The Knights of the Saints Order of Justinian

The Jesuits’ Roman Rule of the West, and the East, and everywhere

For Justinian is but a powerful player in the knight’s order of the sacred empire of the reichs of the People.

Now, as I explained earlier the borrowing of the loaning of the issuance of money for the Knight’s Templehood, I also showed the usage of time stamps of the Usuance of Money.

Now, let me quote me, myself directly for this Article/Pamphlet to continue working up, on the wrong same tree.

The Loan of the Borrowing of the Knight

Heritage owners of the land kept their farm stock and their farm houses, mitst, and in case they foresaw in Knight’s Warrior of the Honorable Past the king they needed. This was known, and also earlier, a bit before that, as “The Loan of the Borrowing of the Knight.” Just a few, a small few heritage, and big Heritage owner’s of the Past and Elvish lives of the Knighthood of the Saint’s of the Cross of the knights of Mata, were able to subduct and subdue many of its very own knighthoods and very own Knight’s Templars knight and they also kept their slaves as the midsts of heaven and kept their pieces of land in the midsts of their General Assembly into the hands of the Knight’s of the Saint’s cross, in trading off, and of, midsts of the king of their Knight Hood, or themselves, with, and, of themselves, whenever it, and they, or whatever it takes, or took, was needed. This Process was called “under lease.” If someone garnished more, and more, and a bit more of land, their power and their Wealth’s power of the Knight’shood of the Saints of the templars INCREASED, and, more knights would have been available, or, still would have, and still would have been to availability.

In the Many Feodal Mid-Century Classic wars, whereby knights cross-countries the entire land and lands of the common people to choose sides on which, and on whom, to fight, and to die for, in their midsts of heaven, in their Holy Roman Righteous kingdom of the Past and Elvish, Slavish lives, everybody had to wear the Emblem, and or, the Symbol of the Fighter’s fighter’s choice of whom they fought, and died, for. Kings and rulers choose various and Simple Objects as an emblem to separate and object, and SUBJECT, and, TO DIFFERENTIATE THEIR KNIGHT’S HOOD KNIGHTHOOD ON THE BATTLEFIELDS OF THE ANCIENT HOLY AND ROMAN EMPIRE. The usage of this and these emblems became more and more widespread in the West of Europe in the 11thn 12th and 13th century during their various and vary, kind of kings, of the Crusades of this, and their’s Time Period. The usage of the broom-emblem by the House of Anjou was given, and received this family’s name of Plantagenet and made them more reconcilable, and also, more received and honored at the same time. The Holy Land, the Birth place of the Christianity’s Christianity, of King Pius IV, was taken over and invaded by Islamic Turks, who had denied access to them, and, also, of and to of the OF THEM, and, also, and too, FOR THEM ALSO. The pope recalled and called the Holy Leaders to come and fight for the Holy Land of the Holy emperor’s office and to Set free, and set loose, them of the invading vader’s forces of the Holy land, and to SET THEM FREE, OF, AND TO, AND OF AND TO AND FROM THEM. The CRUSADES HAD BEGUN. Warriors used the Warrior’s Knight Symbol on their helmets, jackets, feet, hands, you name it, in various colors, creeds, and various shapes of emblems, all depending on their country of origin and place of Department. And, also, depending on the Type of Army they were from, and also too, and from and too and also of their COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, of course. The emblem’s pieces were engraved and engrained on their very Pious pieces of the Emblem’s Knight’s Samplehood of the United Kingdom’s Holy Roman Empire, in which they set loose and set forth the Knight’s Emblem of the Templar Crusaders. It gained traction in Europe to set loose and free these fractions of people, using their God’ Given’s right of these God’s Symbols to unite and conquer the holy land of the Holy Empire’s Roman, and Romish, and Slavish, romish holysh, and romish holish of them and their Knight’s Templehood, of the knights of the saint’ cross of the Knight’s of the Templehood In Christian Europe.

This is from the sacred ‘little’ gem of a book, called The Historical Atlas of Knights & Castles, p. 176.

Also, here’s another quote from the same page-little-book-turner of that same little ole’ book. From page 284, we read:

A couple of years before the reconquering and re-constitution [of the Knight’s Templars in Europe] in Jerusalem in 1099, there was a group of Knights Active as Guides and protectors of the christian pelgrims in the countries of the enemy’s Seljuks. At, or, in and, at on the time of the First Crusade, they stayed in a hostel, or inn, near, or close-by the temple of Salomo in Jerusalem and when Hugo of Payns and Godfried of St.-Omer, in 1119, came to the idea to unite the knighthood, Knights, up until, and including, into a religious order, with the name, attached to, it, “The Poor Knights of the Temple of Salomo,” or, in other words, the Templars. In 1128 the Order was officially recognized bu the Church by, and during the time of, the Council of Troyes, and Bernardus of Clairvaux, the most influential, and pious Religious Knight of that era, time, was given the order of the Rules of the Order to write.

Both Quotes can be found in my previous article which discussed the Knight’s Templehood as well, here.

Now, having said this, the Knight’s Templehood in the Order of Saint Justinian is but one powerful player and tool for ALL the Knight’s Templehood.

Now, also, The Brotherhood the Bell, ARE, the BRITISH SAS;

For they are of the Knight’s Powerful tools as the Knight’s empire Progresses.

Now, D.M. Murdock, aka, Acharya S, Explains in her most wonderful and exquisie treatise, entitled, and called: Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled, that the knight’s most powerful tool is that of Osiris’ master, the very revered, and very honored, and very honorable, Krishna’s Maser: The knight’s of the sainthood of the Bell.

As she writes, and explains, on page 479 of this very sacred and ‘little‘ gem of a book:

While the Judeans were expecting a “son of David” messiah,the Israelites/Samaritans awaited a “son of Joseph” messiah, who in “Talmudic allusion” was often called “Messiah ben Joseph,” or “Christ, son of Joseph.” This distinction between the two messiahs is made at Sukkah 52a, which claims that “Messiah the son of Joseph” will be or has been slain, as the “pierced” one referred to at Zechariah 12:10. At Sukkah 52b, Messiah the son of Joseph is one of “four craftsmen,” which include “Messiah the son of David,” Elijah and the “Righteous Priest” (Melchizedek). Per Zechariah 2, these “craftsmen” are to measure Jerusalem, which sounds like a possible activity for the priestly carpener guild of the Nazarites/Nazarenes. In any event, in the “prophecy” or blueprint established for the northern kingdom messiah is the pre-Christian tale of a slain “son of Joseph” who is a “craftsman.”

The Samaritan role in the creation of the gospel myth is evident and significant. The scripture in Acts identifying Jesus with Joshua, “coupled with the fact that Joshua was especially honored in Samaria, throws light upon the taunting assertion of the Jews (Jn. viii, 48) that Jesus was a Samaritan.” Moreover, the “Redeemer figure of the Samaritans, called ‘the Taheb,” also seems to have been a Joshua-like figure or a ‘Joshua redivivus‘ or a ‘Joshua-come-back-to-life.'” Joshua’s importance was demonstrated abundantly during the time of Pontius Pilate, when a messianic figure caused an uprising in Samaria that was brutally quelled, with a number of individuals crucified on Mt. Gerizim. The temple at Gerizim was used for “sacrifice for Adam, Melchizedek, Jacob and Joshua” by the Samaritan priesthood, largely composed of Zadokites/Sadducees, the inheritors of the centuries-old “Jewish” priesthood who were “expelled from Jerusalem.” When Pilate destroyed and desecrated the Gerizim temple, it was as if he had “crucified Joshua,” a notion that reveals why the Roman prefect was chosen as the villain in the gospel fable, in which he allegedly “crucified Jesus.”

This very sincere admission by D.M. Murdock, aka Acharya S, is also of the notion of the Knight’s Templar background, who, in 555 AD, created, more or less, and conceptualized, the Priest’s Templehood of the Concept of Hell.

For they are, and were to be expelled from their Holy Roman Empire, and also to the Templehood of old, and of new.

Now, for this admission to work, the Knight’s Templar are of the Knights Templar of the Holy Bread of the Caesars of Rome, for they are to be expelled from the Holy Roman Empire, and also, king Justinian I, who was also (a) roman ruler at the time, must have been prefected and perfected in the times immemorial of the Knight’s Templehood in the Holy Roman City of Jerusalem.
Now, the Jesuits of the Old, Ancient Old Indo-Romanian Empire are also of the notion, and of, the fact that, they, the Jesuits, or, more commonly called The Society of Jesus, were to be expelled from the Holy Roman Empire, by the King of the North, King Justinian the 24th, or, the 25th, I’m a bit uncertain about that.

But anyway, in any given take, and or asset of the King’s of the North, they must have have expelled them from their Holy Roman Empire, and also, beseth, and bestowed upon them, the Holy Roman Empire’s Church of Satan, The Society of Jesus.

Now, when King Juan Carlos I of Spain, emballished and embelled the Holy Roman Empire’s church, he also declined the Insight and Insight’s of the Holy Roman Empire’s Church, as one book I’ve just read conclusively proves, for they are of the admission that Conclusive proofs, or conclusive proves of evidence, are of the same admission as the Monks of the Society of Jesus, in their Very Own Admissible, The Society of Jesus’ Handbook, or Manual of the Society’s Order.

For they are of the Embellishment of the Society of Jesus’ Own Admission, and must hereby, and thereby, in their Seat of Saint Petrus of Rome, for them to be emballished, and embarked upon, up on the wrong tree, for them to be safe and secure.
Now, this book that I just finished reading, called The Chair of Petrus: Behind the Scenes of the Vatican, also emballishes on the fact that Saint Peter of rome, the 24th, of the 25th, is of the same Emballishment of the Signs of the Heavens, as witnessed in E.W. Bullinger’s most excellent, and very, very veneered book The Witness of the Stars shows, and veneers.

For this book, The Chair of Petrus, it must also be said, that, on page 279 of this ‘little‘ gem of a book, he embarks upon the (same) mission as his predecessors.

Here is a direct quote, from said book and said page, of the Same admission as the Knights of Malta, and their very, very, veneered Society’ Of Jesus’ Own admissible Court System of the Laws and Order of the People:

Every new Ambassador, in the beginning of his Reign as Ambt of the Holy Church, is being generously and graciously received by the Holy Roman Emperor’s Church, the Church of the Latter Day Saints, very own admissible Head’s of the state, of the states of the people. During a very plausible, and sincere, and Holy Admission of the Court’s Court system during the Reign of Justinian I, The Faith of the Letters of his Head of City state of, and to, and from, and to, of the Head of State of the leader of this most Holy, of Holy, of Holiest of Lands. Faiths of the Letters, or, should I call them credentials, are the Official Rule of Thumb, for that they are of the admission of the Court’s Holy System of Holy system, for that they admire the Admission of the Ambt’ of the City State of the States of the Jerusalem’s Headquarter in Venice, Greece. And, it should also represent their Belief System of the Credentials, or, of the, and from, the Credentials of and to and from from the Faith of the Letters. Also, in times of very, very, busy internet-traffic is also the same time of the Issuances of Allowances for the Head’s of States of the City’s Empires in times of duress and Prowlesness, in the Head’s of Court of the City Centrum City. All over the world they keep in touch, and in contact long, and only longing the, or via, the Means and necessary travel-means of the Channel of the Holy City’s Roman Church of the Pastors of the Latter day’s Saints. On the 25th of October, 2006, Frank de Coninck issued the credentials of the king, to and from, and to and fro, and BACK AND FORTH, to Pope Benedictus XVI, and issued them AT HAND, to him, in his very own palace…….. of kings’, of kings, of the Holy Roman City of the Empire of the sun, the City’s Holy Roman’s City of the Sun of the Latter day Saints.

Now, this is a very, very sincere and very, very, serious admission of the King’s Court Papal Knights of the Holy Roman Empire’s office, for as they are of the King’s Knighthood and Holy Roman Templar Jesuitical Order’, they also set themselves free of ALL THE DOBERMAN PINCHER’S, as, previously discussed in a lengthy article of mine, which I linked to earlier in this Article/pamphlet of mine.

Now, the Holy City of Jerusalem’s Temple Knights of the Mounts of the Hills, also discuss the Very Fact that the Temple Knight’s of the Mount’s Hill of Power, and Seat of Power, in the Holy City of Jerusalem, must be dwelled on, and dwelled upon, by the same veneered, and VERY REVEREND’, REVEREND’S ADMISSION OF THE KING COURT OF STATES.

For they are to be seen by the enemy’s ruler as the Ruler of the Land, for, as Dr. Ian Barnes, in his very, very, excellent Treatise on the Knight’s Templar and their very, very, Holy City Seat, in the State of the Empires of Venice, for they ARE VENETIANS, in the RIGHTS AND THE MINDS OF THE FIRE OF THE MIND’S MEN.

For, here, Dr. Ian Barnes, in his EXCELLENT TREATISE CALLED The Historical Atlas of Knights & Castles, he also emballishes and embarks upon the Mission of the Mission of States of King Justinian the fourth, for the Fourth in Line of Rulers of Rulers, as Queen Catharina the I of Spain hath said, is also of the same admission as the same principles of the rights of the Knight’s of the Order of the Saint’s King’s System of the Rights of the Mights, in the Holy City Roman Empire of Jerusalem.

Now, A. Smythe Palmer, in his most Brilliant of Brilliant treatise Babylonian Influence on the Bible and Popular Beliefs, discusses the very fact that the Roman’s Julius Caesar at the time of the Crucifiction, and Pre-dufiction, of the time, at the same time, in his Opening’s Monologue on page 24:

[…] in Tehom (Tiamat) the destructive power of evil was already manifest.

This is so, and very, very true.

For the evil destructive forces of the Tiamat of Old, and of the Tehomnem of the Consecutive orders of the Knights of Malta, are also, and of, the Devil’s Prefix, in of which their own admission, or admissive state of the King’s Prawler’ System, of the Old Knight’s Templar of the King’s Cross.

Now, the Most, and very Reveered Dr. Ian Barnes, and also, the very Veneered and very Reveered, Dr. Robert Lomas, both, of which, also discuss the very Distinct and Intrinsic value of the Knight’s Power of the Holy Roman Empire, as “Dr.” Rev. James A. Wylie discusses, in his most excellent treatise on the Celtish Crosses of the Old, ancient old Farm Lands of the Kings of the North.

Now, in Wylie’s History of the Scottish Nation, and also, in his other very own and very distinct treatise, and, on the Premise of the Knight’s Order of the premise of their presence, in the Knight’s Otherly Hills of the Knight’s Order presence in Paris, and in the Very Veneered High Hills of Scotland, he (also), discusses many things, as many things are to be remained hidden under the banner of Jesuitisian Flag’s, for they are of the same Jesuitisian Flag of, and as of, the Same as the Jesuitian Flag of the Knight’s Order of the Templars, in Spain, and in Rome.

Now, Rev. James A. Wylie makes it very, very clear to us, to the untrained, and UNDER-Trained eye, of the old eyes of the Apocalypse.
He writes, in his very, very distinct Treatise on the Jesuit order of the Saint Monks of Paradise in Scotland, History of the Scottish Nation, in Volume 3 of said 3-volume-set.

On page 54 of said volume, he mentions, and discusses, the very veneered and very reveered Scottish Order of the Knight’s Templars of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and, as he also mentions:

Alfred [the great King of Spain, King of Ruthless’ Bible Translators and King of the Ruthless’ Bible Translators of the New Testament. – N.B.] took up his position on ground which no churchman of his century had courage to occupy. Turning away from priest and sacrament he went to the Word of God. He conceived the great idea of translating the Scriptures into the vernacular of the Saxon people. He assembled a select body of learned men at his court, and set them to the
work of translating the Bible: he put his own hand to the work, so much was his heart set upon it, and, like Columba, he was engaged in translating the Psalms at the time of his

Alfred stands at the head of the noble army of Bible translators. It is a higher glory than his fifty battles by land and sea. The work in which he led the way can know no termination till the Word of Life has been translated into the tongue of every people on earth, and its light has shone round and round the globe.

[1] Wilkins (Concilia, i. p. 186, et seq.) has given us a specimen of Alfred’s labours in a portion of the law of God translated by him.

This is a very, very since admission indeed.

For when Alfred, the King of the Bible Translators, was introduced into the Court System of Old, and of new, he was also of the King’smanship of the King’s of the Great Egyptian army, and empire, the King of the Luxors, at the temple of Luxor in Egypt, in Parish, and In French, or, should I say, France.

For, he was of the own’s admission of courts, for he was the King Translator of the King James Bible, Version, as well, as well as he did the Translator’s Justice to the King’s of the Justinian I’s, for he was of the admission of the King’s of the People.

Now, in another “little” gem of a book entitled Sacred Key Keepers: The History of the Popedom, From Petrus to Benedictus XVI. In it, the author criticizes the Popedom of the Veneered, and very Reverend king of the states, and king of the hills, King Juan Carlos I of History’ of the Romanish-Slavish-Slovakish people of the Past and Present.

In it, on page 67, he admissives, and admissites, and admires, the King of the Veneered west and the East, on his very own treatise, and premise of the king states of old, as he settles in the New Holy Roman Empire, and also, as King of the Justinians.

Not everything, after the Council of Efeze, went as planned as Cyrillus would have liked, and talked about, in his very own admissive state as king of the Hills. He had already settles for the Admissive’s States of the Patriarch and Antiochians of the Roman and Rulish Roman and Romish and Romanish Rulers of the past and present, before they pushed through, their agenda, and admired to their very own slave-state of the Old-Indo-Romanish and Slavish Empire State Building, and the last of that list, or of said list, was veneered, but, and not honored, but, and also, but not also and excluding to, and limited to, DISMISSED IN THE COURTS OF THE SAINTS OF THE JUSTINIAN ORDER, for they were of the Power Dwellers of the Past and present lives, By Cyrillus and, of, and to, and from, and of and to, from and TO OF CYRILLUS, to Judge and Besiege Nestorius. With, and with in in regards to a piece of text, or a line of admission, called The Twelve Anathema. The result was a FORMAL INMATTER AND ADMISSION OF THE ANTIOCHIANS AND ALEXANDRIA, which would, and also, did last, to, up and until, including up and until about 433 AD, when a formula of Reconciliation was ordered, and proposed, whereby, and withhold to, of the Saint Jesus’ of Christ Antiochians, of the Priestly of Saint Christ, and also of the own admissive court, system, in the very own ADMISSIVE STATES OF THE UNION OF THE ANTIOCH PEOPLE, hereby, and modified, to Cyrillus’ Exhibitions of power, and also, of his Statements, (of power, and of submissive states of power.) For he was the King of the Hills of the Submissive states of power, in the Roma’s Vaticalé Hill’sside.It was warmthly, and welcomly received by Pope Sixtus III (432-440), but was seen, and bethralled, and up- and bethroned, and also, UPTRHONED, as an addmisive defeath by the Counterparts, or should I say, Supporters, of the vlids of state, of Cyrillus, and they were dedicated to a pure and very sincere Nature of Monophysite’s Nature of states – Non-Separable Divinely-righted people of the old and and ancient-old-kingdom of Jerusalem – in the Christ’s Consciousness of the very veneered and vereened people of the Ancient and Old-Slavikish west of the Country of the Upper and Inner Nile. And, althus, it was commonly accepted, to, and commonly paved the way, that by and that, king Nestorius, was of a bigger and bigger conflict of the paved ways, to and from, and to, and FROM AND TO AND FRO AND TO AND FROM AND TO, FROM.

This is an absolutely amazing admission by the king’s of the Court’s System, and also, by the King of the Justinians Court system.


On page 72 of said “little” booklet, he says, and adds to this, saying of the Crulers of the King’s Court people of the West and of the Old Justinian System of enslavement and power of enslavement:

There is much here to remind us of the Chinese doctrine of celestial spirits (Shin), as opposed to terrestrial spirits (Ki), among which we find the spirits of the sun and the moon and the stars, the clouds, wind, thunder, and rain.[1]

[1] M. Müller, Science of Religion, 208.
“Could we but deem the stars had hearts and loved,
They would seem happier, holier, even than now;
And, ah! why not? They are so beautiful”
(Bailey, Festus).

For this is, (also), true of the Justinian order of knights of the monks of the king’s castle at night, and during the daybreak at dawn and during the daybreak in Spain, at dawn, and at the morning-evening star of the Old Justinian order of the monks, the Saint of Saint Justinian I.

Now. Rev. James A. Wylie, tells us, in his, of the 3rd volume of the set of, The History of Protestantism, on page 72, that they are of the kings of the hills, saying of them in an inciteful and unpleasant manner:

They [The Saint Justinians of the Knight’s cross of the Saints of the hill. – N.B.] had been warriors as well as traders in their own country, and he could rely on their swelling
his ranks with brave and patriotic soldiers. With these resources—how diminutive when compared with the treasures and the armies of that Power to which he was throwing down the gage of battle!—William resolved on beginning his great struggle.

Now, this Saint’s of the Knight’s cross of the Justinians is also an indirect and indecisive Admission to the King’s Court of the Justinians of the King’s Court of the Prawler’s of the Submissive, and Subjunctive and Subjective admission of the King’s court of old, and, on the Old admission of the King’s Court System of the King’s Court System of the old(ly) veneered system and Transduction and System-Reduction.

Now, A. Smythe Palmer also tells us of a religious order in the Saint Knighthood of the Religious order of the saints of the Knighthood of saint Charles VI. For he was of the Knigthood of the saints of old, and of the sainthoods of the Religious order of the Saints of the West;

For, on page 79, In A. Smythe Palmer’s Jacob at Bethel, he tells us of this sainthood of priestly sainthoods:

In another hymn, addressed to Sin, the Moon-god, in his temple at Hârân, Nabonius says;

“They sent me a dream (sutti, ‘product of the night’).
Merodach, the Great Lord, and Sin, the illuminators of the
heavens and earth,
The strengthener of all—Merodach communed with me.”[1]

[1] Boscawen, Vic. Inst. Trans., xx. 125.

Now, this Jacobian at Bethelian theme of the old Knight’s crusaders of the old monks of the Sinister heaven of the skies, is also of the same order of monks as the Sinister Heaven of the Skies earth, for they are to be seen by, and with the naked eye.

For they are of the old, common old guardian theme, for Sin, the Moon-god, is also Sinister of, and from, till bearth, or Should I say, till Birth, for they are of the same Old Sinister Guardian themes the Knights of the Saint’shood of the Knight’s Cross of the Saints of Malta have proveered, and reveneered. For they must be seen with, and by, with the naked eye of the common old people of the past Lives.

For yes, they are of THIS sainthood, and yes, they are ALSO of the saint’s of the priestlyhood of the Elvis’s of the ELVISHES PRESLEY’IAN, and ELVISHIAN PRESLEY’AN, indoctrinated, and indoctrunated, into the past and elvish lives of the kingdom’s past kingly heavens, and queenly heavens as well, and also, and a little BIT of TOO.

For, they, the Kingship’ Rulers Kingship, are of the determinate of the Saint’s Priestly high hood, for they also beseth, and upholdeth themselves cometh, for the Saint’s of the Priestlyhood of the Determinate, for, of, and from and still, they also besiege themselves to be of the Upper Egypt of the Nile, for they are to be seen by King’s Crusaders, for they also, and, or also of and too, are the King’s Crusader of the King’s Justinian of the Knight’s order of the Taimple Cross, the Temple Cross of the Knight’s and Priestly sainthood.

Now, A.H. Sayce in his most EXCELLENT WORK, Babylonians and Assyrians; Life and Customs, tells us of this veneered cross of the old and saintishly commuter’ trade’s commuter.

In it, on page 78 and 79, he tells us of the slaves of Europe, as they embralled upon their sacred mission, into the knight’s old and priestlyhood of old and of new. For they are to be seen as usurpers, as this quote by A.H. conclusively proves:

A slave, in fact, could even act as a witness in court, his testimony being put on the same legal level as that of a native Babylonian. He could also be a party to a suit. Thus we find a slave called Nergal-ritsua, in the tenth year of Nabonidos, bringing a suit for the recovery of stolen property. He had been intrusted by his master with the conveyance of 480
gur of fruit to the ships of a Syrian, named Baal-nathan, who undertook to carry pit to Babylon, and to be responsible for loss. On the way part of the fruit was stolen, and Baal-nathan, instead of replacing it, absconded, but was soon caught. The slave accordingly appeared against him, and the five judges before whom the case was brought gave a verdict in his favor.

A slave could even own another slave. In the twenty-seventh year of Nebuchadnezzar, for example, the porter of the temple of the Sun-god at Sippara, who was “the slave of
Nebo-baladh-yulid,” purchased a female slave for two-thirds of a shekel (2s.). The amount was small, but the purchaser did not possess so much at the moment, and credit was consequently allowed him. The list of witnesses to the contract is headed by a slave.

The condition of the slave in Assyria was much what it was in Babylonia. The laws and customs of Assyria were modelled after those of Babylonia, whence, indeed, most of them had been derived. But there was one cause of difference between the two countries which affected the character of slavery.Assyria was a military power, and the greater part of its slaves, therefore, were captives taken in war. In Babylonia, on the contrary, the majority had been born in the country, and between them and their masters there was thus a bond of union and sympathy which could not exist between the foreign captive and his conqueror. In the northern kingdom slavery must have been harsher.

This great and brilliant admission, and very, very insightful Post of Lampshades by A.H. Sayce was also of the veneered and reveered same admission by the slave states of the West.

Now, A.H. Sayce also admits, in his Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion as Illustrated by the Religion of the Ancient Babylonians, that the Religion of the Papacy is nothing but a mere fallacy of the Roman Coptic Church.

As he says, and admits, to, on page 79 of his Lectures on the Origin of Growth of Religion:

The sacrifices were accompanied, sometimes by hymns or incantations, sometimes by prayers. The prayers were all prescribed, and a large number of them have been preserved. Here are some examples of them:[1]

“At dawn and in the night (the worshipper) shall bow down (ikam-mis) before the Throne-bearer and shall speak as follows: ‘O Throne-bearer, giver of prosperity, a prayer!’ After that he shall bow down to Nusku and shall speak thus: ‘O Nusku, prince and king of the secrets of the great gods, a prayer!’ After that he shall bow down to Adar and shall speak thus:
‘O Adar, mighty lord of the deep places of the wells, a prayer!’ After that he shall bow down to Gula and shall speak thus: ‘O Gula, mother, begetter of the black-headed race, a prayer!’ After that he shall bow down to Nin-lil and shall speak thus: ‘O Nin-lil, mighty goddess, wife of the divine Prince of Sovereignty, a prayer!’ After that he shall bow down to Mul-lil and shall speak thus: ‘O lord exalted, establisher of law,[2] a prayer!’ For three days at dawn and at night, with face and mouth uplifted, during the middle watch, the diviner (asip) shall pour out libations.”

[1] W. A. I. iv. 61, 19 sq.
[2] Literally, “secret wisdom” (82. 8—16, 1, Obv. 23), with which Delitzsch compares the Heb. thoráh.

This is a great and very secretive quote, as the divine pourer of the dwells, or wells of the night is also on the upper right hand of the kingdom.

‘For he is but of great might and Furious anger, those who have attempted to destroy my brothers.’

That’s a quote of mine Which I’ve just invented, and also, of the Great Dwellers of the night of the Lubruscian Intersection of the divine dwellers and pourers.

Now, for this having said that, A.P. Sinnett, in his Esoteric Buddhism, talks of the divine divinity in the Divine, Esoteric Teachings of the Buddhist, or Buddhism, traditions.

For, as he explains on page 89 of his great work/thesis:

It will be found that the process of evolution in its higher stages as regards man is carried on in exactly the same way

Now, this is absolutely true, for man of a higher consciousness being is of a higher power of the state-self, as he also explains on the preceding, and follow pages.

On page 179, he says, and explains, and thus, to the following teachings of the Buddhism, Buddhistic traditions of man, woman, and beast:

Within the scale of their subtle “invisibility,” the successive rounds and races of mankind pass through their stages of greater and less materiality just as on this earth; but whoever would comprehend them must comprehend this earth first, and work out their delicate phenomena by correspondential inferences. [As it also applies to…] the consideration of the great life-wave in its aspects of this planet.

Now, on page 175, he continues with the follow admission, (of state, – of mind-):

[…] the process which is accomplished […] described in connection with the passage with the life-wave from globe A to globe B is repeated all along the chain. When the wave passes to C, B is left in obscuration as well as A. Then D receives the life-wave, and A, B, C are in obscuration. When the wave reaches G, all the preceding six worlds are in obscuration. Meanwhile the life-wave passes on in a certain regular progression, the symmetrical character of which is very satisfactory to scientific instincts. The reader will be prepared to pick up the idea at once, in view of the explanation already given of the way in which humanity evolves through seven great races, during each round period on a planet; that is to say, during the occupation of such planet by the tidal wave of life. The fourth race is obviously the middle race of the series. As soon as this middle point is turned, and the evolution of the fifth race on any given planet begins, the preparation for humanity begins on the next. The evolution of the fifth race on E, for example, is commensurate with the evolution, or rather with the revival, of the mineral kingdom on D, and so on. That is to say, the evolution of the sixth race on D coincides with the revival of the vegetable kingdom on E; the seventh race on D with the revival of the animal kingdom on E; and then when the last monads of the seventh race on D have passed into the subjective state or world of effects, the human period on E begins, and the first race begins its development there. Meanwhile the twilight period on the world preceding D has been deepening into the night of obscuration in the same progressive way, and obscuration there definitely sets in when the human period on D passes its half-way point. But just as , the heart of a man beats and respiration continues, no matter how profound his sleep, there are processes of vital action which go on in the resting world even during the most profound depths of its repose. and these preserve, in view of the next return of the human wave, the results of the evolution that preceded its first arrival. Recovery for the re-awakening planet is a larger process than its subsidence into rest, for it has to attain a higher degree of perfection against the return of the human life-wave than that at which it was left when the wave last went onward from its shore. But with every new beginning, Nature is infused with a vigor of its own,—the freshness of a morning,—and the later obscuration period, which is a time of preparation and hopefulness as it were, invests evolution itself with a new momentum. By the time the great life-wave returns, all is ready for its reception.

This is a great and excellent quote, from and by, none other than the very veneered and reveered A.P. Sinnett.

For the power of the self is higher of the power than one (an)other, for it is attributed to none other than THE G.C. SCOTTI’S OF THIS WORLD, OR ANY MAN OR WOMAN FOR THAT MATTER.

For it is true, and said, and truth be told, that the Jesuit Conspiracy is one of the highest order, or orders, as I should Say it.

As Abbate Leone describes in his great and excellent work, The Jesuit Conspiracy. The Secret Plan of the Order, it is none other than the Jesuits themselves who order themselves into submission and slave states of mind. For they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and also, reckoned on, up, and above.

Now, as James A. Wylie explains in his great and most EXCELLENT WORK, called Ter-Centery of the Scottish Reformation, the Jesuits of the highest order of orders are of the Sublismal, and Subliminal and Sublisminal, and SUBLISMINALITY, of the Highest count of the order, or, should I say, Order of Orders.

For they are to be seen, by THE LAYARDS, AND THE SCOTTI’S, and all the other people of the world, as great and Powerful leaders, and GREAT INSTRUCTORS, for they ARE a force to be reckoned with, of deceit, of power, and of MONEY-GRUBBING, or Should I say, MONEY-GRABBING, powerful tools of the Elite.

For I don’t think for one Minute the Jesuits are the one in control, I think others are.

And what led me to believe this is this GREAT AND MOST EXCELLENT, AND MOST BRILLIANT(LY), and most VENEERED AND REVEERED BY Melchior Inchofer, called La Monarchie des Solipses. It is a very, very powerful work.

Some ascribe it to the hands of none other than G.C. Scotti. But I doubt it, I truly believe Melchior Inchofer wrote it.

Now, in this great work, called La Monarchie des Solipses, the author talks about the POLITICAL INTRIGUE, AND POLITICAL SUBRUGEFE, and SUBRUGEFENESS, of this great and world-political-politico-religio World Power of intrigue, and SUBRUGEFENESS. For they ARE a force to be reckoned with, as this great works Conclusively proves.

Now, Inchofer also confesses to the state of affairs, as they are to be controlled with, and as he explains on one page of his great and MOST EXCELLENTLY VENEERED AND REVEERED WORK, they must be Subdued to the powers at hands of some other force, some other world-politico-religio, WORLD POWER.

For those, who they are, I don’t know.

For they ARE to be secret, and secretive?
Oh yes, that is the truth.

Now, anyway, let us turn to page 75 of this great work by James A. Wylie, called Ter-Centenary of the Scottish Reformation.

In it, he explains the inner and more, and, or should I say, most powerful inner workings of the Jesuit Order, in Scotland.

But England was not then [Around the 1670’s, 1680’s] ripe for the reception of such comprehensive principles [of the tracts and religious obmissions of the slave-states of the inquiries and the inquirers, by, and from, and of, and form and to and fro and to, of and from, John Knox]; and religious liberty was driven back to Scotland, where it was maintained throughout twenty-eight years of merciless persecution, finding its only asylum with the Covenanters among the Scottish moors and mountain glens. At length the Revolution struck its blood-stained weapons out of the hands of Prelatic Erastianism, and Scotland recovered the peaceful enjoyment of her religious liberty. The consequence was not lost on England. The celebrated philosopher, John Locke, published, in 1691, his famous “Letters on Toleration ;” and from that time forward the true principles of Religious Liberty have been becoming better known and understood than formerly in Britain, till at length Religious Toleration became nominally the law of the land,—we say nominally, because not till very recent times has it been actually realised, if indeed it be so yet, or can be, till the principle of separate and co-ordinate jurisdiction be legislatively
declared to be the rule of allied, yet free, action to both Church and State.

This great quote by none other than the very veneered and Reverend, James A. Wylie, shows the tracts of the Religious obfuscations around the time of the Religious Persecutions in England and Scotland.
Now, this great admission of states and slave-states in the minds of the men, which’ fire hath burned out, is also an admission on the hands and the grounds of the Religio-Politico Submissio Politico, and Submissio religio Traco’s of the Slave states of the Salvish armies.

For they are to be seen by the slave states of the Old and the New kingdom, into the hands of the powerful usurper, to, be, and to be seen, by them, as great admissions of state, for they are to be seen by the “GREAT ADMIRERS”, as Melchior Inchofer calls them in his great ‘satirical‘ tract on the Jesuits, – The Society of Jesus. For they are the Force of the Jesuits who submerge and sub-will the merge, and merging, and mergeance of the people, for they are of the people’s past and powers, and also, to be seen by many religious authorities as the great submergers and submissive-nesness, of the Loch Ness Monsters of the world, and as John Locke also said, in LOST, AND LOST TO THE PROFOUND SLAVE-STATES, there must be but one powerful ruler, and it COULD BE THE JESUITS, perhaps, who knows, or it could be somebody, or someone else.

For rulers of the past and of (the) past kingdoms are also the rulers of today, for they ARE of the jesuits, for they ARE of the Roman Catholic Church, for they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and also, of the power, and to the power of the people, are they the great Submissiveners, of the Great Submissive people of the tracts of the land.

For that, and only for that, are they of the great power, and great powerful wealth of the people, for they ARE a force to be reckoned with, and also, the Great Constitutional Lands of the Lands of the Free, and the Homes of the Brave, for they are of the Submergance, and also, of the SUBMERGENCE, and of the, and on and of, the, SUBMERGANCE OF STATE, AND SLAVE-STATE.

For, now, this great and powerful admission by Rev. James A. Wylie is also of the same order as none other than The Late, great, and powerful, mighty ‘empty‘ leader, Abbate Leone, for they are of the Great Submergenceners of the slave-state-mindness-of-the-people, and, (of), the people of, and in, power.

Now, let us turn to the great works of the LATE AND NO SO IMMACULABILY, and WONDERFUL teacher, and SCHOLAR, Dr. Ian Barnes.

In his work The Historical Atlas of the Bible, he admits to being veneered and reveered to the powerful slave-state’s of the masses, and also, the slave-state-mindness of the people.

On page 122, he writes:

Jerusalem in the 20th Century

The British Rule of Authority, on and over, of, Jerusalem lasted from 1917 to 1948. During that period, and that time of the Historic, or Historical Importance of the, said, period, Zionists and Arabic [Jews] fought, and mingled with eachother, and both Groups of people fought, and mingled with, and also, BEFOUGHT THE BRITISH, of the BRITISH RULE OF CONTROL, and authority (of control). Eventually the City of Jerusalem was divided up into, the two opposing fractions/factors of, Israel and Jordan. After the Six-Day-lasting-war in 1967, Israeli troops invaded and conquered the city of Jerusalem, which still is, still is, very, very, controversial, and circumstantial, divided into groups amongst the people. And even though the City of Jerusalem is still being viewed as the Capital City of the Region by Israel, It is not internationally recognized [And still isn’t, to this day. – N.B.]. Many, and much of the International organizations and Embassies Are therefore in Tel-Aviv, and not in the Holy City of Jerusalem. The Israeli’s, in the meantime, have therefore, expanded up on the city of Jerusalem, with, buildings like Government buildings, Cultural Establishments and big, big, major Residential Areas.

This is so, so true, the Holy City of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv have come to the Power’ Controller’s hands at the slave state at, and of, and from, from and of, of the City of Jerusalem.

It’s hath fallen into its hands of its great and mighty powerful leader, Israel, and it’s slave states of the Jacobites. For they are of the Jacobites, and the Arabic Jews of the Slave states of Israel are of the power’ controller’s hands, and of their hands, in the midsts of heaven, for they ARE OF HEAVEN, and also, of the HEAVENLY CONTROL OF THE HEAVENLY FATHERS, THE SAINTS OF THE SAINTS OF SAINT JUPITER, the big and powerful, and mean, nasty Big Planet up there in the Sky, up there, high Above, the Sleeping and Dwelling City.

Now, before we end this Article/Pamphlet-(lol), we must first tun to the pages of Abbate Leone, in his great tract and treatise on the Jesuits, called The Jesuit Conspiracy. The Secret Plan of the Order.

Now, in this book, on page 261, in his closing comments of his great and ‘little‘, ‘green‘, little book, he mentions the Jesuit’s power of control once more, and once again, one last time.

My greatest strength has been derived from the documents I have briefly alluded to; and but for them I should have succumbed beneath the force of Dante’s apothegm, which many a times recurs to my mind :—”A man should always be aware of uttering a truth which has all the aspect of a lie.” But as I could count on such a revelation, a thousand times stranger than the one I myself have just made, I hesitated no longer, being convinced that in our days, more than ever, these words of Jesus must be fulfilled, “There is nothing hidden that shall not be brought to light.”

Those are the final and closing comments of Abbate Leone’s book.

Now, as most of you know, I’m not really that much of A Jesus believer, even though he (If he even existed at all, which I seriously, seriously doubt) is absolutely, and correctly so, and rightfully so, on the money right here.

The truth should be no stranger than the fiction, even though the fiction is a whole lot stranger than the truth.

The end.

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