The Signs and Times of the Ages

The recording-keeping of the ancient Inca’s and their development through ‘all’ the ages.

When the Ancient Inca’s developed their (very) (own) Mode of transportation, they also kept records of their ‘time’-traveling methods;

Meaning, they also kept records of their Transgression through time, AND SPACE.

For the Ancient Inca’s WERE Space-travelers, in a sense, for that they are of THIS TIME PERIOD AS WELL.
And they knew it, they motherfuckin’ damn well knew it, that they WOULD be remembered, through time, AND SPACES OF TIME.
For that, they also get, AND RECEIVE, a lot of Credit, from my part.

Now, there’s this amazing book out, Which I have, called, Treasures of the Andes.

This Book TALKS about the Ancient Inca Civilization, and their powers, and their Might of Powers, for that they are ALSO, of THIS TIME PERIOD, and of ALL THE TIME PERIODS TO COME.
Oh yes, they WILL be remembered, they will, for they also KEPT, AND STORED, records, of their Time-Keeping Abilities, and also, for the Time Being, An Ancient Treasure, of Secrets, and of Money and Power? For, OH YES, Now that they’re here, they’re also of THIS TIME PERIOD, as the Great, and LATE, and, AS OF LATE, ALSO, AND Still, Great, Mr. Edward Davies describes, and still describes, in his Great and Awesome Book, entitled: “The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids.”

Now, to quote from this Great, and MOST ENTHRALLING WORK, let’s look, and Turn, to page 464 and 465, we learn that:

If we look for Nudd, we shall find that he draws his pedigree somewhat differently, but from the same vocabulary of superstition.—He was the son of Senyllt, the seneschal [Which is where we get the words ‘Sénéchaux’, AND ‘Sénéchal’ from – Linked to the Rosicrucians And the Knights Tempars.] or mystagogue, the son of Cedig, the beneficent, a title of the Arkite goddess, recognized by Taleisin. And this Nudd had a son named Drywon, the Druidical teacher, whose retinue is celebrated for having voluntarily maintained the contest, in the open course of Arderydd, the scene of Gwenddoleu’s overthrow.*

The fidelity of Gwenddoleu’s retinue is equally famous. It is recorded of them, that they maintained the conflict for forty-six days after the death of their Lord, and till they had avenged his fall.†

Gwenddoleu was also one of the renowned bulls of the contest of mystery, classed with the Primordial great one, son of the prior world, of former inhabitants; and with the parent, son of the primitive horse, Hippos or sacred ship. He, therefore, personified the great Helio-Arkite god.

* W. Archaiol. V. II. p. 8. 12. 69.
† Ibid. p. 7. 16. 70. The poems of Merddin the Caledonian, afford ground of conjecture, that these days were years, during which, the votaries of Druidism persisted in their superstitious practices, after some severe laws had been promulgated against them.


For in the Netherworld, AND, the Underworld, there are many differences between them, the two, that is.

For that, for, they ARE of this Intelligence, and also, of the Intelligence to come, and for that, no Inconsistencies have, or, are yet, to, or, are yet to have happened.

For, Shizawub, is the Great Leader of the Incas, for, he, is, yes, the Great Inca Leader of the UnderDog, for the Underdog is the Same as Cerberus, the 2-headed Serpent Dog of the Netherworld.


Now, for this to have happened, or, for this to yet have to happen, there are MANY, MANY, INCONSISTENCIES, AND FOR THAT, ALSO, MANY GREAT LEADERS ARE OF the past life of existence.

Now, with this having said that, let me just quote from this awesome book once again.

For, on page 278, and 279, he talks about Cerberus being in the Underworld, AND, the Netherworld.

The literal translation of the fiftieth line, is a place cleared from the illusion of the witch. The practice of exorcising the ground was common to the Druids, with other ancient priests. The iron instrument used in this rite of exorcising, was to describe a circle round the plant, and then dig it up.*

The piece concludes thus—

A Beirdd a blodeu
A gudding bertheu
A briallu a briwddail
A blaen gwydd goddeu
A mall ameuedd
A mynych adneuedd
A gwîn tal cibedd
O Ryfain hyd Rossedd
A dwfn ddwfr echwydd
Dawn ei lif Dofydd
Neu pren puraur fydd
Ffrwythlawn ei gynnydd
Rei ias berwidydd
Oedd uch pair pumwydd
A Gwion afon
A gofwy inon
A mêl a meillion
A meddgyrn meddwon
Addwyn i Ddragon
Ddawn y Derwyddon.

” And Bards with flowers, and perfect convolutions, and
” primroses, and leaves of the Briw, with the points of
” the trees of purposes, and solution of doubts and fre-
” quent mutual pledges; and with whine which flows to the
” brim, from Rome to Rosedd, and deep standing water,
” a flood which has the gift of Dovydd, or the tree of pure
gold, which becomes of a fructifying quality, when that
Brewer gives it a boiling, who presided over the cauldron
” of the five plants.

” Hence the stream of Gwion, and the reign of serenity,
” and honey and trefoil, and horns flowing with mead
” Meet for a sovereign is the lore of the Druids.”

* Antiq. of Cornwall, B. IL. C. 12.—From Pliny.

This great, great poem is not a thing of the old, it is of the new. For the New things ARE being Brewn, or, Should I say, Brown, or, Brewn, or, OF BREWN, for brewing is of the OLD AGE, and also, of the NEW.

For Brewing is of the Age old Age-ological Empire, for the Age-Old-Ological empire is of the NEW state, of the NEW state of awareness, and for that, MANY, MANY things are brewn, in Favor of the Old Indie Empire, and for that, many Other things of the Inca’s are Brewn as well, and for that, she Must, and I repeat, she MUST, MUST, BREW IT, for that, AND, of that.

And for that, just for that, there are many, many things that must be brewn, and for THAT ALSO, there MUST BE MANY THINGS WHICH MUST BE BREWN.

For, how come, Otherwise, that MANY, MANY things, are brewn, but Not Slay’n? lol

Anyway, this age old Poem is Not a thing of the new, and Neither of the Past of the Past Old New.
For, many Things must be taken into consideration, and for that, also, many OTHER things must be taken into consideration.

Now, just ONE quote from this AMAZING book that I have, Called, Treasures of the Andes.

In it, from, and on, page 80 (The Dutch edition, that is), the author, Jeffrey Quilter, writes about the Ancient Old Treasures of the Inca’s, and also, of the New Past Poet of Existence, and FROM THAT, there must be MANY, MANY, rare books in existence which talk about the Inca’s, yet, I HAVE THE BEST ONE IN MY POSSESSION, and in fact, do I even need other ones? lol, Who Knows, we’ll see.

But I’ll PROBABLY buy more, Most, Most likely.

Anyway, here’s a great, and just ONE, quote, from this AMAZING BOOK, Full of Inca-Knowledge, and……. THE SECRET OF THE ANDES.

Gallinazo seems to have to be, and being, dated earlier than the Famous Moche-Culture, and many of their Uses are, or, Should I say, were, adopted by the Moches. Recent Investigations Suggests, though, that the population and uses, or, Should I say, usages, of Gallinazo have existed for quite a considerable amount of time, next to the new cults and culture of Moche, to eventually be included in.

The Moches arose in the river valleys of the Moche- and ChicamaRiver, and, would, if time permit, dominate, and Conqueror, the entire North Coast.

Just like the Chavín they used old, age, and ancient old, ideas and added something more to it.The Chavin-cult, was, or, should have been, and, was it(?), based (up) on a mystery, in other words, the meeting with the gods deep inside the heart of the temple, (and) the Moches brought their gods into the open.

They Performed and Ruled from a certain distance, on standing at everyone’s fearsome sacrificial rituals atop their temples.

This is Great and Awesome stuff by Mr. Quilter, and also, by the Team that Assembled HIS team, for he wasn’t alone, no no, he Shouldn’t, and COULDN’T BE.
Now, with this having said that, the Temple-Gods of old, and of Ancient Old, Mesopotamia, are, also, of the Temple-Gods of the Ancient Old Inca Empire, for they ARE of the Ancient Old Inca Empires, of the Past, and,…….. OF THE NEW.

For yes, they must be, and must ALSO BE, of the Same Regime as the Ancient Old Temples of the British-Indish, and Romanish, or, Should I say, Roumanish, Indish, and Indonesian, Pennelipial, Or, Should I say, Penelipial, or, the PENELIPIAL, for the PENELIPIAL, IS ALSO OF THE ANCIENT OLD DRUIDIC RELIGION, AS MR. DAVIES POINTS OUT IN HIS MOST EXTRAORDINARY BOOK.

Now, ONE final quote before we end this article, and that is a quote by D. M. Murdock, AKA, Acharya S.

For she has written A “Short” Book, called, Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ.


It is JAM PACKED, FULL OF JUICY, AND EXCELLENT QUOTES, for it is true, Jesus was NOT the Son of God, he was the SUN OF GOD, WITH A “U”.

But, of course, there’s a whole lot more to it than that, he WAS MORE THAN THAT, HE WAS MORE THAN JUST THE MERE SUN, lol.

Anyway, here’s a quote directly from this book, from page 279 and, continued on page 280:

At Matthew 5:34, Christ admonishes his followers not to swear oaths, but he himself repeatedly states, “Amen, I say to you,” which constitutes an utterance of an oath.[1] In fact, the word “amen,” usually translated as “verily,” appears over 100 times in the gospels alone, while the oath “verily I say unto you” occurs almost 70 times in quotes by Jesus! Isn’t that quite a bit of oath-swearing by Jesus?

Jesus also tells us at Matthew 5:44 to “love our enemies,” which sounds Utopian but impossible, and which also contradicts Christ’s own sentiments when he angrily excoriates the cities of Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum (Mt 11:21, 23). As an illustration of the difficulty in following this command, are Christians supposed to love those who are not Christian and who therefore deny Christ? Should we love Satan as well, since he is our biggest enemy?

In the Sermon on the Mount, Christ first tells us not to judge anyone, but then advises us to determine who are “dogs” and “swine,” so we don’t give them what is holy and throw our “pearls” before them. (Mt 7:6) How are we to decide who or what are swine, if we can’t judge anyone? Isn’t pronouncing people “dogs” and “swine” judgmental?

In the pericope of the mission of the 12, in Matthew (10:10) and Luke (9:3) Jesus is quoted as telling his disciples not to take a staff with them, but Mark (6:8) relates Jesus as charging them to take a staff. Obviously, one of these accounts is wrong, unless Jesus changed his mind from one second to the next.

Yet another contradiction and implausibility occurs when Christ is pressed by the Pharisees and scribes for a “sign” that he is the messiah, in Matthew (12:38-39; 16:1-4) and Luke (11:28). Jesus replies none will be given but the “sign of Jonah”—that is, being dead and resurrected in three days.[2] Providing a contradiction, Mark reports Jesus as
denying the Jewish authorities and others any sign: “…no sign shall be given to this generation.” (Mk 18:12) In any event, at this point in the story Jesus had already displayed
constant miracles, wonders and signs that should have sufficed to convince even the most skeptical, if it all really happened. Like many others, this pericope seems contrived
and artificial.

Christ first tells his followers to hate their mother and father but later exhorts them to honor their mother and father (Mt 15:4). How can we do both?

Another contradiction appears at Mark 10:35, where it is not their mother, as in Matthew (20:20), but James and John, the sons of Zebedee, themselves who ask to sit at Jesus’s right hand. Which is it?

[1] Cf. Zeitlin in Friedlander, xxvii.
[2] The name “Jonah” means “dove,” which suggests that the “sign of Jonah” may also be the descent of the dove upon Jesus.

This is AMAZING stuff by Acharya S, for she writes not only eloquently, but also, verily, [I Say unto ye, or thou, thou’ Hasth Beset me, but also, thou, of Though, of Thought, and of Thoughts, For thy Thoughts are of this, And Acharya S’ are Your Own Thou’ghts, lol.]

Anyway, that’s about it for now, take care all, and have fun.

Be well.

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