The Templar of the Ages

The Preadamites of the Common-Censelor People

When Templars go on Roman Recruit, they settle (for), in the low lands, for they are of this generation, and for the generation to come.

As A. L. Soror points out in his great work, called Western Mandalas of Transformation, that the Romans are nothing more, or should I say, mere(?) Violations of control, (units). For they are of this generation, and of the past generations to come. Now, to quote A. L. Soror, in, and from his great work, on page 72, he writes:

When we are dealing with only two-letter Hebrew combinations, there exists the possibility of reversal. We said that there were two words that add up to three. The first is AB, and the second is BA (Baw), which means to come, arrive, enter (Ben Yehuda). The root can be read either way. Here we see the beginnings of a fascinating topic that, although beyond the scope of this book, is vital for a Qabalist who is interested in studying Hebrew. It is the 231 Gates, which in Qabalah are all of the possible two-Letter combinations. I highly recommend de ‘Olivet’s book The Hebrew Tongue Restored to help decipher any of the two-letter Hebrew words or root combinations, because they all have great power.

Now, heaving read this work, I can tell you it’s an absolute gold-mine. It’s jam packed full of juicy, lovely and great quotes. To quote directly from, and of, this great book/work, from page 139:

I call Movement, in the Hebraic nouns, that accidental modification which they undergo by the articles of which I have spoken in the second section of chapter IV. In the tongues where this Movement takes place by means of the terminations of the nouns themselves, the grammarians have treated it under the denomination of case; a denomination applicable to those tongues, but which can only be applied to a tongue so rich in articles as the Hebrew, by an abuse of terms and in accordance with a scholastic routine wholly ridiculous. I say that the denomination of case was applicable to those tongues, the nouns of which experience changes of termination to express their respective modifications; for, as Court de Gebelin has already remarked, these cases are only articles added to nouns, and which have finally amalgamated with them. l But the grammarians of the past centuries, always restricted to the Latin or Greek forms, saw only the material in those tongues, and never even suspected that there might have been something beyond. The time has come to seek for another principle in speech and to examine carefully its influence. As I have dilated sufficiently upon the signification of each article in particular, as well as upon those of the corresponding prepositions, I now pass on without other preamble to the kind of modification which they bring in the nouns and which I call Movement.

This is a great and excellent quote. Now, as these “movements” seem to surprise us, on a daily base, or, daily Basis, I should Say. They also connect to the inner-tissue of the inner-movements of old, and of New. For they are, and must, also be of the SAME “movement” that this author suggest, for they are of great readers, leaders, and past times.

Now, in Volume 7 of the Wonderful and Great Resourceful work called “Asiatic Researches,” it discussed, and discusses still, the PAGAN origins of these “movements.” For instance, on page 472 of said volume, it notes, and denotes the following:

‘”The associated minstrels inhabited a particular street, to which they gave the name it still retains, it was here that the public was provided with musicians for weddings and parties of pleasure. But, as a greater number of them attended such occasions than were ordered, and all expected to be paid the same price,” “William de Girmont, Provost of Paris 1331, prohibited the Jungleurs and Jungleuresses from going to those, who required their performance, in greater numbers than had been stipulated, upon a severe penalty. In 1395, their libertinism and immoralities again incurred the censure of government, by which it was strictly enjoined, that they should henceforth, neither in public or private, speak, act, or sing any thing that was indecorous or unfit for modest eyes and ears, upon, pain of two months imprisonment and living upon bread and water.”

This is great, great stuff. For it is true, this “libertinism” is not a thing of the past, it is a thing of the new. And, also, as Dr. Ian Barnes points out in his book, The Historical Atlas of Judaism, the “Jews”, or should I say, the “Khazar” Jews, were, and still are, of the Past and OF the Present.

Now, in the book called Western Mandalas of Transformation, Soror, the Author, points out this “Western” Mandala of transformation, as follows:

Agrippa was concerned with the magician’s responsibility to conceal his magical experiments, especially in regard to ceremonial magic. It makes sense to believe that he would not publish all the occult secrets of the period, when codes of secrecy were so strict; rather, he would only provide hints concealed in his glyphs and magical incantations.

As the ‘True’ Templar rises, this is true. But not always.

Now, Marguerite Rigoglioso, in her great and very, very ENTHRALLING Work and Synopsis, called The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece, points out the SYNOPSES BETWEEN VARIOUS RELIGIONS. As she says, and notes, on page 189:

The idea that Parnassus was the site of a divine birth cult is further bolstered by the legend that it was the place where Leto first brought her miraculously born son Apollo Euripides Iphigenia in Tauris1240–5). According to the Homeric Hymn 4 to Hermes (552–63), Leto left Apollo on Mt. Parnassus to be raised by the Thriai, three virgin priestess sisters whom I discuss further shortly. As in the case of Python’s foster motherhood of Typhon, here we have another instance of “virgins” rearing the divinely born child of another woman in the vicinity of Delphi. Like Python, the Thriai possessed the art of prophecy, which the Hymn in fact states they taught to Apollo. These details again point to the possibility of Delphi as the location of an oracular divine birth priestesshood that also served as a sanctuary and spiritual training ground for other children thought to be parthenioi.

Now, also, she continues with the caves which they dwelled, and whiched they Dwelled UPON.

Now, to continue, there’s also another great book called The Book of Alchemy, published by ‘Librero’. In it, the author discusses the very fact that Authors, of past and of present, need to be aware of the ALCHEMICAL implications of the future’s tens, and future’s ten’s past. The lives of the Elderly scrolls are no more, for, as, and for so as they are, they are of this Past’ Generation, and this Past’s Generation is of this Next MILLENIUM. For, these Millenia of ages of old, they must be of the SAME Millenium.

Now, the Knight’s Templars implication in all of this, as the Title suggest, is of course, explained in Dr. Ian Barnes’ great, expositioning, and EXPOSING work, called “The Historical Atlas of Knights & Castles.” In it, on page 280, he explains these Implications of ‘These’ Knights Templars in the Vicinity and Neighborhood of Cherbourg, the Capital of France in, and during that time of the Period.

In 1215, THe Hungarian King went on route to Akko, and started the Fifth Crusade. In 1218, Jan van Brienne, The King of Jerusalem, entered and destroyed the ‘City’ of Egypt, and stormed, AND conquered the Port of Damietta; his subsequent rise on, and TO Cairo in 1221 ended in a Very, Fatalious, DISASTER. The Sixth Crusade was, in 1223, mentioned, and called out by Pope Honorius III to Support e Crusade of, and from, and BY Emperor Frederick II, Who, and WHOM, later on, was, and BECAME, excommunicated. Eventually, the Sultan gave up on Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth to Frederick [II] and signed, and SUPPORTED, a Ten Year’s Treaties.

This is VERY, VERY imporant, because this Ten Year’s Lasting treaties was the start of MORE wars to come, in the City-State of Jerusalem, AND Bethlehem.

Now, in the Signs of the Zodiac, there are many signs one, or THOU, musth Beholdeth. In this wonderful and EXQUISITE WORK called “The Witness of the Stars,” Its Author, describes, the signs and ESSENCES, AND, or, Should I say, ESSENCIES, of the AGES, and, OF THE AGES TO COME; And, in another great work by Bullinger, he designs, and DESCRIBES, ALL THE SIGNS THAT ARE TO COME IN THIS COMING AGE OF APOCALYPSUS.

In the book, Myth and Ritual in Christianity, its author, Alan W. Watts, describes the Signs of the Ages, and, or from, and or from, and its by, and or from and or from its by, ALL THE SIGNS AND ESSENCIES, AND ESSENCES OF THE AGES. In it, on pages 78-79, he says, and describes this eccuring, AND OCCURING PHENOMENON, of the Signs of the Ages, in the Skies, AND the heavens above:

The poison of evil and death comes into the world, into the heart of the First Adam, through the Serpent on the Tree. Healing comes through the Second Adam, Christ crucified on the Tree of the Cross—of which Christian imagery discovers a “type” in nehushtan, the brazen serpent which Moses erected in the wilderness so that all who looked up on it were delivered from a plague of serpents. The process is homeopathic—similia similibus curantur, likes are healed by likes.[1] Let us remember, also, the myth which identifies the Wood of the Cross which is medicina mundi is of the same Tree which bore the fruit of knowledge, the poison of death. [1] The identification of Christ with the nehushtan-serpent is based on John 3: 14, “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up.” This Christian art often employs the motif of the serpent on the cross as an emblem of Christ. See the engraved stone from Gori’s Thes. Dyptich., vol. iii, P; 160, reproduced also in Lowrie’s Art in the Early Church, pl. 332 a (New York). Cf. Tertullian, De Idolatria, iii; also St. Ambrose, De Spiritu Sancto, iii. 9, “Imago enim crucis aereus serpens est: qui proprius erat typus corporis Christi: ut quicunque in eum aspicerer, non periret.”

The Serpent of Good and Evil, and of Light and Evil/Darkness, is also the Serpent of the ‘Fruity’ Tree of Life; for they are one and the same TREE. For, they have to be, the serpent, and the knight of the underworld,

Now, in another great work, called Preadamites, by Alexander Winchell, he calls upon the Early Man of Civilization to show himself, to show His Face, and also, to befrown, and BETHRONE, the Early Asian-Indo-Euratic Empires. For, they ARE of this Tree of Good and evil, and for that, THEY ARE ALSO OF THE SAME TREE THAT BORE THE FRUIT THAT KILLED THE CHRIST. For this tree IS OF GOOD AND, OF EVIL. For they MUST, AND HAVE TO BE, on AND the same.

Now, in this great book called Preadamites, The Author expresses his belief in early Preadamite Man. For they must, and have to be, BE THERE. In it, on page 289, he explains this a bit further:

Dr. M’Causland, an equally orthodox divine, writing on this subject, says: “Redemption extends from the highest heaven to the lowest hades—from Abel and Enoch and Noah to ‘the spirits in prison,’ who were not of Adam’s race. No preadamite, or descendant of a preadamite, is excluded by the Apostle’s statement (Romans v). The redemption of Adam’s race, who have incurred the penalty of his disobedience, does not prevent the redemption of those who have passed through the valley of the shadow of death unaffected by the transgression of Adam … Redemption is no more dependent upon the lineal descent of all mankind from Adam, than it is dependent upon their lineal descent from Abraham, the ‘father of the faithful.'”* “The doctrine of a preadamite creation enlarges the sphere of God’s mercy, and enlightens our conceptions of the divine scheme of salvation; and the believer should learn to welcome it as a new and interesting page in the history of the dealings of a good and gracious Providence with the creatures he has made.”† * M’Causland, Adam and the Adamite, pp. 298-9. See also The Builders of Babel, pp.321-2 † The Builders of Babel, p. 323.

The Builders of Babel is an AMAZING, and VERY, VERY, RARE BOOK. It’s so darn difficult to find, yet I found it, I was able to, great.

On page 89, he, the Author, describes the Epitomes and Tomes of their great and In-Dustrial Work, for they are, and were, on the same page as the other authors of the past, lives, and present, epitomes.

But for the geographical difficulty, the same author considers that no one could hesitate to admit that the architecture of Central America was borrowed from the Old World. The ocean barrier may appear to be a great difficulty to those who are unacquainted with the maritime accomplishments of the ancient Arabians and Phœnicians, which are now beginning to be recognized and acknowledged; but to a people whose prowess and energy had enabled them to penetrate to Britain, and trade in the Baltic, before the Grecian era, the obstacles in their way by land and sea to the western shores of America would be far from being insurmountable. At all events, the gradual progress of their peculiar style of architecture from the Euphrates eastward to the New World, renders it not only probable, but almost certain, that it was by this route they had circled the globe with their religious worship and their temples, before the increasing power of the indignant Aryans extinguished them everywhere as a people, and trampled out their obnoxious institutions throughout the world.

This is great, great stuff. When the Preadamites go on conquest, they also go on route, and EN route, to the English Roman Capitalistic society, for they are of THIS generation, and THIS past generation to come. Now, the Preadamites and the Knights Templars have one thing in common, and that is the fact they are of this PAST’S GENERATION’S PEOPLE. They come from the Land Down Under, (Australia), and also, they are of the Common Good of the people, meaning, they must, or should I say, MUSTN’T, MUT, OR MUD, THE MUSTAD. They Mustn’t MUD THE MUSTARD WITH THEIR MUDDINESS. For they COME FROM THE LAND DOWN UNDER.

How come, said Constantinople the Fourth, who created the Original Bethlehemical Gospal Story in 425 – 565 AD, how come, are they of this generation, and of the next generations to come? For they come from the LAND DOWN UNDER, and none come from there, except, but, not limited to, and not only limited to, the People of the Prowess of the Cyclimatical Climatological Socio-Enviromental People of the Past and Old Elvish Lives. When the Romish-Roman-Rulers go on Patrol, the RRR’s, they are of this Common and Past Generational Influx of the past and common old Elvish lives, for they are, and yet (they) must do it to Enslave them, and themselves, with great prowess and GREAT CONTROL; For they control your past, and your future’s past, that’s just the way it is.

Now, Archibald Bower, in his great and most Brilliant Work on the History of the Popes, called The History of the Popes: From the Foundation of the See of Rome to A. D. 1758, he explains the fact that the History of the Popes is of THIS PAST’S GENERATION’S, INFLUX. Now, in it, on page 279 of Volume 2, he writes the following:

This the pope called a crying piece of cruelty and injustice; and therefore ordered the king, in the name of St. Peter, to receive Carloman again into favor, to reinstate him in the benefices and honors he enjoyed before, and cherish him as his son till the arrival of the legates, whom he should appoint to take cognizance of the affair, and settle it agreeably to the laws of justice. At the same time he wrote to the lords of both kingdoms, forbidding them to bear arms against Carloman on pain of excommunication and eternal damnation; and likewise to the bishops, declaring all their excommunications null till the affair was inquired into by his legates on the spot. But to these letters not the least regard was paid by the king, the lords, or the bishops. For Carloman being taken some time after, he was first degraded by the bishops of the province of Sens, and then sentenced to death by the judges appointed by the king to try him. This sentence, however, was not put in execution, the king contenting himself with causing him to be deprived of his sight, in order to prevent him, by that means, from raising new disturbances in the kingdom.

Now, having said this, the Pope Also controls the Money Supply of the People’s Nation, and their wealth, and their Gold Assets, for they are, and yet, they must be, in this same regard as you, put into control and put into power OF OFFICE, to control your wealth of YOUR nation into your own, into THY, OWN, VERY OWN HANDS. For thy, and thou’ght saw it, for thy and thou’ght saw it, that they were of old, and also, of new.

Now, Richard Stemp in his Most Brilliant book called “The Secret Language of the Renaissance,” he calls upon the fact that Secret Religions and Secret Religions of Power are of the Same Secret and Masonic Symbolism of the Secret, People’s Power’s of the Past and Elvish Lives. And I DO MEAN ELVISH, FOLKS. On page 122, the Author describes and says the following:

Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper adorns the refectory of the Milanese Monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie. During supper, and dinner, the monks were reminded at, and to WHAT, could very well be their very OWN, and their very, BEST, their very, very best dinner, or should I say, Supper, EVER. The Location of the work is absolutely traditional, but a large part of Leonardo’s interpretation was not.

Now, it should be noted that, in Max Gallo’s Most BRILLIANT WORK, called, Napoléon: Le chant du départ, that Napoleon Bonaparte was of the Romish-English-Khazarian-ad-Romish-Ruler-Descent. For he was ALSO, and also a bit of TOO, and also A LOT OF AS WELL, A KHAZAR JEW, if you know what I mean, by that, and by that, I mean that he was of ROMISH-RULER-DESCENT. Oh yes, he was, Napoleon was a Romish-Ruler-Descentian. That’s a fact.

Now, on page 729 of this great French work, the author says, and I quote, the following (Translated by me):

It is only half past eleven, at the 18 Brumaire, and Napoleon has the feeling that the first act is finished. There, and then, of course, there is still Gohier, the CEO, who, for a time, for a very, very, small (amount of) time, refused to sign the decree. According to Cambacérès, Minister of Justice, his signature is required.
— The forensics still hinder the march of affairs, Napoleon whispers. But Gohier tilts signly to, and, to, and from, and to and from to any and ensuring we will see tomorrow at Saint-Cloud, if there are plug(ly) Directoire!
Tomorrow …
Perhaps it would have to be concluded today. But Napoleon erases this regret. He does not want a military coup, brutal, arrogant, with gunfire, his volleys, his arrests. He wants to be, in the words of posters that glue around the Tuileries, leaflets being distributed in the crowd, according to his orders, << a sensible man, a good man. >> In early afternoon of and to and from, from and to, to and fro, from, and to, to Tuileries, Talleyrand into the office. Napoleon with a questioning look. Barras has agreed to resign, and accepted defeat without a fight. Here’s the best wins! Why the violence, when it can be carried away by the mere threat?

Now, with this having said that, he will also ACCEPT DEFEAT WITHOUT A FIGHT, and also, and to, and from, and to and fro, FROM NAPOLEON BONAPARTE.

That’s right, when all rights are loose, the loose cannons are on patrol. lol

Anyway, with this having said that, let us continue with the Preadamites Questionnaire. When the Preadamites questioned the ‘Questionnaire’, they also questioned the ‘Questionnaire’ of the people, of the past, and of the Past Elvish Lives. Now, also, the ‘Questionnaire’ of the people is on the Old Romanish Guard, and also, of the Past Lives’ Intrinsicate.

In the Catholic Encyclopedia, ushered, and issued by Charles G. Herbermann, in Volume 3, on page 789, it says:

A titular see of Palestine. Its name (also KAPERNAUM) means village of Nahum or consolation. It is frequently mentioned in the Gospels: Jesus, when repelled by the Nazarenes, made it His new abode (Matthew 4:13; Luke 4:31; John 2:12); He chose there his first disciples, Peter, Andrew, James, John, Matthew (Matthew 4:18, 21; 9:9; Mark 1:16); He cured there the centurion’s servant, Peter’s mother-in-law, a paralytic, a demoniac, the Hæmorrhoissa, etc.; it was there that He brought to life again the daughter of Jairus, and delivered many discourses, especially the one concerning the institution of the Eucharist (John 6i). The inhabitants, however, at the instigation of the Pharisees, broke off with Him, and Jesus, on leaving their city, cursed it (Matthew 11:23). Under Constantine the Great, Count Joseph, a converted Jew, built a church there which the pilgrim known as “Pseudo-Antoninus” visited in the sixth century. Since then the town has not been mentioned in the history of Palestine. It was never a Greek see, nor even a Latin one in the Middle Ages. Lequien, it is true (III, 719), quotes a document concerning the ecclesiastical province of Scythopolis in Palestina Secunda, wherein we read: “Ibi sunt adhoc Bethsaida, Naim et Capharnaum, sed alio nomine vocitantur nec habent episcopos”. Just when it became a Latin titular see is not known, the title now being held by the coadjutor to the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem. Capharnaum must be identified with Tell-Houm on the north bank of the Lake of Tiberias. There are splendid ruins there, chiefly of a magnificent synagogue seventy-two feet long and fifty-four feet wide. In a little convent on this site some Franciscans reside for the reception of pilgrims. According to some archaeologists the site of Capharnaum is not at Tell-Houm, but in the vicinity, on the way to Tiberias, either at Khan-Minieh or at Aïn-Tabigah. In the latter place the Cologne Catholic Society conducts an agricultural colony.
Wilson, Lands of the Bible, II, 139-149; Thomson, The Land and the Book, I, 542; Robinson, Biblical Researches (1856), III, 347-357; Conder, Tentwork in Palestine, II, 182; Kitchener in Quarterly Statement of the Palestine Exploration Fund (July, 1979).

Now, also, in the Great ‘little’ book by Reinhart Pieter Anne Dozy, called Spanish Islam: A History of the Moslems in Spain, he discusses the fact that The Islam-nations are becoming more Spanish-ized, for they are of this Great Wealth’s Kingdom, and for that, they must Obey, and Obay, and Obide, by the rule of the king. From page 676:

Ibn Okâsha then led his men to the house of the Commandant, who was so little expecting an attack that he was watching a dance of Almahs. Lacking ‘Abbâd’s bravery, he hid himself when he heard the clash of weapons in the courtyard, but his retreat was speedily discovered and he was despatched.
At dawn of day, as Ibn Okâsha was hastening from house to house, endeavouring to induce the nobles to make common cause with him, an imâm, on his way to the mosque, passed by ‘Abbâd’s palace. His eyes fell upon a body, naked and lifeless, which lay before it. Recognising, not without difficulty, the mud-stained corpse as that of the young prince, he piously performed a last act of homage, covering it with his cloak. He had scarcely departed before Ibn Okâsha came up, surrounded by that crowd which in great cities frantically applauds every revolution. By his orders ‘Abbâd’s head was severed from the body, and borne through the streets on a spear. At this sight the soldiers of the garrison threw down their arms and fled. Ibn Okâsha then assembled the Cordovans in the Great Mosque and bade them take the oath of allegiance to Mamûn. Although many of them were sincerely attached to Mu’tamid, so widespread was the reign of terror, that not a man disobeyed. A few days later, Mamûn arrived in person. He showed himself deeply grateful to Ibn Okâsha, loading him with honours and appearing to place implicit confidence in him. But in his heart Mamûn feared and hated this ex-brigand, hardened in crime, who, he knew, would assassinate him, if need be, as coolly as he had slain the young ‘Abbâd. He accordingly sought eagerly for some pretext, or opportunity, of ridding his kingdom of so dangerous a subject. Mamûn did not, however, conceal his design from his courtiers, for one day, as Ibn Okâsha left the presence, the Prince heaved a sigh, and flushing with anger, muttered some ominous words; and when, a little later, a friend of Ibn Okâsha ventured to say a word in favour of the latter, Mamûn exclaimed: “Hold thy peace! He who respecteth not the life of princes, is not fitted to serve them!”

This great and excellent quote is exactly what I would Be searching for If I were “Ibn Okâsha.” lol

Now, again, to return back to this great book called The Hebraic Tongue Restored, by Fabre d’Olivet. It is an absolute gold-mine, an absolute gold-digger. For and, and, from it, and for and fro and from and to it, it also discusses the great discussions as in the Great Work called Spanish Islam. For they ARE on the same page, left and right, Upper And Middle-(Ground).

For yes, they must be, as the Knights Templars are of this GREAT CONCERN, for they ARE of the GREAT NATION’S OF THE PAST LIFE KINGDOM, AND YES THEY ARE, OF THIS LIFE AND OF THE NEXT. And as the NEXT KNIGHT’ TEMPLAR RESIGNS FROM HIS POSITION, THE NEXT ONE IN LINE WILL TAKE POWER, HE OR SHE WILL TAKE THE SEAT BEHIND HIM, OR HER. For that is true, that much is true, for he is of a nation of Power Dwellers, and as they Come Up, in the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Common Dweller, they also, and, are ALSO, coming up in the age of the APOCALYPSUS.

For, as this great quote from Alexander Winchell proves:

But how insignificant a spot did these wanderings cover! The whole geographical extent of the Noachidæ does not embrace more than one-fifteenth of the territory which we now find populated by man. Was this an attempt to explain the origin of all the nations of the world? Does this genealogical map imply that the regions beyond its limits were then unoccupied by human beings? Does it mean that the various tribes and nations which are now spread over the earth have arisen from the wider dispersion of the sons of Noah?
Have the black tribes of Africa and Australia and Melanesia, and the brown nations of Asia and America and Polynesia been produced from the posterity of Noah during the interval which separates us from the flood? Yes, says the catechism, which, under cover of religious instruction, assumes to indoctrinate our children in ethnological science. Yes, yes, says the commentator, who experiences no difficulty in swallowing the exegetical and indigestible crudities which have been the heirlooms of the church for two thousand years. Yes, yes, yes, exclaims, too unanimously, the modern teacher of “divine truth,” all unconscious that the science of ethnology has made visible advances since Jerusalem was the center of the world.

Now, the Noachidæs are of the Old Common and Past Old Lives, for they are of the Nation’s Dwellers, and dwelleth upon thee, for thy, or thou, are of this’th greath, or, Should I say, Greath, and great, powerful nation.

For ye, and thee, and ye and thee, are, of this common and age old age.

For thou arth of this, and of this must thou’gh come, for, thou, and thou’ght, for thou’ght areth of this Passion’s Old, and Age old Commological Thriller of old And of New.

For yes, yes, ye, and thee, and though, are of US. For US are of THIS, and for, this, YE ARE OF THEM. For how come, hast thou’ght said, or saith, or She Saith, for she Saith, and she said it, that she is of THIS.

For She Must be OF THIS. For yes, SHE MUST BE.


Now, with this having said that, let’s move on to the next chapter of this enthralling and Virtuous Virus of common age Deceptors.

The Common Age of Reason, into the thy dwellesth of the nights

For this is true, the COMMON AGE OF REASON, or the AGE OF TREASON, as I guess you should, and COULD CALL IT, was EXPOSED by the late, and the late and great, THE LATE AND GREAT, AND THE LATE AS OF GREAT, OR THE GREAT LATE, Hubert Howe Bancroft.

For in his Amazing series, called: “The Works of H. H. Bancroft,” they, and he, Or, Should I say, just He, or Just Him…….? He talks about this AGE OF TREASON, and the AGE OF COMMON SENSE.

In his First Volume, on pages 12, Bancroft writes the following:

The classification of man into species or races, so as to be able to designate by his organization the family to which he belongs, as well as the question of his origin, has been the subject of great diversity of opinion, from the fact that the various forms so graduate into each other, that it is impossible to determine which is species and which variety. Attempts have indeed been made at divisions of men into classes according to their primeval and permanent physiological structure, but what uniformity can be expected from such a classification among naturalists who cannot so much as agree what is primeval and what permanent?

That is Absolutely true, for they ARE of this Generation of men, and they ARE of the Common Generation of old, AND of new.

For yes, they must be, and they must are, from this common sense of SensoLogicalThemo-Infrostructures.

For they, and also, of they, and OF THEM, for they supplement and adhere, and also, INHERE, to the common good of People.

For Knight’s Templars only adhere to themselves, no one else.
Nobody else does their bidding for them.

Some think they are completely and utterly destroyed, I mean, DESTROYED, I MEAN, RUINED, AND RUN, by the Vatican, But I disagree completely.

The Knight’s Templars are of this Common age of Good, and of Bad, also, and as well, and a little bit of TOO, for they too are of this Great and Cosmological Theme, of SCENES. For they ARE of this great Age of Commons, for they too, are, of this Great Age of Commons, for yes, they must be, and yes, they must be,…….. are.

The Templar’s coming Age of Apocalypse

Now, Friedrich Ratzel, in his absolutely brilliant and MASTERFUL book called The History of Mankind, he talks about the coming age of Apocalypse.

In it, on page 129 of the First Volume, he says, and discusses this concept:

Since the introducers of both innovations are the Polynesians, we can hardly doubt that there is a deep-lying connection between them; and similarly we may account for the uneven, disconnected spread of cannibalism, which was found to exist even before the rapidly increased opposition to it caused by Christian and Mussulman influence. Further motives are revenge, which delights to eat its foe; and envy, which hopes by so doing to acquire his more desirable characteristics. To people whose loose style of building makes
prisons untrustworthy, the idea of imprisonment for life does not readily occur, so that capital punishment flourishes. Besides these reasons, cannibalism is closely involved in the whole network of cannibal customs; embracing first human sacrifice, then the employment of portions of the human frame in the ritual of consecrations and witchcraft, and lastly the preservation and use of human remains, skulls for drinking-cups, bones for daggers, teeth for necklaces. This playing with human flesh and bones would be the first step to
overcoming a natural disgust. When a chief in the Society Islands swallowed a human eye on a festive occasion, cannibalism was not entirely at an end in those regions. We cannot always safely infer cannibalism from the names of races, as these were frequently given by way of insult. The indulgence in the practice from necessity, which is not unknown among Europeans, is quite intelligible among races which, like many Australian and Arctic tribes, suffer every year or two, or continuously, from famine; and need only be noticed as contributing to its maintenance and extension. For where it has once got a footing, its attraction increases, till we find races among whom human flesh is an article of trade, and funerals are almost unknown.

This GREAT piece of quote is of most extreme and upmost, AND UTMOST, Intelligence and Brilliance.

For when the Races of Man, and the Adamites, are of this kingdom, and OF this Kingdom to Come, there must be many, and Plenty.

Now, another Great work is Called Adam and the Adamite.

In it, on pages 277-278, the authos discusses the following:

The obvious conclusion from these facts is, that at some time previous to these migrations, a people speaking a language of a superior and completed structure, broke up their society, and, under some strong impulse, poured out in different directions, and gradually established themselves in all the lands now inhabited by the Caucasian race. Their territories extend from the Atlantic to the Ganges, from Iceland to Ceylon,—and are bordered on the north and east by the Asiatic Mongols, and on the south by the Negro tribes of Central Africa. They present all the appearances of a later race, expanding itself between, and into, the territories of two pre-existing neighbouring races, and forcibly appropriating the room required for its increasing population. These facts have been established, as we have already observed, by scientific inquiry and research, without the aid of the Mosaic record. And now we have to ask, what is the testimony of that venerable witness of the transactions of those ancient days, which supplies us with the history of the rise and progress of the family of Adam?

More, and more, great stuff, that is.

That’s right, the Mosaic record is a time-keeper of the past, and also—of the past lives.

For they are, to be interconnected, through to the Kepplars, and the Templars of the Keeper’s past.

For they ARE of the Slaves of the Apocalypse, the Slaves of the Apocalypsus, and for that, yes, they must be InterTwined, into the Research of the Age Old Common People.

Now, the Templar Knights are of the Justinian I Order, of the Order of Monks, and they are also of the Adamites, for the Adamites are of the Preadamites as well, for, also, and too, and a little bit of ALSO, FOR THEY ARE AND MUST BE, AND MUST BE AND MUST HAVE TO HAVE BEEN, of The Same Race of Preadamite People.

For it will be perfect, that this common age, and common race of the Age of Apocalypsus, is of the Same Age as the Age of Aquarius, or the Age of the Antiquitarian.

For they are, and yes, for they are, and yest, must have to be, in close connection to the Old Past of the Old, and Slavish People, of the Old past and Age Old Commological Theme.

For they are, and yet, and YES, must have to be, and MUST HAVE TO HAVE BEEN, of the same PREADAMITE PEOPLE OF THE AGE OF OLD COMMOLOGICAL SENSE.

Now, Acharya S, AKA, D. M. Murdock, writes in her great work, called Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection, that the common age of the Age of Apocalypse is but of a Great Virtue, and Virtuousness, for they ARE of the Same and Great Race, and for that, yes, this COMING LENGTHY AND VERY GREAT ARTICLE, for yes, they are, and yes, they are and MUST TO HAVE BEEN, of this same great Article as D. M. Murdock’s work, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.

In it, on page 79, she quotes the Catholic Encyclopedia and Dr. Edwin C. Krupp. and, writes the following:

“As the annual rebirth of the sun’s light, the winter solstice was important in most parts of the world. In fact, the Romans already had an ancient winter festival whose seven days bracketed the solstice… Choosing the birth of Christ as December 25 successfully integrated long-standing popular traditions with the imagery of a new religion, and the theme of renewal is still part of Christmas.”
Dr. Edwin C. Krupp, Echoes of the Ancient Skies (81)

“The well-known solar feast… of Natalis Invicti, celebrated on 25 December, has a strong claim on the responsibility for our December date [for Christ’s Nativity].”
“Christmas,” Catholic Encyclopedia (III, 727)

That’s right, Christmas is but a pagan Holiday, invented by the Roman Catholic Invaders and Inventers, and for the Sun’s Ray’s Lights to Travel through Space, and time, and Space Time Continuum, they are also of the Same Nativity Scene as, at, the Temple Of Luxor, at, and In Egypt.

Now, to, let us continue, for this is all for, and but for also, of the future.

Now, in this great and Most Excellent work called Les Cases de Templers y Hospitalers en Catalunya, the author wishes to embark upon the mission of this, and of said, Generation, of Save People of Men, and of Slave people of Man, for they are, and yet, must be, and yet, must have been to, to have been of WOMEN, for yes, they are, and yes, yet, they must be, and yet, MUST HAVE BEEN, of the Woman of The Past, and for that, this Cryptic Nonsense is NOT cryptic Nonsense, it is more of the same, and more or less, or More or Less, and More or Less Inferior of the Same, of old, and OF NEW.

For this is true of many, for yes, they ARE of this Same Past’s Generation of Man, and OF WOMAN, for yes, they ARE, and yes, yet, they ALSO MUST BE, AND ALSO, MUST HAVE BEEN TO, TO BE CONNECTED THROUGH SPACE, AND THROUGH TO SPACE, OF THE SPACE TIME CONTINUUM.

For this Space Time Continuum is nothing but a mere hoax, for it is true, for they are, and, are also, of this Great Space Time Continuum hoax, in the Past Mid Centuries of the Ancient Mid and Dark Ages, Past.

For yes, they are, and yes, yet, they have to be, as this Great Author once wrote, that the Space Time Continuum is nothing more, or, nothing mere, but of, A Great Hoax.

Now, as Joaquín Miret Y Sans wrote, or, should I say, still writes, on page 89 of said, previous, ‘little’, big, and ‘green’ ‘little’ ‘book’, called, Les Cases de Templers y Hospitalers en Catalunya, … He writes the following:

We have written this in a time in a minstrel that he, or she, or it, has told William [And the Following is in Latin]:

‹‹ “Let it be known … I Garsendis a wife who was, and had also, a wife of, if, and not but of if, but of WHEN ALSO, a wife called Guillermino loglarius, loose and Difficultnoso and posterity and my future husband, In It, ANd I have and I know that the rise of the military, and it has risen … loose and Difficultinioso, for you, Peter for Cartelano, and master of the house Gardenniasini, the brothers who are … And for Differentiolo’ take’s … X. shillings and the other brothers of the knighthood of the IACHR from Peter Cartelano, in, and from, and OF the house [Of Worship, of the King’s Elves and Slavish Elves of the Past’ Lives]. Done the day before the Kalendars of June in the year of the Lord 1156, in the reign of Lodiocono, king Sign Garsendisono.››

This is great and masterful and powerful stuff.

Now, on page 170, he also writes:

For the award made ​​by him in 1143, the Templars Count of Barcelona, acquired the order, in addition to the castles of Karbercà, Xalamera and Swirls, it conquered the castle of Corbins when outside, it indicates that after 1118 they had returned to Possess, and Posseshir, the Saracens with, and OF them. It seems that after 1143 and before 1150, Corbins was finally won by them, and of, and from, and to and fro and from and to, OF THE Christians’ donché’s. In October last year it Count of Urgell granted the Templars a hydrant near Albesa by the Egar land of Corbins . It must have taken long to establish order in this Lloch. The following document [In Latin] proves that in 1167, was, and by and from, and to and fro, and FRO AND TO, FROM Coranador Corbins Bernat Sa Crane:

‹‹It is known to all his characters, Pierre Arnal, of Tarrega and his wife and we, ALLIARDES OF SPAIN, the SPAINISH, AND SPANISH CONQUERORS OF THE CONQUISTADORÉS OF THE NORTH, (OF SPAIN). Our sellers are one piece of the lark and the Lord God and the military chief of Spain called Arnaud Torroia and Aimericus remember the Garden and Bernard Zagruia remember the Corbin … But above all, in the district of Corbin. And there was a charter Vindicatianoné and the gift of 2. ides of April, in the year of our Ihesusxiptiane in 1167.››

Now, this is great, great stuff, as the Catalonians are very, very important and Clever, and Intelligent(ly) people.

In A. J. Spencer’s Great, Great work, called Brick Architecture in Ancient Egypt, The Author discusses the very fact that Ancient Egyptians had GREAT architecture as well.

Now, in this great and most Prized work (By me, that is.), he discusses the very fact how the Ancient Egyptians are of this late, and great date of Tandamonium, and for this Tandamonium to exist, they must be exhalted in the same manner THEY were exhalted in the Upper Echelons of the Atmosphere, Meaning, The Skies of the Heavens Above, and Abode.

On page 67 the author writes:

Anonymous Temples near Medinet Habu.

Remains of two small mortuary temples have been found near Medinet Habu, one standing North of the temple of Amenhotep, son of Hapu, and the other to the South. The North Temple has walls built in A2 or A3 bonding, originally covered with plaster, the bricks measuring 33 x 15 x 9cm and 34 x 16 x 9cm. At the South Temple the bonding was A1 and A2 and the size of the bricks was 42 x 21 x 10cm. These two temples were probably the mortuary chapels of private individuals, grouped behind the huge mortuary temple of Amenhotep III, in the same way as similar chapels were built behind the Great Temple of Medinet Habu.

This is great, great stuff.

Now, the author also discusses the very fact that Temples were of the Monustary of Old, and of the Monastery of OLD, as well.

And also, too, and a little bit of ALSO, BUT A LOT OF AS WELL, These Temples were of the Ancient Mayas, and the Info-Structure of the Ancient Peoples were also of a thing of the Past.

Now, in this Great ‘Little’, Green ‘Little’ book called Sacred Geography, The Mayas, AND THE INCAS, were also of A THING OF THE FUTURE, AS THEY BUILT FOR THE FUTURE OF MAN, AND OF WOMAN, OF COURSE.

Now, in this great ‘little’ book, the Author, Paul Devereux, discusses the very fact that the Inca’s were of the Maya’s ‘little’ past. And also, he must be noted, and also, IT MUST BE NOTED, that the Knight’s Templars were NOT of a thing of the past, but of, and from, the Future.
In this great ‘little’ book, the Author Discusses, on page 59, the Following Facts of Creation and InterSepture:

The Temple Complex of Pagan

Also in Myanmar (formerly Burma) Buddhism gradually merged with the older nature religions. The Temple Complex of, and NEAR, and INSIDE, AND OUTSIDE OF, Pagan, is, and, is still being held up as an interesting example. The Enormous amount of Temples and Stupas that, about a thousand years ago, over a distance of 13 km, was built next to, and on, and NEAR, the River of Irrawaddy, Testifies, and shows, and OF AND FROM, AND TO AND FRO, FROM, AND FOR…. the Influence of the Buddhistic Religion of the Time,  In what, THEN, was, The Pagan(-istic)-Empire.

Although, and even though, the Buddhist rituals are still observed in some of the temples, in some of the temples to the established between the temples wooden shrines, as the homes of spirits to be considered to ensure that advancing the ancient nature religions here, and of, and AS OF YET, AND, AS OF YET AGAIN… again, to be considered by the Great Nations of Old, and of, the New Temples Shriner Complexes in the Ancient Old Pagan(-istic) Empire, of the Old Inca’s and the New Maya’s.

Some of the Myanmarians (people of the Myanmar) combine Buddhism with the old, ancient Old, Tradions of Belief(-Systems), like in the Gawdawpalin Temple, who, and or what, is, dedicated tot the Ancestorial Worship, of the Ancient Inca’s and New Buddhistic Religions of the Old, and of the New, Empires, of the Old, and Ancient Old, Buddhistic Empires AND Traditions.

Now, having said this, the Knight’s Templars are of this Age Old Combining of people, for they are, and still were, Combined with the Ancient Ole’, Tech Industry, of the Time.

Now, in this Great and Awesome book by Spencer, called Brick Architecture in Ancient Egypt, he discusses the very fact that the Ancient Maya’s and Ancient Inca’s of the Past, Lives, and, of and from, and to and fro, FROM THE ANCIENT PAST ELVISH LIVES, for them, to be considered Gods of the Ancient Templo-Condex-Temple-Industrial-Complex, of the Ancient Old, Indonesian People of the Temple Complex.

Now, on page 149, the Author writes the Following Admission of Absence:

The metrology of the panelled mastabas of the Archaic Period is interesting, but satisfactory inductions cannot always be obtained for the dimensions of the various buttresses and recesses. There are difficulties caused by errors and approximations in the ancient construction and in the modern measurements. Mastaba V at Giza had niches 1.83m. wide, separated by buttresses 2.73m across, which Petrie considered to be 100 and 150 true digits respectively. However, a length of 3½ cubits could also be a possibility for the width of the niches. The Naqada mastaba of Neithhotep is intended to be 100 x 50 cubits in size, the values of the cubit being 53.03–53.28cm and 52.25cm. Some of the internal chambers also suggest cubit measurements: the burial chamber is 14 x 12 cubits, and several of the magazines are 5 x 8½ cubits. (Value of cubit = 52.6 and 52.4cm) Borchardt took the total width of the main niche plus the buttress to be 7½ cubits, but this does not agree well with the overall size of the tomb. It seems that the widths of the individual niches and buttresses on the long sides of this tomb were not the same as on the ends, since the ratio between the length and breadth is 1:2, but the ratio between the number of niches on the long and short sides is 13:6.


For this book, or should I say, Article, to work, I MUST have the best Sources at hand, AND I DO, as this great book is an absolute gold-Mine.

And, now…… In this Other GREAT AND MOST BRILLIANT BOOK By Adeleide S. Hall, called A Glossary of Important Symbols in their Hebrew, Pagan and Christian Forms, he, the author, discusses the very fact that PAGAN symbols are NOT a thing of the past, they are ALSO a thing of the New, and of the Old’s Past New.

For this to take effect, one must wonder and ponder about the very foundations that this earth shook.

For dry hands are not a thing of the past, they are of the New, and, OF the past. For they are very, very dry, at this very moment, at this instant, for they have to be, and also, for they also have to be discussed. Dry Hands are a common Commological theme in the Indu’s of the Hindu’s, for they are of great Sexual Worship and feminism.

Now, in this great book I read called, Christian Iconography, by Adolphe Napoléon Didron, he, the author, discusses the very fact that Christian Iconography is NOT a thing of the past, but, for, and, of the new.

For ‘Christian’ Iconography is NOT a thing of the past, and also, NOT a thing of the New.

It is of both Common Eras, and for both to work, and for both to take effect, one must wonder, and ponder, what it takes for it to take FULL effect.

Now, on page 79 of Volume 1, the author this very fact, that Authors of the Past, and of the New, are of the black plague of existence, in their very existent form, for they are of great commological culture, and Commological Cultures, for they must be, and HAVE TO BE.

For that is true, for that much is true, for they are, and yet, must, and yet, have to be, in this great Commological Concept, of the past, and of the New.

For yes, they are, and yes, yet, they must be. Now, this great Commological Scheme is nothing new, for it is not an Age Old Concept, for they are, and yet, HAVE TO BE, of this AGE OLD COMMOLOGICAL CONCEPT, AND ALSO, FOR THIS COMMOLOGICAL CONCEPT TO TAKE EFFFECT, ONE MUST WONDER ITS REAL EFFECTS ON THE NATURE OF STATE, THE STARS, AND THE COMMOLOGICAL THEMES WHICH RUN THROUGH, AND WEED THROUGH SOCIETY. As a whole, this is nothing new, for this is true, for they ARE of this great concept, and also, for the Knights Templars are of the Age Old, and Age Old Same, Commological Theme.

Now, like I said, on page 79 of the First Volume, the author says, and discusses, the very next commological sense of facts and (of) themes:

The square or rectangular nimbus is found in Italy, on various frescoes, old enamels, ivories, or ancient mosaics, and the miniatures of illuminated MSS. That form of nimbus is peculiar to Italy, and never to be met with either in Greece, Germany, England, or Spain.* In Italy. the square nimbus is most lavishly employed, and under various configurations;
sometimes it is simply rectangular, as in the case of the Popes Gregory and Pascal, already mentioned;† at times it is actually in the form of a tablet, with an indication of solidity
and thickness, as in the examples given by Ciampini, in the second part of his work.‡ Occasionally, it assumes the form of a triptych, the head resting on the centre tablet at the
back, the two shutters being half opened, as in the models engraved by Seroux d’Agincourt; or it has the form of a square picture, with the field and frame, as is also shown by
Seroux d’Agincourt;§or it is in the form of a roll, partially unfolded, as in the example given below.║

* This peculiarity deserves consideration. Possibly in Italy, where Christian monuments of every age are so abundant—where individualities have always been more marked and striking than amongst ourselves—a new form was invented with all its concomitant varieties while in our own country, and other people of the west, one uniform type was observed.
† Figs. 5, 26.
‡ Vetera Monimenta.
§ Histoire de l’Art par les Monuments, peinture, pl. 53.
║ Ibid. pl. 37 and 54. This engraving is taken from a pontifical manuscript with miniatures, in Latin, of the ninth century, in the “Bibliothèque de la Minerve,” at Rome. It contains twelve pictures, representing the Pontiff consecrating Priests, and in each the nimbus of the Bishop resembles a parchment volumen. An “Exultet,” several of the miniatures of which have been engraved by d’Agincourt, presents similar examples.

This is Absolutely amazing.

For the very fabric of nature of time is of the time’s essence, and essencies, for these Essencies are of the Fabric of the Nature of Time, for they are, and yet, they must be, OF THIS FABRIC OF NATURE OF TIME, for yes, they must, and yes, they must, and but, be, they are, of this GREAT COMMOLOGICAL SCHEME, of Fabrics, OF NATURE OF TIME.
Now, this great work of Didron also discusses the Pagan-ological themes in the Common Ground of the Common Era, BC, and AC/DC, lol.

Now, having said that, he also discusses, on pages 178 and 179, of the Second Volume, this very – admissible in court -, very, striking Fact of Occurrence.

In a MS. circ. 1300, formerly in the collection of M. Dupasquier at Lyons, St. Michael is represented as slaying the Dragon, and, at the same moment, weighing the souls of the
good and evil man, where a demon catches hold of the scale in which the soul of the good man is rising.*

* See D’Agincourt, Hist. de l’Art, pt. i. pp. 94, 196. There is no allusion to this subject, however, in the Byzantine Manual.

It is true that Many Pigeons of Society, and Many Manuals of Society are not of the Roman Emperor’s Caesars, for they, and I, at this present time, feel quite, quite uncomfortable, for they are, yes, they are, of this great Commological and Sensological Fact, for they are, and yet, they must be, of this Great Commological Theme.

Now, regarding the Freemasons, I just Finished Reading this Great Work on the Freemasons, of time, and of space, Called, Freemasonry, Myth and Reality.

This Great work discusses the very fact that Freemasons are NOT liars, they are PHRIARS, or, Should I say, Canolonical Friars, of the Past and Present Future.

In it, on page 178, the author discusses the very fact that Freemasons are of the Common’s Commological Theme, and also, of the Freemason’s Guilds, and PATRONS of Guilds.

It is in this climate that we must situate, and find, the peculiar, and Preposterous Succes of the Charlatan Léo Taxil. He, Léo Taxil – Real Name: Gabriel-Antoine Jogand-Pagès – gained himself traction and Succession of speeds and Success, and FAME, of Doubt, and UnSeriousness in his younger years, Publicizing Pornographical Anti-Clerical Literature (A couple of Titles: “La Maîtresse de papa”, “Le Papee femelle”,…).

Also, his books were received with suspicion in anti-clerical circles, and, in 1882, he was evicted, and locked out, from his lodge.

Unfortunately, it would appear that Taxil had a rather revenge supporting character.

This is absolutely True. Taxil, a very Revengeful and Master Hater of the Freemasons, and also of Pornographic Literature, he was also a vengeful person of Inter-Sectuous Literature of the Pornographic Kind.

For his Porn-Collection was IMMENSE. And also, it was, and would appear to seem, that his Semen was of Great and Vengeful Nature, as Nature’s Business is but a business plan with a mindset of its own.

Now, before we end this Chapter, I must conclude it with a favorite Quote of Mine, by the Late, and Great, Adolphe Napoléon Didron.

In his Great Work, called, Christian Iconography, he discusses this very Notion of Transgressence Through Time, and Space.

For in it, on page 172, of Said First Volume, he mentions this following Glaring, and Ominous FACT:

One might perhaps imagine the God speaking to Adam and Eve, to be intended for God the Father, although it may appear singular to see the “Ancient of Days,” as he is called in the Bible, and by the Greeks (ó naAalòs twv nuepwv) [This is Greek, and As I don’t have a Greek font at my disposal in this instance, I can’t type it out as I want it to be. But this is basically the closest as I can Represent it as.] scarcely pastthe age of infancy; and it might possibl be thought that, adhering in this^respect to the practice of the ancient Greeks, the early Christians had represented God the Father, or Jehovah, youthful and beardless in order to indicate the unchangeableness of the Deity, who never becomes old, but lives on in perpetual youth. But the plate annexed* leaves no doubt that it is indeed Christ who is represented presiding over the work of creation, and throughout the entire cycle of Genetical history; for God is there represented creating Adam, the first born (`Aoàu ó npotònAaotos) [Again, Greek…], and this God is no other than Christ, as is proved by his name IC, XC, inscribed in the field of the circular aureole whence he appears to spring.†

* The painting was originally copied from an ivory, carved probably in the twelfth or thirteenth centuries. It is given by Gori in his Thesaurusveterum diptychorum, vol. ii., p. 160.
†Seroux d’Agincourt (Histoire de I’ Art par les Monuments) produces another example similar to that here given by Gori.

Now, this is the End of This Chapter, as we are told, and unfold, by Adolphe Napoléon Didron.

For the Age of the CommoloSaurus is also the Age of the Commolosaurussian, for the Commolosaurrussian is of this Age of Past Notions, and all notions must be said to have been of the OLDEST OF OLD COMMOLOGICAL THEMES.

For the Commolosaurrussians are of this GREAT AND POWERFUL NATION, for Latin is but, not, a Greek-Latin Language of the Past.

For they are, of this Common Age, and of, and from, and to, and fro, FROM THIS COMMON AGE TO COME, AND TO BE TOLD, TO TRUTH, OF CREATION, AND OF EXISTENCE.

The Commological Age of Existence, in times Past of Times Immemorial

In this Great and most Brilliant work on Mythology, called, The Mythology Bible, the author discusses the very fact that Mythological Creatures are nothing more, or, Should I say, nothing mere of the Common Sense of the Past Immemorial.

In this book, on page 276, the author says, and reveals, and discusses the following very striking admission of fact:

When the people harbored in perpetual daylight, Wanadi decided to Send His Messenger to the Earth to Help, and Create, the First People of The Earth, of the Earth’s of Nation. This messenger was Wanadi himself. He gave birth to a Human Race of Species and buried his navel cord and Placenta, From the Placenta, a Man Grew. Odosha, who was Evil, and Bad of Sense(s). Everything Wanadi Tried to Help the People of the Earth-Bound-Race, Odosha destroyed in an instant. He persuaded the people to kill Wanadi and, as punishment, they were changed, and transformed, or Should I say, Transfigurated into animals. Another 2 Wanadi’s were sent to the Earth to Handle, and Deceive, and Slay, and Bathom, the Bad and Evil Odosha.

This is great, great, stuff. For Wanadi is in fact the “evil” one.

He is the transfiguration of the Mount Olypsus, the Mount of the UnderDwellers, of the Earth, and OF, and FROM, the Nations of the Earth.

For Wanadi is a bad and evil Dictator, for he sent many, many people to the neverending torture place of pits, demons, and hell. lol

Anyway, having said that, Wanadi CHOSE his disciples in the end to Enrule and Enslave the People of the Earth, and also, to Common Sense-Ological the people of this Earth-Bound-Nation, of People of Slave States.

When Wanadi enforced, and RULED, the PEOPLE OF THE EARTH, ODOSHA, THE EVIL AND BAD DICTATOR, also caused Mayhem in “the streets,” of old, and of new. For yes, they are of EVIL AND BAD DEEDS, For yes, they must be.

For yes, they are, and yet, yes, THEY MUST BE. Evil, and bad, and good, and of the goodness of the Earth.
For yes, they are, and yet, they MUST BE, common to this Earth-Bound-Species-of-Race.

Now, this of course is ALL mytholgical Hearsay, for they are of no Evil and Bad deeds, for No Evil and Bad Deeds, and Bad Seeds, exist, on this planet, or this Place of Birth(ing the Cosmos).

For yes, they, and these, Bad Evil Seeds don’t exist, they are Mythological, just like the Creature-Invention Story of the Catholic’s Church of Mithra.

Now, on another page in this great and most Excellent book, the author discusses this very fact that the Birth of the Divine Cult, ‘Mithra’-ism, Is also of the Same Cult of the Divine Birth in Ancient Greece.

Now, Acharya S, AKA, D. M. Murdock, in her GREAT and VERY, VERY enthralling work, called Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled.

Now, in this work, on page 549, the author says, and discusses the Following VERY, VERY ADMISSIBLE FACT OF KNOWLEDGE, AND WISDOM (SHARED, – WITH US.):

It is evident that the epistle is not written for a national group but for a mystical sect and religious fraternity. Taylor also asserted that only by one’s initiation into a particular “Masonic” mystery sect could one be involved in building temples and theaters within that religion. In other words, only those knowledgeable in the Dionysian religious sites, etc. Hence, again, Masonry and religion have been intertwined for a long time.

Like the Gnostic-Christian demiurge, a number of other gods have been “master craftsmen” of some sort or another, such as Agni, the Vedic fire and sun god, and Agni’s father, Tvashtar, who was a “modeler,” “divine artist,” “carpenter,” etc. The god as a “master builder” or stonemason is a pre-Chrisian motif, as demonstrated by the concept of “God,” whether as Ptah, Osiris or other, as the “Grand Architect of the Universe.” Verifying this association, in his diatribe Against the Heathen Gods Christian writer Commodianus (fl. c. 240) remarks:

“Ye make Neptune a god descended from Saturn; and he wields a trident that he may spear the fishes. It is plain by his being thus provided that he is a sea-god. Did not he himself with Apollo raise up walls for the Trojans? How did that poor stone-mason become a god?”

Not only is Neptune, or Poseideon, a mason god, but Apollo, a sun god, is also a mason who helped build the walls of Troy, confirming the connection between the sun and masonry, long before the Christian era. Furthermore, as noted, in one of his lives as the “sun of God” Buddha was a mason as well.

This is great, great stuff.

For Buddha was INDEED A MASON;

A Stone-Carpenter if you please, if You will, that is.

For he WAS of the Masons, and of the Architectonic Infrastructure, of Plates, and of Architectural Bounds, of the Nation, and of the Nation of States.

For yes, they are, and yes, and yet, they must be, and must have been, to have been Inductrinated, or Should I say, Indoctrinated, in the Essences, AND ESSENCIES, of Man, For, of woman, there is but one, and, as the Great, Late Teacher of Architecture, Taught us, Lowrie, who said that Late Great Teachers of Architecture are of Past and ELVISH lives, or, ELVISH LIVES OF THE KINGDOM’S PAST TENSE.

Or, Lowrie, who you must’ve read, or, MUST READ, that is, he is also a teacher of the Agriculture, or, should I say, ARCHITECTURAL ROMAN AGRICULTURAL SPECIES.

And, of this species, he also says that the Cryptic message is the fact that Leonardo da Vinci’s Painting The Last Supper, is nothing more, or nothing Mere, or, and of that, and of that from, or, from of that, nothing more, or mere, OF THAN, A MERE SUPERSTITION OF CAUSES AND OF EFFECT, for yes, Lowrie, or, ANY OTHER NAME FOR THAT EXISTENCE, doesn’t matter who, and which one you choose, that AGRICULTURAL MEANS are of the Superstition of Causes, and of Effect, and of the Cause and Effect of Nations, and of Nations of State.

Now, Reinhart Pieter Anne Dozy, in his Great and Most Brilliant of Brilliant Works, the Exquisite, AND inquisite work, called: “Spanish Islam: A History of the Moslems in Spain,” says, that Spanish Moslems are NOT a thing of the past, but they are of the NEW, for they must, and MUST BE ARE, of the new, AND of the New of Nations, and of Nations of States.

For in this great and most enthralling work, he admits to the fact that, on page 679:

Not content with having preserved the kingdom of Seville, Ibn ‘Ammâr schemed to enlarge its borders. The principality of Murcia especially had attractions for his ambition. At one time it had formed part of Zuhair’s dominions, and it was afterwards attached to the kingdom of Valencia; but at the period we have now reached it was independent. The reigning prince was Abû ‘Abd-er-Rahmân ibn Tâhir, an Arab of the tribe of Kais. He was immensely rich—owning half the country—he was moreover a man of enlightened intellect, but his army was scanty, and his principality would prove an easy prey. Ibn ‘Ammâr became aware of this when, in 1078, he passed through Murcia to visit, for an unrecorded reason, the Count of Barcelona, Raymond Berenger II, surnamed ” Tow-head ” from his abundant locks. Ibn ‘Ammâr then took the opportunity to enter into friendly relations with certain Murcian nobles who were dissatisfied with Ibn Tâhir, or who, at any rate, were ready to betray him for a consideration, and on reaching Raymond’s court the Vizier offered the Count ten thousand ducats if he would aid him in conquering Murcia. The Count accepted the proposal, and as a guarantee for the execution of the treaty, entrusted his nephew to Ibn ‘Ammâr. For his part, the Vizier promised that if the money was not forthcoming by the date fixed, Mu’tamid’s son, Rashîd, who commanded the Sevillan army, should serve as a hostage. Mu’tamid, however, was ignorant of this clause of the treaty, which Ibn ‘Ammâr, convinced that the money would arrive in time, thought would not become applicable.

What an awesome and Great Piece of Writing By Mr. Dozy.

Now, also, in this Great And Most Brilliant works of Brilliant works, called Symbols, Sex, and the Stars, By Ernest Busenbark, he discusses the very fact that Symbols are Very, Very Influential in ancient Commological Themes.

Now, in this Great and Most Enthralling of Enthralling books, he writes the following, on page 279:

Four regions of the earth were distinguished: East, West, North, and South. The rising of the bright star Aldebran, in the constellation Taurus, at the spring equinox, marked the East; Antares, rising in the autumn, marked the West; Regulus, rising in the summer, marked the North; Fomalhaut, rising in the winter, marked the South.

The habitable world was also divided to correspond with the divisions of the heavens. The earth was divided into 7 zones and sometimes into 4 triangles. Each of these triangles was under the influence of 3 zodiacal houses, according to location. Each triangle was divided into 2 parts, an outer and an inner. The outer part was near the limits of the habitable world, while the inner part was near the point of intersection of the diagonals, with Babylon placed in the center as the “navel of the universe.”

Sometimes the inner part of the triangle stood under the influence of the opposite triangle. The houses were also united to form geometrical figures such as triangles, rectangles, and hexagons, the first and the last figures being good signs, whereas rectangles were unfavorable.

In the Babylonian system each house of the zodiac was assigned to a planet, the sign of Cancer being related to the moon, Leo to the sun, Gemini and Virgo to Venus, Aries and Scorpio to Mars, and Aquarius to Saturn. In each case, the presiding planet was the Lord of the mansion. Furthermore, the sun, Jupiter, and Saturn were associated with the day: the moon, Mars, and Venus with the night; Mercury was associated with both day and night. The sun, Jupiter, and Mars were male: the moon and Venus were female, and Mercury might be of either sex.

The [significance] of the planets changed as their latitude increased or decreased. Their influence depended also upon their position relative to each other. Moreover, the astrological significance of each planet was determined by its intensity, speed, heliacal rising and setting, the house of the zodiac in which it rose and set, its position in the constellation, and its proximity to the other planets.

What an amazing and Awesome Piece of text this was, and, still is.

For it is true, the Planets of the Constellations of the Zodiac are of the Superior Being in Relation(ship) to the stars, and also, to the Stars of the Patents of the Star’s Back-side.

For they are of THIS GENERATION, and, also, OF WITNESSING THE STARS, for, AS E. W. BULLINGER DESCRIBES IN HIS MOST BRILLIANT OF BRILLIANT WORK, CALLED: “The Witness of the Stars,” the constellations ARE of the Signs of the Zodiac, and they ARE of this Generation’s Past Tense.

Now, E. W. Bullinger, in his Great and Enthralling AND riveting work called, The Witness of the Stars, Star-Planets are signs of the Past and Present planet.

In it, on page 178, he says, and notes:

The motions of the sun and moon are so arranged that at the end of a given interval of time they return into almost precisely the same position, with regard to each other and to the earth, as they held at the beginning of that interval. “Almost precisely,” but not quite precisely. There will be a slight outstanding difference, which will gradually increase in successive intervals, and finally destroy the possibility of the combination recurring, or else lead to combinations of a different character.

Thus the daily difference between the movement of the sun and of the stars leads the sun back very nearly to conjunction with the same star as it was twelve months earlier, and gives us the cycle of the year. The slight difference in the sun’ position relative to the stars at the end of the year, finally leads the sun back to the same star at the same time of the year, viz., at the spring equinox, and gives us the great precessional cycle of 25,800 years.

That’s exactly right, Mr. Bullinger is spot on in this Regard.

Man, it’s great to have a bundle, and a BUNCH of awesome Sources at your disposal, lol.

Now, with this having said that, on another page, Mr. Bullinger discusses the following, ominous fact:

The hieroglyphics read Knem, and are placed underneath [The Placement of the Placemat of Existence, and of Virtuosnose-ness]. Knem means who conquers, or is conquered, referring to the victory over the serpent. The woman’s name is Her-uagreat enemy, referring to the great enemy for which her two cups are prepared and intended.

The Hebrew name of the sign is Arieh, which means the Lion. There are six Hebrew words for Lion,* and this one is used of the Lion hunting down his prey.

The Syriac name is Aryothe rending Lion, and the Arabic is Al Asad; both mean a lion coming vehementlyleaping forth as a flame!

It is a beautiful constellation [The Sun-Sign of LEO, the Harbinger of Doom, and of Truth, of the Stars, and, OF, AND FROM, AND TO AND FRO, AND FROM AND TO, TO THE WITNESS OF THE STARS] of 95 stars, two of which are the 1st magnitude, two of the 2nd, six of the 3rd, thirteen of the 4th.

The brightest star, a [Greek again, don’t have the font, this is what it kinda looks like] (On the Ecliptic), marks the heart of the Lion (hence sometimes called by the moderns, Cor Leonis, the heart of the Lion.) [Which is where we get the NAME, AND the word, ‘Corleone’ from.] Its ancient name is Regulus, which means treading under foot. The next star, B [Again, Greek…], also of the 1st magnitude (in the tip of the tail), is named Denebola, the Fudge or Lord who cometh.Thestary [Again, Greek…] (in the mane) is called Al Giebha (Arabic), the exaltation. The star o [Greek again…] (on the hinder part of the back) is called Zosmashining forth.

* (1) Gor, a lion’s whelp. (2) Ciphir, a young lion when first hunting for himself. (3) Sachal, a mature lion in full strength. (4) Laish, a fierce lion. (5) Labia, a lioness; and (6) Arieh, an adult lion, having paired, in search of his prey (Nah. ii. 12; 2 Sam. xvii. 10; Num. xxiii. 24).

Now, when this Lion, or Perhaps, Should I say, ‘Lioness of the Night’, is first introduced into Christian doctrine, it is said that of his, and of himself, and or, of HERSELF, she is the Harbinger of the NIGHT OF DOOM.

For she must be of the night, and ALSO of the evening, for she is THERE, and yet, not here, and yet there, at the same time.
For barking dogs are of this Past And Present’s Lives. For they are, of this Great and Commolugical Nation, for they ARE, of this GREAT AND POWERFUL COMMOLUGICAL NATION.

For, when the Lioness of the night is in the MOUNT DOOM, OF THE LORD’S OF THE RINGS, he, or she, must also be of Elvish, or, Should I say, Slavish, Descent.

For they are of the Romish-Roman Rulers of the night, for the Vatican Bankers, for, and of, like, the likes of, Robert Calvi, who was hung, AND STRUNG, from a London Bridge, in the night of his Remembrance. For he WAS a vatican Banker, HE WAS OF THE VATICAN, AND WAS A VATICAN BANKER, THAT IS A FACT.

Now, this information is quite rare, and quite scarce, that is true, but still, that doesn’t make it less obvious a fact.

Now, A. L. Soros in his Great and Mind-Enthralling work, called, Western Mandalas of Transformation, he discusses the very fact that the Western Nations of the West, and of the Old, Past, Romanish Empires are of the Great and Powerful works of the lates, and of the greats, like Bill Hicks, and George Carlin.

For they are NOT barking dogs, for dogs don’t bark, in this sense, for they don’t bark, yet, sometimes, they do, and it CAN be annoying, that is true, but not at this time, for at this time, there ARE NO BARKING DOGS, THAT’S JUST A FACT. It has just, recently, about now, ended.

For they are of the Old, Age old Commological Sense, of the Nation’s of the People, and of the Past Lives.


For yes, they are OF religious origin, and Sexual Phallic Worship.

Now, this next great work is an absolute gold-mine, and it is called Sex Worship: An Exposition of the Phallic Origin of Religion.

In it, the author discusses the very fact that PHALLIC WORSHIP is nothing new, it is an Ancient OLD, Idea.

The Author, Clifford Howard, wrote this book in the sense, and in HIS sense, that he was NOT OF THAT RELIGIOUS CULT, OF SEXUAL DOMINANCE AND WORSHIP.

For Sex Worship, and Phallic worship, are also of the Knight’s Templars Themes, and also of the Freemasons’s, AND, ALSO, AND MOST DON’T KNOW THIS, ALSO OF THE ROSICRUCIANS.

For that much is true, and it IS A FACT.

Now, in this great book that I just mentioned, on pages 54 and 55, the author writes:

That the virile member [of this great Occultic And Secretive, Secret Society Of Sex-(ual) worship.] was considered as specially sacred to the Creator, either as his symbol or as the instrument by which his divine power was fulfilled, is universally evidenced in all the ancient faiths and customs. In addition to the right of circumcision, just mentioned, the
Old Testament affords numerous examples of the holiness attached to this symbol. It was a common custom among the Hebrews, when taking a solemn oath, to lay the hands upon the generative organ of the person to whom the vow or promise was given. This was as solemn and devout a procedure as is the present method of kissing the Bible or holding up the right hand, and was indicative of the same meaning—that of calling upon God to witness the truth and sincerity of the oath.

This great Secret Society of Oaths and of Deductive Reasoning is of the same faith as that of the Ancient Old Israelites of the Ancient Old Past, Time Old, Of Religion.

For this Old OF-Religion, of this religion, there must be many, and MANY must be bewed, for they are to be bewed, and for them to wed, or for the wedding to carry, or take on, the advantuous, or disadvantuous Sculptures of the Great, Sacred, Third Reich.

Now, in this Great Book that I read, called, The Gestapo, There is a passage of, and to, and from, and to and fro, and from and to, and from and to, to the Bible as well, in a (certain) sense, it is quite vindictive of its meaning, and its essence of meaning.

In it, on page 178, the author writes:

Von Ribbentrop was the first of the Defendants who, and whom, who, was hung, by the neck, with force, and with great gesture, and FONDURE. After him, Nine others followed, (suit). Hermann Göring was not there, he wasn’t one of the ‘Defendants’, no, he wasn’t. Just like Himmler, he succeeded in hiding the poison, so he could fool the people who held him as a prisoner, who held him Captive, for one final, very last time. How that was possible in a Maximum-Secured Prison, is, to this day, not known, to us. When the Bodies – the Corpses – were shown, the body of Göring was, because of the poison, shown to be light green of Color.

All the bodies were cremated.

That is true, Göring DID in fact die by poisoning. As did, or, as did was, by, and also, by, and also by him, and also OF, Himmler.

Both of them died by poisoning.

Now, Hitler escaped, that’s a fact.

I’ve just read an Amazing book on the subject, called Grey Wolf. The Escape of Adolf Hitler.

In it, the authors discuss the very fact that Hitler Did INDEED escape to Argentinia, and it is an Indisputable fact of life that HE DID.

Now, in this great and very, very resourceful book, on page 265, the authors, they, say the following about this ‘Great Escape’.

The German Nazi’s were not the only Fascists who, after the war, escaped to Argentinia. One of their most bloodthirsty allies was Ante Pavelic, the leader of the Ustaše-regime in the short-lived puppet state, who, and whom, of, the Germans in Croatia, had established. Pavelic, who posed as the Poglavnik (Something akin to Führer), was responsible for the murder and the death of one hundred thousands of men, women, and children of Serbian, Jewish and different races, and ethnicities in the ethnic jigsaw of – the then named, and called – Yugoslavia; even some of the members of the Gestapo would have found the Ustaše-methods very, very brute, and inhumane. Croatia was traditionally a Roman-Catholic Region and contacts in the Vatican made sure, AND POSSIBLE, that Pavelic and his whole cabinet – and later on also his wife Mara and their children – were able to escape to Argentinia, through and thanks to the Vatican Ratlines. The Perón-Government issued, in the years following, and after the war, about 34.000 visas to Croats. Indirectly, the Escape of Pave led to some of the – and from, and to and fro, and from and to, to the Injustice, and UNJUSTICE SYSTEM, OF OLD, AND OF NEW, – most convincing eyewitness accounts of Hitler’s Presence in Argentina in 1953-1954.

This is a great, great admission of fact.

Now, the Ustaše is also a thing of the past, AND of the new.

For they are of this common welder’s system, and also, of the common welder’s system of the Past, but NOT of the the new.
Now, the Ustaše, we already talked about that, so let’s drop that subject for now.

In Albert S. Gatschet’s great work, entitled: “Indian Languages of the Pacific States and Territories”, he, the author, discusses this very fact that the Ustaše were basically nothing more than a Religious Order, or Sect, if you will.

In it, on page 146, he says:

At a time when the principal languages and dialects of Asia, Africa and Australasia, the living as well as the extinct, are being investigated with uncommon ardor; myths, popular songs, dirges and speeches collected, published and commented upon with erudition and corresponding success, very few of the American languages, North and South, have
been the object of thorough research. There is no scarcity of thorough linguists among us, but the reason for their want of activity in this direction simply lies in the want of proper encouragement from the authorities, the publishers, the press and the public. This is very discouraging, we confess; but it shall not hinder us from examining somewhat closer this
topic, and from trying to get at the true facts.
The general public is very ignorant of languages and linguistics, and as a rule confounds linguistics with philology. Many people have a horror of philology because the Latin and Greek paradigms which they had to study in college classes, recall to them the dreariest days of “compulsory education,” juvenile misery and birch-rod executions. From these two languages they infer, superficially enough, that the study of all other foreign tongues must involve similar mental torments. Others believe that the Indian languages are not real tongues, deserving to be termed so; but only thwarted productions of the diseased heathen mind, because they do not agree with classical models, nor with the grammar of
the primeval language of the world, the Hebrew, “which was spoken in paradise.”
The majority, however, suppose that any Indian language is simply “a gibberish not worth bothering about;” they ought to remember that every language, even the most harmonious and perfect, is a gibberish to those who do not understand it, sounding unpleasantly to their ears, because they are unaccustomed to its cadences and phonetic laws. The mastering of a language is the only remedy against a certain repugnance to it on the side of the listener.

This is awesome stuff by Mr. Gatschet.

Now, these Languages of Old, and Of New, are also of the Age Old Commological Sense, in the sense that they are of THIS PAST’S GENERATION(-AL) INFLUX.

For they must succumb, or must be succumbed to, generational Influxes of the Common Sense-Old People, for the Vampires of the West, the Vermin of the West, are of this Past’s Generation Tense.

Now, having said that, there’s another great book out which discusses this very fact, (of Obmission, or Should I say, Obmission of Fact.)

It is called Myth and Ritual in Christianity, by Alan W. Watts.

In this book, the author discusses the very fact that the Generational Influxes of man, and of woman, are ALSO OF THE BEAST.


For yes, they are, and yes, and yet, they must be, of THIS GENERATION.

For we must be connected to each other, to one another. We must be, That is just the way it is, it is a fact of life. Now, also, this fact of life is but one of the omissions in the Great-Fact-Book-of-Life, for they are of THIS GENERATION’S PAST TENSE, AND THE KNIGHT TEMPLARS ALSO.

For the Knight Templars are of the Common Old Theme, for they are Controlling, and Controlled, by the same, the very same Authorities for which, and FROM WHICH, they are succumbing to, and succumbing FROM.

Now, in Myth and Ritual in Christianity, the author says, and discusses, on pages 88-89, the following:

[…] the Christian Year introduces its presentation of the Christian life with the season of Advent, which, to some extent, corresponds wit the “historically” vast period between the Fall of Man and the Birth of Christ. Strictly speaking, Advent has a double theme. It corresponds to the epoch between the Fall and the Incarnation in so far as it is a preparation for Christmas, a season of longing for the appearance of the Redeemer who will save the world from the Fall and its curse. But, by analogy, it looks forward also to the Second Coming of Christ at the end of time, “to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire”. For our purposes, however, we must relegate this event to the end of the story, and consider Advent as the season of preparation for Christmas, when the Church casts its mind back to the time before the first Christmas, and shares the longing of the fallen universe for release from its darkness.

Now, on another page, Alan W. Watts says, and mentions, the following:

Since, […] Pentecost is the time of “gathering in” we may well expect to find that “when the day of Pentecost was fully come” the Apostles “were all with one accord in one place”, because “I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me”. And then, because the great awakening is always “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye”,—”suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing, mighty wind; and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit. The immediate result was that there descended upon them the “gift of tongues”—glossolalia—so that when they spoke every man heard them in his own native language. This gift is the sign that all which has hitherto come to pass, the entire mystery of Incarnation and Atonement, is now no more understood “in the letter” but “in the Spirit”. For when the mind is no longer spell-bound, the confusion of tongues gives place to the gift of tongues—the power to use the Word without being enthralled by it. But, of course, this power belongs only to him who is the Word, so that the sending of the Spirit is the realization of Christ not merely with us but in us. His Ascension into Heaven is his “withdrawal” from the circumference of things, from the external world, to the centre—to be the inmost reality of all.

Now, this is great, and MORE powerful stuff from Mr. Watts.

With this having said that, let us Return to Christ in Egypt, the Horus-Jesus Connection.

Now, Acharya S, AKA, D. M. Murdock, has written a very, very enthralling work on this Subject, called: “Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.”

In it, she discusses the various parallels between both the Christian and Egyptian Religion.

In this work, on page 89, she writes:

Fortunately, the earlier manuscripts of Epiphanius survived, and we also possess the testimony of Plutarch, as well as that of the writer Macrobius in the fourth century, to verify the facts concerning the Egyptian winter-solstice festival. In his Saturnalia (1.18:10), Macrobius likewise reported on the annual Egyptian “Christmas” celebration:

“… at the winter solstice the sun would seem to be a little child, like that which the Egyptians bring forth from a shrine on an appointed day, since the day is then at its shortest and the god is accordingly shown as a tiny infant.”[1]

In The Origins of the Liturgical Year, Rev. Dr. Thomas Talley, a professor at the General Theological Seminary, discusses the Macrobius passage and remarks:

“This similarity to Epiphanius’ description is heightened further by the scholion of Cosmas of Jerusalem [d. 760? AD/CE] on Gregory Nazianzen [329-389 AD/CE], which described the Hellenes [Greeks] as celebrating a festival on the winter solstice with the festal shout, “the virgin has brought forth, the light grows,” and the Calendar of Antiochus, which places beside the entry for December 25 the remark, “birth of the sun, the light increases,” although it notes the occurrence of the solstice itself on December 22.”

The “Calendar of Antiochus” refers to that of a resident of Athens about 200 AD/CE in which, as stated, December 25th is named as the “sun’s birthday” or the “birthday of Helios.” In this regard, Dr. Weinstock states:

“…In Egypt and in Greece the terms of human life were applied to the Sun. It was thought to be a child at its rise in the morning, an adult at its culmination and an old man at its setting. The same view was applied to its annual course: child at he winter solstice, youth in the spring, adult in the summer, and old man in the autumn. Thus the course of the Sun in its lifetime, and we should expect that states of this “life” were marked in the calendars, from the time that they became solar calendars. Yet in Greek calendars, corresponding entries were missing until Boll published in 1910 the Calendar of Antiochus which contains the entry to 25th December […This is Greek, I cant typ it – The Author of this Article…] [Birth of the Sun: the light increases], and lends strong support to the famous entry of Philocalus…: “N(atalis) Invicti.” This emergence of the “birthday” of the sun caused much sensation and some controversy because of its obvious relevance to the Christian tradition concerning Christmas and Epiphany.”

[1] Macrobius/Davies, 129. The original Latin of this paragraph in Macrobius is: “…ut parvulus videatur hiemali solstitio, qualem Aegyptii proferunt ex adyto die certa, quod tunc brevissimo die veluti parvus et infans videatur…” (Rahner, 140.)

Now, Austen Henry Layard talks about this as well, as, because, he, was a Genius of, and in his own right, of Admission, of Fact.

For in his great 2-volume work, entitled Nineveh and its Remains, he talks about this very Fact of Admission.

In volume 1 of this great work, and on, and from, page 145, he says, and writes the following Admission of Fact:

I uncovered the top of the slabs of chamber H from entrance e to entrance b, and discovered the chambers I and R. Upon most of them were similar sculptures; the king standing
between two winged figures, and holding in one hand a cup, in the other a bow. The only new feature in this chamber was a recess cut out of the upper part of slab No. 3. I am at a loss to account for its use; from its position it might have been taken for a window, opening into chamber G; but there was no corresponding aperture in the slab, which formed the
facing of the wall at its back in that chamber. It may have been used as a place of deposit for sacred vessels and instruments, or as an altar for sacrifice; a conjecture which may be strengthened by the fact of a large square stone, slightly hollowed in the centre, and probably meant to contain a fluid, being generally found in front of the slabs in which such recesses occur.

The slabs in chamber R were unsculptured, having the usual inscription across them. The pavement was formed by alabaster slabs. Entrance b led me into a further chamber, narrow and long in its proportions. I only uncovered the upper part of a few of the slabs. Upon them were two bas-reliefs, separated by the usual inscription; the upper (similar on all the slabs) represented two winged human figures with the horned cap, kneeling on one knee before the mystic tree; their hands are stretched out, one towards the top, and the other towards the bottom of the emblem before them. In the lower compartments were eagle-headed figures facing each other in pairs, and separated by the same symbol.

This is Great and Awesome stuff.

As the Slab of Confidence of the Knights Templars is on the Upper Right Side of the Leg, it must also be said, and noted, that the Knight’s Templars are of this Common Old-Gene, of Pool, for they are of this Pool-Generation, and also, of the next Pool-Generation to come.

As the Knight’s Templars entered into rome, to the Knight’s Caesar, King Julius the 4th, OR, the 5th, not Entirely Certain, he, or she, also said to him, or to her, that the knight’s templars of old and of new are of this great new slab of creation, for they are, and yet, for they are and yet must be, to be the New Common Theme of this Great Sensological Theme of Old, and OF NEW.



And for that, they must also be borrowed from the Same Knight’s Templars from which they were borrowed, for they ARE, the Knight’s Templar, and yes, they ARE, of this Common Old Age of Obmission, and OBMISSION OF FACT.



It’s a great and masterful and brilliant piece, and really, really big.

Now, to come to the senses of the masses, this Great Work by Archibald Bower, called, The History of the Popes; From the Foundation of the See of Rome to A. D. 1758.

In it, on pages 51-52 of Volume 2, he says:

In that [extremity] the only means that occurred to the pope, (and he thought it might possibly succeed,) of escaping the vengeance, with which he was threatened, was to repair
to the camp of the Lombards, and there deliver himself up to the king. He hoped that, as the king had but very lately given so remarkable an instance of his good nature and mercy, in pardoning those who had revolted from him, he might perhaps be prevailed upon to interpose his good offices with the exarch in favor of those, who had revolted from the emperor; the rather as he had encouraged them in, and reaped no small advantages from their revolt. Animated with that hope, he set out, attended by some of his clergy, and of the chief citizens of Rome; and arriving at the king’s quarters, presented himself unexpectedly before him; represented to him, in a pathetic speech, his present distress; and earnestly begged, that to the glorious instance, which he had lately given of his royal mercy, he would add another still more glorious, that of delivering him, the city of Rome, and the whole Roman people, from the jaws of death and destruction. The king, who was, it seems, a man of great humanity, was touched with his speech, and so affected, if we believe Anastasius, with his distress, that, throwing himself at his feet, he begged Eardon for entering into an alliance against him; and, assuring both him and the Romans of his protection, he attended him to the neighboring church of St. Peter, and there disarmed himself in the presence of his officers, laying his girdle, his sword, and his gantlet, with his royal mantle, his crown of gold, and a cross of silver, on the tomb of the apostle. However, to fulfill his engagements with the exarch, he obliged both the pope and the Romans to submit to him, to acknowledge his authority,and to receive him, after he had promised a general amnesty, into the city.

This is great and awesome and VERY, VERY POWERFUL STUFF.

For this ‘Exarch’ is nothing more than a mere puppet of the Roman Holy Catholic Church, and for that, also, A ROMAN OF THE ROMAN VATICAN’S BANKERS, OF THE WEST, AND OF THE EAST.

Now, in the Catholic Encyclopedia, the 2nd Volume, issued, and written, and authored, by Charles G. Herbermann, he says, on page 1798, under the Section of “Ruggiero Giuseppe Boscovich”:

The London Academy proposed to send Boscovich in charge of an expedition to California to observe the transit of Venus in 1769, but, unfortunately, the opposition manifested everywhere to the Society of Jesus and leading finally to its suppression, made this impossible. He continued, however, to give his services to the Milan Observatory for whose further development he was able to obtain no inconsiderable sums of money. In particular the adjustment of the instrument engaged his attention, a subject about which he left several papers. But as his elaborate plans received only partial support from his superiors and patrons, he thought seriously in 1772 of severing his connection with the observatory, and, in fact, in the same year, Father La Grange was placed in complete charge of the new institution. Boscovich was to become professor at the University of Pisa, but Louis XV gained his services and invited him to Paris, where a new office, Director of Optics for the Marine– d’optique au service de la Marine–with a salary of 8,000 francs, was created for him. He retained this position until 1783 when he returned to Italy to supervise the printing of his as yet unpublished works in five volumes, for it was not easy to find a suitable publisher in France for books written in Latin. In 1785 there appeared at Bassano, “Rogerii Josephi Boscovich opera pertinentia ad opticam et astronomiam… in quinque tomos distributa,” the last important work from the pen of this active man, who, after its completion, retired for a time to the monastery of the monks of Vallombrosa. He returned to Milan with new plans, but death shortly overtook him at the age of seventy-six, delivering him from a severe malady which was accompanied by temporary mental derangement. He was buried in the church of Santa Maria Podone.

This is Great, As Jesuit(-itical) and Paul-Apostle-Leader, Boscovich, is also a Roman Ruler of the Romanish, Ruler Church, of Common old People’s of the Past and Elvish Lives.

For they are to be seen as a strong force, from and by, and from them, and from by, and from by and from with them, for they ARE, of this GREAT AND POWERFUL NATION… And as this Chapter comes to a close, so will the Next Upcoming Chapter, as this, is the last one.

Because Barking Dogs are everywhere, they are Venomous Creatures, of the night, and of the day, for they Bark Relentlessly, AND endlessly, for they ARE of this Great and Powerful Nation, for yes, THEY ARE of this GREAT GENERATIONAL INFLUX, into the Common People of Man, and OF WOMAN.

For yes, they ARE, of this Great Commological Scheme, from whence, and from which, AND FROM THENCE, THEY, AND THY, CAME.

For they ARE OF THIS GREAT GENERATIONAL INFLUX, into the common peeps of man, or should I say, Common People of Man.

For yes, they ARE, of this Great and Cosmological Scheme, for, as Dr. Ian Barnes writes, for the Commo-Senso-logical-themo, of the past and Present Generation, they come to Subburb the Subburbians of the Common Old Themes of the Past Elvish Lives.

And for that Admission of Fact alone, they ARE…….. The Templar of All the Ages.


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