The peace of the signs are in the Symbols.

The power of the symbol, reverberated throughout ‘All’ the ages

When symbols were first created, they were used as gestures, not as ‘real’ symbols per se, for they were of THIS age, and of ALL the Ages to come.

For they had to be forced, and, a force to be reckoned with.

For they have to be, they Absolutely, motherfuckin’ have to be, that, of this time, and, of this day and age, many symbols are to be forgotten, long lost, and hidden.

Now, for this to be true, many symbols must be of Signs, And, of ages of Signs to come, for many, many, are of this earth, and of ALL the ‘Flat” Earths to come, lol.
Now, this is true for many, for Many are of THIS age, and Many are of the Old Age, for Many Must be Many, and Few, Must be Few, for Few are Many, AND MANY ARE FEW.

And, for this to be true, that is to say, many symbols of being of many ages, MAN, MUST ALSO BE A SYMBOL, and WOMAN, MUST BE A SYMBOL ALSO, AND, AS WELL, AND DEFINITELY, ‘TOO’.

For symbols are everywhere, they must be destined to be Everywhere, and Designed to be Everywhere, for they are here, and there, and Everywhere.
Now, this is true of Many, and, Of Many to Come, for…….. The Signs of the ages are here,….. Now, in this one amazing book I read, called, The Secret Power of Masonic Symbols, its author, Robert Lomas, is of the Opinion that Symbols are Everywhere, for they are used for, and with, and through, throughout All the Ages, for all the ages are yet to come, and none have come to pass: “For I am the King of the Dead, and none shall be passed.”

Which is derived from a Quote from the Movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Now, when symbols were first introduced, it came to pass that Symbols were, and are, still, everywhere, for they are of the Symbols of the Ages, AND, of the Knights Templars, for yes, they must be true, AND, must be here, for they ARE here, and, also, everywhere else.
It is true, that many symbols are of Foreign Powers, and, Also, Powers to be, For Symbols carry Meaning, and, Also, Meanings.

For Meanings must be true, for, and of, OF, the King of the dead, for The King of The Dead is EVERY ONE. Or, Should I say, everyone, for every one of you, is also, OF, the King of the Dead.
For the King of the Dead is of Thy Power, and of Thy, Likeness, and in Thy, Image, AND, Likeness.

For thy likeness is of though, or, Should I say, Thou’gh, or, Thou, or Thou Hasth, or, Thou Hasth not.

For thou hasth not that it is not The King of the Dead, but the King of the True, for the True Worship of the Veneering of Time is Also true of the Sexual-Phallic-Worship in Ancient Times, and, in the New times, of old, and, OF New.

For, as Author Clifford Howard said, and,…. still says:

In the mysteries of Egypt, Greece and Rome, the sacred reptile was carried in the processions by troops of noble virgins, and many of the people had living snakes entwined about their heads, or carried them in their hands, while shouting with religious excitement. Nearly every ancient city of the East, as well as in Mexico and other portions of America, had its serpent temple, in which were kept enormous specimens of this sacred reptile, that were worshiped and waited upon with divine honors.

Though, as a general rule, the serpent was venerated and adored as the representative of supreme power, wisdom and goodness, it was also not infrequently employed as the symbol of evil. This naturally resulted from its use as an emblem of the sexual desire; for, while this instinct was on the one hand regarded as the chief factor in the work of the Creator, and, therefore, the source of all good, it was also recognized as the cause of all evil. It was through it that sin came into the world; it was the blind, overmastering passion
that incited mankind to disobedience and wickedness; the inflaming spirit of lust; the tempter, and the seducer. Consequently, the serpent became the representative of sin, the personification of evil; and this devil, this opposer of God, or the Good, was the sexual nature, in its sensual and lustful aspect.

Accordingly, it is not difficult to comprehend the allegorical significance of the serpent in the account of the temptation and fall of Adam and Eve. Their sin consisted in acquainting themselves with fleshly enjoyments. They resisted not the promptings of their sexual desires, but permitted themselves to partake of the forbidden fruit.

This is True, as Devil Worship is still not a thing of the past, but, of the new, for the Devil is nothing mere, or, should I say, more, than a mere conglomeration in the Eyes of the Wicked one, the Devil-Serpent: Cerberus.

For Cerberus IS the king of the Dead, oh yes HE IS, And that’s what being referred to in the movie, as I explained above, in that One Quote of mine, Which I adopted, AND, Adapted, To, And From, for this is true, MANY ARE of the King of the Dead, Most if Not All, that is.
Now, when Cerberus the Great was Conquering Rome, he was also of the Evil Arch-Villain, the Slay’n, and Devil-One, the One-eyed King, Cerberus the Eight, or, The Sixth, I’m not exactly certain, or, Should I say, sure.

For Cerberus the Great is King Constantinople the Fourth, who created the Original Gospel story in 425-565 AD.

Now, with this having said that, he ALSO created the Diamong Rings of his Elvish Past Lives, the Rings, AND, the Kings of the Dead, AND, of,…….. The Lord of the Rings.

For the Lord of the Rings Master, as Depicted in the movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, is, Cerberus, that’s a fact.

That’s the Evil that Frodo and his Friends have to face in the Trilogy of this most excellent and brilliant pieces of Cinema.

Now, I have yet to read the Books by J.R.R. Tolkien, but, I shall, I will, one day, that’s a fact, almost. lol

Now, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Carries many Symbols, and Symbols carry meaning.
For Instance, the “One Great Ring that will Rule and Conqueror All,” that Frodo Carries throughout the movies, is, of, and PART OF, THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY.

For, it, or she, or, Should I say, “He”(?), that is to say, the Ring is Masculine, it represents a man.

Now, like I said, I’ve yet to read the books this trilogy is based on, but still, I have watched the Trilogy a couple of times, so I DO know what I’m talking about.

For it is said that this Ring Shall Rule and Conquer all, for the Lord of the Rings is OF MANY VIRTUES, and, ALSO, OF MANY VIRTUOSENOSENESSES, and, also, COMGLAMMORATIONS, or, Should I say, Conglomaration, or, Conglomarition, or, Something to that effect, lol.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is ONE OF A KIND, Just like ‘The Matrix’-Trilogy.

For the Matrix Trilogy carries many symbols as well, and also, and a LITTLE BIT OF TOO.

For MANY virtues are to be found within this movie, like for Instance, the Name “Neo”, and this “Rabbit”-like Tattoo that he needs to follow at the beginning of the First Movie.

This Represents “Lust”, the First Virtue (in MY opinion) of the Seven Deadly Sins of “Egypt.”

And I do mean, EGYPT, for Egypt is the Dwelling Place of all the Deadly Sins, for instance, lust…..
In the Ancient old-Phoenicia-Canaanite-Akkadian-Sumerian-IndoSumerian-INDOSANSKRITIAN, System, Many Symbols carried the Symbol(s) of Lust, for Lust is One of Many Virtues.

It is a great Symbol, and Lust….. That’s why it’s a ‘deadly’ sin, for it is LUST, the LUST OF ATTRACTION, THAT WHICH IS WANTED, AND, ALSO, FROM TIME TO TIME, NEEDED.
For that much is true, for, as Kennedy Once said: Lust is OF the Great Virtues, NOT AGAINST. And LUST IS OF THE MANY VIRTUES OF MAN, But Woman, she has her own Self-Lust, She carries ‘this’ Self-Lust, AND, Self-Loathing, of the same Infamous and Deadly Second Sin, Virtue.

For Virtue is OF the Same Sin as LUST.


Lust, MUST be, the Same Common Denominator, as the Same Symbol, or, Should I say, as the Same Symbols as Lust-Combined-With-Virtue, And, Virtuosenoseness, or, Should I say, VIRTUOSENOSENESSES?

For, the are COMMON TO THIS AGE, and, THIS DAY AND AGE. Of the Signs to Come, and, of the same signs to come in this past life and the Next.

For, As Acharya S Once Stated: Religious Symbols are of the, or Should I say, This Common Age, and Religio-Politico Symbols, are the Common Denominator in this Common Present Age, and, OF THIS AGE TO COME. For the Signs and the Symbols ARE OF, and FROM, THE SIGNS AND THE SYMBOLS. They are ONE AND THE SAME….

That is true, for they are, and yes, they are WITHEN, or, Should I say, Within, for, OR, Should I say, WITHIN THE VIRTUES OF TIME.

For, as this great quote by Acharya S, AKA, D. M. Murdock shows:

For instance, a number of the world’s sacrificed, suffering or crucified godmen or sun gods have their traditional birthday on December 25th (“Christmas”). This motif represents the ancient recognition that (from a geocentric perspective in the northern hemisphere) the sun makes an annual descent southward until December 21st or 22nd , the winter solstice, when it stops moving southerly for three days and then starts to move northward again. During this time, the ancients declared that “God’s sun” had “died” for three days and was “born again” on December 25 th . The ancients realized quite abundantly that they needed the sun to return every day and that they would be in big trouble if it continued to move southward and did not stop and reverse its direction. Thus, these many different cultures celebrated the “sun of God’s” birthday on December 25 th . The following are the characteristics of the “sun of God”[1]:

• The sun “dies” for three days on December 22 nd , the winter solstice, when it stops in its movement south, to be born again or resurrected on December 25th , when it resumes its movement north.
• In some areas, the calendar originally began in the constellation of Virgo, and the sun would therefore be “born of a Virgin.”[2]
• The sun is the “Light of the World.”
• The sun “cometh on clouds, and every eye shall see him.”
• The sun rising in the morning is the “Savior of mankind,” as well as the “healer” or  “savior” during the day.
• The sun wears a corona, “crown of thorns” or halo.[3]
• The sun “walks on water,” describing its reflection.
• The sun’s “followers,” “helpers” or “disciples” are the 12 months and the 12 signs of the zodiac or constellations, through which the sun must pass annually.
• The sun at 12 noon is in the house or temple of the “Most High”; thus, “he” begins “his Father’s work” at “age” 12.
• The sun enters into each sign of the zodiac at 30°; hence, the “Sun of God” begins his ministry at “age” 30.
• The sun is hung on a cross or “crucified,” which represents its passing through the equinoxes, the vernal equinox being Easter, at which time it is then resurrected.

Contrary to popular belief, not all ancients were an ignorant and superstitious lot who actually believed their deities to be literal characters. Indeed, this propaganda has been part of the conspiracy to make the ancients appear as if they were truly the dark and dumb rabble that was in need of the “light of Jesus.”

[1] For a more complete list of solar characteristics and aspects, see my book The Christ Conspiracy, 154-156.
[2] Other reasons include the moon, Spica, etc.
[3] Many of the sun gods are depicted with haloes or rays around their heads, hundreds of years before it became fashionable in Christianity.

That is true, for Symbols ARE ALSO, of, the DECEMBER 25th Christ-Myth-Analogy, and, Anthology, for the Christ Myth Anthology is of the Past’s Cerberus Past’ Lives.


Now, the Christ Myth Anthology, as it is called by Acharya S, is also of the Buddha AND Chrisna-Christ-Myth, for they are one and the same deity, for, it, is, truth be told, Many Things taken into Consideration, also

Lol, that’s a little plug for Acharya S’ Website, who cares, It’s my blog, I can do whatever I can, lol.

Anyway, when the Roman-Egyptian Invaders Conquered the Holy Land, they came from the Far East, from the Ancient City of Zimbabwe, for Zimbabwe Carries a very, very, powerful Meaning, And Money As well, Of course.

And here they Carried the Meaning, the SYMBOL of the Cross.

For, as Acharya S, AKA, D. M. Murdock explains in one of her books, the Meaning, AND, Symbol of the Cross, is, also, of course, OF, the RELIGIOUS SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC, AND THE RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS OF THE ZODIAC.

For, yes, it is true, we must be writing Books, AND LETTERS.

We must do it, for Religious Symbols ARE OF THE SIGNS OF THE AGES.


And, for it to pass on into the Next Life, Many Meaningful Symbols, carry, ALSO, MEANY, Or, Should I say, MANY OF MEAN SYMBOLS, FOR MEANY ARE COMMON IN THE SAME THEOLOGICAL, SYSTEMATIC, COMMOLOGICAL CONSTRUCT.

Now, as Mrs. “Jacob Bryant” once said, in one of her Lectures/Books, that Meaningful Symbols of Relation(ships) are also Common to this Era, for, and THUS, are of THIS COMMON CONSTRUCT, and also, for the Same, Time Being, in the Eyes of the Late, AND GREAT, GERALD MASSEY, WHO WASN’T BORN AT THIS TIME YET, HE ALSO SAW THE SIGNS AND THE SYMBOLS OF THE AGES.

Let me quote from Gerald Massey If I may.

on Pages 368 and 369, from the Book, The Natural Genesis, Volume 2, he writes, thus, the following:

The feminine wisdom was also unrobed and robbed to clothe the male logos. The same words that are assigned to Wisdom (Sophia) in Luke’s Gospel are given by Matthew to the Christ.[1] The vine was first a feminine type, and Wisdom cries, “Come eat of my bread, and drink of the wine which I have mingled.”[2] But in John’s Gospel the type is transferred, and Chirst is the vine and the bread of life. This however is only an exchange of type for type, whatsoever meaning may be read into it; male logos for the feminine word, of Christ for Charis, of Jesus for Sophia. The Christ of the gnosis could no more become man than Sophia have been incarnated in a woman. Both sexes of the Logos are found united in Jesus Christ, as Saint Wisdom; a bearded figure who holds in her (or his) hands two forms of the Word, a roll in the left hand, a book in the right.[3] Yet the type is identical with that of Venus Barbatus, and other forms of the male-ess. But Paul is at one with those gnostics who represented that it was Nous alone, or the masculine mental logos who had the intelligence necessary for the discovery of God the father. The Elementaries were not intelligences. The superior hebdomad were planetary intelligences only as tellers of time. The feminine revealer of time, age, and season, was a natural but not an intellectual Logos. But Nous was mind itself in person as the male manifestor. The propator, they tell us, was only known to Nous, who sprang from him, and who alone had perfect communion with him. To all the previous æons, angels, or manifestors, the father-god was unknown, invisible, incomprehensible; in reality because they existed first! Nous alone knew and took pleasure in contemplating the father. “He also meditated how
he might communicate to the rest of the æons the greatness of the father, revealing to them how vast and mighty he was, and how he was without beginning, beyond comprehension, and altogether incapable of being seen. But in accordance with the will of the father, Sige restrained him, because it was his design to lead them all to an acquaintance with the propator (himself), and to create within them a desire of investigating his nature.”[4] Nous, described as the son of Ialdabaoth, is said to have been twisted into the form of a serpent.[5] So in the gospel Nous, or anthropos, is to be lifted up like the serpent. In the quarrel between Horus and Typhon, or mind and matter, light and darkness, Hermes the logos (discourse) bears witness (like John) that Nous is the true light of the world; and shows that nature only produces the world in the mental image by herself receiving the impress of mind and becoming of like form with the mental principle. In the later Egyptian theosophy we learn that “Mind, being God, male and female, life and light, brought forth by his Word, another Mind, the workman, which being god of fire and the spirit, fashioned and formed seven other governors, which in their circles contain the
sensible world. Straightway leaped out or exalted itself from the downward-born elements of God, the Word of God into the clean and pure workmanship of nature, and was united to the workman Mind, for it was consubstantial… The workman Mind, together with the Word containing the circles, and whirling them about, turned round as a wheel his own workmanships.”[6]

[1] Luke, xi. 49; Matthew, xxiii. 3.
[2] Prov. ch. ix. 5.
[3] Didron, Icon. Chrêt., p. 184, Fig. 50.
[4] Irenæus, b. i. ch. ii. 1; Ante-Nicene Library.
[5] Ibid., b. i. ch. xxx. 5.
[6] Plutarch, Of Isis and Osiris.

More, and More, A lot MORE, of Great stuff, LIKE THIS, in ALL OF HIS OTHER WORKS, INCLUDING, and Excluded to, The Mythical Jesus and Historical ChristAncient Egypt: The Light of the World, and, Egyptian Book of The Dead and The Mysteries of Amenta.

Now, with this having said that, he also had en effinimate for the Divine, the Divine Effeminate, or, should I say, Effinimate, or, Perhaps, EFFENIMATE, or, Perhaps, EFFENIMINATE. Or, Something like that, lol. 🙂

Now, with this having said that, the Effeminate Nature of Man is of THIS PAST GREAT TENSE, and Also of Gerald Massey’s Past Tense, for he was a true Virtuoso, and Also, a Virtuosenoseness, or, Virtuosonosenessal, for, Virtuosenosenessal, is, also of the Same Religious, and Mythical Construct, as the Likes of Man, AND, ALSO, OF the Likes of Man.

The Great Mythological And Religious Construct is of the Same Construct as the Likes of Man, for they absolutely HAVE TO BE, and, ALSO, MUST BE OF THAT.

Now, with this in common, Many Religious Authorities are of the Same Religio-Fanatical-Politico Religio Construct, as, the Likes of Gerald Massey, For Religious Symbols carry Many Different Meanings.

Now, as Kersey Graves has, or, Should I say, HATH, Said, in his most amazing and VERY, VERY, Brilliant work, The Bible of Bibles, he is also of the Notion that Religio-Politico-Symbolico-ANd-Assinino, or, Assinine, Or, Should I say, Asinine, For, they ARE Assinine, Or, Perhaps Even, Asinine, for yes, they ARE.

And now, the Greatest Mythologist of ALL TIME, Joseph Campbell.

He said in one of his books, that Religious-Manifestuous, or, Perhaps, Manifestious, Religio-Politico-Constructs of the Ancient Old Inca Civilizations, ARE, of the Same Religio-Politico-And-Umbrellical, Religio, Fanatico, and, Assinino, For the Asinine Nature of Man is OF Many, for Many are of Few, and FEW, ARE, OF MANY.

They have to be, they absolutely Have to be, for that is true, they HAVE TO BE.

Now, with this having said that, let’s quote Joseph Campbell, Shall we?

In his Book, The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology, He explains the Virtuosenoseness of Shaman Aadja, the Great Virtuoso-Magico-Spiritualo-Mythologico-Spirituo-PastLifo, of the Spiritual Past.

Here’s a story relating to him/That:

Intoning songs and blessings, the seven hurled him [Shaman Aadja, an Up-And-Coming Shaman.] down to the Middle World, where he immediately lost consciousness and could not recall by what means he had come to be where he was. It was only when he was five that his recollection returned—and then he knew how he had been born before; how he had lived on the earth; and how he had been born above and there had seen with his own eyes the arrival of a shaman.

Seven years after his new birth he was seized by the spirits, forced to sing, and cut to pieces. At eight he began to shamanize and to perform the ritual dance. At nine he was already famous. And at twelve he was a great shaman.

It turned out that he had come into the world this time, fifteen versts [about ten miles] from the place of his former residence. And when he paid a visit to his former brother he found that his wife had married again and that the colorful stallion foal, born the year of his death, was now a famous steed. But his relatives failed to recognize him and he told them nothing. One summer day, however, when a man of property was celebrating the so-called Isyach Festival—the the blessing out of the sacred kumiss*—which is accompanied by a ritual called the Lifting Up of the Soul of the Horse, the young shaman there met the same shaman whom he had seen entering the Upper World while he had been lying in his nest. The older man immediately recognized him and said in a voice loud enough for others to hear: “When I once was helping another shaman recover the soul of a sick woman, I saw you in the nest on the ninth, the uppermost, bough, sucking the teats of your animal mother. You were looking out of the nest.” And the younger shaman, Aadja, hearing these words, immediately became furious. “Why do you bring out before everybody the secret of my birth?” he asked. To which the other answered: “If you are planning evil against me, destroy me, eat me! I formerly was nurtured on the eighth bough of the same larch on which you were nurtured. I am to be born again and nurtured by the black Raven, Chara-Suorun.” “And they say,” concluded the Yakut narrator, Popov Ivan, “that the young shaman, that same night, killed the elder. The shaman spirits swallowed him and thus committed him to death—and no one saw.—This ancient tale was told to me by a very old man.”

* An intoxicant fermented or distilled from mare’s milk.

This is Great and Powerful Stuff by the Late, Great, Mr. Joseph Campbell.

For it is true, that many Intoxicated People are Full of Virtue, and that is true, for he IS of the Blessing of the People, AND, of, and FROM, the BLESSING OF THE OLD PEOPLE.

The Blessings of the Old People ARE full of Virtue, and yet, and yes, the Same Virtue Applies to all men, and all women, and ALL mammals, for Mammals are nothing more, or, Should I say, nothing mere, than Virtuousness of the Same Principle as Other Mammals, and Mammals MUST be of the SAME Virtuoseness as the Same Other Mammals and Peoples.

For Virtue is (also) a Religous Construct, but, not only, and not limited to, the Religious Construct of Ancient Old-Political, Religio-And-Politico Constructs of the Ancient Old People, for, Of Old, they are also of new.

Now, as Andrew Steinmetz Wrote, and still, has, or, still, is written, in his great and powerul, MIGTHY-FUL WORK, Entitled: “History of the Jesuits.”

This Amazing 3-volume-set is FULL OF Virtuosenoseness.

In it, on page 77, and 78, of the First of This Amazing, 3-volume set, he writes the following:

It was the fatality of the Church to aggravate her calamities by the perversity with which she resisted the conscientious efforts at reform at the hands of the good Adrian. But he felt that inward impulse whose motives, if they come not from heaven, cannot be traced to evil. Adrian applied his religious mind to the purification of the Church, corrupted by foul abuses,—fœdis abusibus corruptam. To aid in his efforts, he invited to Rome and the Vatican, Marcellus Cajetan, and Peter Caraffa, two eminent exceptions to the general rule of clerical profligacy—men of the strictest integrity, and not without knowledge—the stern and flinty products of a corrupt age, when the indignant hearts of “ten just men” burn with a
holy fire to rescue a doomed world from imminent destruction. Sodom and Gomorrha lacked them—and sank for ever. Adrian, with Caraffa and Cajetan, declared war against all
immorality. We are presented with the catalogue of the various delinquents:—they were the Marrani or hypocritical Jews, who might have been let alone; the blasphemers; simoniacs; usurers; and sodomites.[1] But he was doomed to die without reaping the smallest fruit from his efforts and good intentions. Innumerable enemies were the only result. He was reproached with hardness of heart sordid economy, and grovelling sentiments; which charges only had in view Adrian’s integrity, frugality, and purity.[2] His death was eagerly desired. On one occasion the upper part of the door leading to the papal chapel, fell in, as the pope was about to enter. Several soldiers were killed: the pope escaped. The prelates witnessed his good fortune with undisguised regret: nor was an unfeeling prelate in the least blamed for his impious wish, that death had rid them of the hated pope![3] One would almost believe that the catastrophe was no accident. Results strengthen the surmise. Colonna gave a splendid feast to the cardinals, and other eminent persons: the pope retired to a neighbouring church to avoid the heat, which was oppressive. “There he took,” it is said, “a slight disease, which being neglected by the physicians, became mortal, increasing fever being the result”[4] He died soon after. An inscription was seen on the door of his physician—”To the Liberator of his Country.” The usual phrase, “not without suspicion of poison,” is omitted by the historian: but assuredly there never was reason better supported by circumstances for believing that Adrian was helped out of a world unworthy of his virtues. He had reigned only twenty months. The following epitaph on his tomb chronicles his good intentions, and their result—”Here lies Pope Adrian VI., who deemed nothing in his life more unfortunate than the possession of supreme power.”[5]

[1] Maranos, blasphemos, simoniacos, feneratores, et adversæ veneri deditos.—Panvinius, ubi suprà.
[2] Ber. Bercast., Hist. Eccles.
[3] Conclavi de’ Pontefici Romani, p. 151.
[4] “Ibi levem ab initio, mox à medicis neglectum, letalem contraxit [Which is one of the words where we get the word “Corexit” from.] morbum, ita ut sensim invalesceret febris.”—Panvinius. Again, still more strikingly, he says: “Levi, sed tabifica febre quùm decubuisset, adulatione medicorum [Which is one of the words where we get the word “Mediocre” from.], eò perductus est, ut pænè priùs quàm venæ tangerentur, improvisâ morte perierit.”—Clem. VII.
[5] “Hadrianus Papa VI. hie situs est, qui nihil sibi infelicius in vità duxit quam quòd imperaret.”—Panv.

This is true, as this pope was killed, or, Should I say, Whacked.

For Pope Adrian VI., who, had, very religious intentions in the Church, also died of Food Poisoning, and many don’t know that.

Now, the Reason why I added this quote is very, very important, and it Should be the last one, I don’t think I will add another one, this Article is soon coming to an end, I believe.

Anyway, the reason for adding this quote is quite simple, really.

Pope Adrian VI., who was a diery, Fiery, and Circumstantial Defender of the Pope’s Holy Empire, was also a Supported of Abortion, and Abortion had MANY RELIGIOUS INTAKES, AND VIRTUES, AS WELL.

Now, with this having said that, Abortion was NOT a thing of the Past, it was of the New. And for the New to be true, he, or she, Must have said it, that it IS TRUE, and that he, or She, Must be Truth be Told, and also, Of the Truth be Told, He must be Wary, very, very, Wary, or, Should I say, WEARY.

For he WAS WEARY, of MANY, MANY THINGS, AND ALSO, Many, Many, things to come, in the past, And, in the future.

Now, with this having said that, the Same virtues of Abortion Lie, or, Should I say, “Lies”, in the Death of the Destruction of Abortion, for there are MANY.

And Many Symbols accompany This ‘Abortion-Theme’, for yes, they ARE true to their core, to their VERY, VERY, core, that is.
Many of these religious Symbols are also Indo-Nesian, and, The Indo Language of the Old Inca Empire, Which I just Spoke About, is Also of the Same INDO, and, INDONESIAN EMPIRE, of the OLD CONQUERED STATES OF THE WEST, AND, OF THE EAST.

When the Roman Invaders Invaded the Roman Holy Empire of King Julius the 4th, he was also OF, Pope Adrian VI. For he was, oh yes, he was, And now, with having said that, he MUST BE TRUE, TO HIS CORE, FOR IT IS TRUE, THIS RELIGIOUS CONSTRUCT IS OF THE SAME ABORTION THEME AS THE JESUITS, AND THAT’S WHY THIS POPE WAS KILLED, OR, Should I say, Assassinated, by the Assanites, or Perhaps, the Assassanines.

Now, also, this Religio-Politico-Construct is of the Same Rule as the Ancient-Old-Indo-Nesin-Indo-Construct, of the Ancient Old, Inca Empire.

For the Inca’s are AT THE HEART OF THE CORE.

For they must be, they absolutely must be, and, for it is true, the Inca’s had many, many, religious, Politico, Religio, POLITICO, AND RELIGIO, SYMBOLS AS WELL, AND ALSO, A little bit of too, and A WHOLE LOT OF ALSO, AND AS WELL, ALSO. lol

Now, the Furniture of their Pope Grandius, or, Pope Granneur, the Seventeenth, is of, the Same Grandeus as the SEVENTEETH CHAPEL IN THE OLD ROMANIAN-INDO-SANSKRITIAN TEMPLE AT ROME.

For this Pope, POPE GRANDEUR THE TWENTY-SEVENTH, or, Perhaps, even, the SEVENTEENTH, is of the Same Indo-Eurasian, and Indo-Political, and Indo-Religical, and Indo-Fascistisch, or, Indo-Fascist, for the Indo-Fascists of this world are of the Age Old Commological Empire, and many are also of Many, Many Virtues.

And yes, they have to be, they absolutely have to be;………
For this pope that was killed, Pope Adrian VI,; Who was ALSO of religious construct, was of the Same Prophecy as the Indo-Eurasian-Pope, Pope Grandeur the Twenty-Seventh, for he was, oh yes, he was, and yes, he MUST HAVE BEEN.

For it is true, that Religio-Politico-And-Indo-Eurasian-INDONESIAN-EMPIRES-OF-OLD, Are of the Same Indo-Eurasian Empires of the Old Religio, Construct, or, Religious Construct of the Ancient Old Inca Empire, as I have previously discussed, and Linked to, IN THIS ARTICLE.


For they knew, oh yes, they knew, that Religio-politico Constructs, OF OLD, and, OF NEW, are also of this SAME WORLD, and,…….. THIS SAME WORLD, TO COME.

Now, that’s about the end for this article, and about the End of this article, for the end is NOT of Religious Symbols, it is FOR, Religious Symbols, and this Article is no Symbol, it is a virtue of Symbols, and Many Virtuosenosenessal Symbols are OF the Same Religio-politico-Indo-Politico-INDONESIAN-POLITICAL-INDORELIGIOUS, Construct, as all the same ones, the previous ones before.

For Symbols are everywhere, and, for, if we choose to neglect them, they will be detrimental to society, for Symbolic Meaning is of the Same Virtue as all the other, previous ones before, before, before, but, also, but, before, but once, it was said, that Pope Adrian VI., The GREAT HOLY ROMAN EMPEROR, of the 27TH CENTURY, was of this GREAT AND COMMON AGE, this AGE OF COMMOLOGICAL SENSE, FOR SENSES ARE OF THE COMMOLOGICALITY, and the COMMOLOGICALITY is of the same reason, and AS OF, the Same reason, as the ‘Abortion-Issue’ in all the Other, “ungodly” Countries, for they ARE of this great and COMMOLOGICAL VIRTUE, for yes they ARE, and yes, they HAVE TO BE, for it, to Pertain to Certain Religious Constructs, it must also be true, and it must also be said of the Holy Roman Church, who is Unholy, and UNGODLY, in ALL ITS VIRTUES.

For its Jesuitical Empire of King Ignatius Loyola The 24th, OR, the 26th, is of the SAME VIRTUES AS ALL THE OTHER COMMOLOGICAL VIRTUES COMBINED, for it, and of it, this Great Assassination of Pope Leonardo, the Fourth, or, Should I say, Pope Adrian VI., IS of the Same Virtues as all the Other previous Popes before him, OR HER, I’m not sure, lol.

Hah, anyway, that’s about it for now.

Take care all, and have fun.

Be well.


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