The “Jewish” Conspiracy of the Common, Counselor People.

To kick things off, let us start with a great and completely, utterly brilliant quote by very esteemed author and researcher, Dr. Ian Barnes.

In his book, The Historical Atlas of Judaism, he discusses the very fact that the “Jewish” People are no more of, or, should I say, from Origin of the Jewish People’s Common Ancestors.

When he investigated this book, he also came upon, and discusses it in this book, evidence that shows and conclusively proves, that the Jewish-Judaic religion is no more than a Conspiracy than the Jewish’s Traditions, in the common sense of the word, that is.

On page 21 of the Dutch edition of this book, he discusses this very, and obvious, and OMINOUS fact.

Abraham saw the smoke and the fire [Of the dwelling, and (‘being’) Conquered City of Jerusalem in a hallucinative dream-state-like-thing] and went Southwards, South-Bound, that is, and went also, and including to, to Gerar. Out of, and from, Fear, For the Monarchian Prince of Gerar, he claimed, again, might I add, that the “Beautiful” Sara, was in fact, His sister. Abimelech, the King, and Prince Monarch of Gerar, took Sara with Him, and, or, should I say, but also, Her true identity was revealed to him in a dream, and he gave her back to Abraham, ‘untouched‘. Abimelech and Abraham solved, and established also, their disputes and God healed ‘All‘ Infertility(s) in the ‘common’ household of the King, Prince and Princian Monarch, KING Gerar.

Sara birthed, or, should I say, gave birth to Isaak, who, on his’ Eight’ Day, was, and became, also, CIRCUMCISED in an alliance, or, PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE between Abraham and God. Sara was Jealous, of, and to, and from, and to and from and to and fro, Ismael and asked Abraham Hagar en her son to banish them, forever and ever, till the end of Kingdom’ Reigns. God ‘Saved’ them and promised Hagar that Ismael would find a country, to settle him and his devotéed wife, and for them to settle in their very own, conquered territory. And, according to Islamic tradition, Ismael is the grandfather, or should I say, Forefather, of the Muslim people of the Land, and of the Nations of the West.

Later on, God ‘Commanded’ (to) – and from, and to, but not from and to, and also, not from but not fro and to and from also, or, should I say, neither – Abraham to Sacrife Isaak, to God, and the Nation’s of the Dwelling, the Unholiest city of the City of Jerusalem. Abraham Obeyed ‘God’, but, was – in the nick of time – stopped, from obeying and ‘dis‘-commanding this ‘dis‘-voment of ‘Sacrificial Lambs,’ ‘to the Gods‘ of the Old Testament, and the Old, Ancient-Old people of the ‘New‘-Jerusalem, By an Angel of the ‘Old‘ and ‘New‘ Testament combined. And, instead of Abraham, he, killed, A Ram[‘s horn]: Human Sacrifice was now to be obsolete and forbidden.

Sara Died in Kirjat-Arba. Abraham sent his servant and obeyant, or, Should I say, Obedient ‘Son‘ to find a “new” wife for Isaak, who, at this time of speaking, was, still, a Virgin, in his own right, and his ‘Very own right of the people. The Servant saw Rebekka near a well en chose her. She came from the City of Nahor, where Abraham’s brother “Nahor” lives.

Thus, Isaak married in, and into, the tribe, who, and which, whom, and whom of, was, and still stayed – at the time of ‘their‘ writing – at The Mesopotamian City/Dwelling place of Haran [Harran, also commonly referred to as]. And thus, Abraham married to, and, married, Ketura, who, and, of whom, and, whom of and to and fro, bore him 6 sons.

After his death, he was buried next to, and with, inside the grave of, Sara, inside the Cave of Machpela in the Plains of Mamre. Isaak Inherited Abrahams possessions.

This is an absolutely AMAZING piece of writing, and text, combined, and rolled into in.

Sure, I’ve added a little bit of my very own writing and information in this piece of text, like I do from time to time when I need/have to translate some books, or parts the books of which, and of whom, and whom of, and whom from.

Now, let us continue with an amazing Admission by Andrew Steinmetz, in his most INVALUABLE PIECE OF WORK, History of the Jesuits.

In it, in the first volume of this most amazing and astonish 3-volume-set of books, he talks about the “Jewish” Conspiracy, in a very eloquent and ‘open‘, from, and to the people of old, and of the Old Commish Laws of the Old Commonish People of the Land, and the Tract of the Lands.
In the First volume of this 3-volume-set of books, he writes, on page 98:

The final preparation of ruin to papal power in England was popular opinion. Against that no tyrant, even Henry VIII.,could advance with impunity; but in accordance with popular opinion, or with its indifference, any measure may be carried as easily as the subversion of papal power in England.
Soon those friars and other monks of whom we have read became as rottenness to the bones of the Roman Church. By the time of Erasmus and Luther, they were the butt at which every dissolute idler, on every tavern-bench, discharged his shaft, hitting the establishment and religion itself through their sides. They were exhibited in pot-house pictures
as foxes preaching, with the neck of a stolen goose peeping out of the hood behind; as wolves giving absolution, with a sheep muffled up in their cloaks; as apes sitting by a sick
man’s bed, with a crucifix in one hand and with the other in the sufferer’s fob.[1] Add to all this the usual effects of papal encroachments, privileges and prerogatives, interference,
and legal abuses in the ecclesiastical courts, emanating directly from the Roman “custom” in its grasping selfishness.[2]

[1] Erasm. Colloq. Francisc.; Blunt, p. 44.
[2] See Blunt’s Reform, in Eng. (Family Library) for an excellent account of these matters, chap. iii. It is a most interesting little book.

Now, this amazing Admission by Steinmetz’ History of the Jesuits is something we see everywhere, in all the libraries, and of all the kings of old, AROUND the world, that is.

Now, as Robert Lomas points out in his most excellent, and very veneered, and VERY, VERY esteemed, and veneered “little” book, called The Secret Power of Masonic Symbols.

Now, in this book – the Dutch edition that I have – The Author Expressively states that symbols of Power and Might are the Same as the Jesuit’s symbol of power and might, into the hands of the common, and VERY veneered people of old, and of new.

On page 246, he states the following:

The Key Stone

While building the Temple of Salomo, the very valuable, and very invaluable and noted and marked Key Stone got lost, which, and whom of, and, from what to who and from and about, consisted of many, MANY valuable coins, also, and altogether with the Ten Letters in very, valuable, and unpricable Stonework that Hiram Abif had completed with a lot of effort(s). And Assumed, it was, that it was taken, and removed, and STOLEN, by the builders of the Ancio-Romano-Indo-Slavish-and-Saxish Builder’s of the Builder’s temple of the Indo-Saxish and Romano Infrastructure’s builders. KING Salomo issued, and transferred to, and from, and from and who and to and fro and from, a REWARD for its fast, speedy recovery, or A replacement of another Key Stone which – and whom, and whom of, but not also and not limited to – and could, and would, replace the Orignal Key Stone.

Now, a very adept and Insightful Student of the Hiram Abif School of Thoughts and Trainwrecks of Old and of New, made a new Key Stone an placed it in the Empty place/spot in the Arch. But a few Companions of the Student and Hiram Abif’s School of Thought and Trains of Thought found, and thought, it to be a disgrace for the Order of Order of Hiram Abif’s School, that someone from a lower degree of Issuance and Allowances was honored with this duty of REPLACING the KEY STONE with a new one, that he, the Student, would have, and wanted, to make, for Himself, also and alone, and a little bit of both as well.

In their Burning Jealousy of Thought and Trainwreck of Thoughts they took and removed the NEW KEY STONE, issued and made and allowed by the Student of the Lower Degree of Issuance and Allowances and threw It in the creek/(Stream) of Kedron, nearby, and close to the Temple of Trains and Thoughts of the Issuances of Allowances. And again, a reward was issued – and transferred to, and from, and from who, and from whom, and from whom and to and from and who to from – for The Finding of this ‘Second” Key Stone.

The “Brother”‘ who made it, Went Searching with 2 Students of the School of Issuance and Allowance, in the Creek of Stream and Thoughts, and when they Found It, they received the Final Reward en the accompanying Degree of Companship, or, should I say, more aptly, and more commonly called as, ‘Degree of Companship in the Midst of Heaven of the Seal of Approval.’

The “Brother” who made the Key Stone received the first reward for his Ingenious, and brilliant, and brilliantly insightful Creation, and he and his two Met-Companions had, and received the honor, to reattach, and reissue It (The New Key Stone) again to, to the Arch.


Yes, this New Arch that was built and being created at the time, was by the Jews of the Romish-and-Papalish Arch-of-the-Covenant-Like People, for they were issued – and received – a reward for their gestures of kind manner and Inner-Kinnership.

For this Arch, and its, or should I say, their’s New, Built-in, and Locked-in, Key stone of the Companship of a  couple of Fellow “Brothers,” was made of very, very HIGH CALIBRE MATERIAL.

It was very, very strong indeed.

Now, Robert Lomas, the Author of this most excellent piece of writing, also, has a Very, very Personal opinion, on, and about this.

For he writes, below it, on the same page:

The Key Stone is the Indispensable Part of an Arch which combined the Two Parts to a very serious, and sturdious, or should I say, Sturdy, looking, and very, very strongly Built Arch-with-Key-Stone-Locked-In-(Side).Without this very vital and and very important piece of Craftmans’sship the Arch would be frail and weak, and, thus, immersely, not so strongly built.

Without the Key Stone In Place, the Arch wouldn’t be strong enough, even, not even to carry its, or, Should I say, Her’s, very own Weight. The Key stone can be looked beyond and above, but not up, and not until, for, or Should I say, BECAUSE,…….. Because the Arch is not a Regularly Shaped Arch by Any Means, of the way… To Freemasons who are used to make, and create, Rectangular shaped Blocks, may seem disfigured and may be DisApproved of because IT’S not Square and doesn’t fit.

But this way, and this train of thinking is Plain out wrong. For the Key Stone is perfectly shaped for IT’S DUTY when It, or should I say, HE – in this case, that is – is put into the correct placement, and perfectly put together to fit in with the rest of the Constructional Work.  Also, the Key stone is able to Carry the Weight of an entire Building.

And, speaking of, just like that, A New Maçon may seem a little bit out of place, disfigured, weird, clumsy and wrongly aligned when Viewing the Key Stone (for the very First time.)

But as soon as it’s fit in the rest of the Maçons and Developed Its Very Own Strengths and Thoughts, it will be able to Serve as a Valuable asset and Aid – Supportive Backing – for Himself and His Brothers.

This is absolutely excellent, and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with this.

The Supportive backing of “the system” is to be dispensed AND displaces when for it not to work, and also, the Jesuits know this, they are PART OF THE HIRAM ABIF SCHOOL’s Train of Thoughts and Allowances.

For it not to work, many must seem displaced, and misplaced, as the Key Builder’s Stoners would allow it to be, and also, allow it to be NOT, and also, NOT FOR IT TO BE ALLOWED in the first place.

Now, going back to Andrew Steinmetz’ Most Exquisite 3-volume-set of books; in the first Volume of this most excellent and very veneered and reveered BY ME, on pages 296 and 297, he writes:

In 1174 Henry saw himself [acknowledged] lord supreme of all Ireland. The consequences were most disastrous to the people. A griping aristocracy amongst whom the country was portioned, rioted in their revenues without a thought for the national welfare, the religion of the people, or their morality. Selfishness and oppression swayed the destinies of those Christian Catholics—be it plainly understood, for there were no Protestant persecutors in those days of Catholic (or universal) Catholicism. The evils, thus begun under the reigns of orthodoxy, were not likely to cease when “religious” rancour was superadded to national oppression, as a stirring cause of resistance. Men were not wanting to make both causes serve their selfish purposes, whilst the misguided people infallibly smarted for their betters. “Roaring bellows of sedition” fanned the flame, and “incendiary Pharisees” stirred up the embers. A “rebellion,” of course, followed, in the reign of Henry VIII.; and the Pope of Rome, Paul III., of Jesuit notoriety, took the Emerald Isle under his immediate patronage.[1] The Irish, who had little reason to be satisfied with English rule and English contrivances for the last four hundred years, were easily brought to abhor, and well they might, the proceedings of Henry VIII., in religion and morality, whilst the Catholic party took care that this “virtuous indignation” should fester into the loathsome ulcer of “religious” rancour. Many circumstances combined to aggravate the question. In every other country society had taken a step in advance. For good or for evil, it matters not here to prove, but still there was movement.

[1] The hopes of the pope were centred in young Gerald, a boy of about twelve years of age. He was conveyed beyond the reach of Henry, and after being chased from country to country by the tyrant’s policy or revenge, “he was at the recommendation of Pope Paul III. taken under the protection of the Prince Bishop of Liege, and afterwards into the family
of his kinsman, Cardinal Pole.”—Lingard, vi. p. 324. Would to Heaven that we could ascribe this “patronage[“] to sympathy for affliction.

Now, first off, Andrew Steinmetz is an amazing author, and Lecturer, of the Common’ People’s of the Peoples of the Land.

Now, in the Catholic Encyclopedia, Authored by Charles George Herbermann, on page 70 of the first volume, There’s a Description of, and about Alanus de Rupe.

I suggest you read it yourself in its entirety right here, from pages 670 – 671:

( Sometimes DE LA ROCHE).
Born about 1428; died at Zwolle in Holland, 8 September, 1475. Some writers claim him as a native of Germany, others of Belgium; but his disciple, Cornelius Sneek, O.P., assures us that he was born in Brittany. Early in life he entered the Dominican Order, and while pursuing his studies at Saint Jacques, Paris, he distinguished himself in philosophy and theology. From 1459 to 1475 he taught almost uninterruptedly at Paris, Lille, Douay, Ghent, and Rostock in Germany, where, in 1473, he was made Master of Sacred Theology. During his sixteen years of teaching he became a most renowned preacher. He was indefatigable in what he regarded as his special mission, the preaching and re-establishment of the Rosary, which he did with success throughout northern France, Flanders, and the Netherlands. His vision of the restoration of the devotion of the Rosary is assigned to the year 1460. Alanus published nothing during his lifetime, but immediately after his death the brethren of his province were commanded to collect his writings for publication. These were edited at different times and have occasioned much controversy among scholars. His relations of the visions and sermons of St. Dominic, supposed to have been revealed to Alanus, are not to be regarded as historical. His works are published by Graesse in Trésor des livres rates et précieux.

CHOQUET, Sancti Relig. O.P. (Douay, 1618); QUÉTIF AND ECHARD, SS. Ord. Praed., I. 849 sqq.; Année Dominicaine (Lyons). 8 Septembre; La vie du B. Alain de la Roche in Le Rosaire (May, June, July, 1869); SCHMITZ, Das Rosenkranzgebet im 15. und Anfange des 16. Jahrhunderts (Freiburg, 1903), containing a Danish poetical version, by MASTER MICHEL, of materials left by Alan.

Very, very important piece of information right Here.

Alanus de Rupe, born in Europe, was en English or a French nobleman, who also, was of Native Descent of the German People.

He was very instrumental in spreading the ‘Jesuitical’ Knowledge, even before the Jesuits were even established as a ‘noble’ order.

For this to exist, he MUST HAVE BEEN of noble descent, as his ancestors claimed him to be.

Now, of course, this was very, very pecuriously left out of this description/definition. And, for this to take effect in the meantime, there must also have something been said about him in the Preceding Pages, which I did, obviously.

Now, in the Same Catholic Encyclopedia, on page 598 of Volume 1, we read:


The symbolism of the Agnus Deis is best gathered from the prayers used at various epochs in blessing them. As in the paschal candle, the wax typifies the virgin flesh of Christ, the cross associated with the lamb suggests the idea of a victim offered in sacrifice, and as the blood of the paschal lamb of old protected each household from the destroying angel, so the purpose of these consecrated medallions is to protect those who wear or possess them from all malign influences. In the prayers of blessing, special mention is made of the perils from storm and pestilence, from fire and flood, and also of the dangers to which women are exposed in childbirth. It was formerly the custom in Rome to accompany the gift of an Agnus Dei with a printed leaflet describing its many virtues. Miraculous effects have been believed to follow the use of these objects of piety. Fires are said to have been extinguished, and floods stayed. The manufacture of counterfeits, and even the painting and ornamentation of genuine Agnus Deis, has been strictly prohibited by various papal bulls.

Now, Agnus Deis and Alanus de Rupe, very, very important developmentary story, for the development of this is also of common use in the Sacred’ Order of Knights, and the Kingship of the Temple Mount, in India, and in Israel.

Now, as we previously discussed, the Temple Mount in Israel and IN Egypt, are also of great, and far greater importance of this establishment factor here, for Agnus Deis is of the same commological order as the Knight’s Priestly Sainthood in the Knight’s Temple Mount in India, and in Florida.

For florida has a very, very strong ‘Jesuitical’ connection to the Temple Mount in Israel.

Now Alanus de Rupe, India, Israel and Agnus Deis all interconnecto to the Keystones of the Maçons, the Masons in Disuigse.

For they are preliminaries of the Order’s Sacred Headquarter in Florida, and the United States.

Now, many, if not most, don’t know this, but Agnus Deis is of the Same Imporance as Opus Dei and the P2 Lodge, for all three of them USE SYMBOLISM IN THE SAMEST SENSE AS ALL OTHER MEMBERS OF FREEMASONIC ORDERS.

For, Opus Deis, or, should I say, Agnus Deis II, is of the Same Romish and Roman Descent and cult as the Romish Defectors in Ancient Israel’s time, and, as the Opening’s Quote by Dr. Ian Barnes proves, it is also a Very, very Important Symbolic reference to the Opus Dei members of The P2 Lodge in India and Australia, as the Holy City of Jerusalem controls ALL OPUS DEI AND P2 LODGE MEMBERS.

Now, Agnus Dei has a very, very important developmental story, as, in the Ancient Time(s) of Greece, they were already, and also – back then – of the Same Religious Statute of, and as, as the Same Religious Orders as, and from, today, for they are of the Same Order’s orders, and also, for they control all of the Religious’s Financial Institutions at the time, and NOW, STILL.

For, P2 Lodge are of the Same reveered and veneered Religious Ordinance as the Agnus Deis Membres of old, for now, the Name has changed, that is true, but still, THE NAME STILL STANDS: Agnus Deis.

Now, Alanus de Rupe was, or worked in Cahoots with then, back then that is, Roman Rulers and Emperor of the time, the most honorable and venerable and ESTEEM AUTHORS OF AUTHORS OF THE HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC P2 LODGE CHURCH, THE VATICAN’S BANKERS;

That’s right, Alanus de Rupe was a very, very important man.

He was the Head Banker of the Vatican Church’s Banks at the time, and this also ties in with the Maçons’ Key stone Emblems, for they are of the SAME RELIGIOUS ORDER, as the Maçons of, and at, the time, are, were, and still do, WORK WITH THE VATICAN BANKERS.

Now, Alanus de Rupe is a VERY, VERY IMPORTANT MAN, for he was the Head of the Vatican’s Church’s Bank. For the Vatican has MANY bank in its – or should I say, Her’s – and also, many establishments overseas from the Vatican’s Headquarters in Jerusalem, and, in India.

For the Holy Cities of Papal AND NAVAL power are in both countries, and I don’t know which one is MOST powerful, the One in India, or the One in Jerusalem.

And I also DON’T know which city in India it is, where their Headquarters is established, and, almost, hopefully, TO BE EXPOSED FROM.

Sure, the Jesuits are of major, MAJOR importance, and they HAVE TO BE EXPOSED, they absolutely have to, there’s no doubt about that.
But I’m of the Opinion that Opus Dei’s, and P2 Lodge’s Headquarters in India and the Holy City of Jerusalem are of More, and MORE MAJOR IMPORTANCE THAN THE JESUITS. That’s the way I see it.

Now, also, and back then as well, also… Alanus de Rupe is, or should I say, WAS, THE HEAD VATICAN BANKER OF THE ROMISH-PAPISH-AND-NAVALISH-CHURCH;
For Alanus de Rupe was a very key, and very Important Officer Holder of the Roman Catholic Church’s Head bank, the One in Switzerland, Geneva, right about now.

Alanus de Rupe Controlled ALL FINANCES IN THE 15th Century, and now, in the 21st Century, not a whole lot has Changed.


For that is the truth, the whole truth, so help me, and help THEM, God. For they do not know what they do, or did, in the Past’s Time Memorial, or, perhaps, IMMEMORIAL AT SOME TIMES, and AT SOME POINTS IN THE FUTURE’S, AND THE PAST TIME’S FUTURES.

Now, also in the Catholic Encyclopdia, we find this little ‘gem’ of a quote, on pages 789 and 780, we read, under the Section of “Pope Alexander VI”:

The French invasion was the turning point in the political career of Alexander VI. It had taught him that if he would be safe in Rome and be really master in the States of the Church, he must curb the insolent and disloyal barons who had betrayed him in his hour of danger. Unfortunately, this laudable purpose became more and more identified in his mind with schemes for the aggrandizement of his family. There was no place in his programme for a reform of abuses. Quite the contrary; in order to obtain money for his military operations he disposed of civil and spiritual privileges and offices in a scandalous manner. He resolved to begin with the Orsini, whose treason at the most critical moment had reduced him to desperate straits. The time seemed opportune; for Virginio, the head of the house, was a prisoner in the hands of Ferrantino. As commander of his troops he selected his youthful son Juan, Duke of Gandia. The struggle dragged on for months. The minor castles of the Orsini surrendered, but Bracciano, their main fortress, resisted all the efforts of the pontifical troops. Theywere finally obliged to raise the siege, and on 25 January, 1497, they were completely routed at Soriano. Both sides were now disposed to peace. On Payment of 50,000 golden florins the Orsini received back all their castles except Cervetri and Anguillara, which had been the original cause of their quarrel with the Pope. In order to reduce the strong fortress of Ostia, held by French troops for Cardinal della Rovere, Alexander wisely invoked the aid of Gonsalvo de Cordova and his Spanish veterans. It surrendered to the “Great Captain” within two weeks. Unsuccessful in obtaining for his family the possessions of the Orsini, the Pope now demanded the consent of his cardinals to the erection of Benevento, Terracina, and Pontecorvo into a duchy for the Duke of Gandia. Cardinal Piccolomini was the only member who dared protest against this improper alienation of the property of the Church. A more powerful protest than that of the Cardinal of Sienna reverberated through the world a week later when, on the sixteenth of June, the body of the young Duke was fished out of the Tiber, with the throat cut and many gaping wounds. Historians have laboured in vain to discover who perpetrated the foul deed, but that it was a warning from Heaven to repent, no one felt more keenly than the Pope himself. In the first wild paroxysm of grief he spoke of resigning the tiara. Then, after three days and nights passed without food or sleep, he appeared in consistory and proclaimed his determination to set about that reform of the Church
“in head and members” for which the world had so long been clamouring. A commission of cardinals and canonists began industriously to frame ordinances which foreshadowed the disciplinary decrees of Trent. But they were never promulgated. Time gradually assuaged the sorrow and extinguished the contrition of Alexander. From now on Caesar’s iron will was supreme law. That he aimed high from the start is evident from his resolve, opposed at first by the Pope, to resign his cardinalate and other ecclesiastical dignities, and to become a secular prince. The condition of Naples was alluring. The gallant Ferrantino had died childless and was succeeded by his uncle Federigo, whose coronation was one of Caesar’s last, possibly also one of his first, ecclesiastical acts. By securing the hand of Federigo’s daughter, Carlotta, Princess of Tarento, he would become one of the most powerful barons of the kingdom, with ulterior prospects of wearing the crown. Carlotta’s repugnance, however, could not be overcome. But in the course of the suit, another marriage was concluded which gave much scandal. Lucrezia’s marriage with Sforza was declared null on the ground of the latter’s impotence, and she was given as wife to Alfonso of Biseglia, an illegitimate son of Alfonso II.

Now, TIE THIS IN WITH ALANUS DE RUPE AND OPUS DEI, AND P2 LODGE AND AGNUS DEI, And you will see that Pope Alexander VI, during his reign, from time immemorial, to time Memorial, was a very, very powerful banker as well, and too, and also, a bit of ALSO AS WELL.

For he is of the concern and Principalities of the Pope’s Kingdom to establish here on Earth an Agnus Dei Membership, in here, In Rome, and in the Vatican’s Walls of the Romish-Papalish-Navalish-Novalish, Roman Numeral Walls.

For they are of the CONCERN that they shall never leave their hospital bed in the wake of an igniting and Signifying Hospital fire bed…… lol.

Anyway, having said that, let us now turn back to Andrew Steinmetz’ Most Invaluable Piece of HISTORICAL WRITING: History of the Jesuits.

In it, on pages 569 and 570, of the THIRD Volume, he writes, about the Jesuits, and their Co-sorts, the King’s of the Hill, the Romish and Papalish and Novalish, Vatican Banker’s, Agnus Dei, and Alanus de Rupe’s Excretement of Vatican Lawyers and also the P2 LODGE AND OPUS DEI, for they are ALL interconnected with the Romish and Romanish Vatican Bankster’s Histories:

Galileo was a pupil of the Jesuits; and though thwarted by some of the body, still the Jesuits Riccioli and Grimaldi verified and supported his “hypothesis.” Astronomers, philosophers, and geometricians, they investigated gravitation. Riccioli, with immense erudition, put forth a work, in which he combined all that had been contributed to the science of astronomy by the ancients and the moderns: he discovered and named the spots in the moon, whilst Grimaldi added five hundred stars to the catalogue of Kepler [Who was also a Jesuit’s Banker Banker, FWIW. – N.B.]. Grimaldi put forth his treatise on light and the colours of the rainbow,[1] and the Jesuits claim the honour of having thus suggested to Newton [Not a Jesuit Banker, nor a P2 Lodge Member, nor an Opus Dei Member, but a VERY, VERY high Member of the Illuminati. And, If I were to put it into the degrees, like the Freemasons for instance, I would put him way high up there, like a 31°or32° member.] the fundamental principles of his optics. The Jesuit L’Hoste, professor of mathematics in the
royal school of Toulon, having passed much of his time on ship-board as chaplain, gave the world the results of his experience in useful treatises on navigation, naval architecture, naval evolutions, and a compendium of mathematics most necessary to an officer. For more than a century his treatises were indispensable in the navies of France, Holland, and
England. The British midshipman thumbed this “Jesuit’s book,” as it was called, without running any risk of conversion. Other marine Jesuits sailed in the wake of L’Hoste; among the rest, Jean-Jacques du Chatellard [Not A Jesuit, BUT, still, to this day, up until into his grave, a VERY high up P2 Lodge, AND Opus Dei, AND Illuminati Member, but not a Freemason]gave thirty years of his life to the training of the young guards of the royal marine. Charles Borgo elucidated the “Art of Fortification and the Defence of Places.”

And, to add to this mess of a mesh, Galileo was also a Vatican Banker AND a P2 Lodge member. In Venice, he retreated back to the Roman Headquarter’s in the Romish-Papalish-Navalish-Novalish City Slave state of the Holy City of Jerusalem, even before it was (left) “abandoned” in 1848.

Galileo and Kepler BOTH WERE JESUITS, that is a fact that cannot be Ignored.

Now, to start KICKING THINGS OFF EVEN MORE… Dr. Ian Barnes, in his book The Historical Atlas of Knights & Castles, discusses the very fact that Galileo WAS a Jesuit.

Now, what ALSO should be discussed is the very fact that Thomas Edison was NOT a jesuit, nor a Jesuit Banker, nor a P2 Lodge Member, but HE WAS A JESUIT’S ASSITIC TOOL OF THE COMMON PEOPLE OF THE LAW OF THE LANDS.

Meaning, and having used this phrase before I think, it means that the laws of the people AS GOVERNED by the Jesuit’s, and their JESUIT HANDLERS, are also of the law of the common people of the Common Land.

Now, in this Other great book that I have, and I think It’s only Available in Dutch, called The Chair of St. Peter,….. this book discusses the very fact that Religious Order are of the Highest Esteem of the Order’s Order;

In it, on page 113, the Author, Bart Demyttenaere, discusses the Religio-Sect’s Influence on the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and THEIR connection to the Jesuit system of slave, and Slavanik Control:

Karel Kasteel (75)
Secretary of the Popal/Papal Counsil of Cor Unum
Dean of the Apostolistic Chamber

Karel Kasteel is Currently the Only Dutch Person who occupies a Very high Position in the Roman curie. He is the Son of the illustrious Piet Kasteel, Dutch diplomat and Former Governor to the West-Indies. […] the spacious appartement in the streets of the Via della Conciliazione, where his parents lived when they have worn their old days. His office is situated about 400 metres further in the same street, where most Congregations Papal/Popal advisories are situated. For the past 50 years he spent his time neatly in between the Angels Castle and the Popal/Papal appartements. His current function matches those of in position of power with the function of Secular State Secretary for Development.

Now, Karel Kasteel is also a Roman Catholic-Hierarchical And Catholic-Jesuit Banker, although not as high as up as many others are. He IS a Vatican Jesuit Banker, but, not THAT high up.

Also, when Jesuit-and-Vatican Influenced Bart Demyttenaere went and visit the Place of Karel Kasteel and His, or should I say, Her’s, Surroundings, he Also noticed many, many noblemen of very, very high up Places in and Outside of the Vatican.

Now, (do) let us note the very fact that Karel Kasteel and his Father, Pïet Kasteel, are VERY HIGH UP JESUIT INSIDERS.

With this having said that, he is of the Position of power to INFLUENCE common relationship between countries and Cities of State, for they ARE Papal controlled, and also, as late as the Alanus de Rupe’s, and The Agnus Deis, and The P2 Lodges, and the Opus Dei “Lodges” (For yes, there ARE Opus Dei Lodges)… They ALSO are, and were, and still are Vatican-Influenced-and-Papal-Controlled-Territories of the Highest Order…

Now, let us continue, shall we? Let’s move forward and forward and expose this very, very hidden scheme of Papal and Naval and ‘Novalish” Papalish control systems.

Having said this, let us turn to ANOTHER book by Author Andrew Steinmetz, called The Novitiate; or, a Year among the English Jesuits: a Personal Narrative.

In it, he discusses how he was LED TO BELIEVE the Papal Influensish Power of Papal Control was NOT THAT EXTREME… But he knew, because he infiltrated that darn and damning place of Jesuit-Controlled-Vatican-Bankers-of-City-States.

Now, in this book on pages 347-348, he says, and discusses, the very fact that, and which,which we’ve been talking about for so so long, for all this time that is, and that is…:

Perhaps the destruction of Elizabeth was the day-thought and the night-dream of the Jesuits. The armament of Spain that sank “in the yeast of waves”—vanquished by God and man—may be called a tribute of his country to the manes of Ignatius! Parsons flourished in those days: Parsons, that legion of Jesuitism! His disguises, perils, and escapes are the standing budget of the Order—of that Order whose aim—if we may conclude from the sum total of its achievements—seems to have been an accomplishment, or a desperate parody on the words of the Apostle: “I am made all things to all men.” At these words let us turn from Garnet and the Gunpowder Plot, to contemplate the Brahmins, and Pariahs of the Society of Jesus.
Alluding to the facts which I am about to narrate, the Jesuit from I quote, makes the following observation:—
“Great sacrifices imply a mighty will; and in the soul of the new apostle, the ambition of evangelical conquests equalled its generosity.”
In 1605, Goa witnessed the disembarkation of an Italian missionary, whose age was twenty-eight. Robert de’ Nobili was the scion of a family which had given two popes to the church, and a cardinal Bellarmin to the Society, besides tracing its descent to the emperor Otho III. Aquaviva had resisted the pious ambition of the missionary; but at length yielded to “the inspiration of God,” when the Jesuit’s family consented to his departure. This seasonable deference to the feelings of nature must speak for itself:—it looks well.
The exigencies of the case, now presentedto the Jesuit mind, may be stated in a single sentence of the Jesuit historian —”The Europeans were deeply despised, and the Christians of the country lived under the opprobrium and burthen of an universal, indestructible anathema.”[1]

[1] P. A. Cahour—Des Jesuites—Sec. Part. p. 148.

This is so, so true. The Universal’s Despotism of destruction and conquering, like for Instance in the Gunpowder plot – which WAS, Jesuit controlled and infused -, causes many nations and many men’s of the nation to flourish on, and IN, their own, very own right. For the Power of the people lies in the hands of the PowerWelder, and the Powerwelders of Old, for they are of THIS great nation, and also of the Nation of Influences.

Now, in the Catholic Encyclopedia we also Notice one other very curious, curious thing. Before we end this article/pamphlet, we shall see that the Jesuits have their Hand in almost everything and anything.

Now, having said this, in the First Volume of the Catholic Encyclopedia on page 93, under the Section called “Abduction”, we read:

Abduction may be considered as a public crime and a matrimonial diriment impediment. Viewed as a crime, it is a carrying off by force, physical or moral, of any virtuous woman, or even man, from a free and safe place to another place morally different and neither free nor safe from the captor’s power, with intent to marry her or to gratify lust. Abduction considered as a matrimonial Impediment is a violent taking away of any woman whatsoever, chaste or unchaste, from a place free and safe to a morally different place, and there detaining her in the power of her abductor until he has coerced her into consenting to marry him. Abduction as a crime is of wider scope than is the impediment, inasmuch as the former includes man-captors and intent to gratify lust, both of which are excluded from the scope of the impediment. On the other hand, the impediment is of wider import than the crime in as far as it includes all women, chaste as well as unchaste, while the crime excludes the corrupt. This difference arises from the fact that the State aims to suppress the public crime as a menace to the safety of the commonwealth, while the Church cares, directly and immediately, for the freedom and the dignity of the Sacrament of Marriage. Abduction is often divided into Abduction by Violence ( Raptus Violentiae) and Abduction by Seduction, or Elopement ( Raptus Seductionis). The former is when (a) a woman evidently reluctant, and not consenting either to the flight or to the marriage, is forcibly transferred with a matrimonial intent from a secure and free place to a morally different one and there held under the abductor’s influence by force, physical or moral, i.e. threats, great fear, or fraud equivalent to force, as it is a well-known axiom that “it is equal to be
compelled to do a thing as to know that it is possible to be compelled to do it”, (b) a woman enticed by fair words and fraud and deception consents to go with a man for
other reason than matrimony from one place to another where he detains her by force or fraud equivalent to force, in order to coerce her into a marriage to which she objects;
(e) a woman who, although she had already consented to a future marriage by act of betrothal, vet strenuously objects to abduction, is carried off violently by her betrothed
or his agents from a free and safe place to another morally different and there detained until she consents to marry him. Some deny, however, that the raptor in this case is
guilty of abduction, saying that he has a right to his betrothed. He has, indeed, a right to compel her to fulfil her engagement by public authority, not, however, by private
authority. His carrying off of the woman against her will is the exercise of private authority, and therefore violence to her rights. Abduction by Seduction ( Raptus Seduc-
tionis), or Elopement, is the taking away from one place to another, by a man, of (1) a woman of age or under age who consents to both the flight and the marriage without
consent of her parents or guardians; or (2) a woman who, although she refuses at first, finally, induced thereto by caresses, flattery, or any allurement, not however equivalent
to force, physical or moral, consents to both flight and marriage without knowledge or consent of her parents or guardians. Abduction by seduction, as defined is held by
Roman law to be abduction by violence inasmuch as violence can be offered to the woman and her parents simultaneously, or to the woman alone, or to the parents and
guardians alone; and in the elopement, while no violence is done to the woman, violence is done to the parents or guardians. On the contrary, the Church does not consider
violence done to parents, but the violence done only to the parties matrimonially interested. Hence, elopement, or abduction by seduction, does not induce an impediment
diriment. Pius VII, in his letter to Napoleon I (26 June, 1805), pronounced this kind of abduction no abduction in the Tridentine sense. The Church considers it, indeed,
a wrong against parental authority, but not a wrong to the abducted woman.

That is so true, and yet, so wrong at the same time.

Now, rape is, and will always go, both ways.

For a Man cape “Rape” a Woman, and a Woman can “Rape” a Man.

But a man “raping” a woman is all you ever hear about. When a woman does it to a man, we call it “Sexual pleasure of Enhancements of “indecent” acts of Inapproved Substances of the Fluidic System.”

That’s just the way it is.

A Woman can NEVER, EVER “RAPE” a Man;
Now, of course, “rape” doesn’t exist, it’s fiction.

No woman has ever been harmed or hurt during a “rape”-king of act.

Sure, it’s unwanted, but sure, it’s not true.

The woman switches into high-gear mode of sexual pleasure, yet, at the same time makes ‘gestures’ and tries to ‘attack’ her (or Should I say, ALSO HIM? In this case? I should…I should, I know…) ‘Attacker,’, or should I say, “Passive Aggressiveness-of-the-Ambassador-of-Sexual-Indecency.”

“Rape” is but a commological theme and substance, AND term, of the Country’s unwillingness to Substantiate of the Sex, AND sexual culture of the Coming Age of Apocalypse.

How many times have you heard of rape in the past? Let’s say the 17-1800’s. How often?

It’s as men and woman, or should I say, WOMEN, are evolving into new human species, and, as we evolve, we ENCOUNTER MORE SEXUAL ACTS.

Now, they seem inappropriate, and indecent, but in the future, we will herald and welcome them as the NEW SAVIOUR OF INDECENT AND UNPLEASANT SEXUAL ACTS OF HEROISM.

When the Concept of “Rape” was first introduced, it was also a sexual act of SEXUAL ENHANCEMENT, it was used to INTRODUCE THE DIDECTOMY of the Common’s People’s Commons, for they are to be seen by the Slave-state as the Aggressor’s Aggressor, and also, the RAPE VICTIM, as the AGGRESSOR’S AGGRESSIVE DISOBEDIENT HUSBAND OR WIVE.

For “rape” only, or CAN only exist in a marital, or should I say, MARRIAGAL, state, – of Awareness.

For Awareness must be common among the people for it to be, and come accepted.
And as the Concept of “Rape” is still being introduced to the Common, Household and Housekeeping Society of today, it must be noted, and said, that “Rape” is nothing more than a Slave-state invention of the CATHOLIC CHURCH AND THEIR PAWNS, PLEEBS, AND KNAVES, and also, the Successor’s Aggressor’s of the Slave-state’s “Rape” Concept.

This Concept of “Rape” is also influential, AND a tool of the Successor’s Aggressor’s of the PASSIVE-ADMISSIVE-SUBMISSIVE-RAPE-STATE-VICTIMS; As they follow the Country’s to flourish to the next generation of people, and as this Age of Aquarius is dawning on us, or, should I say, UP on us, as it is happening in the ‘Heavens’ as well, and also, and a LITTLE BIT OF TOO.

For, too, you, and too, also, we ARE developing into a new Human Species, and this Vaginal-Penis Influx-of-Scaredism of the Sacred parts of a male and female gender of sexual ingenuity, we must also possess the Sacred Cows of the Sacred Land to possess such mighty and Holy Infrastructional Informational Videos of Rape, or should I say…….. Porn?

For Porn is nothing but a mere succinction of power enslavement of the mind, for, as, porn is introduced in, or should I say, inTO?, the Human Psyche, it also releases estrogens, AND TESTOSTERONS AT THE SAME TIME, for BOTH MAN AND WOMEN HAVE BOTH, you can’t have one, and disgard the other, (one).

For it to be true, that “Rape” is a real concept, and not a fictitious one, ask any rape victim, and ask what they REALLY, REALLY felt.
It is nothing but a muse put, and put up onto, the common people, of old, and of new, to allow it into the LEGAL SYSTEM WHICH IS CONTROLLED AND ALLOWED BY WOMEN.

For Women are ALWAYS the Victims, and, also the VICTIM-IZER, as they spot their prays and wish for death to come up from above for them.

Also, when a Court Case is settled, in a Rape Victim’s court case, the WOMAN IS ALWAYS IN FAVOR OF, AND ON, THE WINNING TEAM, of, or, should I say, she will have MOST chances of winning, even when she’s fucking lying to everyone/everybody.

Now, I’m gonna end this now ’cause my typing is horrendous and my typing goes also very, very slow.

That’s about the end of it, but, I was gonna end it anyway, so doesn’t matter.

I hope y’all can see the point I’m trying to get across here. First talking about all this other stuff, and then ending with “Rape.”

I know, it’s a bit of a turn around.

Oh, btw, I made and typed an article earlier already about rape, and the Common Sexualization of the People’s power, and how society is developing in a Penis and Vagina worshiping Society, with Penis and Vagina worshiping People everywhere, as PORN PROVES.
It can be found Here.

The end.

PS: Rape is but a substantial draft of the Common People’s Power, into the hands of the PowerWelder, the Society of Jesus and their very, very powerful Knights of Malta.

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