It [The continuational seasons of the months, AND the years, of the Old, Ancient Old, Phoenician-Canaanite, Old System of Reduction, AND Deduction] continued subsiding for a long time; but soon after the[1] equinox and during the month of October the ground began to appear; which, being covered with slime and mud, produced flies and all kinds of insects. These generated at that season in the swamps and moist places; particularly in the bodies of rats and mice and other animals, not (as the ancients thought) half formed; but half putrified: from whence they proceeded in swarms. The œstrum is well known to be generated from hence.[2]

[1] The time when the Nile is highest about the middle of September. Pocock, p. 201. Soon after it began to sink. Strabo seems to make it for forty days in a state of equilibre during its greatest height; and then gradually to subside as it arose. l. 17. p. 1137.
[2] Scholio in Apollon. l. l. v. 1265. The Scholiast upon Homer speaks to the same purpose. […I can’t type this As I don’t have the Font…]. Homeri Odyss. x. v.299. […Again, don’t have the font…]. Ibid. v. 300.

This is great, great stuff, as the Scholiast IN HIM is also of the SCHOLIO OF THE ANCIENT OLD, PHOENICIAN-CANAANITE SYSTEM, OF OLD, AND OF NEW.

Now,…….. As the Ancient Old, Phoenicia-Canaanite System is also a System of Reduction, AND DEDUCTION, we all feel special at more or less the same time When The SUN IS AT ITS HIGHEST POINT IN THE SKY, Meaning……… The Sun’s Position and the Sun’s Rays are at the Tip of the Iceberg, and, for that, they are also TRUE to ITS, and HERS, Core, OF, System of Reduction, AND DEDUCTION.

And, for that, they must be true to THEIR core, to THEIR, very OWN Core.



For, as Acharya S, AKA, D. M. Murdock Writes, in her GREAT THESIS, Called: “Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled,” on page 529:

Bell maintains that the Druid religion “continued pure and uncontaminated by any foreign customs” until their cultural exchange with the Phoenicians, after which they “lost their original simplicity, adored a variety of gods, adopted the barbarous custom of offering human victims, and even improved on the cruelty of other nations.” Conversely, Stewart claims that the Celtic headhunting, with the subsequent power-mongering display of skulls, existed in the earliest Celtic cultures.The Druidic sacrifice included piercing  “with darts,” crucifixion, and “being laid on a pile of straw…consumed by fire.” Even Bonwick, somewhat of an Irish apologist, acknowledges the Druid sacrifice, as well as that of the Druid’s descendants, the Culdees: “One would fancy…that the Culdees performed sacred rites, and indulged, like their Druidical fathers, in human sacrifice…to propitiate the Powers, and secure goof fortune.” That these human victims were crucified, in a sacred or expiatory ritual, i.e., in the name of a god, lends credence to the assertions by O’Brien and others that there were images of crucified gods in ancient, pre-Christian Ireland, and verifies once again the contention that the gospel story is pre-Christian and non-historical.

Furthermore, the Druidical religion was like that of many other places, a “polytheistic monotheism” wherein there was recognized both the One and Its multiple parts. One of the names of their god was “Esus” or “Hesus,” the woodcutter, which is essentially the same as Jesus the carpenter: The Druids “worshipped the Supreme Being under the name of Esus, or Hesus.” As Lanctantius asserted, the Gauls sacrificed humans to Hesus, and the name was placed on crosses used for the victims. Thus, in pre-Christian times were commited expiatory human sacrifices, by crucifixion, in the name of Hesus. So close was the connection that the British and Irish poets recognized in “Jesus” the same sacred king of their own religious rites: “They saw Jesus as the latest theophany of the same suffering sacred king whom they had worshipped under various names from time immemorial.” Furthermore, Hesus’s name in Irish is Aesar, evidently related to the Egyptian Ausar (Osiris), as well as the Etruscan Aesar, the Indian Iswara, the Persian Aser and the Scandinavian Aesir.

Awesome, awesome stuff by the Late, AND GREAT, Acharya S, aka, D. M. Murdock.

The Ancient, Irish, British, and Druidic System of Enslavement is ALSO of the Money Powers of the World, as the Ancient, British, AND DRUIDIC SYSTEM OF PHOENICIAN-CANAANITE ORIGINS, is ALSO, of the Same British and Ancient Druidic System of Enslavement, for, their powers ARE of great MIGHT, and, OF GREAT VIRTUE, for they must, and MIGHT, be Interrelated, and Interconnected, for they MUST BE OF THE SAME SYSTEM OF ENSLAVEMENT, OF OLD, AND OF NEW.

For that, they must be INTERCONNECTED, for the System of Reduction is ALSO of the Same System of Reduction in the Ancient, Phoenicia-Canaanite System, of AKKADIAN Origins.

For, the Akkadians – and very little is known about them, there is very, very little information about it, on the web, and in books – are of the Same System of Reduction, in the PALACE OF (THE) KING, TUTANCHAMON.

For, HE, Tutanchamon, the King of the Druids, is of the ANCIENT, OLD, PHOENICIA-CANAANITE-SYSTEM of Reduction, and for that, they must also see the POWERS, AND THE PROWESS, of the ANCIENT OLD, PHOENICIA-CANAANITE SYSTEM.

This system of Slavery, and reduction, AND DEDUCTION, and for that, they must ALSO be in the SAME league as the Commonorial System of Legality-Issues; For, Legality-related-issues are NOT a thing, or, of, and Should I say, OF, A KING, of the Past.

For that, they MUST be Interconnected, and for that, they must ALSO be interconnected in the Phoenicia-Old-Ancient-Ol’-Phoenician-Canaanite-System-of-Reduction.

And, also, for the System to Appear, AND re-appear, there must be Something to it.

Now, Mrs. Jacob Bryant, for “HE”, was, IN FACT, A “SHE”, and for that, NOT as a Trans-sexual, no no, for that, he, or, Should I say, SHE, Covered up her name IN NAME OF SANCTITY. lol…….

Anyway…. Who cares, lol….

Now, Mrs. Bryant TALKS about this System of Reduction, in the (Same) Time of Slavery, as the Phoenicia-Canaanite-System, of Reduction, AND, OF DEDUCTION.

Now, on Page 472 of the 2nd volume of the 6-volume Set of “A New System: ; or, an Analysis of Ancient Mytholog,” Mrs. “Bryant” talks about the Ancient, Indo-Religio-Politico-System, of Worship, AND…….. OF SEX-SLAVERY RINGS.

Ariadne underwent the like change. also Battus, Atlas, Alemena, and others. All these histories relate to personages, enshrined in temples styled Petra, who had a […Can’t type this Font, as I don’t have it…] or rude pillar erected to their honour. This was the usage in all parts, before the introduction of images. There are allusions to these Ophite temples, and to these pillars, upon the coins of Syria, and Tyre. Upon these the Deity is represented between two rough stones, with two serpents on each side of him. A temple of this sort, which betrayed great antiquity, stood in the vicinity of Thebes, and was called the serpent’s head. Pausanius speaks of it as remaining in his time. The same author affords another instance in his account of Achaia; which is attended with some remarkable circumstances. He tells us, that at Pheræ, a city of that region, was a fountain sacred to Hermes; and the name of it was Hama.

Great, and Amazing stuff, by the Late, and the Great, and the GREAT, AS OF LATE, “Mrs.” “Jacob Bryant.”
Now, with this having said that, she also (-inter-)connects with the sacred deity, or, should I say, deities, of the Ancient, and Indo-Sakratian, Past, of the Past Elvish Lives, for the Past elvish lives are Also of THIS Roman Kingdom, and of these, and of THIS, ROMAN KINGDOM, or, Should I say, ROMAN KINGDOMS, TO COME, and, IN ALL FOR ETERNITY, that is.

Now, also, having said that, Julius Caesar the 4th, who is ALSO a Roman Ruler of the Julius Caesar Calendar, is ALSO of the Romish Rulers of the Past Lives, and HE, AND HIM, ARE ALSO OF THE SAME ROMISH RULERS OF ALL THE LIVES, OF ALL THE MEN, OF ALL SACRED RELIGIONS, OF THE PAST, AND OF THE NEW.

Now, having said that, there is more to it than that. For, these Sacred Rulers, and, Sacred Egyptian of Rulers, there really IS more to it than that, for they ARE of THIS kingdom, AND of the NEXT kingdoms to Come.

For, they are here, to common underdone, and, UNDERGone, for, they ARE common, AND, Coming, to the Sacred Rulers of the Past Lives, and of the New.
For, Sacred Rulers are of Everywhere, And, of Everyone, for THEY ARE, and YES, THEY ARE, OF THIS SACRED RELIGION, AND OF ALL THE NEXT SACRED RELIGIONS TO COME.

And, FOR THAT, they must be seen, and RECKONED WITH, As a Strong Force to Come, and, in All the Past, AND, Previous lives, they are of the Same Common, Undersense, and Undergone, And, UNDONE, FEATURED, or, Should I Say, FUTURE’D, SACRED RELIGIONS TO COME.

Now, Alvin Boyd Kuhn, in his MOST AMAZING WORK, CALLED: “The Lost Light: An Interpretation of Ancient Scriptures,” Talks about, AND TELLS US, of, and HOW, the Ancient Scriptures were Contrived, AND CONTRIBED, AND, CONTRIBUTED TO, THE ANCIENT ISRAELITE, AND PHOENICIAN-ORIGIN-OF-SANSKRITIAN-ORIGIN.

Now, in this great, and most AWESOME, AND AMAZING BOOK, on page 189, he says the following, little piece of Amazing And GREAT INFORMATION:

The “poor,” it is to be recalled, are equivalent to the Gentiles, the unregenerate natural man. They were the ones for whom the message of the Messiah was intended. The announcement from heaven to earth that a race of deities was about to descend to lift animal life into the kingdom of reason and articulate speech was verily “the good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people,” the best news ever wafted to the denizens of the planet up to that period. “Thou hast anointed my head with oil, my cup runneth over,” echoes the immortal Psalm (23). “Having had my flesh embalmed,” says the Osirified deceased in the Ritual (Ch. 64), “my body does not decay.”Hence flesh, inoculated with spirit, or the mummy embalmed, becomes immortal. And the Word was made flesh! And flesh will be immortalized!

But the Egyptians had a correlative phrase with “the Word made flesh.” It was “the Word made Truth.” The Logos or spirit made flesh produced the first birth, the natural man, the first Adam. This was not the true Word, for it was falsified by the admixture of the earthly, natural element, by which it voiced the animal note. As the boy’s voice at the age of manhood changes from a feminine to a masculine timbre, so the speech of the mortal had to swing away from the tones of its mother nature and issue as the voice of the spiritual Self. Figuratively at the human race’s age of twelve, always the number marking our spiritual perfecting, the Christ within us has to abandon the concerns of the maternal physical life and “be about his Father’s business,”—the spiritual life. The race must turn from Mother Nature to Father God at its spiritual puberty.

It is quite noteworthy in this connection that one of the most eminent of modern psychologists, C. G. Jung, has divided human life into two periods, which he calls the forenoon and afternoon of life, the boundary line being placed at the age of thirty-five. He says that in the forenoon mankind lives the life of “nature,” but turns in the “afternoon” to a life of “culture.” So that we find even the span of mortal life epitomizing the larger scheme, in that we begin the “day” of life by living under nature, and turn in the afternoon to the concerns of the spirit and the mind. “First that which is natural, then that which is spiritual,” St. Paul has reminded us.

This is great and awesome stuff by Mr. Kuhn.

Now, on the Spiritual Self, the Life Path of the Self, many must be remembered, and Embraced, to the Common Good of the People, for they ARE TO BE REMEMBERED.

And, for that, Also to be Remembered BY DAY, and, BY NIGHT.

For this to be true, MANY must be reminded, AND Remembered, OF, the Spiritual Self? Of the Spiritual Life Line, That, of which, is, To Be Remembered.

And for that, there Must be MANY, MANY, Path ways, TO, the spiritual Self of Life, and, in That, which, of, The Mind Speaks, and, in also, that of Which, the MIND SPEAKS AS WELL, AND ALSO, AND ALSO, A LITTLE BIT OF TOO.


Now, the Time of the Inca’s is a different (subject) matter altogether, but first, let us go back, and remind us of Mrs. “Jacob Bryant”‘s Thesis, Of the Spiritual Self, AND the Time of Immortality.

In “A New System; or, an Analysis of Ancient Mythology,” in the THREE-Volume set, NOT the SIX(!!!!), she talks about the Time of the Period OF, the Roman Civilization, in the Time Period of Immortality, for the Spiritual Self is ALSO THE IMMORTAL SELF, OF THE SOUL, AND OF THE MIND, AND, (OF) THE BODY.

For this is true, in her 3-volume-work-of-sets, or, Should I say, in her THREE-Volume, Set, there is more to it than meets the eye.

For this is true, for, as she writes on page 29 of the First Volume of the Three-Volume, Set; She says the following:

The Elysian plain near the Catacombs in Egypt stood upon foul Charonian canal: which was so noisome, that every fetid ditch and cavern was from it called Charonian. Asia Proper comprehended little more than Phrygia, and a part of Lydia; and was bounded by the river Halys. It was of a most inflammable soil; and there were many fiery eruptions about Caroura, and in Hyrcania, which latter was styled by the Greeks by the Greeks xexauuevn [I don’t have this Font, this is the Closest I can get it to be as similar to how it is written in the book]. Hence doubtless the region had the name of[1] Asia, or the land of fire. One of its most ancient cities, and most reverenced, was Hierapolis, famous for its hot fountains. Here was also a sacred cavern, styled by Strabo Plutonium, and Charonium; which sent up pestilential effluvia. Photius in the life of Isidorus acquaints us, that it was the temple of Apollo at Hierapolis, within whose precincts these deadly vapours arose. […I can’t type this font, As I don’t have it…]. He speaks of this cavity as being immediately under the edifice. Four caverns of this sort, and stiled Charonian, are mentioned by Strabo in this part of the world.

[1] The country about the Cäyster was particularly named Asia.
[…I can’t type this font…]. Homer. iliad. B. v. 461.
Of these parts see Strabo. L. 13. p. 932.

Now, this is great and excellent stuff.

For Strabo, and the Charonian Embassy, are port of the, or, should I say, “A”? larger whole.

For they are of this Edifice, or, under the edifices to come.

For they are VERY, VERY common in the Ancient World, for yet, and yes, they MUST BE, and for that, they must ALSO BE, of the common rulers, AND USURPERS, of THE AGE OLD-COMMOLOGICAL SYSTEM.

Now, Kersey Graves, in his MOST GREAT, AND MOST AWESOME BOOK, CALLED The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors, talks about HOW MANY, and THE AMOUNT OF SAVIORS, there were, and, still are.

For this is true, there are many, but, not as many as 16, ’cause there are a whole plethora of more.

For, sixteen is NOT enough, and, ALSO, as Clifford Howard has said, that Phallic Worship is NOT a thing of the past, for, it is also, of the New, and of the OLD, ANCIENT OLD, Canaanite-Phoenicia-Akkadian System, for, OF REDUCTION, and, OF DEDUCTION.

Now, with this having said that, as Kersey Graves in his most EXCELLENT THREE books, says – And maybe he has more than Three? Perhaps some more, or others, that I’m not aware of, just yet – That the World’s Sixteen crucified saviors are of THIS PAST, AND THIS OLD-TIME PAST RELIGION, or, Should I say, RELIGIONS.

For, it is true, that MANY are OF this Great, and empowering, AND, Enthralling Religion.


For yes, that is true, that WE FELT IT, SOMETHING LIKE A SLIGHT, OR, EVERY SO SLIGHT, WOOZINESS; For yes, there must be SOME (iota) of truth to it, that many saviors, are not of this Old-Time-Past-Religion, for it, we must not look, but, FOR IT, WE MUST LOOK, and YET, MUSTN’T, at the (exact) same time.
Now, to Quote the Great, AND THE LATE, AS OF GREAT, KERSEY GRAVES, FROM, and FROM HIS Most excellent work, entitled, The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors.

On page 79, he says, and mentions the following ‘little’ tidbit of information:

The Indian incarnate God Chrishna, the Hindoos believe, had a virgin mother of the royal race, who was sought to be destroyed in his infancy about nine hundred years before Christ. It appears that he passed his life in working miracles, and preaching, and was so humble as to wash his friend’s feet; at length dying, but rising from the dead, he ascended into heaven in the presence of a multitude. The Cingalese relate nearly the same things of their “Budha.” And several authors of Egyptian history refer to a story perpetuated in the Egyptian legends concerning the God Osiris, who was threatened with destruction by the tyrant Amulius, to save whom his parents fled and concealed him in an arm of the River Nile, as Christ was concealed in the same country, and, for aught that appears to the contrary, in the same locality. The mother of another and older Savior of Egypt fled by a timely warning to Epidamis before the birth of the divine child, and was there delivered of “our Lord and Savior” Horus. And the earthly or adopted father of the Grecian Savior, and God, Alcides, had to flee with him and his mother to Galem for protection from threatening danger. In the ninth and tenth volumes of the “Asiatic Researches” we find the story of the “only begotten,” or “first begotten son of God,” Salvahana, of Cape Comorin, son of a virgin mother (as were all the other Saviors referred to), and a carpenter by the name of Taishnea. (It will be remembered that Joseph, “foster-father of Jesus,” was a carpenter.) The story of this “Son of God” presents several features very similar to that relating to Jesus. Sir William Jones, Colonel Wilford, and the Rev. Mr. Maurice, all confess to the antiquity of this story, as originating before the birth of Christ. Speaking of Zoroaster of Persia (another case), 600 B. C., an author remarks, “Tradition reports that his mother had alarming dreams of evil spirits seeking to destroy the child to whom she was about to give birth. But a good spirit came to rescue him, and consoled her by saying, “Fear not; God Ormuzd will protect the infant, who has sent him as a prophet to the people and the world who are waiting for him.”

China, too, presents us with a case of the threatened destruction of a Savior in infancy, evidently recorded more than two thousand five hundred years ago. It is the case of the God Yu, who was concealed in a manner similar to that of Moses—a commemoration of the story of which is perpetuated by an image or picture of a virgin mother with a babe upon her knee—sometimes in her arms. Now, let it be noted that these virgin-born Gods, who, we are told, came “to save the world,” could not save themselves, but had to be protected and saved by other Gods.

Now, I know about the controversy surrounding Kersey Graves, AND his Works.
I don’t give a fuck, lol, I can quote anything I want, ’cause Kersey Graves was SPOT ON, HE’S ONE OF THE MOST RELIABLE SOURCES THERE IS…….. BECAUSE…….. HE GOT HIS INFORMATION DIRECTLY FROM THE JESUITS, AND(!!!), THEIR LIBRARIES.

So, who gives a fuck right? lol.

Anyway, let us continue…

This is great, great Stuff, by Kersey Graves.

He admits freely to ALL the gods that were EVER in existence, and also, IN, and OF, and FROM, and TO, FROM, AND INTO, EXISTENCE, FROM, AND CONSUMING FROM OTHER GODS.

For these Gods ‘ARE’ Righteous, for yes, THEY ARE, yes, and yes, they MUST be, for that, and only, for that, and also, for that, NOT IF OF, BUT, MORE OF IF, THAN OF OFF, FOR THE OTHER GODS OF CONCEALMENT ARE ALSO OF THESE, OR, Should I say, of THIS god.

For they ARE of Other Gods, for yes, they ARE.

And yes, so, let it be, that MANY, MANY, other Gods, are also of THIS concealment, for yes, they HAVE to be, And for that, they MUST BE, of THIS concealment, and for that, OF, the Concealment of OTHER gods.

Now, Kersey Graves, in his OTHER MOST EXCELLENT OF EXCELLENT BOOKS, CALLED: “The Bible of Bibles,” talkes about MANY, MANY, different Bibles, altogether, in and under, the Same Umbrella of Packaging, and PACKAGED, BIBLES OF VILE BIBLES, or VILOSITY, for the VILOSITY, is OF, the Same Bible, or, Same Bable, as others, AS…….. the Story of bable is nothing more than A story of OTHER BABLE STORIES. Or, Should I say, Babel, for, Babel, is nothing more, or, should I say, nothing MERE(?), of An Ancient re-telling of other Stories, VERY, VERY similar to the Other Stories at Hand.

Now, this is True of MANY, FOR MANY ARE OF THIS HAND, and, also, FOR MANY ARE(!!!) of OTHER HANDS;

For, of OTHER hands, of, and of, and from and to, and of and to and from and to, and fro and to, for MANY, ARE…….. OF THE SAM HAND OF “GOD.”

For yes, that MUST be true, for that many are of Other, Different Gods, in the same Regard as, and, the same regard THAN, Other Gods, in Existence, or, who, and whom have, Existed, in the First Place.

Now, let us continue, shall we?

In this OTHER great work, called, Paganism Surviving in Christianity, Authored, AND, written By, Abram Herbert Lewis, it is said that, many of the OTHER, different Gods, of Ancient Religio-Politico-Worship, are OF the Same Gods, AS OTHER, AND, AS THE SAME.


Or, Should I say, Deities?

Now, in this Great work of Which I’ve just said the Title OF.

For, it must be said, that MANY, MANY, different Gods, are,…. of the same and Old Religion, of the same AND, of the SAME OLD RELIGIO-CONCEPT.

For this, is true, for it IS TRUE.

For MANY, ARE, of the same and Old Religion, and for this, it MUST BE SAID, that Many, MANY Others, are of the SAME OLD RELIGIO-POLITICO-WORSHIP.

For yes, there MUST BE MANY, and yes, for MANY, ARE, of the same MANY FEATURES, as MANY, MANY, other gods.

For gods are, and come in, many, very, very, different varieties. And for that, there MUST be many, for MANY, MANY, are of the SAME VARIETY AS MANY OTHER DIFFERENT, AND VERY, VERY, SECULAR Gods.

For Secular Gods are Everywhere, and not Only are they Not, Secular, or, Are Very Secular, but they are ALSO very, very Interbreeding in the Same Mechanism as BEFORE;

Now, as Kersey Graves has said in his most ENTHRALLING, AND VERY, VERY, RIVETING WORK, entitled: “The Bible of Bibles,”…. that the Ancient Gods of OLD, ALL, HAD BIBLES, THEIR VERY, VERY OWN BIBLES, OF VILE, BIBLES.

Now, on pages 179 ad 180, he adds:

Ezekiel and Habakkuk both would have us believe that God seized them by the hair of the head, and carried them,—the former, the distance of eight miles; and the latter, three hundred miles. How Jehovah himself traveled while performing this feat of carrying the prophets is not explained. It must have been rather an unpleasant way of traveling, and must have caused some serious perturbation of mind lest the hair-hold should slip, and precipitate them to the ground. If this mode of travel could have been continued, it would have superseded the necessity of railroads.

Ezekiel, we are told, lay three hundred and ninety dayson his left side, and forty days on his right side; and then, having swallowed a roll of parchment with the aid of Jehovah (Ezek. iii. 1), he was prepared for business. We are not told what was the object in swallowing such a formidable document, or how he managed to get into his stomach an article having a diameter four times that of his throat. Jeremiah wore cords around his neck, and a yoke on his back (rather a singular place for a yoke). Hosea claimed that God commanded him twice to go and marry a whore (Hos. i. 2). This looks like a connivance at, if not a tacit indorsement of, whoredom. Ezekiel relates a “story” about being carried by “the hand of the Lord,” and set down among some old dry bones, which he proceeded to invest with human flesh and sinews, and then drew skins over them to hold the flesh and bones together (Ezek. xxxvii.).Having thus manufactured a new supply of the genus homo, he invoked the four winds to inflate their bodies with breath, when, lo! there “stood upon their feet an exceeding great army.” We use his own language. Here is a story that casts all the wild and and weird tales of heathen mythology in the shade. There would have been no necessity for drafting soldiers in the recent Rebellion if the country could have been blessed with such a creative genius as Ezekiel. Such stories set all logic at defiance. If the first commandment, “Multiply and replenish the earth,” had been neglected so as to render it necessary to adopt another process for increasing the number of human beings, certainly a more rational and decent mode might have been invented. We will not relate any more of the curious capers of these “inspired men of God.”

Some Christian writers have disposed of such erratic conduct, and such wild freaks of fancy, by assuming them to be the garb of metaphor of some great spiritual truth. this is explained by the proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention;” but the common mind knows nothing of these inventions of the priesthood to save the credit of the Bible. Hence, whether true or false, such an explanation does not destroy the demoralizing influence of such ideas and language upon the public mind; ad then it is derogatory to the character of God to assume he would do such senseless and unrighteous things as are related in some of the above cases. We insist that it would be a serious calamity upon the country to make a book containing such moral lessons, or rather immoral lessons, “the fountain of our laws and the supreme rule of our conduct,” as urged by the Evangelical Alliance; and it is a sorrowful and deplorable circumstance that such a book is circulated among the heathen by the thousand as guides for their moral conduct. We wish they would refuse to accept it, as the Japanese have done in the past.

Exactly right,… “Ezekiel the Sun-Worshiper” is the Sun of God, or, Should I say, ANOTHER sun of god, for, there are MANY SUNS, and MANY, have over a thousand faces.

Now, in this latest article that I wrote, I talked about the 155.000 faces or more that the Sun Gods of Old Possess, and, which, I said of, and, WHOM OF, that Article…. Can be found HERE.

Now, when Jesus said (us) to his disciples: “Come, Let us Make Bread in Our Image, After OUR likeness, Let us do it, one by one, By Hand, and By Virtue, of Virtuosenoseness.”

Or, in other, and more truer words, he WAS a Bread-Maker, for he WAS of the SUN OF GOD, FOR YES? HE WAS.

Now, with this having said that, let us turn to ANOTHER great work by Kersey Graves, called, “The Biography of Satan; or, a Historical Exposition of the Devil and his Fiery Dominions.”

This book is an Absolute Gold-Mine, for it is true, the Devil, (not AKIN TO SATAN), is of the Devilish Worship of the Ancient Past, AND, ALSO, OF…….. THE NEW.

For the NEW MUST be remembered, it MUST be.

For that is true, THAT MUCH IS TRUE.

For yes, it IS True, that many of its, or should I say, HER(????????)’S Dominions of “evil” power are of, and OFF, the Grid.

For the Grid Amongst Peoples is of the Ancient, Canolopical Past; For the Dominions of “EVIL”, is NOT, of the EVIL of the Past.

For the Evil of the Past is of the Same Regard, and AS OF, the SAME REGARD, AS THE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SATAN, lol….

That’s just the way it is, and that’s a FACT.

Now, in this GREAT BOOK, OF WHICH, AND OF WHOM, AND OF WHAT, I’VE JUST RECENTLY MENTIONED THE TITLE, It’s, or should I say, ITS Author, Kersey Graves, discusses the following enthralling statement, as discoursed by (his’), “Satan”‘s minions.

Now, the Devil is NOT of Satan, for it is NOT, for, it MUST be true, that MANY dominions ARE of Satan, but Not Many are NOT of his.

For he is the truth, and the LIGHT-Bearer, for yes, he, and SHE, MUST be true, to its, and to HER CORE.

Now, in the book entitled “The Biography of Satan,” The Author discusses the following ‘little’ tidbit of ENTHRALLING INFORMATION/

On page 79 of said book, he says:


Strange as it may seem, it is nevertheless true, that even the Christian fabled Hell may be found (like most others of their venerated and Pagan-derived myths and mysteries) among the stars, though they generally point the other way, or in the other direction, when they wish to indicate its locality, not reflecting hat Dives and Lazarus would not have conversed together while one was in Heaven and the other in Hell, unless these two places had occupied contiguous localities—at least, been situated near together, and this was as likely above as below. The word astronomers use to indicate the sun in its highest point of ascension is perihelion. Now you may notice there is a Hell in this word (peri-hel-ion): at least it can be traced to Hell, or Hell to it. Helion, the last part of this word, was pronounced by the Greeks Elios, and is synonymous with Acheron, which is generally
translated Hell. So that we have “peri,” which means around, about, and “helion,” Hell—that is, the sun roundabout Hell. We can not think it strange, therefore, that Hell is a pretty warm place. And let me admonish the reader not to be alarmed if we should find good old Elias in Hell, the same who appeared with Moses at Christ’s transfiguration. For it is a
fact that Elias (the Greeks using the aspirate instead of the H) is about synonymous, as I have already stated, with the Greek Acheron, which is rendered Hell by translators. Hence it follows that Elias means Hell, if not Hell-fire, which will account for his face shining with such lustre at the transfiguration.

And Hades, or Ades (for the Greek alphabet has no H) may be traced with still less difficulty to the sun for its origin. And Ades, it is well-known, frequently occurs in the Greek New Testament for Hell, and is so rendered in English, Well, now, Ades analyzed is Ad, an Ammorian name for God or God-sun, and es the fire; and hence means “the God-fire,”
“sun-fire.” It was the belief of some of the ancient nations (the Greeks, for instance) that Heaven and Hell were nearly contiguous, being separated only by an impassable gulf, and
both, as some believe, are located in the sun, though more, generally the former only was located there.

This is so, so true, for the word “Hell”, is but a transfiguration of time, for it is NOT of this world, it is of the Ancient Old World of the Inca’s as well, AND ALSO, as well.


For that is true, for the Nomads of the Ancient Romanish Old Past, are ALSO, of this OLD, Romanish Old Past, for this Old, Veneration, and this OLD, VENEERING, is ALSO of the SAME VENEERING AS THE FOUNDING FATHERS, AS H. H. Bancroft has said in his “Works.”

Now, H. H. Bancroft, one of our Geniuses of Our Time, and, of Our Past time, For he HAS PASSED ON, that much is true, that is a fact, but yet, his works, he, is still with us, Today, and forever and ever, till the End of No Time in this Motherfuckin’ Place, Lol.

Now, in His “Works,” on page 782 of the First Volume, Called “Wild Tribes”, he Talks about the Ancient Inca’s Influencing, and Civilizing Society; for it is true, they MUST be of us, and, also Part of Them.

He says:

In Comagre and other provinces the bodies of the caciques were embalmed by placing them on a cane hurdle, hanging them up by cords, or placing them on a stone, or log; and round or below the body they made a slow fire of herbs at such a distance as to dry it gradually until only skin and bone remained. During the process of embalming, twelve of the principal men sat round the body, dressed in black mantles which covered their heads, letting them hang down to their feet; at intervals one of them beat a drum and when he ceased he chanted in monotonous tones, the others responding. Day and night the twelve kept watch and never left the body. When sufficiently dried it was dressed and adorned with many ornaments of gold, jewels, and feathers, and set up in an apartment of the palace where were kept ranged round the walls the remains of his ancestors, each one in his place and in regular succession. In case a cacique fell in battle and his body could not be recovered, or was otherwise lost, the place he would have occupied in the row was always left vacant. Among other tribes the body after being dried by fire was wrapped in several folds of cloth, put in a hammock, and placed upon a platform in the air or in  room. The manner in which the wives, attendants, and servants put themselves to death was, with some, by poison; in such case, the multitude assembled to chant the praises of their dead lord, when those who were to follow drank poison from gourds, and dropped dead instantly. In some cases they first killed their children. With others the funeral obsequies of a principal chief were conducted differently. They prepared a large grave twelve or fifteen feet square and nine or ten feet deep; round the sides they built a stone bench and covered it with painted cloth; in the middle of the grave they placed jars and gourds filled with maize, fruit, and wines, and a quantity of flowers. On the bench was laid the dead chief dressed, ornamented, and jeweled, while around him sat his wives gaily attired with earrings and bracelets. All being prepared the assembled multitude raised their voices in songs declaring the bravery and prowess of the deceased; they recounted his liberality and many virtues and highly extolled the affection of his faithful wives who desired to accompany him. The singing and dancing usually lasted two days and during its continuance wine was freely served to the performers and also to the women who were awaiting
their fate. At the expiration of such time they became entirely inebriated and in a senseless condition, when the final act was consummated by throwing dead and doomed into the grave, and filling it with logs, branches, and earth. The spot was afterwards held in sacred remembrance and a grove of trees planted round it. At the end of a year funeral honors were celebrated in memory of the dead.

Now, this is AMAZING Stuff by Mr. Bancroft, of, and From HIS hands.

Now, for having said this, the ‘Caciques’ of old, AND, of New, were also of the same remembrance of the Same Old Virtues, and for that, also, OF the same Old Virtues, for it, and For that, there must be many, And, must ‘have’ been many, for it is true, that the MANY ‘caciques’ are of the Same Virtues as the Same, Very Old, Wives-Tails, of the Past, and of the Ancient, OLD, Romanian, And GUARDIAN-Slave-System;

For this Guardian Slave System of old, is ALSO of new.

For it is true, and Truth (must) be said, that Many, ARE of them, and many others, ARE, also, of others.

Now, in closing comments, let me quote ONE MORE AUTHOR, with the name of Abram Herbert Lewis.

I already mentioned his name before, and Now, I MUST bring it up again, for he wrote the most amazing book I read, and ‘HE’ Wrote it, in a long, long time.

And I do say ‘HE’, for, I’m not exactly, or should I say, A Hundred Percent certain, ‘He’, is in fact, a man.

But that matters very, very little.

Anyway, Like I mentioned before, and, Said Previously, his, OR HER’s, book, is called, Paganism Surviving in Christianity.

This Book is motherfucking Awesome, lol. And it is VERY, VERY Rare, I THINK(!!!).

But, who the hell cares, it’s out for, for you to find as well, and I hope you do, If you want to, of course, lol.

Now, in this book, the Author discusses the very fact that Paganism had a MAJOR, BIG, MOTHERFUCKING INFLUENCE ON CHRISTIANITY, and, for that, also, on Other, AND FAR MORE ANCIENT, And Other Religions….

For the Religions of the Past Live(s), are ALSO of the Religions of the Past’ New Lives, for yes they are, and yes, they must be.

For Religion are nothing more than Comgrammulational Indiocities, or, Indioctities, for, Titties, or, Should I say, Titan, of the ‘Itties,’ is of the Same Virtue as the Same Old Men, of Revelation, of the Book of Revelation, for Many ARE true of, and OF THEIR'(S), Authors, for, it must be said, and Hath it must be said, that Authors KNOW the Virtues of MANY OF THE ANCIENT, PAST OLD RELIGIONS, of the AGE OLD, or, Should I say, the Age OF OLD, COMGRAMMULATIONAL Religious-Past-Time-O’-Worship.

For it is true, the the Commological, Commosensical, and the Comgrammulational, CommoLogical Sensualizations (are), of the Old time Religions, are of THIS past Tence, and Thence, AND Whence, are also of the Same old Seeing, or Saying (things) in the dark kinda thing.

For yes, they ARE, of this Ancient, Age old, Commological, and Common-Sensual, Theme, of the Themes, of the River Thames, in London, for this River is of GREAT, AND VERY, VERY POWERFUL VIRTUE. And, also, Virtuosenoseness.

For, Basically, Virtuosenoseness is Of the Same Commological Theme of the Ancient, and Past Old religions, as the Waters are dwendling, AND dwindling in the Same old Religio-Fascist-Past-Time-religio-Politico-Fascisto-Dictatorship of Past Time Old Religions.

For this is true, as MANY of the Other, and far, far more Ancient Authors than Jacob Bryant, Gerald Massey, Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Abram Herbert Lewis, Acharya S (Aka, D. M. Murdock), and SO, SO MANY OTHERS.

Now, to quote Albert Herbert Lewis, in, and from, ‘his’, book, entitled, “Paganism Surviving in Christianity.”

In it, on paged 279 and 280, he, or she, says the following note of adventuous foresight, in the Commological Theme of the Senses, of Man, and, OF WOMAN, but NOT, of Beast.


The earliest Christians continued to observe the Jewish Passover on the 14th of the month Nisan. As the pagan element increased in the Church, and the anti-Jewish feeling accordingly, after a sharp struggle, the time was changed from the fourteenth of the month to the Sunday nearest the vernal equinox. This brought it in conjunction with the festival of the Goddess of Spring, an ancient pagan feast, which probably dates back to the time of Astarte-worship, in Babylonia. The name ” Easter” is comparatively modern. It comes from Oestra, the Goddess of Spring, in the Northern European mythology. The forms of observance were almost wholly heathen. Easter eggs, dyed, and ”hot cross-buns,” figured in the Chaldean Easter, as they have done in the Christian. The Hindus, and Chinese, and Egyptians had a sacred egg, the history of which can be traced to the Euphrates and the worship of Astarte.

This is Amazing and Very, Very, Rare, information.

For it is true that Christmas IS pagan, that’s a fact, or, Should I say, “Pagan”, for Pagan-Worship is NOT of the Devil, as, I don’t do not, and I never have, nor shall, or Will, I ever, do that.

But anyway, the Christmas-Celebration of the Easter-Egg is ALSO of the Easter Egg of the Ancient Pagano-Worshipers of the Indian Tribes, The Wadidi’s, or, the Waydadi’s, or, The Waidadi’s, for, it is true, that the Wadadi’s, as they are called, SOMEWHAT, GIVE OR TAKE, It’s, more or less correct, lol.

Anyway, the Wadadi’s, are of the Same old Indian Indo-Sumerian Construct as the Ancient Old, Past Lives of the Elvish kingdom……… OF THE SOUTH.

For the South is the Common Denominator, in the North Node of the Gabrielus, the Archangel of the North Node, which I’ve already talked about previously, here: Gabrielus (Gabrialus), the Archangel of the North Node.

Now, with this having said that, the Archangel of the North Node, Gabrielalus, or, Gabrielus, OR, GABRIALUS, which, he is more commonly called, or, more commonly known as, TO ME, THAT IS;
For it is true, that Gabrielalus the Archangel of the North Node, is not so Much of the South Node, as insomuch he is the Caregiver, and, the CareTaker, of the Takers of the Past Lives, for he is PART of the Indo-Slovakian-Indonesian-Sumerian-And-Sanskritian, Language, of the North Node, Above, AND BELOW, the SOUTH NODE, of Creation, and, of the Vatican’s Concept of “Hell”, which was formulized, or, Should I say, Formalized, in 555 AD. In rome, in the Vaticalé’s Hills.

For Roma, the Vaticalé’s Hill’ Serpent, is of THIS Vitriatibe, or, Should I say, Vitriatribe, for the Vitriatribe, is of the Same Conglomeration as the Old, Ancient Old, Indonesian-Saxish, Indo-Nesian, Empire, of the Ancient Old, Vatical’ Hill’ States.


For Many Gods are of SIMPLOLOGICALITY, for they are, and also, of many Virtuosenoseness, of, the Same Virtuosenoseness, as Other Gods, like Osiris, the Underworld, AND, the Netherworld Deity of the Ancient-Ol’, Egyptians, for they Are, of the Same ‘Ra’, as the Same ‘RA’, as of Horus-Ra, the Horizon, Savior, of the Risen Horizon, who Rose from the Dead (The Netherworld, AND, the Underworld), and Rose to Shine From High Above, with his VERY OWN VIRTUOSENOSENESS, for that is true, his SIMPLOLOGICALITY, is OF THE SAME VIRTUOSENOSENESS, AS THAT OF DIONYSUS, THE SUN GOD OF THE RISEN HORIZONS, IN THE ANCIENT FAR EAST, of the Indo-West-And-Slavish-Saxish, or, Should I say, Saksish, for the Saxes, or, Sakses, are of the Ancient Indo-European-Descent, of the Common People, for they HAD their VERY OWN HORUSES, and so do the Inca’s, for the Inca’s HAD their very own Horuses, and for that, and also, for many of that, it must be said, that the SIMPLOLOGICALITY IS OF MANY GODS, MANY, MANY, Different Gods, for yes, they are of this Very, VERY, Common Virtue, or, Should I say, Virtuse, for the Virtues, of the Virtuse, of the Virtuosenoseness, is of the Same Logicality, Of, the SAME SIMPLOLOGICALITY, OF THE SAME…….. SIMPLOLOGICALITY AS…….. VENUS, the Morning Star, of the East, AND, also, OF THE WEST.

She, Venus, is the Bethlehian Star, of the West, AND, ALSO, OF THE EAST, FOR SHE IS YES, YES SHE IS.

And Acharya S, AKA, D. M. Murdock, knows this, I’m sure, I’m POSITIVE, even.

Now, that’s about it for now, for this Christmas-Celebration of the Ancient-Old-IndoNesian-Past-Elvish-Lives-of-The-King-of-Pop, Michael Jackson, lol……..
Anyway, who cares, lol 🙂

Anyway, that’s about it for now, take care all, and be WELL, HAVE IN LIFE, AND BE WELL. 🙂


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