The Life Systems, of Systems to work, in a time, and Nation’s, of time, of the Late Greats, of the Likes, of Robert Taylor, Jacob Bryant, and the late, Great, Gerald Massey.

For this rebuttal to work, I need to have a lot of ACCESS to a lot of “rebuttical” works, for, the good of the people, and, for the people of all, the nations, of old, and, of New.

For, Rebuttals, or, theoretical works, are, of  the common good of the people, for, they are of the people of the nation’s, for, they, are, of the Common Good, of, the people, and, of the Development, of, Human, KIND.

For, kindness, is a virtue, and HONESTY, is, also a virtue, for, this to, be, to, and, to, not, and, fro, and, not to, and not to fro, for, it, not to work, is, must, also, be said, A virtue, of the Inner and lesser, people, of the world, and, of the Nation’s, of old, and of, the Old nation’s, of the Republic, of people, of China, Of Greece, of Spain, of Indonesia, and, of the common good, of the people, for all the people are important, in THIS VERY, VERY THEORETICAL WORK?, Which, I’m about to write, to defend, and, to DEFEND, GERALD MASSEY, and, also, as of, the late great and Presbyterian, Teacher, Rev. Robert Taylor, and, PERHAPS, a few others, we will see about that, for, that, to be seen, it, must of, and, have, been said, that, THEORETICAL WORKS, are, of the common good, of the people, and, of the Nation’s, of the Earth, and, of, and, or off, the, Far distant planets, of, and, or, and from, and to, the Far distant Galaxies, of the Universe, for, this to work, it, has to be said, and, noted, and, also, duly, and, THE DUTY, of the people, for they are of the Common Good, and Wealth, of the People, of the Nation, and, of, Acharya S, a brilliant, and insightful, WOMAN, for, the women of the ages, are, of the Distinctiveness, for the Women, or, of, The Prawler’, of, or, of the Woman’, of, THE Prawler, for, this to work, it, must be said, while, ACTUALLY HAVING READ THE WORKS OF ACHARYA S, GERALD MASSEY, AND, REV. ROBERT TAYLOR.

And, for, this to be true, for, the People, of the Nation’s, and, for, the Nation’s of the People’s Republic, of China, and, of the Common Good, of the people, and, of all Nation’s, and creeds, for, the Development of man, and, OF WOMAN, and, for this to work, Women, are just as EQUALLY GENDERED, in their genes, in their foresight, and, foresights, and no way, in, no way, do they Deserve to get, more, GENDER, INEQUALITY, for, the good of the people, is, of all nation’s, of the people, of the earth, and, of the Nation’s, of the People, for, they are of the Common Good, of the people, for, they, and, others, or, they are, of, the COMMON GOOD OF THE PEOPLE. For, I do not like, lies, and, I do not like to lie, on, with, and, on, and with, my face, on the Ground, Lying to the General People, of Old, and, of New, for this to be true, Lies, must be Exhalt, or, Exhalted, should I say, of, and, fro, and to, and fro, and of, and to, and fro, and to, and FROM THE PEOPLE, OF THIS, or, of, these, GREAT REPUBLIC, for, these, and this, to, have to be said, in the Common Good, of the people, for the People, of the Nation, are, of the Common Good, of the people, for, they, are of the COMMON GOOD OF THE PEOPLE, to advance, and, to, advance, NATIONAL, and, PUBLIC, interest, and, INTERESTS, who, or, whom, of, to, be said, of the COMMON GOOD OF THE PEOPLE. For, and, for, others, and, this, to be said, is, of the VIRTUE, of the People, and, of, or, the, of, the, Virtue, of the people, and, of, the VIRTUE, of, THE PEOPLE, OF OLD, and, of ALL, NATION’S, and CReeds, and, for this to work, it, must, have, been, said, that NATIONS OF THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH, are, of the Nation’s, of the People’s of the Republic, and, also, of the NATION’S OF THE REPUBLIC, for, all, and, if, not all, of the PEOPLE’S OF THE REPUBLIC, are, of, the SAME GENDER, FOR ALL EQUALITY, and, OF ALL, NATIONS, for this, to work, and, for that, to work, as well, and, sometimes, TOO, as Well…..

For, Nation’s of the People, and, also, of, the People’s Nations, are, of, the Same Gender, Inequality, and, of, the SAME Gender, for, the same gender, is, inside the womb, for, we discover, the Dhough, or, should I say, the Dough, for, the Dough, or, the Dhough, or, of the people, are, of the same Bread, and, Same, Inequality, of the Same, Gender, of people, for, and, if, of, all the works that are to be Theoretical, for, that to work, for, and, if, and, of, to have, to Work, for all the People, of the Nation’s, are of, the SAME GENDER INEQUALITY, and, QUALITY, is, of the SAME GENDER OF THE SAME GENDER, OF THE SAME GENDER, and, same genders, are, we, not all, for, we, are all WOMEN, FOR, IN THE WOMB, WE ALSO DEVELOP A TEAL, or, TAIL, for, as, if we, also Develop, a tail, for, in the womb, of the WOMAN, AND WOMEN, WHO GIVE BIRTH, to the Nation’s of the people, are, also, for the same Gender, Inequality, and, for, and, of, and, to, and, fro, and to, and fro, and to, and, fro and TO, and, FROM AND TO THE PEOPLE, for, all, or, should I say, for, and FROM, all, The People, of the Same, Great, and Gender Inequality, are, of, and, to, and FROM, and OF, or, Should I say, of, and to, and of and to, and, from, and OF, or, Should I say, To, and, of, and, To, and of, and to, and of, and to, and of, and to, for, and Of, for, and of, and to, And, for, Of, and To, for, and Of, the People, of the Great Republic of China, and, for, the People, of the Nation, of all Republic’s, are, of, and, to, and, of, And to, And, of, and to, and, are, of, and to, and of, and to, and ot, or, Should I say, of, and to, and, OF, and To, and, OF, and TO, and, OF, and TO?, and of, and TO, and OF, and to, and of, and TO, for, and FROM, the People, of the Nation’s of the Republic, of the Nation’s, of the People of CHINA, and, OF AND TO, AND OF? AND TO? FROM, THE NATION’S OF THE PEOPLE OF CHINA? FROM THE NATION’S OF THE CHALDEANS, FOR? THEY? ARE OF GREAT VIRTUE? TO? AND FROM? THE NATION’S OF THE PEOPLE OF THE GREAT REPUBLIC OF CHINA?.



For, this to BE TRUE, there, must, be, ONE COMMON ANCESTOR, FOR, THE GERALD MASSEY’S OF THIS WORLD, AND, OF THIS REBUTETTICAL WORK, ARE, OF THE NATION’S OF PEOPLE, FROM, AND OF, AND TO, AND OF, AND TO, AND FROM? …….. TO, The Nation’s of the world, and, of the World, of People, for they are, of the Nation’s of the world, and, of the Nations, of the World’s, Nation’s, for, they are of the Great, and Powerful Leaders, of the Le’……..aders, of the Lea’d……..ers, like? Obama, and, Sinister, other, Various, Means, and, for this, they are also, of the Great and Powerful Works, of the Leaders, of the Great, and Powerful, Mighty Leader, for, the Leaders, and Leader’s Abscencees, are, as of, and TO, for they, are of the Eye, of, the Beholder, for, they are of, the EYE, of, …….. The, …….. Beholder, for, also, they, are, of the Eye, of, the beholder, for, and of, and TO, and FRO, and FROM, for, they are of the Eye, of the Beholder, for, yet, they MUST BE, is, of, course, of the, OF, OR, OFF, COURSE, FOR, AS THEY SAY, THE NATION’S LEADER IS THE POWER’ NATION’S, LEADER. lol 🙂

For, this to be true, there must be, one, Common, Ancestor, for, the People of the Nation’s, are, all Women, and, for All Women, of the People, of the Nation, are, of The, Nation’s of the People, of the Republic, of, The Nation, of China, for, this to be true, there, must be, one Common Ancestor, and, that, ancestor, or, ANCESTORS OF WOMEN, OR, SHOULD I SAY, WOMAN, of, the Great, or, OF THE GREATS, OF NIGHT, ARE, of the, BOOK, Of, REVELATION, and, REVEALING, for, they ARE, OF, THE GREAT NATION’S CAPITAL, for, they are, of, the GREAT NATION’S CAPITAL, for, this, to be true, there, must be, one, but many, of the Great Nation’s of people, for, of, the Woman, or, Should I say, Women, of, the GREAT REPUBLIC, OF CHINA, AND, OTHER CHINESE PEOPLE, OF, THE NATION’S OF THE NIGHT, are, also, of the Great Nation’s of, the Night, and, for this, they are, of, THe, Great, Nation’s, of, the Night, for, this to be true, it, and, there, it, Has, to be, said, that, people, and, the Nation’s of, People, are, of the Women, and, Of…….. the Woman, of, the Night, for, they are of, the Women, or Woman, of the Night, of, and, or, in, The Book of Revelation, for, they are, but, mere, and, Theological, Reasons, for, they are of, the Musical Allegory, or, Musical Allegory’s, Musical Allegory’s, ‘Book’s, of Revelation, for, this to be true, there, must be, one, of the Great, or, Greation, of Nation’s, for, they are of the Book, of Revelations, and, the Book, of,…….. Revealings, for, they, are, and, yet, must be, for this,…….. To, come to fruition, it must be said, that, it, will continue, to keep working, for this, is of, the Nation’s of the Night, and, also, for this, it, has to be said, it, or, is, is of, of, the Nation’s of the Night, for, they are of the Nation’s, of the Night’, of, The People’s Republic, of China, for, they, are, of the, Uniqueness, that this world, Possesses, for, they, are, and, yet, have to be, for, this to be said, and, yet, they are, of this World, for…. Terror Frights, are, of, a Thing, of the Past, for, Terror Frights, are Essential, and, for that to work, we, are, as, as, as, as, as, a Nation, as a whole, Inverti-uble, or, Invertuble, for, the Reasons, of this work, and other, Poetical, Works, of mine, and other, Essential Writings, for, the Common good, of the People, of the Common Good, for, they are of this world, and, this World, and, This, Work, is, my best writing, as of yet, I, …….. don’t, …….. Think, that, that, is true, though, for, the people, of the Nation’s, of the Night, are, of this Common Ancestor, for, this to be true, for, this to be true, are, of this Great, and Late, Great, Man’s Work, for, Gerald Massey, is, but a mere, man, and, so was Jacob Bryant, who, also, and, too, and, DEFINITELY, AS WELL, was, slandered, in, his, day, and age, of, the Ages, of the People, and, of, the Ages of the Apocalypse, and, for this to be true, Rev. Robert Taylor, also, wrote, MANY, GREAT NOT, and NON-FICTIONAL WORKS, of, late, and, Great, Power, for, they are of the People, of China, and, for this, they, are, also, of the Late and Great People, of China, and, of the Late and Great, People, of China, and, for that, they are, of, This Late, and Great Period, and, as of that, Let me, save this Document, just about now, for, there, truth, to be,…….. Told, and, written, about, it, must be said, that, Truth, is, of the Great, and Late, and, Great, and Late, Nation, of the People, of China’, for, they are of the R, for, the R, is, Stands, for, Republic, and, they are, of, the Great, Late, Great, Late, Great, and Late, Great, AND LATE, of, the GREAT AND LATE, PEOPLE’S, REPUBLIC, OF CHINA, FOR THEY ARE, OF, THIS TRUTHFUL MATTER, AND, MANNER, FOR THEY ARE, OF, THIS? And, of, and to, and, From, this, LAYS, A GREAT, AND LATE, GREAT, PROSPECT, OF THE FUTURE OF THE PEOPLE’S, of China, for yes, they are…….. Chinese, for, yes, they are, Chinese People, and yes, they are, of, this GREAT, AND LATE, PEOPLE’S, of, the PEOPLE’S CHINA’S REPUBLIC, OF…….. China……… lol…….. 🙂

Now, having said, all, of, this, and, ALL of this, is, OF, the LATE, and Great, and LATE, and GREAT, AND LATE, AND LATE, AND GREAT, AND LATE, AND GREAT, AND LATE, AND, A LAKE, in the Fire, in the Midsts, of Men, for, these fire of the Midsts, of men, are, also, of A Greation, or, of a Great, and Powerful, Nation, for they are, of, the Late, and Great, Cabbals, for, they are, of the Late, and Great Cabbals, for, this to be true, there, must be, A SYSTEM, A NEW SYSTEM, OF, AND, BY, THE LATE, AND GREAT, JACOB BRYANT, AND, FOR THIS, THERE MUST BE A NEW SYSTEM, AND, FOR THIS TO BE READ, IT MUST BE, AND, MUST HAVE BEEN SAID, THAT, THE LATE AND GREAT, JACOB BRYANT, WHO WROTE THE 3-VOLUME BOOK/-Set, ”A New System, or, An, Analysis, of Ancient Mythology: Wherein an Attempt is made to divert Tradition of Fable; and to reduce the Truth to its Original Purity.”

For this system to work, it, must be said, that, although, it is true, that Ancient Prophets, and, Ancient Messiahs, are, not, of, a thing of the past, but, are, also, not, of, a thing of the future, for they are of new systems, and, these new systems, are, not of, the Life, and Times, of, the Ancient Brian, for, the Life of His, is, also of, the Late and Great, Rev. Robert Taylor, for, they are of the Late, and Great, Life of Bryan, for, Bryant, of, or, Bryant, who, is, not the same person, and, of whom, is also, of, a new System, of Development, and, of, the Late, and New, system, of this Invaluable 3-volume book, set, is, also, not, in the Newest Edition, of, the Most Multiple Volumous set, which, is Circling, in this, situation, or, should I say, in Circulation, for, his, work too, has Been edited, in, and, in these, late and great, also, Newer editions, for, the Truth shall not be known, to the masses, unfortunately, for, this Late and Great, and Late, and GREAT, work, of, the late and Great, Jacob Bryant, of, this 3 volumous, HUMONGOUS SET, of Invaluable books, and, he wrote others, as well, and too, for, they are, of, as, equality, or, equally, important, to the masses, and, of these, the 3 Volumous, humongous set, of Books, must, be told, of, and, to the masses, of Old, and, of New.

For this is true of many, and, many, are to be told, that, the Truth, is Stranger, than Fiction, as, some, and some others, have said, before, in the Past, and Late, Great, X-Files, also, as, the TRUTH IS OUT THERE, also, yet, it is being Vilified, and, EDITED OUT, in later, and altered editions, without the hand, of the Original Author, at Hand.

For this hand, of the Original Author, is, also, not of the Hand, of the Late, great, Editors, of their Own, very’, Own, Very, Own’, Hands.

For these very own hands, of the Prawler’s Nation, of states, are, of, the Nation, of States, for, the Republic of China, is also, of, the Late, and Great, as of late, of, the late, AS OF GREAT? As, the Late, and Great, Jacob Bryant, if, that of course, is, HIS REAL NAME, or, HER’S.

For, that to be said, it, has to be said, that, for this System, of Communication to work, and, for me to have access, to these late, great, and, as of late, Great Works, I need, to have access, to the Internet, and, the Out of Copyright Books, thanks to, the Late and Great websites, of the likes, of,, and, the, likes of, but, not least, of which, of, the Prawler’s Website, as, of,, and, of Course, the late great, work, of, not, the least of which, the Late, great, and, as of late, GREAT WORK, of, THE LATE, AS OF GREAT, OF THE GREATEST, OF WEBSITES, AND THAT IS, NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH, AND, WHICH IS WHERE I GOT MY 3-VOLUME-BOOK-SET, OF THE LATE, AND, AS OF LATE, and, as of late, of the late and great,, no, I, do not mean that, maybe that website exists, maybe it doesn’t, But, What I mean, is, is that the Late, as of great, website, is, where I got my 3-volume-book-set, from, from the late, AS OF GREAT, JACOB’S BRYANT, INVALUABLE, 3-Volume-Work, From.

Now, for this, having said, that, is, the fact that, the Late, Greats, as, of late, as the Likes of, Rev. Robert Taylor, and, as, the likes of, the Rev. I mean, the REVERED, and, as of late, as the late Great, and, as of late, Mr. Jacob Bryant, (If, that, of course, is, his real name, as there is some debate about the Validity, and, Accuracy. Of, this late, and Great, and, Late, as of great, and, as of, the late, of the Greats, of the Likes, of, Rev. Robert Taylor, has said. For he was not Afraid to Quote, him, for, he, was to be quoted, by some, and,…….. that’s about it……… As some, or, should I say, a lot, of people, are afraid, to Quote, the Late, AS OF GREAT, AND, AS OF LATE GREAT, THE REVEREND, AND, ALSO REVEREND, ALTHOUGH, NOT REALLY A REVEREND PER SE, IT ALSO DEPENDS ON HOW YOU DEFINE, REVEREND?…….. Anyway…….. Moving ON……..), for, he, too, was of late, and, of greatness, and, for this to be true, he, must have said, that, also, even though, he didn’t live during, and during those days, of the Late and Great, of the likes, and, least, or Should I say, not, least of which, who, or, whom, is also, of the Druidical Order, of the Great, of Lates, of the Likes, of, The late, as OF THE GREAT? BUT NOT ALTERED, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, THAT I MAY HAVE FOUND, OR, STILL TO BE FIND OUT, OUT, AND, YET AGAIN, PERHAPS NOT? AND THAT IS, NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH, IS, WHOM, NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH, IS, WHOM TO DESCRIBE TO, AND THAT IS, NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH, IS, NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH, AND I DO WANT TO END THIS VERY SOON…….. But anyway…….. Gerald Massey……..

He, is, also, one of the Late, of the Greats, for, he, is the Descendant of A Lawyer’s Banker, for, he, was not very Wealthy, for, he, Did not, receive, many, and, not MUCH MONEY, for, he was of OWN, Descent, and, he, was also, of the Late Greats, of the Likes, of Rev. Robert Taylor, and, of the Likes of, Rev. (Not the same Meaning. N.B.) Jacob, Bryant, for, Jacob Bryant, was, but a mere name, who spawned many great works, but, for people, to, not to be afraid to Quote His Work. Or, Her’s Work, and, Read Previously on, of, what I just said, about His, or Her, name, and, that is, the least of which, was also said………. That, the late greats of the Imperical, or, Should I say, Emperical, Evidence, of the Late, of Greats, of the Likes, of, Rev. Robert Taylor, Gerald Massey, and, not, the Least of which, whom, is also, not, THE LEAST OF WHICH, FOR, HE, OR SHE, SPAWNED MANY WORKS, AND THAT IS, OF COURSE, THE LATE, AS OF GREAT…….. Jacob Bryant.

For,…….. Having now said this, this, is also true, of the Late, Greats, as of late, as of, late, as OF LATE, AS, THE LATE…….. GREAT, BUT NOT TOO LATE…….. lol…….. :)…….. Acharya S, or, Should, I say, also, know as, D.M. Murdock.

For, this is true, she is a woman, for, she is also, of the Late, as of Greats, as the Late, as of Greats, as, not the least of which, is, whom I describe, and abscribe, and, also, not the Least of which, I, also, must, SUBSCRIBE TO HER WEBSITE……..

For, yes, she is a woman, but, who cares, Woman, and, also, not the Least of which, which, is, also Women, have the right, to be Vocal, for, she, being called, and Labeled, by some, and, by some of late, as, the Great, and late, Jan Irvin, I THINK, HAS LABELED, AND SOME OTHERS, ACHARYA S, AKA, D.M. MURDOCK, AS THE LATE, AS OF THE GREATS, AS OF THE LIKES, AS, OR, PERHAPS SOME OTHERS, HAVE LABELED HER…….. THE GALILEO OF OUR DAY.

Which, is, absolutely Correct……..

As I have read her work, she is, as, of the Late, and The Greats, as the Likes, of ME? I hope, lol…….. She must be, as the late, and, as the late as the likes of, Galileo…….. For she is true to her core, and, also, true to the core of the Essence, of Creation……… For which there is no rebuttal, in the sense that, people Lie about her, for, she is not, a liar, for, she is a truth teller, and, for she, is also the Truth Teller, of Our Time, and, for she, is, AS I READ HER WORK INDEPTHLY, AND, AS I HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK, OF, AND, ABOUT HER WORK, AS I’VE READ IT, UNLIKE OTHERS, WHO HAVEN’T READ IT/OR/THEM, AS SHE HAS MULTIPLE WORKS, AND YET, STILL SLANDER HER NAME, WITHOUT HAVING READ HER WORK……..

For, truth…….. must be told, as her website, as, …….. Like I already, said, and mentioned, is…………, for, this is a Hub, to all her Earlier, and, More, Previous Works, as, this is, the Late, and The Late, of the Greats, of the Likes, of D.M. MURDOCK, AKA, ACHARYA S.

For, S, or, the “S”, In Acharya’s, not so Native Language of the Swedish Language, stands for, not the Least of Bit, of Which, is?…….. “Truth”. For, this is Truth, and…….. Acharya…….. stands for: Truthteller of the Great Mysthicists of time, for, which, there is no reprieval, and, which, or, for which, there is not, or, no, REPRIEVAL, and, for, which, there is no REPRIEVAL, AND, FOR WHICH, THERE IS, OF WHOM, NO REPRIEVAL, AND, ALSO, FOR WHICH, OF WHOM, THERE IS ALSO, NO REPRIEVAL, FROM THE LATE’S OF THE GREATS, OF THE LIKES, OF…….. Rev. Robert Taylor, and, Gerald Massey, and, also,……… The Late, Great, and, AS OF LATE, AND, STILL GREAT, THAT IS……… OF COURSE………… THE ONE AND ONLY…….. Jacob Bryant.

For, yes, Acharya S is a woman, but, for, who cares, right? lol…….. She is a woman, and also, a Human Being, for, she speaketh of Every Right of Man, and, of Every Virtue, of Man, for, she is, also a man, in the sense that, SHE SENSES THINGS LIKE A MAN, FOR A MAN HAS HIGHER SENSES, THAN A WOMAN.

And, what I mean by that is, in the Book of Revelation, Man Speaketh of Adam, and of Eve, as the Late, great, Predecessor, for she is of the Late, and of the Greats, of the Likes, of,…….. Rev. Robert Taylor…….. Jacob Bryant…….. AND……… GERALD MASSEY.

For, adam, is, supposedly, of eve, and, adam and eve, are supposedly, the ANCESTORS OF ALL PEOPLE.

So, how is it possible, that Black People, or,…….. Other “Colors”””””””””…….. Of people, have, and, still have, existed, in the first place……..

Does, “Incest”, even exist? Or, is all of, IT, incest?


For, this is true, of, the nation’s of man, and, of the Likes, of man, for, there, is, but, not Reprieval, and, but, no, Retrieval, into the Likes, of man, and, for that to be true, Acharya S is but a Mere, Human, a Mere, Human Being, of the Senses, of Old, for she is not A;……..”Assaraya””””””””” As, someone, on, a certain forum, which, Shall not be named, I don’t think, for, A forum would be out of place, for, this name, which is not a Derogatory Term, but, not, in the least of which, a, VERY DEROGATORY TERM, for, is slanders women, and, not only woman, or women, but, also, not, the least of which, of me, for, I am not a woman, for it also slanders, woman, and man, and, for man is OF WOMAN, FOR, WOMEN GIVE BIRTH, TO EVERYTHING, AND THE FEMALE ESSENCE, OR SHOULD I SAY, OR CALL IT, THE FEMALE ESSIENCE, OF THE FABRIC OF THIS TIME OF THE NATION’S OF ALL PEOPLE, OF THE LIKES, OF THE LATE AND GREAT, AND NOT ALWAYS, AS SO GREAT, AS THE LATE, OF THE GREAT?………. OF THE LEAST, OF WHICH, IS NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH……….. WHICH IS ALSO, OF COURSE…….. BILL HICKS………

And, I wrote, of Bill Hick’s, or, Should I say, Bill Hicks, for, he is not many, names, for, not many names, are of his, and, AN INTERPRETATION OF HIS “WORKS……..” CAN BE FOUND HERE.

I wrote this, for I…….. am…….. “OneFootUnder,” AKA, “dls87, AKA, and, “OneFootUnder”, is, abbreviated, on a certain forum, of which, I am a member of, by people, and by name, and by me, as, my name is, also abbreviated, as such, as …….. “OFU”.

For, OFU, stands for, first off “OneFootUnder”. But, also, for the Truth, of time.

For, there is a whole lot more to it than that, but, just for the sake of it, my name……… “OneFootUnder”, stands for many things, not the least of which, which is, ALSO NOT THE LEAST OF WHICH, WHICH IS ALSO ONE OF THE LEAST OF WHICH WHICH IS ALSO OF THE LATE GREATS AS THE LIKES OF ACHARYA S, AKA D.M. MURDOCK, AND OTHERS, THAT, I, AND, ALSO, AND, HAVE ALSO, AND, ALREADY MENTIONED, OTHERS, AND THAT IS, AND THOSE ARE, THE LIKES OF THE GREATS OF,……… ONE FINAL TIME, ONE LAST TIME, I MENTION THEIR NAMES IN FULL AND ALL THE TIME OF THESE LATES AND GREATS?…….. Acharya S, AKA, D.M. Murdock, and, also,…….. Jacob Bryant…….. AND ALSO…….. Gerald Massey, and ALSO……….. THE LAST ONE, AND NOT THE LEAST, OR? PERHAPS…….. OF THESE LIST’S, OR LIST………? YOU DECIDE, ………. AND THAT IS OF COURSE………. Rev. Robert Taylor.

For, there is Truth in the S of Robert Taylor, for S stands for truth, and I, Stand, for Truth, AS WELL, for truth is but a manner, of means, of which, control, is, over of, the influence, of, under, the Influence, of, the Late, and Great States, of the United States of Belgium.


I speak Dutch, or, should I call it, FLEMISH?

For, yes, I SPEAK FLEMISH…….. WHICH IS IN FACT A DEROGATORY TERM, FOR THE WORD, OF THE LANGAUGE, “DUTCH”. But, yes, or, as of, not yet, PERHAPS?…….. I don’t give a fuck, about that, lol……..

Who cares, yes, I speak dutch, but, who cares, lol, I WANT TO SPEAK ENGLISH TO ALL OF YOU, BUT, LOL, WHO CARES.

I speak Dutch, and Latin, and Greek, and Hebrew, and Egyptian (Almost, that is, Completely, and Full……. Still learning, need to learn, and read, a lot of books still……… But I DO HAVE MY KNOWLEDGE ALREADY, TO SPEAK ABOUT THESE MATTERS GREATLY…….. ALREADY……… AND YET, I AM STILL, AS OF THIS WRITING, AS, OF ONLY, AS, OF ONLY “IF” “IT MATTERS, THAT IS”, as of the late’s, of the greats, as of this writing, and, that is, OF THE AGE OF A MERE 26 years of age, and, only a COUPLE OF MONTHS OLD, AS WELL.

I am born in March. I am an Arch, or, Should I Say, March Aries, and, Here…….. is my website, and, you can find my Information. (My birth (astro) Chart) On, this website, as well, Under the Header, of……..”My Astro (Birth) Chart, And Some Info About Me.”

That, is my website, which, I already Linked to, which is, very aptly, titles, and called…….. “”

For, demo, in Latin, stands for Demos, which, comes from the Latin, and Sanskritian, Root word, of, and from, as, I SPEAK LATIN AND SANSKRITIAN AS WELL, and, it stands, for, and comes from Demons, which, in Latin-Greek-Indo-Nesian-Comes-From-The-Latin-And-Greek-Origin-Word-Of-And-From-The-Language, of the Late and Great, Greek and British, Sanskritians………. And which means…….. basically…….. “Good Spirits”, although, there is a whole lot more to it than that.

But, Demons, basically means, “Good, Spirits”, or, Good of Spirit, or, there is more to it than that, in, the Late, and Great, Ancient, and Latin, and Great and Greekish and British Language of the Anglo-Saxon, or, Should I say, or call it, The Anglo-Saxish word, or world, of the late, and, of the LATE, AS, OR, NOT AS, OR? NOT AS IF, OF THE LATE, AND THE GREAT, SANSKRITIANS……..

Angel, also, means, in some weird and perverted word, in kind of, some of, the same, kinda language, of the Sanskritians, and that is, also, in some sort of Fashion…….. “Good Spirits………”

But, angels, and demons, do have a different meaning, for….. I …. am…. a… Demon.








Anyway, having said that……..

For Demons, are good, and kind, and kindred, of spirit, for, that, and of, that, which is the truth.

Demons, are in fact, (the)…….. angels…….. of time, and, of creation.

For, creation, is but a mere essence, of time, for time is of the Di-Ulation, of the dilation, of time, for there is none other, than the late great Works, of the likes, that I have previously mentioned, for, there, is but ONE JACOB BRYANT, WHO, IN HIS, OR HER’S VERY OWN RIGHT, SPAWNED MANY, MANY, GREAT WORKS, for they are of the essence of time, for, the, time, is one my side, and for time to be on my side, man, and woman, and beast, are of the essence, of the vital, of importance, for, this Native English Speaking of mine, is, of the Essence, even though, I AM A NATIVE ENGLISH, NATIVE BORN-BELGIAN, SPEAKER, OR, should I say, Flemish-Indo-Dutch-Native-Inglish, or, Should I say, English, for Inglesh, is, but, or, o, another, Derogatory term, for, the masses of the Inglish speaking world, are, of the Time, and, of the Essence, for, this Late and Great, Native English, Speaking term, of the Essence, of time, there is but one, of the late, and many greats, for this, to be of the late of the Greats, of the LOLS, or, of the LULZ, for the LULZ of time are of the LULZ of creation, for a LULZ is not of a man, for it is of a woman, for a woman has e LULZ, as well, ALBEIT INVERTED, IN HER PENTAGRAM, OF THE HEXAGON, for, this, is, truth, to be told, of the masses, of creation, for there is but one, of the Late, Great, likes, of the Rev. Robert, Taylor, I mean, the Late great, of the Likes, OF THE REVEREND ROBERT J. TAYLOR, for his middle name was J. …….. Or was it?

And, another name, which beheldth, and tested, the test of time, is, none Other, than Ernest Busenbark, who, also, lote, or, wrote, I should say, WROTE A GREAT ANOTHER PIECE OF INVALUABLE INFORMATION, OF THE LATE GREAT LIKES OF THE NAMES PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED, BEFORE, THIS, AND THAT IS, THAT BOOK IS CALLED: THE CHURCH IS MY STEEPLE.

Actually, that is not the name of the book for the Name of the Book Must remain Hidden, but for it, I can, or Can’t mention it, for, that name, has also been slandered, for, it, through the ages of time, it, must be said, lol……. THIS IS THE NAME OF THE BOOK, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK, AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS;

For, the time is of the essence, for, the book, or, of by, Ernest Busenbark, and, or, should I say, E.W. Bullinger, to, or, not to quote, in, its fully length, or, not its fully length, or, not, of the nations of time, for, the people of time, are, not of the essence, for, they are not of the essence in the sense, or, sence, of, for, of the sense of time, there is but one essence, and, for this to be true, and, for that to be true also, there must be one, but, not, only for, the time to be there, there must be only one, for, that to be true, and, for that to be not true, and, that is not the fact of the matter, that there is not, only, but one, but, for not of the time of the space, of time, there must be, not only one, but, for that not to be true, there must be not only, and, not to be true, and, for that, it must also be said, that time is of the essence, and, that is only, and, not just of, the time of the essence, for, time is of the essence, and, that, of time, there must be, only one time,…….. IN WHICH……… THE NATIONS…….. AND THE PEOPLE of The EARTH…….. ARE…….. NOT ONLY UNITED? BUT? NOT ONLY UNITED IN THE SENSE THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE…….. FOR WE ARE OF THE ESSENCE? OF TIME, AND, FOR THAT ESSENCE TO BE TRUE, SHE MUST NOT BE, THE ONLY ONE, ALONE;

For, there must not be only one, and for that to be true there must not only be one, and for that, there must not only be one, and, that also, this “System of Communication,” is, also, of the essence of time, and for that, there must be only one…….. IN THE ESSENCE…….. OF TIME.

For, and, for, that, only that, there must be only one, for, that GERALD MASSEY, IS ONLY ONE PERSON, AND FOR THAT, THERE MUST BE MORE THAN ONE.

And, more than that, for Gerald Massey, to be a true, and sincere person, he must of not of had, or have been, a Druid, in, or, of, the Highest Sense of the order, and, for that, also, haha, for that, also, to be true, there must be be only one Ernest Busenbark, and, only one GERALD MASSEY, FOR GERALD MASSEY IS TO BE WRITTEN IN GENERAL, CAPITAL, TITLES, OF LETTERS, IN THIS CONTEXT, THAT IS, FOR, it is true, that there is but only one essence, and this essence of time, is not that of the essence of time, for there to be only essence of time, there must be…….. ONE ESSENCE? OF TIME.

For, time is on our side, and, time is on their side, for thime, is, of the THYME OF CREATION, FOR TIJM, IS OF A DUTCH WORD, OF DUTCH ORIGIN.

And, English, or, should I say, Inglish, or, perhaps, even inglish, for Inglish is a dirty REVERBERATION, of the essences of time, for time is on, and of, the essence, of the TIME DI-ULATION, OF THE ESSENCE OF TIME OF THE TIME DILATION.

For, there to be more than only one, there must be more than one, and, more than one, is more, than just mere few of many.
And for that, it has to be said, it is only of time…….. THAT TIME EXISTS.

And, also, last, but not least, for this to be true, there must be more than JUST ONE TIME, for time outside this Matrix Of Control, can’t exist, for he is but one of many, for, there is more than just one, for, more than one is merely just a few, for there are only a Few Souls alive in this Universe Today, for today is of the essence, of time, of the time DIL-UATION, for, time di-ulation, is, of the TIME, DI-ULATION, and for this to be true, time di-Ulation, is of di, or, of by, or, of by’the, of, by the time, of time is on…….. OUR SIDE.

And, my side is of the coin of creation, for, this to be true, we must be BORED, from time to time, like I have, or, always, have been, for Family Constellations is Completely and Utterly Brilliant, for it is a Soul-Concept, and for this soul to exist, SOUL LIFE, THE BAND, OR, NOT THE BAND, OF CREATION, IS OF THE TIME…….. OF THE SOUL…….. AND OF THE SOUL-CONCEPT.

For conception is of behemoth, by man, and by fertile women, for women are of fertile men, or man, and, Let me quote a piece of text of mine, that I’ve quoted in between, my legs, for this is my quote, and for this quote to exist, it must be said, of time, and, of time- di-ulation, for, and, for this time- di-ulation to exist, di, or, time dilation, must exist as well, and, for, too, of the time di-ulation to exist, there must be more than just, mere, time.
And, for this to exist, time, must be, on our, and, of their, of, or, of they’re, to exist.

The End.

For this is the truth of the matter, and, the matter of the truth, is this:

Time is but a mere Succinction, and, for this to exist, it must be of an advert of time, and, of the Creators of time, for, whom, should, and shall, not be, GERALD MASSEY, AND, or, not if, and, not subject to, JACOB BRYANT, and, for, not if, and, not if, of, subject to, JACOB BRYANT, and, also, and, not if, of, subject to, ACHARYA S, AKA, D.M. MURDOCK, and, of, not, if, of, JORDAN MAXWELL, who’se website is:

For, jordan, or, should I say, Russell Pine, or, perhaps, not, that, is, not, even, his, real, name.
For the Real Name of Jordan maxwell, shall remain hidden, for that, is, of the essence of time, for TIME TO FIND OUT.

Let’s time, find that out;


And, also, that, of, and, not, if, of, ACHARYA S, AKA, D.M. MURDOCK, and, not, that, if, of, not, for, there to be many time distinctions, or, time dustinctions, for time di-ulation is of the time diulation, and for that to exist, Jacob Bryant, and, or, Jordan Maxwell, must be of the Russell Pine’s of this, or, of, the World, of This, and, of these.

And for these to exist, time, must be, on, and, on, their, SIDE…….. OF THIS SIDE? OF, THE FLIP-COIN.

The essence of time, as reverberated throughout the ages

The essence of time, is, reverberated throughout the ages, for, of, and, of, the essence of time, is also, Reverberated, throughout the works, of Gerald Massey, for, this, truth to be said, for, of the nations of the ages, is, also, of the nations of the ages, of the past lives, for, the truth be told, and, for, it, it must be told, for it, and also, it must be told of the ages of the past, for it, to be said, of the ages, of the nations of time, for it, E.W. Bullinger, as well, or, should I say also, for, it also, and as well, or, should I say, HE? For he, was of the essence of time, and, was, also, and, ALSO OF HE, for he was a Brilliant Scholar, for this Scholar of ages, of Nations, and of time, for he was, VERY, VERY, INSTRUMENTAL, IN THE DEVELOPING OF NATIONS, for, all of us, were, in, a, certain sense, or, way, OF LIFE.

Of life, and, of the life, of the ages, for, there, truth be told, for it, there, has to be a Nation,a Nation of ages, and for that, there, also, HAS TO BE, a Time, of the Nation of Ages, and, for that, there, ALSO, HAS TO BE, TOO, AND ALSO, and, a bit, or, Should I say, a little bit of TOO, and AS WELL, as well, and for it, too, of the Nations, of the ages, and, for that, it has to be said, it ALSO HAS TO BE OF THIS NATION OF TIMES, for, there has to be a reason, and, for that, THERE HAS TO BE A REASON, ALSO, AND TOO, FOR E.W. BULLINGER TO WRITE HIS WORKS, OF THE ESSENCES, OR, SHOULD I SAY, ESSENTIALITIES, OF TIME? AND OF THE NATIONS OF TIME.

And, for that, there, or, there have to be, for that, has to be, THERE, and, FOR THAT, there, or, there have to be, of that, FOR THERE TO BE, ESSENCES OF TIME, AND, FOR, THESE ESSENCES OF TIME, THERE, OR, THERE HAVE TO BE, MANY ESSENCES OF TIME DI-U-LATION, for TIME DI-U-LATION? IS ALSO, OF THE ESSENCE OF TIME;

And, for that, trust must be told, IT MUST BE, AND, HAS TO BE? AND, STILL IS, TO THE TRUTH OF THE NATIONS.

And, for that, there, also, have to be, of the essences of time, MANY DIFFERENT FACTORS COMING INTO PLAY.

And, for that, there have to be MANY different factors, that, which, and, of, to, and, of from, from the essences of time, for there have to be MANY ESSENCES OF TIME.

For, there, have to be, and, of the many, of the Essencies, and, ESSENTIALITIES, OF THE NATIONS OF TIME, FOR? THE EXTRA-TERENAL, OR, SHOULD I SAY, EXTERNALIALITIES, and, for that, there also have to be, of the ESSENCES, or, ESSENTIALITIES, OF TIME, MANY DIFFERENT FACTORS, COMING INTO PLAY.
For, these many different factories, or, should I say, factors, or, factors, of different factories, of the ESSENCIALITIES, OF TIME.

For that, there are many, and many, are, of, but, none.

And for none, there are many.

And…….. for…….. many, there are none.

lol/ 🙂

For, this, truth be told…….. there are many, but…….. many different factions are of one, but, of none, also, and, of, as well, also.


The life and times, of Gerald Massey

Gerald Massey, who was born a Protestant Teacher, was also of Caninonipal Working Teacher’s Lay-man.
For he, was, also, of, Royal Descent. And, into the Future, and, into the past.

For, this is true, for he was of ROYAL DESCENT.

He was a working teacher’s lay-man, and, also, in some sort of a sence, or, some sort of a sense, a WORKING TEACHER’S DRUIDICAL COMMON LAW-GIVER, and COMMONSENSICAL COMMON-LAW-GIVER-AND-TAKER.

For, he, of the Biblical sense, and, Biblical Perspective, he, and, must, and, it, must have been said, the Lay People of His day, were, of the Commonsensical Theme, for, they, and, others, as, well, and, others, as, also, and too, of, THE BIBLICAL SENSE. For they, and he, was, of a Royal Baptise, British, Baby, of the Common Law, of Old.
For, he was also Vilified, by, Peter le Page Renouf.

He was being thrown chairs, at. Rocks, at. And, Spewed, at, for time, immemorial.

For, this is true, and, to be said, that, he, was also, a law giver, of the common people.

For his father was, and, WAS, AND STILL, IS, OF, A BANKING FAMILY. For, he was, a banker’s family, Asset.

For he’, Gerald Massey, and’, His work. There, must have been a Champion, of the Progression, of time, and, of place, in the Lawless Land, of Great-Britain, for that, he, and, also others………. They, also said, of others, and of him, that Lawless People, are of the People of the Land.

For this to be true, there, and, he, it, must have been said, the Great Rebuttical Work, of the Late Great, and Josephian Paster: Robert Taylor.

For, Robert Taylor, too, Beheameth, was, vilified, also, and, bestrung, by Taylor’s of the Tailor’s wives, and, of the Abysmall nature, of, the Man, of His day, The Robert Taylor’s Aggressorian’s, Aggresorians’.

When he was still very young, he had learned, of, and, from, Robert Taylor, not the A, or, not Robert A Taylor, for Robert Taylor was but a mere man, whom, and, of whom, with, which, thy hasth said that, the life and times of Robert A taylor, or, Should I say, Rev. Robert A Taylor, for, Robert A TAYLOR, was, not a tailor by trade, for, he was, but a mere distinction, into thy very own hands, of the essence…. of time.

For this is true, of the many Great Nations, and, of the People of the Many Great Nations. Robert A TAYLOR, WHO TAILORED? ALSO, BEWITH, AND, BETHENCE, AND, BETHENCE TO, FOR, he, was, TOO, of the Great and Many, Poetical Works, of and From, Gerald Massey, for, just like Rev. Robert A TAYLOR, Who, was not his real name, for, there is not, or, no, no REAL NAME IN ROBERT A TAYLOR, AT LEAST, or, should I say, at the Very Least, in Robert A TAYLOR, for, robet, or, Robert, or, Of, Robert, for, there had to be many, of the Late, and, of the Great, Robert A TAYLOR? For, his real name was Robert Taylor, Reverend, or, Revered, Should I say.

For, this is true, of many Late, Great Nation’s Party, for, the Party of the Nation is that of many, for, many are of whom, and whom are, not, of, many.
For many are of whom, for, which, and, for, whom, and, for, which, and, for, whom which, also, hasth said, that, LATE GREAT ROBERT A TAYLOR ARE OF THE ESSENCE OF TIME;

For this to be true, there, or, Should I say, hasth to be, of the Essence, of Time, Many, and Many, and Many, Late, or, Should I say, leat, great, late, Teachers, of the Essence of tiime.

For this is true, for, this, hasth to be true, of the Essence, of time, and, for, this to be Speeding up, this Typing, Perhaps, Sometimes, but, not always, and, for that to be true, there must be Many, for, and, not, for, that, which is many, and, for that, there, or, Should I say, there, has, or, there, have to be many, for that to be true, and, for that, to be true, in the ESSENCE…….. OF…. TIME……… IN THE SIDE OF THE THORN OF THE THYWITH.

An elephant in the room, or, should I say, a fire rodent in the room, for, Hell wouldn’t be the same is, or, if, it weren’t for, and of, and from, and to, and from and to, from the FIRE RODENTS;

for, Hell is not a real Concept, the Real, and Literal, Interpretation that is.

For, hell, must not be A real concept, for the Literal Interpretation is that of a Place of Sexual, and, worship, of the time, of the ages, of Immemorial, Times, or, Should I, or, anyone else for that matter, call it, IMMORAL?

For, immemorial times and concepts, of the time’s of the ages, of the Ancient Presbyterian past of the Late, as of Great, as of Late, and AS OF GREAT, the late, and the great, ROBERT A TAYLOR, for there is no A IN HELL, for, no, there will be, or, there will never, or, there will be never, a time in the place of the Universe, for there to be an “A”, in the letters, or, the latters, of, the Letters of the Word, of the Reverbiration, of the Times, of the Book of Enoch, up until the Time of the Books of the Apocalypse, or, should I call it, of the Books of the APOCALYPSUS?

For, that is true, there is but one of many, and for that, there has to be many, of the time of the Late and of the Times of the Late and of the Great Robert A taylor, for there to be no time with the Ages of the time, there HAS TO BE, A, ROBERT A TAYLOR, IN EXISTENCE, EVER AND EVER AND FOREVER AND EVER IN THE TIME IMMEMORIAL.

For HELL MUST BE REAL, AS HELL IS MERELY AN ANAGRAM OF HELP, of, HELP ME RHONA, for rhonda, or, should I say, Rhonda, is but merely a word of up upon which the fabrics of time are of the Lay’Man Works, and for also of which there has to be a time of the late and of the great and of the late and of the great, and, of the late, and, OF THE GREAT, AS THE LIKES OF RHONDA, A, TAYLOR, TAILORED INTO SUITS, OF THE SUITS, OF THE MALE COUNTER-PARTS OF THE MALE IN-RHONDA OF THE LIKES AND OF THE TIMES OF THE LATE, AND OF THE GREAT, AND OF THE LATE AND OF THE GREAT? ROBERT A RHONDA TAYLOR.

For it is merely a name, a name of existence, for which thou’gh, and, for which thou’ght, thou’gh hasth beseen, or, thou’ght has seen the ages, of the Zeitgeists of the Ages, for Zeitgeist is mere than just a movie title.

For “Zeitgeist”, Part One, was of mere but not of mere than just a BRILLIANT MOVIE-AKA-DOCUMENTARY, for it also hath, or also hasth besaith upon the ages of time and, for there to be a ages of the APOCALYPSE, OF THIS DAY AND OF THIS AGE OF THE ZEITGEIST OF THE AGES, AND, FOR OF THE ZEITGEIST OF THE AGES, THERE HAS TO BE MORE THAN MERE JUST ONE;

And, for this to be true, there must be almost, or, if not of Annoyance, mere, Annoyance of the Sneezing of the Apocalypse, for this to be true, and for that to be true.

For, it must, truth be told, it must be said, that Zeitgeist of the Ages of time are of the Essence of the Likes of the Websites, like, and, not, if not, reverberated of the Ages, Throughout the Ages of the Likes, of the Websites like, (Link)

For this Christians apologetic Apologizes for the ages of through the time of through the ages for the likes of JESUS, A, CHRIST, AND, OF THROUGH THE AGES, OF THE FIRST AND ORIGINAL CANONINIPACAL GOSPEL STORY, CREATED, THROUGHOUT THE AGES, OF AND TO, FROM 425 AD – 565 AD.

For the rebuttal to work, one must read, and, must have read, many different, and, little books, as well, for of too, and, of and too, for the Sands of Time of the Blue Heaven to work, and, for the Fresh air and the Moon Walker and the sun rays to work, there must be but one, of many, for, there are one, but, one of many, for, there to be, one of many, there must be many MoonWalkers, like Michael Jackson was, who, was, also a DRUID. N.B.. That’s a fact, although, not in the most literal of senses.
For he was a Druid, for he MoonWalked, up on the High Heavens, and Hills, for the Druids were Moon Walkers as well, for they read, and Read, the moon, very, very well, for, they were of the MOON PEOPLE, not of the sun, for they didn’t worship the sun, they worshiped the Moon, as did Allah, for Allah was but a Moon God, in One Sense of the word, for there are many, different, interpretations, and, for that to work – Many, many, must have worked, in the most literal sense, and, in the Most Illiteral sense of the word?. – For, there to be many, of the Moonwalkers, of old, and, of new, there must have been Many, Many, MANY, MICHAEL JACKSON.

For Michael Jackson were but just a name, for this to be true, there must have been many, and, for many to have been studied…………… Moonwalkers, were, of the Religion?……… of old….

And, for this to work, one must, have been, of the Religion of old, and, for this, Religion to work, without the “commas”, of the Old, and, Age of, Old, Religious, and, Religion of the Empire, we move, and shall, move into, the next chapter, of this ESSAY, NOT PAMPHLET, for – a – Pamphlet is completely and Utterly Different.

And, for this essay to work, one must have been Learned, and learned of, and from, and to, and, into, the Many Languages of the Different worlds, of the Many Sands of time, for the Moon Walkers, AND……… THE SUN RAYS, are, of different Ethnicity, and, for this to work, there must have been one of,………… many, and, for many to work, there must have been one, of many, of the few, essays, of time.
And, for this to work, Many must have been of the AGE OLD TIME-OLOGICAL RELIGION, and, THAT OLD-TIME-RELIGION, AS PAUL TICE, AND OTHER PEOPLE DESCRIBE IT AS, OR, perhaps, not Paul Tice, but definitely Jordan Maxwell, there must have been an OLD TIME RELIGION, OF THE PAST? AND, OF THE AGE OF, OLD, or, THE AGE OLD, OF THE RELIGIOUS, OF THE PEOPLE OF CANADA, FOR THE BLUE MOON, is but a Brilliant song, or should I say, the blue moons of the Rays of the Heavens of the blue Moon.

For……….. the moon is many different colors, once upon?…………….. it was black, and now, it was white, for, it was white, and also black, for, it…………………….. to be black, it must also have been white, and white and black make up the Rays of the Sun, for the Sun is not black, it is white, for all the ages of all the creeds have been white, or, have been black.

For, no yellow people existed, or, have existed, in the past, or, not in, the present, of the gifts of time, for this gift of the Presents of time’s, for there to have been a present of time, there must have, also been, a present of the time of the COMMAS, FOR COMMAS ARE BUT A MECHANIZATION TOOL, for the mechanization of the structuring, and structure, of certain phrases, and many different Sentences, for, they are not the same, for, this Song, that is Playing right now, on MY COMP, or, Should I say, Computer, is but of more, of, sheer Brilliance, I THINK.

For, songs, of this Calibre, are of the Calibre of the Extension tool, or, tools of the extension of the likes of “.epub”, For Epub is more than just sheer BRILLIANCE? I THINK, for it is still in its development stage, or stages, I THINK.

I don’t know a whole lot about Computers, but I do believe computers are here to stay, forever and ever till the end of time, for, there is no time in this MOTHERFUCKING PIECE OF PLACE OF EXISTENCE.

For, ask yourself this question, of, how can time exist outside of this place, and how can there be no GOD? For, we are all Atheists underneath the Skin, as I describe in THIS, article, of mine.

And, also, this article, is of mine, and of great importance, and, as for the Relevance to the article, of this Great, of?,…………………. Pamphlets? For this to be true, there must be, or, must have been, many Pamphlets, and for there to have been many pamphlets, there, must, also, have been, many of Great Pamphlets, for, “the” in this case, would, be, or, would have, been wrong, and for this to be true, THE ESSENCE OF TIME IS NOT WRONG? OR, SHOULD I SAY, THE ESSENCE OF TIME, IS NOT WRONG.

For, there you go, no spelling mistakes, or, no Spelling mistakes have, been, or, should of, or, should of not of have been, happened, in my past, of the Past and Present Tense.

For there to be spelling mistakes in this article, there must have been many Capitalizing of the first letters of the word, or words, of the alphabet, for songs of the Brilliance of time are of the Time of the Essence, and for this to work, one must not forget, ever, and never, that Time is of the Essence, and for time to be, or, to have been of, the essence, one must not make mistakes.

For mistakes are of the Past, as are Terror Frights, for as Terror Fright’s, or, Terror Fright, of, has been, in my case, it was necessary, I needed that knowledge, I needed it, and yes, I WAS DEATHLY, DEFINITELY, AFRAID, OF, AND, FOR, MY? LIFE.

For, to have, or, to have to, be, still to, have been, and, still have to be, still, deathly afraid of my life, terror frights are nothing but mere Dustinctions, and, that word, is not a spelling mistake, I just checked.

And, I just did, it, again.

For, no mistakes have happened so far in this Article of Essays, for article ARE of essays, they come from the Same Source, and yes, ONE OF MY NATIVE LANGUAGES IS DUTCH, and, the others are, as follows, but, not in Chronological order, and, not of relevance to the Alphabetical Order, and, that, which, there are, that, is, of if, and, not only, but to, beseth, upon the Fall, of man…………. (And), for that to be true, there must be many, of the Chronological order of orders, or, of the Chronological Orders of Orders, for, orders are there to beseth, and, Beseth upon time, for New Words are Invented all the time, yet, you know the words already, yet, there are no Dictionary Defintions for it, like the word SCHIZOMANIAPHELIAMANICA.

And, there are no, or, no zero Like Spelling Mistakes in the word, and, in the Link that I provided, in, and, in,…………… to the link…….. of time.

For, time is of the Essence of the Schiziopheliacs, for, Schiziopheliacs are of the Essence of time, for they are vital, as, I am, for I am a Schiziopheliac, for, Schiziopheliacs are of the essence, of time, and, of the nature of time, and, of, the book of revelation, which is but a mere Musical Allegory, for, it must, have, to, been, said, or, should, have to be said, that Time, of the Essence, is, if, or, is if, of the Time of the Essence, for this to be true, it must be said, that the Sheer Brilliance of this article is of the sheer brilliance of other articles, for all arther, or, All Other sheer Brilliance(s) of articles are all of Sheer Brilliance, for brilliance, or, BRILLIANCE, (OF), means, to shine light up’thon, and, up’thon, for this to happen, it must be said, or must, have, been to said, of this time of happening, and of time of the Happening there is a,………………….. time of happening everywhere, in every Movie, like M. Night Shyamalan’s movie, the Happening, or, should I call it?……………………. “The Happening?”

For, the happening is everywhere, and yes, I have seen the movie, and yes, I know what it is about, for, it is to be true, and, it is to be said, that Happenings, are, or, of, Occur Everywhere, even in the Amish people, as the Movie “The Happening”, depicts, by, the late and, great director of the late and great directors of the Likes of None other than, all the other great and Late directors, for there are many, as,…………. “M. Night Shyamalan,” is but mere, one name, in the Names of list’s for the name of lists is always to be expanded upon, just Like Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs’ Movie. For, Reservoir Dogs is a very, very, BRILLIANT MOVIE, as it lays down, and out, the Essence(s) of time, for, there are no to zero mistakes in that movie, and I think it’s his best, as of yet, as of yet, as of, to come, as,……………….. “Django Unchained,” Is a movie I have yet to watch, and, as others, like, Others, of him, like these, of the Likes of “Kill Bill’, Both Volumes, vol.1 and Vol.2, for, there are no zero mistakes in those Spelling Errors…………. lol…………… 🙂

Anyway, having said that, let’s move on with other more important issues at the time, at hand, for there are zero to no mistakes in this article to be found, as of yet, and, not as of yet, for there are no many, and no many, are no more than many, and not of that, for, not of that is not many of that not that of many, for many, are of the many’s of the HAVE NOT’s, for, there are many have not’s in all the movies Combined, EVER.

And, for there to have been many have not’s, there, also, have to be many, of the Have Not’s of Creation, for many are of the Creation of the Have, and, Havy, Heavy, Havay, or, Heavy, Have nots.

For many have not’s are of the Have not’s of time, of the essence of time, and I have not, as of yet, not, made, or make’s, to make, many mistakes in this article, and, in all my future articles to come, for, this article, is to be one of but sheer Brilliance of BIAS, OR, BIASEE, TOWARDS, one side of the article, not all, of, not of, or, not all of many, of the articles, that, and which, and whom (tho), or, (to), for, this Article to Exist in the Public Domain, on the Internet, it must, and, must have, been to, and must be to said, and already, to have told, for it to be exist, in the Very Same Plane, or Place, or, of Existence, for it also must of been said, or, MUST OF HAVE BEEN SAID, that Essences of time, are of the SCHIZIOPHELIAC NATURE, of, or, of the Nature…………….. of man, and of woman, and………….. of beast.

For the Beast of Revelation is of one, of many, for there are have to have been many Beasts, in time’s Immemorial, for there are also have to, and, have to have been many beasts, in Great times of Immemorial, for the Essence of time, and of Times of Places, are of the Times of Places of the Many Essences of time, and, for there to have been Many Beasts, there, also have to have been Many Beasts of the Greation, or, Great Nation’ of Beasts, for, of, to have been of, Many Greats of Nations of many Beasts of the Signs of the Apocalypse, or, of the Signs of the Apocalypsus, for the Apocalypsus is of at hand, and, of at the hand of Creation, there are but many, but, for many to have existed, there are, or, must of have been of many, of the people of the Great People of the Nation, of……… Old, and, for that to have existed there must have been many……………. OF THE GREAT NATIONS, OF OLD?. ……..

For this to  be true, and this is about, or almost, at the, end, of this almost, as, or, at the end of this Chapter, as I shall Continue Moving Onwards, and Forwards, like, or, not like An Attacking Striker in Football (Soccer, in the Native American-And-English-Speaking-World, of the Old, of the Old, of the Age Old of the Heritage Empire of the Ancient Anglo-Saxish, of the Slavish People of the Old……………….) And……….. For the time being, also, the Anglo Saxish world of the Slavish people of old, and, of new.

‘Cause, as Edward Davies says, or, has, said, in his Treaties of the Ancient Druids, and, of the Druids of the Ancient and Old Commological Empire, of the Empire of the Great British Isles……. Of old, and of new, it, must of have been said, that he was absolutely correct, and, for that to have been Absolutely correct, he must, also have been, of the Age, of old, of Age of old Commological Empires, and, for this is the Quote:…….. of the ages of time, in the Age of, Aquarius, and all other nation’s, of creeds;……………… For the time is, of at hand, for the quote is yet to come, as he wrote it in his Excellent, and Native of English speaking, of Treatise, of the Anglo-Saxon-World, of the Ancient old of old, of the Old Heritage Site of Foundation, called, the book is, as of yet, and, still is, as it is as of yet, as to come from the Movie, or, the movie of the websites, called, for, I don’t know if that site exists or not, as I just typed it and never, have, even, visited I don’t think so, who cares, it’s a bit cryptical, that’s why I wrote it……………. :), as is this smiley, that I just wrote, to, and, to you, and, from you? lol………

Anyway, on Page 580, of his Great old Treatise, Called: “The Mythology and Rites of the British Druids;”, For the title is very lengthy, and I shall not quote it in full, although, the title is a must and have of the reads, as, of, it is of great Importance,………….. Anyway, the quote in full is…………….:

Amongst the most curious productions of the ancient British muse, we may class those little poems, which are called Gwarchanau,charmsor talismans; or else Gorchanau, incantations. In addition to the general lore of Druidism, these pieces bring forward certain mystical amulets,which were delivered delivered to the patriotic warriors, as infallible pledges, of the protection of the gods; and which were evidently remains of the renowned magic of the Britons. The language of these compositions is of difficult construction, and the subject, as might be expected, mysterious and obscure. Nevertheless, as an exhibition of them may be deemed essential in the exposure of our national superstition, I shall present the reader with the originals, from the oldest known MS. together with a close translation, and a few explanatory notes.*


* There are three of these pieces preserved; but I shall reserve the talisman of Cunobeline, till I offer some remarks upon the old British coins.

This is absolutely true.

And, as Edward Davies also wrotes, on a different page of the same book/Treatise, of and on, and up on, the same Ancient British, Druids, for, of the time’s immemorials, there, must have been, also, of the same Gesture, and, same GESTURES, of the, time, of, the same, of the People of old, for, the Time of the people, is of the Time of the people, for they are of this very Gesture, and, this very, same, and even, Gesture Reads as Follows, as we read on, Page 129 of the same book/Volume of Treatises of the same Old Book that, which is, quoted already, by the same, and late, as of great, as Mr. Edward Davies……………

Such general traditions [of the ancient British-Anglo-Saxish-British-Druids] of the populace must have arisen from some ceremony, which was familiar to their ancestors. And this ceremony, seems to have been performed with several heathenish rites.

[Mr. Owen…] tells us there is a strange piece of music [of the angels of the sky in Ancient-British-Mythology], still known to a few persons, called Cainc yr Ychain Banawg, which was intended as an imitation of the lowing of the oxen, and the rattling of the chains, in drawing the Avanc out of the lake.*

* Welsh Eng. Dict. V. Banawg.

And for this,truth be told…. There is but one system, of operation, in operation, as of the late Great, Mr. or? “Mrs.” Jacob Bryant, as she, or he, writes, on Page 569, – of, Vol. 3 – of the THREE(!!!!!!!!!)-Volume-Set, of her treatise of ancient and British folklore, and the Anglo Saxon, or Saxish roots, of Creation, of time, and, of essence of time……….. 🙂 ………… :

They called it Saminofu [The islands of the Great British Isles, that is.]. The Babylonians, and Egyptians, and all of the same great family, used to take a pleasure in forming gigantic figures; and exhibiting other representations equally stupendous. Such were the colossal statues at Thebes; and the sphinx in the plains of Cocome. The statue erected by Nebuchadnezzar in the plains of Dura, was in height threescore Babylonish cubits.

When the Romans invaded Turkey, the King of then, and, of the new, King Nebuchadnezzar the fourth, or, the Fifth, I’m a bit uncertain about that, also invaded the Romanian Guardians of the Old Romanish Empire, the Holy Roman Empire of turkey, for the Turks were of great wealth and of great kingdom, for, they were, and, must of have been, for the truth to be told, in the Midsts of Heaven, or, the Midsts of Heavens, for they were, of the great British Isles, into the, thy midsts of the Heavens of the sky, and, of the Sky People, and for that, truth to be told, is the matter of Fact, that Saminofu, the Great British Isles of the Far East of time, is also of the Far East of Time in the New System, as proposed by, the late, of Greats, Mr., or, “Mrs.” Jacob Bryant.

For the S stands for Truth, as my First, and only name, stands for truth as well, and also, and also, a bit of TOO, as well, for the truth is, the TOO is the matter of factly speaking Mrs. Bryant, for I believe “Mr.” Bryant to be a She, not a Shemale, or, not a Transsexual, but a male of Female Authority………….. lol :).

Anyway, the Great and matter of factly speaking also discusses the Late of Greats, Mrs. Bryant, or, should I call him, or her, “Mr.”, for, truth be told, her, or his, first name, of only names, that is, that I am, or, have been told, is, of course?………… “Jacob”, and, as Jacob is a male, gender’s name, it, or, is, it must be, of confusing, for many people, of old, and, of new, for the truth of the matter is the fact that the English-Native-Speaking-I-Believe-her-to-be-or-should-of-have-been, that is, the fact of the matterly speaking that “Mrs.” Bryant, was also of Great and Native English Speaking tongues, for, the Fact of the matter is, the fact of the matter is, the fact that many people will be quoted in this piece of text, for many are of GREAT AUTHORITIES, just like “Mr.”, or, “Mrs.” Bryant was, or, still is, as, it is of truth been, or be told, that the fact of the matter is the fact that many Great Authorities of Female Origin, and, or, a bit of Origence, as that, is a bit of Female Arrogance, but, who the hell cares, Arrogance, for the males is called, Orrigence, for the R stands for Roman Invaders, and, the Roman Invaders of old, in the land of the Simofuans, or Should I call the, of the, land of the Saminofuans, or, Should I call them, the land of the Saminofuans, for the land of the Saminofuans, reals, or, rolls much easier of the tongue, for it is true, the land of the Samifuloeans, is, also, truth be told, correct, for it is the fact of the matter that the Land of the Great British isles as, uncovered by, the late great, Mr. or, Mr. Smith, but, not Smith, but Mr; or, Mrs. for, the truth be told, Mr., or Mr.s, or Mrs., does it matter, whether he or she was male or female, of female essence, and female Origence, for the truth be told, it DOES MATTER, for women have always been subjective to, and, subjected to, male dominance, and, for a woman to stand up to the Male Authorities, is of GREAT VIRTUE TO ME, and, for that alone, she should be Commanded, as, should be, the Late, and, as of Great, but, not the least of which, not as Great, as the Late Mrs. Bryant, for she was a woman, that is almost a fact, for she used, or uses, still as she, her books, her Treaties, on the Roman Usurper’s Invaders Army, is still alive today, and, as that 3-Volume-Work, is still alive, as it should be, and not the rest, not the least of which which is as equally brilliant as her 3-volume’-treaties, on the works and ancient times of the late, great past, of the British Isles, also known, and, not so commonly called, the Land of the Simofuans, or, the Land of the Oz, of, the Wizard of Oz.

For, this land is, of the Wizard of Oz, as, of, this Land, of oz, is also, of the land of oz, for the land of Oz, is, also, of the Land of the late great Scholar, Mr., or, Mrs. Jacob Bryant, for he, or she, as he is told to be, is the Late, as of great, Female, and Woman-ish, Female author, in her great work, “Christ in Egypt”, writes, on page 129, of that late great work, which I’ve read, partially, or in full, I’ll leave that up to the reader, which is, none of your business, which, or what books, I don’t, or yet, not, as of yet, have read, lol 🙂

It is my business of fortune, for, truth be told, and, that, the late great, MRS. ACHARYA S, AKA, D.M. MURDOCK, is, of course, a woman, of great serptitude, for the truth be told, is, that the Truth Be Known, and, also be told, for the truth be known is the fact of the matter, that, on page 129 of her great late work, “Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection”, she makes certain references to the Christ’s of the Horuses in Ancient Past times.

For, when she told of this, on, this exact page, of, this Book…….. “Christ in Egypt”, which, shall be abbreviated as such, in the following, and next pages, as I MIGHT QUOTE IT EXTENSIVELY, and, quote, and abbreviate it as such, as…….. “CIE”. For, this is the truth of the matter, the “i” in “Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection”, must be capitalized, as he was IN EGYPT, IN THE TIME OF WRITING, OF THIS MOST EXCELLENT BOOK, SO TO SPEAK. lol………. If you get, or catch, my drift, if you know what I mean……… 🙂


For, here is the quote, which is of MOST, and, of most, of UPMOST IMPORTANCE, to the nations of the people, for the people of the nation will be, the, truth, be told, and beheldth, for, the truth of the matter, is the fact of the matter, is the fact of the matter, lol, that this Great and Importance, peace, or Should I say, piece, of work, is of the Great and UPMOST IMPORTANCE, JUST LIKE THE WORKS OF JACOB BRYANT, WITH HER EXCELLENT, OR, SHOULD I SAY, HIS, EXCELLENT WORK, ON THE WORK, AND, OF THE WORKS, of the late and great Mr. Gerald Massey, for, yes, he was a man, and, for this truth to be known to the masses, and to spread the works of these most excellent people, as I HAVE READ THEM, AND, AS I HAVE READ CHRIST IN EGYPT: THE HORUS-JESUS CONNECTION, I CAN, AND, AM ALLOWED TO WRITE, AND, COPY, ABOUT IT, AND, QUOTE IT IN FULL, CERTAIN, ENTIRE SECTIONS, AS I AM IN CONTACT WITH THIS GREAT WRITER, FOR SHE IS STILL ALIVE, AND, PERHAPS, I AM SPEAKING TO HER RIGHT ABOUT NOW.

For, this is true, she has seen so many Hieroglyphics, in her real own Time, as she is a Study, or should I say, Studier, of Ancient and Mythological essences, and, a teacher of the Few Harvard Schools, or, School, of Classical Mythology and Classical Mythology on the Essays, of the time, and that is, the late and GREAT, AND VERY EXCLUSIVE AND VERY EXTRA-ORDINAIRE, OR, lol…….. SHOULD I SAY, VERY, AND VERY, AND VERY, EXTRA-ORDINARY, and, very supstentious, for the people of the nation, she is a member of the Classical Mythological schools in Ancient, or, still of, as of this day, as of the writing of the Late, and Great, Mythological Author, or, should I say, all, or, of all the Authors which I’ve Mentioned Previously already, and, for this to be this exact quote, on Page 129 of her Great, and Late work, “Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection”, she writes, and, I quote, in full, of, this page, as I am allowed to do so, as,she has just about now, or, maybe, or perhaps a little bit earlier, as of this writing, I QUOTE, IN FULL, on, and, or, of, or off, THE PAGE OF PAGE 129, of, and of or on her Straight, and, Straight to the core, of this late and Great Author, she writes, on page 129, of her late and Great work, which, was, also, an inspirational basis for, and of the movie Zeitgeist, by Peter Joseph, the internet hit and movie phenomenon, for, this movie, as of, Part 1, was one of her Gestures (She has, or, still has, or had, not still yet, nothing to do with the Other 2 parts of this movie, or, of, and not of, as of yet, anything to do with “Z-day,” and, of, and or, of not as of yet, nothing to do with the “Zeitgeist Movement”, which was spawned by this Most Excellent, Documentary, a Dictionary of many great References, like, I BELIEVE, TO BE CORRECT? As, one of the Sources of the movie, for…………)……… was Logan Mitchell’s work…….. “The Christian Mythology Unveiled: In a Series of Lectures…”.

I’ve had the privilege of reading one of Logan Mitchell’s great works, called, in essence, and, the essence of time, is, upon one hand, of the past few pages, also, of the essence, of time, as of the late great,and powerful beholder of truth, for this truth be told, he wrote, also, and too, and as well, another book as well, which I’ve read, in FULL, and, in brief essays, for the end of times, for they are all lectures, as he, or she, PERHAPS? Dunno, who cares, lol, but as HE, should have been a he, probably, most likely, anway….. As he wrote a couple of lectures, and lectured them live, to an audience, and should be credited for many great works… For I have read many of his works, and by that I do mean, his Excellent work, which is Entitled: “Religion in the Heavens; or Mythology Unveiled. In A series of Lectures,”.

For, I have had the Privilege of reading this great, and most excellent work, for, this book, can still, and, be still as of this writing, found, on the internet, as it is OUT OF COPYRIGHT.

So, who gives a fuck, right? lol

Anyway, doesn’t matter, LEGALLY DOWNLOADED BOOKS OR BOUGHT BOOKS, who fucking cares, lol.

And the information and data in it has, or, have not, been, of, any substantial means, or not at all, altered, in any INSIGNIFICANT WAY; For this work, also, is of the Public Domain, as it can be found, still, online, on the website which I’ve mentioned earlier,, for this work, is also of the Public Domain……….. or, Should I say, OF THE PUBLIC DOMAINS. As there are many domains, in the line, on the line, of the online world, and other worlds, like this, in this world, and perhaps others like these…….


Anyway, that’s about it, now, moving on to the Quote, of, and by, Acharya S, aka D.M. Murdock, for, she shall be named, by name, this great WOMAN, of the BOOK OF REVELATION, lol……….. You’ll understand, Acharya, lol 🙂 You will, don’t worry.

Anyway, many others dare not quote her, for she is so Controversial, and yet, so accurate, but, I don’t give a fuck, lol, let me do my thing, I WANT TO QUOTE HER, AND, JACOB BRYANT, AND ROBERT TAYLOR, AND GERALD MASSEY, AND LOGAN MITCHELL, AND EDWARD DAVIES, AND PERHAPS, EVEN, E.W. BULLINGER.

But, who cares, I WANT TO, BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY FACTUAL, So, who gives a fuck right?

I have read many of their great works, SO I AM ALLOWED TO COMMENT AND SUBSIDE, on, and, by them, lol…….. 🙂

Anyway, that’s about it, for now…..

Time for the Quote from Acharya S’ book, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.

On page 129, she writes….. And I quote, in full, or, almost, of, and, of, not if of, of Entirity……..:

[…] In CT [Coffin Texts] Sp. 784, the deceased is likewise “our son, our beloved,” In an inscription regarding one of the Greek rulers of Egypt, the Ptolemies, we find a reference to “Horus, son of Isis, beloved,” the word for “beloved” being meri/mery. In the hymns at Philae appears a lively dialogue between Isis and the king, in which the goddess is depicted as addressing the ruler as “my son, Horus, my beloved.” In the later Greek magical papyri, Horus continues to be deemed “your beloved son.”

The important god Osiris too is labeled with the Mery epithet, as in CT Sp. 404 and 405, where Osiris is called the “Well-beloved.” In CT Sp. 104, we find a deity labeled as the “Beloved” or “Well-beloved,” using the term mry, about which Faulkner notes, “The ‘Beloved’ may be Osiris.” In a hymn to Osiris at Philae the god is deemed “beloved of his father…” As another example, BD 69 refers to “the Osiris” as the son of “Nu” and as “her beloved.” Osiris has also “come out beloved” at BD 127. In the fifth staircase or portal of BD 148, the speaker says, “… I am the Sun or Osiris the beloved…” In another hymn to Osiris, the god is addressed as “thou gracious one who are beloved…” Moreover, Osiris provides an example of a god clearly loved by subordinate humans during the Middle Kingdom, as at CT Sp. 317, in which the speaker identifies himself as the “Nile-god, whom men love…

Now, this is a great piece of writing, as she, also, is, of the late greats, or, should I say, late greats, of the likings of the late, and great, Mr;, or, Mrs. Jacob Bryant, for she is of the opinion, that he, or she, is of Greatness as well, I THINK.

For she, or he, is of the Liars of the past, for the past revolutions are of certain pasts of the Olds of time, for she is of the Late greats, of the Times Immemorial, for, yet, she must be, of the late great of the times Immemorial, for, that, she must be of the PUBLIC DOMAIN, AS SHE HAS RELEASED A COUPLE OF HER BOOKS ONLINE EVEN, FOR FREE.

For, who cares, where, or what, you’ve read it from, legally purchased, or legally downloaded.

Who, cares, the words are still the same.
By the WAY, PERHAPS……. YOU CAN SEND THIS AUTHOR, D.M. MURDOCK, AKA, ACHARYA S, AN E-MAIL, Asking her to provide for, of, your services, of greatness, and of gratitude, or, gratitude of In-Greatness, for she must be of Great Old Kingdoms, for yet, she must be, of the old, of the past of Washing the Hairs, or the Heirs of the Gods, by, no, not, can’t mention that “crappy’ ” book’s name, even though, perhaps, it is not crappy, for I have not read it.

Anyway, the thing is, and, the point of the matter is, the fact of the MATTER, OF THE SUBJECT MATTER AT HAND, is, the fact of the matter, is, that, Acharya S, AKA, D.M. MURDOCK, THE 2nd, in line, or the life, or, of the life of the 2nd in line of Pastors of Presbytarian’s, of the late greats of the likes of the Inner-Likeness of the late greats of the likes of Ineptitude, and Inner-Neptitude, of the Late Greats of the likes of the also Ineptitude-‘s, of the ineptitudes, of the likes of the GREAT LIKES of the likes of the late greats of the likes of the GREAT LAKES OF THE FIRE OF MAN, AND OF MEN.

For, fire in the minds of men, by James H. Billington, is but another great book that cannot be quoted, yet, I’ve read it, in its Entirity, and, yet, it is as, as, as, as-ASS, AS, AS OF, GREAT, and INEQUI-ITY of the great likes, of the fire of mands, or, of the fire of mands, of the LIKES OF THE GREAT LAKE OF THE LIKES OF FIRE BY THE MEN OF THE LIKES OF, LIKE, THE GREATS LIKE……… James H. Billington.

A treatise on this subject may be found in his second edition of the book, “Fire in the Minds of Men”, by, James. H. Billington.

For this book is of extreme importance, and, for, also, of the treatise of the book, he writes, in his opening notes, on pages x-xi:

I am inclined to believe that every system of belief which attracts a large human following must at least contain some aspiration for good within it. In the case of the revolutionary faith, I identified that positive strain at the end of my book with Rosa Luxemburg and her consistent belief in, and practice of, a non-duplicitous movement for social justice transcending traditional national, ethnic, and gender boundaries. The revolutionary fire, Marxist underpinnings, and messianic utopianism of Rosa Luxemburg died long ago. But the substance of such an ideal – in a more moderate but no less passionate form – may continue to influence those who seek to reform or transform the liberal democracies of our time.

For, this, having said that, Rosa Luxemburg, was but mere of, a revolutionary faith, for she was also, of the Interest to the people of the nations, and, of the nation’s people, for she, was also, of the Revolutionary faith, and for that, she also, and, as well, and, also TOO, for she must have, or, must of have, many different sections of life, and, of the life of time, of many Brians.

For, the life of Brian, of Brian Luxemburg, whom, most likely, did not exist, although, I am not 100% certain of course, for this, she, and he, also added, is the fact that the LIFE OF BRIAN IS OF THE MERE ESSENCE OF CREATION.

For this to be true, there must, or, must of have been one, of the man, who, or whom, also created, many different time-periods, and, for this HYPHEN of truth to be true, there must be an-Iota, of truth, in it, for this HYPHEN-, of truth, is, must be, the truth, must be told, that many of the great nations of nations, all have’ad, or, all have had, many different iotas of truth, mixed into it, for Rosa Luxemburg was but a mere pawn of the Pleebs of the Knaves of Creation, for they are all, of, but, not limited to, THE KNAVES OF CREATION.

For knaves are but mere Creative Forces, for they are of, but, not, of, but of mere, Succinction, and, for this succinction to exist, there must be many, of the many, mere succinctions to be made, and, of this treatise, and, for this treatise, to exist, in the public domain, the internet must have, or, must of had, or, must of have had of have, existed.

For this is true of many, of many of the Revolutionary Faiths are of the Creation of time, for, and, of, the Center of time, as the book, “Fire in the Minds of Men”, By James. H. Billington, illustrates, documents, and, illustrates, again, and again, and, yet again, into the midsts of time’, and, of heavens, or, of heaven, and, for this to be true, many Legionary Revolutionary Faiths, as, they are depicted in “Fire in the Minds of Men”, are of but of the mere National and Nationalistic instinct, in thy fire, and, in thy minds of thy’ne men, for they are of the mere faction, or, fraction of creation, for they are of mere succinction, and, for, and of that, they must be true, to their revolutionary faith, and, for this, they, and, must also have, others, for the truth is stranger than the fiction, and, the FRICTION of time.

For, time is of the essence for REVOLUTIONARY FAITHS, and, for those, with fire in their minds, of their men, and, of their husbands, and, of their wives, and, of their midsts of wives, they must be SUCCINCT, for that, to be true, there must be one, but, one, of not, of many, for many, are of the midsts of time, and for that, they must be felt, into the midsts of time? And, for that, they must also be felt in the midst of time, for that, time is of the essence, for the now, and, for the essence…….. of time.

And for that, truth, be told, and, TRUTH BE KNOWN, for, trust must be known, to the masses, and to the far off Distant lands like the SIMOLFEANS, or, the SIMULAFOEANS, if you know what I mean, lol. 🙂

Anyway, that’s about it for this Section of Creation, moving on, first, with Gerald Massey, and his treatise, called “The Historical Jesus and the Mythical Christ. A Lecture.”

For, this book is of the vital of essencies, and, of the vital of essences, for, of creation, there is but many, more, of books, for that, and for that, of mere fiction, or, fact of fiction, and FACT SEPARATION FROM FICTION, and for that, SEPARATION FROM FICTION AND FROM/AND/OF FROM, OR OF, FROM, FACT.

For this treatise to be correct, there must have been many before him, for he was of the essence of time, for he was but a brilliant poet, and, also, but also, not, of, and, not limited to, a mere, brilliant SCHOLAR, IN HIS FIELD, IN HIS VERY OWN RIGHT, for, this, it must be said, many, as of late, as of greats, was but one, of many, late, and greats, like the ONE, IMMACULATE, and late, as of great, with his most BRILLIANT, OF MOST BRILLIANT, OF MOST BRILLIANT OF THESIS, called: “Mythology Among the Hebrews and its Historical Development”.

Also, I have in my possession, the most brilliant, and revered, and most brilliant of essays of all the world’s Encyclopædia Britannica’s Combined, the NINTH EDITION, of the American Edition, that is.

This volume, or, volumous of sets, is so darn rare, that it is so excellent, and, right about now, I shall quote from it, from this MOST EXCELLENT OF ENCYCLOPEDIA EDITIONS. OF ALL THE ENCYCLOPEDIAS OF ALL THE WORLDS, AND WORDS, OF THE WORLD, OR? OF THE WORLD’S WORDS COMBINED, IN MY OPINION.

For here goes……… On page 663 of the 13th Volume, of this Volumuous set, is, written, about Jesus Christ’s Superstarian Theomology, for, this THEOMOLOGY, is of the RAREST OF THE RARE, -EST, for this -est, is of the THEOLOGIANS, OF ALL THE WORLDS COMBINED, ANYWAY, HERE GOES;

It was in order to receive this baptism [of great and powerful wealth of nation’s and families of nations], and to ratify the mission of the great forerunner, that Jesus left the deep provincial seclusion in which He had hitherto lived. The stainless personality of his Kinsman overawed the bold and mighty spirit of the desert preacher. He shrank from baptizing one in whom he at once recognized that “royalty of inward happiness,” and purity of sinless life, which he could not himself claim. Jesus, however, though He had no sins to confess, bade John to Baptize him, “for thus it becometh us,” He said, “to fulfil all righteousness.”

He received the baptism, as a representative of the people whom He came to save, as a beautiful symbol of moral purification, and as the fit inauguration of a ministry which came not to destroy the law but to fulfil [And this was also said of the Romans, and of the Greeks]. And during the baptism John saw the overshadowing radiance and heard the voice from heaven which revealed to him that the promised Messiah had now come, and that his Messiah was the Son of God.

For this treatise to work, that he was, in “fact”, the Son of God, and not God himself, or, herself, for, God was, and still is a female, of female essences, or, of, and, of and to from, essencies, for,this to work, there must have been one, of, but, of many, and for that to work, one must have been of many, and for that to work, it must have been of many, for many were of few, and for Jesus’s to work, they must have been of many’s, for many’s are of the many’s of Creation, and for that, JESUS, must have been an Anagram, who’se Original Gospel, and, Canonipal, or, Should I say? Canonical, Gospel, was created, in 425 AD – 565 AD.

Also, Jesus had over(!!!!), 155.000 Faces Combined, along together, with “christ,”, or, Should I say, “Christ?”.

And, for this to be true, there must of, or, have, of been many faces combined, and, for that to be true, there must of been many, for, many are of the many’s of Creation.
Also, the Encyclopædia Britannica, writes, also, of Jesus Christ in the same manner that Jesus Christ writes about himself. lol

The Ninth edition, that is, at least, which is very, very, difficult to come by, and, which I have in My Possession, as of right now, as, and also, as of, having it already read it in its entirety, and, for that, being able to have been, or, to have from, and, already have, to have been, of, and from, to HAVE BEEN, and, of already, TO HAVE COME, FROM, AND TO HAVE, QUOTED FROM IT ALREADY, and for that to be true, I must have it in my possession, and my profession, for my profession is absolutely nothing, for, I shall Quote some more, for I LOVE THIS BOOK. – The ninth (!!!!) Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica, that is.

For, the Ninth is the best, IN MY OPINION.

Sure, others are excellent also, but, who cares, I HAVE THE BEST OF THE BEST, BUT, I’m not the only one.

For, I have been told, many, many thousand of copies have been made of this, for, I have a very rare edition of this book, or, of this volumuous set, for this is of INVALUABLE INFORMATION, AND SITUATION, that quote that I just gave you, about, and, not of, and, not of and from, FROM, and ABOUT, JESUS H. CHRIST SUPERSTAR.

Who, is, a Superstar, but not the Band Of Brothers, for brothers, who, and whom, he was not, not of anyone, for, he was no one, and, for there being no CORE TO THE CREATION OF THIS ONION OF PAST MYTHOLOGY’S, AND OF GOLDZIHER’S MYTHOLOGY AMONG THE HEBREWS, there must of or must of have been many, amongst the many, of creation, for, shall I know, from this, most excellent book, quote, a large section for, and of, and from it, for I may, for Ignaz Goldziher’s Mythology Among the Hebrews is a most excellent, and most scholarly written book, and VERY VERY RARE. For I have it in my possession, and for I, having been honored having it in my possession, I have no problem revealing the Name of the Book for, and, from you.

For, he too, was slandered, and, into submission, or, should I say submissions, of, and from, and submissions of and to and from, OF POWER;

For, he too, was a Genius, in his own write, or, should I say, RIGHT?

The Mythology amongst the Hebrews, of the ancient times and past immemorial – A critique upon the layers of time, and, of the altars of time

For, Mythology amongst the Hebrews was of Great Importance, for it was of Vital essence, and, essenciality, for this to be true, the Hebrews must have been real people, of course, and, for this to be true, there must of been many, many Hebrew, teacher, and Scholars, in their very own right, very, very, Critical of the Mythology Among the Hebrews By Ignaz Goldziher.

For, he too, was a very, very, important scholar.

First off, let us, or, let me, or, should, of we, let us, continue, with a favorite quote of mine, also from the Encyclopædia Britanna 9th Edition, for this is true, and, in the future, if I ever quote from it again, I shall abbreviate it as such, as, the Late, or, no, the 19th Century work, or, no, not perhaps, but, not if, of, not that, for it to be true, it shall be as such, as…………. “EB9th”, that’s what I shall abbreviate it as such, so, basically, and, also, CHRIST IN EGYPT? Shall be, and other, or, should I say, others, be, be abbreviated, as such……..”XXXX”, and, in this case, of Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection, it, shall be abbreviated as such, as?………. “CIE”, for it too, is of great importance of mine, and, of, others, as such, as it is a great valuable asset to have, and, to behold, for it too, is of GREAT SUCH VALUE, SUCH LIKE, JACOB BRYANT’S “A NEW SYSTEM”, WHICH SHALL BE ABBREVIATED AS SUCH, AS OTHERS, AND OTHERS LIKE IT, AS OTHERS ARE DIFFERENT, FOR OTHERS, OF THE OTHERS, ARE DIFFERENT, OF NO OTHER THAN, THAT……… “ANS”.

For, this too, and, this true, is of the Essence of time, is, the most brilliant book ever written, or one of the, and that is “Rev.” E.W. Bullinger’s MOST EXCELLENT WORK, ON THE ISSUANCES OF THE STARS IN THE HEAVENS, AND PERHAPS, EVEN, NOSTRADAMUS’S METHOD OF PREDICTING EVENTS, REVEALED. For that book is called: “The Witness of the Stars”

For that is true, that many, were, and still are, the issuances of the star alignments, and, up in heave, there have been but many of the heavens, and, of the stars, for that to be true, it must be said, that this great quote by E.W. Bullinger in The Witness of the Stars (TWOTS), and that is, on pages 78-79, of that, said book:

[Hence…] in Capricornus we must look for the prophecy of this Comin Sacrifice. As a matter of fact it did actually point out the time when the Sun of Righteousness should arise, and “the Light of the World” appear. For when this Promised Seed was born the Sun was actually in this sign of Capricornus! “The fulness of time was come,” and “God sent forth His Son TO REDEEM them that were under the Law” (Gal. iv. 4). The sun was really amongst those very stars – Al Gedi, the kid and Deneb Al Gedi, the sacrifice cometh – when this willing Sacrifice said, “Lo I come to do Thy will, O God.” The nights were at their darkest and their longest when Jesus was born. The days began immediately to lengthen when He, “the true light,” had come into the world.*

Astronomers confess that the perverted legends of the Greeks give but “a lame account” of this sign, “and it offers no illustration of its ancient origin.

Its ancient origin reveals a prophetic knowledge, which only He possessed who knew that in “the fulness of time” He would send forth His Son. […]

* When we come to the last chapter of this book we shall see that the Sun was in the sign of the other sacrificial animal, Aries, at the very hour of the Crucifixion. And Aries sets before us the victory of “the Lamb that was slain.”

For, this very excellent and brilliant quote, and, of quotation marks, is, of the essence and vitality into the Empoverishment with the Signal and Signal of the stars of heaven, for in the very Next Chapter he discusses which three sun sin, or, sun SIGN symbols were in the Constellation of Leo, for, at the time of the Crucifixion, there was but one man, of the many, of whom, was slain, with his beast of the Stars of Revelation, for, that is true, there were but one of, and, not one if, but, not one of if, but many, of the Slain of the Bull of the Horn.

Now, for this very next quote, we, again, turn next, and, again to, the Very Next Slain of the Bullhorn, the Rev. the Very Revered, and Honored, Mr. E.W. Bullinger.

For, on page 782, of his great and excellent treatise, called “A Critical Lexicon and Concordance to the English and Greek New Testament, together with an index of greek words, and several appendices”.

Now, please, do note, that, I don’t have a Greek Font type-Writing of like style, but, I do have, the ability to represent it closely with this Standard, built-in font of the English Language that “wordpress”, uses. For this is true, If I were to have an upgraded account…….;;…. “Premium,” I might, have, already, had have, this Font, perhaps, as premium unlocks many things, for, this is true, the Greeks, who speak Native, English greeks, who, also, speak, NATIVE ENGLISH GREEKS, for these greeks, of old, and of new, and, for this to be mentioned, of the font style, is to be said, of the font style, of the Lexicon work of Great and Utter Creation, for this Great work of, and by, called, E.W. Bullinger, abbreviated as such as…. (ACL) – “A Critical Lexicon”…

For, this is true, this word, in Greek, as it closely resembles this style of font, in a certain way, but, I do have to change and CAPITALIZE IT A BIT, TO CLOSELY RESEMBLE IT, as closely as possible, as, it is not my fault, for I don’t have A premium account, AS OF YET? But, I will in the future, probably, most like, but, this won’t be mentioned too often…

Anyway, the word, that I’m referring to, is on Page 782, and it is called “KaKEL“.

That’s, what it it closely resembles to, the most, and, I couldn’t capitalize the “a”, for, I just couldn’t, as otherwise, it wouldn’t have worked.

Anyway, this word has to Meanings, for, it also means, as, of two meanings, and the first meaning, of this word is, IN GREEK, as it is read, is: There also.

The Second two meanings, in my opinion, as they are in reversed order in his book, (ACL), and I have reversed them, not the words, but the definition of the word, for, of “KaKEL“, is of course, another meaning, which means, in English, and, in Greek-Latin-Americo-Latino-Language-of, the Great and Inglish Language of the English speaking world, and that is, those other two, or one of the two definitions in the Greek New and Old Testament is: There (and); and there.

For these two definitions, of the Great, and Greek, English language are of the KaKEL’s of the Great and Greek English words of the Great and Greek English language, for…….. this world, or, of, this world, I should mean, but, this word, is also used in reference to the Latin, or should I say Latino Speaking World, for latino comes from the word Latin, and Latin comes from the word LATINO, for latino, in Dutch, means a servant of the Upper Most high, and DUTCH IS THE KEY LANGUAGE, THE KEY OF WORLDS? OF WORLDS? OF WORDS, I MEAN.

For dutch is but a powerful tool of the English Language, for many words are the same, or, as if, of, the, Virtually the same, like “Stop”, which is already, or also, almost, as if, or, almost as if of the most Venerable High, almost pronounced the same as its, or, Should I say, Her’s, Pronounced the same, as Her’s, of the English Language, of the Development of mankind, or, Should I say, HUMANKIND.

‘Cause humans are kind, also, or, should I say, Chickens? ‘Cause chickens KAKEL ALSO, in DUTCH.

lol 🙂

And that is the truth.

Oh well, who cares about chickens right, now, or, now, I should say.

‘Cause right now, I am not at the now, for now, I am at the right now, for the now is of the right now of the now, for the now is also of the right now of the now, AT THE SAME TIME AS THE NOW IS OCCURING. 🙂


Anyway, moving on………

Times, or, Chicken’s of times, are also of the KaKELs of the Chicken of the Egg of Kakels, for, kakels are of the time of the escent, of the essence of time.of, and for, and of and from, and to and from, from the Time of the Chicken’s Kakel’s, for the Kakel’s are also the Chicken’s eggs, for Chicken’s are Egg’s Kakel’s, for the Kake’l, or, Should I say, the Kakel’, or, Should I say – Doesn’t matter how you spell it, it is just a word that is being invented, so, who gives a fuck right, lol; Words are being invented ALL THE TIME, AS WE SPEAK, BASICALLY, so, who cares………. lol……….

Let me just do my own thing.

Anyway, let’s continue, moving, forward, marching on forward, shall we?

Alright, here we go.

The Kakel of Creation, the Chicken of the before of the egg before the being of the egg of kinda thing.

For this is true, for the egg is of the chicken, and the KAKEL, or, KUKELUKU, IN DUTCH, is the sound of the chicken, and, or, of, the Rooster of the Cock of the Chicken.

For, many people don’t know this, but, because, and also before, before the chicken of the egg creation kinda thing there were many chicken and eggs of roosters, for the cocks of the roosters were the pin-up girls of creation, the adam’s and the Eve’s, the Evening, of night, at the Adam’s apple, for the Adam’s apple, was of the time of creation also, a time of essence, and of being, for it is true, the essence of the time of creation is of the Chicken egg kinda thing, for the Chicken egg kinda thing, is also, of the essence of time, for there to be many chickens, and many eggs, there, have, or, there has to be many chickens and many eggs of the time’s of creation for, for,…………. the time of creation is also of the essence of the cock of the rooster, for………. the rooster is the cock’s pin up girl’s dress, for the cock is of the essence of the man, and, for that, the essence of the man is of the essence of the SHEER BRILLIANCE OF THIS MAN OF THE COCK OF THE ROOSTER’S COCK, INSIDE…………….. THE ROOSTER’S PIN UP’ DRESS CODE’S COCK, OR CODE, OF CONDUCT.


Anyway, lol, who cares, that’s just a bit of garbage with a lot of clever insightfulness, inside of it, that is, the matter, but, lol, who cares. 🙂


Anyway, moving on…… for onto more serious matters, that is………..

Anyway, here we go, for, it was VERY VERY RELEVANT THAT I TOLD THAT STORY, and also, a bit of an inside joke, for the rooster is of the cock, of course!.

For this to be true, the rooster MUST BE OF THE COCK, FOR THE ROOSTER IS OF THE COCK….


For phallic worship, is but one of many, for……… the essence of creation is of the essence of the cock and, of the vagina, also, as well, and too, of course, for, these words do have many different meanings in many different languages, for they are, and, have to be, of, as of yet, for they are of the essence of the vagina as well, for the essences of the vagina will be many great nation’s coming together for the fun and the heck of the goof for it.

For, it must be said, also, that, the best phrase in the english language for this is: The essence is of the cock, for the vagina is the vagina, and the cock…………. is merely/simply the cock, the rooster, who makes the noise in the streets, and on the loudring, or rumbling sounds of the streets, of the cocks…….. of the farms of the rooster, of, and in, the side, of the road, where the rooster, or the hen lays its eggs, on the side of the road….. of the rooster’s farm, rooster.”

For this is true, but, for this is also not true, for many cocks are of rooster, and, as of, the great late author of the excellent and most brilliant book of books, of, the title of the book is, called: Sex Worship: an Exposition of the Phallic Origin of Religion

For, this is true.

And, for as Kersey Graves quoted was, as of saying, in his most BRILLIANT OF BRILLIANT OF SERIES/TREATIES/ESSAYS, The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors.

For, this book is an absolute gold mine.

Sure, it is very very poorly sourced, for, in fact, If I remember correctly, it doesn’t have any sourced at all. lol

But who gives a shit, lol, it is most exquisite, for, it must, and had to be, as basically all of his Sources were of the Jesuits, for the Jesuits, and their Sollipticism, is, of the essays of time, and of truth, a real menace to the nation, and, to the many nation’s of the Republic’s of China, and other Indonesian Countries.

For, “The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors”(TWSCS), it, is must be said, of most exquisitance, for, it must be said, and truth be told, that these most exquisite and most excellent of rare books are of the devil, for the devil is but the mechanism of creation, for mere creation, and for mere essences of time, for this, and for, and for, but of many, there must have been many.

For, there have been many, of the sources of time, for who, and for whom, the time of the essence had, or has, stood still, for this is still very true to this day.

As Kersey Graves in his most excellent treaties on the subjects of Horus, Mithra, and various other Gods hasth said, in, his most excellent work “TWSCS”, is is of vital importance that this work is to be known to the masses, as the Jesuit’s Influences on it, and, of it, and, of and to it, of it, are IMMENSE, to say the least.

And, also, the next big thing in this GREAT ESSAY/TREATIES, on the works, and the words, of the World’s 16 Crucified Saviors, and more of course, for there have been many, for this work is not of the devil, for it is but, or, not perhaps, or, perhaps not, it is better said, to be a tool of the DEVIL, for the devil controls this world, in a certain sense.

Even though I am not religious, and neither or others, were, or, still are, of, or, as of this writing, for this work, “TWSCS” is still a part of the public domain, as I HAVE FOUND IT.

I have it in my possession, so I can comment on it, them, for them, are of many, many Crucified saviors, for that, the world hath seen, or, hasth seen, should I say, more aptly, and more of as, correctly, in matter of factly speaking.

For this is true, the matter of existence is of this great period, for great periods are scarce, and yet, the essence of thime, or, should I say, time, for, the matter of the Essence of time, is of but this great and powerful nation, upon bewhicheth, he, hath said, the world’s sixteen crucified saviors, are, as of yet, still of, as of this time, of, THIS TIME.

For they are STILL of this time, still…….. Still, we see the world’s sixteen crucified saviors on our doorsteps, we see them every day, like Krishna, Buddha, Christ, all of them Unveiled, in this great otherworldly, and other authorly, other author than – Kersey Graves, that is, a fact of the matter, but, this other great otherworldly book by Acharya S aka D.M. Murdock, called: Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled

For, this matter of factly of speaking book, for this world is yet to be seen, of it, and, of, from it, to the heart of the core of the matter, for that is true, it must be said, and told, this book is of GREATNESS, of virtue, and of Virtual Greatness.

For, Kersey Graves, was but a grave, great, and brave man, who also wrote, at least, or, should I say, at the very least, 2 other great, great books.

Both of them are called, first off: The Bible of Bibles, and the second one is called: The Biography of Satan

For both of these books, and the first one including The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors, they are both, or, all 3, of, equal Value, for they are of both, of greatness, and Virtue, of Greatness.

Here is a direct quote from the book The Bible of Bibles, from Kersey Graves, straight from the horse’s mouth, we Read, on pages 172-173:

3. Jacob seems to have entertained very singular and selfish ideas in regards to his religious obligation to serve and Worship his God. He made it entirely a question of bread and butter, or, rather, of bread and raiment. He proposed to strike up a trade with Jehovah relative to his future allegiance to his government, and to fix the terms of the contract himself (Gen. xxviii.). He kindly and condescendingly told Jehovah, that if he would provide him with food and raiment, and be his constant companion in the future, “then shall the Lord be my God, and this stone shall be God’s house; and I will give one-tenth to the Lord of what he giveth me” (Gen. xxviii. 20). Here is the attempt to drive a Bargain with Jehovah on the quid-pro-pro principle. We are not informed how Jehovah appreciated this kindly offer. This is an unfortunate omission, as every reader must feel interested in knowing whether he accepted the proposition; and henceforth he whom “the heavens of heavens can not contain” took up his abode in the patriarch’s little stone hut. We are led to infer, that, if Jehovah refused to accept his terms, Jacob would henceforth refuse to be a subject of God’s kingdom, and thus bring him to grief. This is a sample of the childish conception entertained by the whole Jewish nation of “the God of the universe,” if we may presume their God was any thing more than a family or national deity.

4. The proneness of the Lord’s holy people to falsify, cheat, and deceive is well illustrated in the case of Laban, who, after Jacob had, by a fair contract, labored seven years for him for his daughter Rachel, would not let him have her, but forced his older daughter Leah upon him; and, when Jacob complained, he told him he must serve seven years more if he got Rachel; and his love for her prompted him to accept the terms. But he seems not to have been well compensated for his fourteen long years of toil for these two sisters. Their subsequent conduct indicates that he “paid dear for the whistle;” and one month’s labor ought to have paid for both, even at ten cents a day, for they both turned out to be failures. They were, however, a fair specimen of the race. Rachel stole her father’s images; and, when pursued and overtaken by him, she hid them, and told him a falsehood to conceal the act. The circumstance of her father having images, and of her stealing them, is an evidence that both were idolaters (Gen. xxxi.).

5.  It is easy to see, from the foregoing facts, from what source the Jewish proclivity to idolatry and also to falsehood was derived. The latter was practically manifested by four hundred prophets at one time. It is true the Lord was charged with putting the lie in their mouths (1 Kings xxii. 22).

6. We are told, that, on a certain occasion, “the sons of Jacob answered Shechem, and Hamor his father, deceitfully” (Gen. xxxiv. 13); by which it appears the spirit or propensity to fraud and deception was still transmitted to their posterity.

Now, we also see that Graves’ Grave insight into the Passive admissive insights into the cultures of old, and, of the ancient people, of the Lifes of the Ancient dwellers and Peoples of the Night.

For this is true, for the people of the Night will be Emballished, up on the Embarked Tree of the Tree of Life and, (of), good? For this is true, it must be said, that dog’s barking can be quite, or really, even, majorly fucking piece of fucking shit annoying, for, as they bark, and, as ye talk to them, they reply, yet, they can’t help it.

For, this is true, we must be ye talking to them, for they can be majorly piece of fucking shit annoying, for yes they are, of the most annoying species on the face of the earth when it comes to barking, as my dog is barking now…. I shit you not, or, I could be joking/lying, for, it is true, just like God’s Angels, were they also piece of motherfucking majorly piece of fucking pieces of fucking existence, as they barked and barked upon the SAME tree of life, for they are dogs, of the Ravening Wolves of Monica Farrell, or, Rachell Farrell’s Ravening wolves, if that woman even exist.

What I mean by that is, the Ravening wolves of the Old Testament also had the New Testament idea/thought in mind, for they are ravening wolves, for, and of the night, and, as Kersey Graves, also embarks on, up on, the same page of that last said page, he, and they, were of the …. “first acts of moral delinquency”, and, as they are also true to the source, they must also be true to the sources of Grave’s, for, Grave’s, source, for Grave sources are bad, and as say, Grave’s, sources, are also of the bad, for Grave’s, or, should I say, Kersey Grave’s, is, of Kersey Grave’s sources, for they are of the same line of excellent sources, i.e., the Jesuits, for yes, they are the Jesuits, and yes, Jesuits start barking up on the same tree all the time as well, as they just now proved, as my piece of fucking stupid shit dog started, or starts, barking again, a tiny, tiny bit.

For this is true, barking dogs ARE annoying, for they make annoying sounds, as they, do others.

Anyways, now it have, and, and, ended, for it is true, barking dogs like the Jesuits are of the Old Commological Ancient Jesuit’ Vatican Controlled Archives of the Jesuit Controlled Jesuit Bankers, for they are, yes, the Bankers of old, and, of new, for yes, they must, and yes, they must be are in the Midst of the Engineer Corps of Hell, like, and, almost, as if, Edward J. Sherman, or, Should I say: Edwin A. Sherman – The Engineer Corps of Hell

This most brilliant of brilliant of most rare of the most rarest books is an absolute MUST read. For, on page 72 he writes….:

2. To attract them [The Jesuits] with greater facility to our institute, it is necessary in the meanwhile, to study that the rectors and professors of colleges shall exhibit an  especial affection; and outside the time of the classes, to make them comprehend how great is God, and that some one should consecrate to his service all that he possesses: and particularly if he is in the Society of his Son.

3. Whenever the opportunity may arrive, conducive in the college and in the garden, and yet at times to the country houses, that in the company of ourselves, during the recreations, that we may familiarize with them, little by little, being careful, notwithstanding, that the familiarity does not engender disgust.

This is absolutely true, for it is said that the Jesuits of old and of New of the Vaticalé’s in Roma, in the Vaticalé’s Hills is of the hillside of the Jesuit Bankers, for them, and, of them they must and must have seized the vatican banker’s law makers, for they are the law makers, for, of the land, and of the people they must be new here, and yet they must be new here in the Continuing rant of Edwin A. Sherman, in his most BRILLIANT of Theses on the Jesuits, The Engineer Corps of Hell; or, Rome’s Sapper and Miners.

For, he continues this “rant”, on page 98, for, it reads…

[…] I hereby dedicate my life, my soul and all my coporeal powers, and with this dagger which I now receive, I will subscribe my name written in my own blood, in testimony thereof; and should I prove false or weaken in my determination, may my brethren and fellow soldiers of the Militia of the Pope cut off my hands and my feet, and my throat from ear to ear, my belly opened and sulphur burned therein, with all the punishment that can be inflicted upon me on earth and my soul be tortured by demons in an eternal hell forever!

So basically, what Edwin A. Sherman is saying, is that the Demons of the hell pit of torture and doom, and from the work shops of the demons of hell, comes a time of great memorial, and memorial services to the masses of the people, for they are of the people of old, and for that, they are of the ENGINEER CORPS OF HELL.

For, they designed Hell in a certain way, for, Edwin A. Sherman is absolutely write, or, right, for when he writes, on page 189:

We have deemed it thus necessary to give the main facts and the causes which brought Abraham Lincoln into the contest in defense of Father Chiniquy against the warfare waged against him by the Papal power, showing the status and honorable reputation of Father Chiniquy and the damnable conspiracy formed against him.

There is one thing, however, that is not fully stated, in regard to the settlement between Chiniquy and Lincoln in relation to the due-bill of fifty dollars which Chiniquy gave to Lincoln, as related in the last chapter, and which should fully appear in his forthcoming work of ”Fifty-two Years in the Romish Church.”

This is absolutely true, for, the Romish, Papish, Naval observers of the Territory of the Naval Observers of the Naval Observatory in London, is of Papish and Navalish Origin.

For, they are, of the Cryptic message, lol…….. and also, the Navalish and Naval-Papal-Bloodline’s, for they are, of the Navalish and papalish bloodline.

Anyway, enough with this cryptic nonsense lol……..

Here, we go, and continued, in Eric Jon Phelps most excellent treatise on the Jesuit, and Vatican Jesuit Bankers; Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends (3rd edition.).

In it, he quotes Mark Aarons and John Loftus and their book Unholy Trinity, on page 789:

“Between 1932 and 1937 the top NKVD ‘illegal’ in England was Father  Theodore Maly … “when the revolution broke out I joined the Bolsheviks’ Maly once told a friend, explaining how service with the Cheka and Red Army during the brutal civil war against the [Orthodox] Whites [White Russians] had hardened him.”

This is true, the Bolshevik’s in rome, of the Roman Papacy, are of the treatise of the same calibe are the Same Way they are of the Same Way as of the truth of the matter, for this is true, as she and they are of this Mystery Religion of Babylon, and, Babylon the great, for they are of the Jesuit Banker.

For, the Jesuit Bankers are of the Mystery Religion of Babylon, and Beyond, like the Akkadians has, or haths said, in their Mystery religion Babylon Series by Milton William “Bill” Cooper.

For example, in his treatise on the Audio Lectures of the Mystery Religion, Babylon series, Mystery Religion and Author of the Mystery Religion Babylon Series, “Bill” Cooper, a 33° Freemason by trade, was also a Freemason by hand, for this, is true, of the power of nation, and nation of power for they are of the Power of the Babylon Series.

And that is true, for that, and for they are of the Mystery Babylon Religion by old, and by new, and, for this, having listened to the Entirety of the Mystery Religion of Babylon, by Milton William “Bill” Cooper, Alexander Hislop in his most excellent treatise on the Mystery Babylon religion Series by “Bill” Cooper, called, The Two Babylons, writes, in that book, on pages 72 and 73 of the Popular edition (2nd edition?), and very rare one that is:

[…] D’ion-nuso-s signifies “The sin-bearer,”* a name entirely appropriate to the character of him whose sufferings were represented as so mysterious, and who was looked up to as the great “purifier of souls.”

Now, this Babylonian God [The Ossyrisian God Osiris, the dweller of the Underdwellers], known in Greece as “The sin-bearer,” and in India as the “Victim-Man,” among the Buddhists of the East, the original elements of whose system are clearly Babylonian, was commonly addressed as the “Saviour of the world.”† It has been all along well enough known that the Greeks occasionally worshipped the supreme god under the title of “Zeus the Saviour;” but this title was thought to have reference only to deliverance in battle, or some such-like temporal deliverance. But when it is known that “Zeus the Saviour” was only a title of Dionysus,‡ the “sin-bearing Bacchus,” his character, as “The Saviour,” appears in quite a different light. In Egypt, the Chaldean god was held up as the great object of love and adoration, as the god through whom “goodness and truth were revealed to mankind.”§ He was regarded as the predestined heir of all things; and, on the day of his birth, it was believed that a voice was heard to proclaim, “The Lord of all the earth is born.”║ In this character he was styled “King of kings, and Lord of lords,” it being as a professed representative of this hero-god the the celebrated Sesostris [The hero-god of the Ancient Egyptians] caused this very title to be added to his name on the monuments which he erected to perpetuate the fame of his victories.¶ Not only was he honoured as the great “World King,” he was regarded as Lord of the invisible world, and “Judge of the dead;” and it was taught that, in the world of spirits, all must appear before his dread tribunal, to have their destiny assigned them.** As the true Messiah was prophesied of under the title of the “Man whose name was the branch,” he was celebrated not only as the “Branch of Cush,” but as the “Branch of God,” graciously given to the earth for healing all the ills that flesh is heir to.***

* The expression used in Exodus xxviii. 38, for “bearing iniquity” or sin in a vicarious manner is “nsha eon” (the first letter eon being ayn). A synonym for eon, “iniquity,” is aon (the first letter being aleph).-(See Parkhurst sub voceAn,’ No. IV.) In Chaldee the first letter a becomes i, and therefore aon, “iniquity,” is ion.Then nsha “to bear,” in the participle is active is “nusha.” [There should be some sort of a heightened Hyphen on top of the “u”, in “nusha.” But, alas, I don’t have that font, so I can’t do that, but, just, I do have to let you know.] As the Greeks has no sh, that became nusa [Again, the exact same thing as with the word “nusha”, which I’ve mentioned just previously…]. De, or Da, is the demonstrative pronoun signifying “That” or “The great.” And thus “D’ion-nusa” [No hyphen-like thing on top of the “u” this time] is exactly “The great sin-bearer.” The the classic pagans had the very idea of the imputation of sin, and of vicarious suffering, is proved by what Ovid says in regard to Olenos [The sin bearer of the Ancient Egyptians in Rome and the Ancient Classical Greek Mythology]. Olenos is said to have taken upon him and willingly to have borne the blame of guilt of which he was innocent: –

“Quique in se crimen traxit, voluitque videri,
Olenos esse nocens.”

(Ovid, Metam., vol. ii. p. 486.) Under the load of this imputed guilt, voluntarily taken upon himself, Olenos is represented as having suffered such horror as to have perished, being petrified or turned into stone. As the stone into which Olenos was changed was erected on the holy mountain of Ida, that shows that Olenos must have been regarded as a sacred person. The real character of Olenos, as the “sin-bearer,” can be very fully established. See Appendix, Note F.

† Mahawanso, xxxi. apud Pococke’s India in Greece, p. 185.
‡ Athenæs, lib. xv. p. 675.
§ Wilkinson’s Egyptians, vol. iv. P. 189.
║ Ibid. p. 310.
¶ Russell’s Egypt, p. 79.
** Wilkinson, vol. iv.pp. 310, 314.

*** This is the esoteric meaning of Virgil’s “Golden Branch,” and of the Mistletoe Branch of the Druids. The proof of this must be reserved to the Apocalypse of the Past. I may remark, however, in passing, on the wide extent of the worship of a sacred branch. Not only do the Negroes in Africa in the worship of the Fetiche, on certain occasions, make use of a sacred branch (Hurd’s Rites and Ceremonies, p. 375), but even in India there are traces of the same practice. My brother, S. Hislop, Free Church Missionary at Nagpore, informs me that the late Rajah of Nagpore used every year, on a certain day, to go in state to worship the branch of a particular species of tree, called Apta, which had been planted for the occasion, and which, after receiving divine honours, was plucked up, and its leaves distributed by the native Prince among his nobles. In the streets of the city numerous boughs of the same kind of tree were sold, and the leaves presented to friends under the name of sona, or “gold.”

Now, having read this just about now, and, we shall continue with this quote, a bit later on, for there is more to be added, it must be said, and added, that SEMOFU, or, SEMOFUAL, the Kingship of the North of the Country, is the same Babylonian Prince of the Netherworld of the South of the Country, the Kingship of the Ancient Egyptians, in thy North of the Country.

For this, having said that, the SEMOFAU, or, the Kingship of the North, is of the Same Branch of the Elite of the Elitist of the Elite, for this, Count Paul von Hoensbroech, in his “Fourteen Years a Jesuit.” Also, writes, in the same manner as Alexander Hislop’s, in his same manner of factly speaking. He writes, on page 265 of his First volume of the 2 Volume set which I’ve previously mentioned:

[…] the silent reservation [Of Jesuitical Powerless Power of the people of Silent(l) inwardly secrecy.] was more advantageous, for the State would not admit to its service Catholics who expressed the reservation, and this would be injurious to the Church. If the State made a mistake in appointing officials who were unpledged to some of the laws, it was its own fault. For they knew well enough that no faithful Catholic would subscribe to laws hostile to the Church. If, therefore, the State disregarded the silent reservation, the injury it thus sustained was the result of its own “stupidity,” and no one else could be blamed.

Equipped with this theory of reservation, I took the oath at Cleves soon after my return home. The “stupid” State, in the shape of the President of the Provincial Court of Cleves, did not observe my silent reservation and assigned me to the County Court at Guelders.

I was, however, prevented by serious family anxieties from any regular pursuit of my new profession. Contrary to medical expectation, my sister Marie was about to give birth to a child. This happy event was transformed into grievous sorrow. My sister had been growing weaker and weaker; her husband, too, had become worse, and his illness was telling on his mind. My mother, who thought it her duty to be with her child during her time of trial, resolved on taking the long journey to Algiers. I escorted her there, and came away with the impression that my sister would not survive her confinement.

Now, having said and quoted this most brilliant piece of “Art”-work of the Jesuitical Order of Old, and, still of new, Count Paul von Hoensbroech, who was a VERY HIGH UP JESUITICAL INSIDER for Fourteen Years and a couple of months, also told of a Religious Order in Ancient Spain and Greece for the Confinements of the Jesuitical Order, and in 1782, he also abolished the Insider Reformation and left the Church of his order to write Many books, in german, and, some of whom, and the, might possibly, not have been, and still not have been, to be, Translated into English. (I might do that in the very, very, near future, for they are INVALUABLE PIECES OF INFORMATION. Count Paul von Hoensbroech’s information is invaluable, he was a very, very dangerous whistleblower to the Ancient, and still religious, Order of the Jesuit Monks of the Old, Greecian, and Indonesian Empire of the Empire State Building of the Jesuitical Order of rome and of its Vaticalé’s HillSide, and, for this to be true, he must still be regarded as a VERY HIGH UP INSIDER of the Religious Order of Religious Order’s……..)

Now, having said this, he also mentioned, and still mentions, on pages 265 and 266, of the Second Volume of the 2-volume-set Fourteen Years a Jesuit:

The most important points in this [The Life of the great Greek And Mythologist’s life of the life and times of the late, and great, GREEKISH-INDO-SLAVISH-AND-SANSKRITIAN’S OUF THE LIBRARY ARE’…] Ordinatio are:

1. Everyone who desires to publish anything must first submit it to the Provincial that he may judge whether its publication would be advantageous. 2. The Provincial is to report to the General about it. 3. If the Provincial approves it he is to hand it on to the censors. 4. The censors are to be appointed by the Provincial; they are to be anonymous to the author of the work and he to them. 5. The censors must carefully observe the rules of the Roman general revisionists. 6. Books on the Constitution of the Society of Jesus, its rights and privileges, as well as those which the General may reserve for his own censorship [For the love of the power of many and Many Religious’s Institutions’ Sects…], may only be published after being approved by special censors appointed by the General. 7. If the censors are unanimous in their opinion that a work may be published, “because in their opinion it surpasses mediocrity appreciably in its own particular kind” (quod mediocritatem in suo genere non mediocriter swperare censeant), the Provincial must at once give his consent to the publication. If the censors fail to agree, the Provincial is to refer the matter to the General. 8. The censors are to report their decisions to the General and Provincial.
9. The censors should note anything which, in their opinion, should be altered, and should emphasise what in their opinion are essential and what unessential alterations. 10. The comments of the censors may be communicated to the author (without giving their names). 11. Anything which any member of the Society of Jesus writes, whether anonymously or under his own name, whether a thesis, preface, letter or dedicatory epistle, title, superscription, must be submitted to the censorship. 12. Similarly with articles in newspapers or periodicals. 13. If a grievous calumny is circulated against the Society of Jesus the local Superior may, if the Provincial cannot be consulted, give permission for its refutation, but this must first be read through by two suitable fathers. 14. The Provincial may entrust to the Local Superiors the examination of the announcements, etc., published by schools. 15. New editions and also translations must be submitted to the censorship. 16. No publishing contract may be concluded until the whole work has been submitted to the censor.*

Inst. S.J., II., 253 et seq.

Now, this paragraph by the late and Great, Count von Hoensbroech, Paul, is of the course, is, of course of great and invaluable assets, for they are to be seen by the religious order of the rights and mights of the great and infuruable, and great and late, INFURI-ABLE, for they are of the late and greats of the Jesuitical Order in Rome, for they are of the Late and Great Infuriable, and late and great, INFURIABLE, for they are, and yet must be, in the HIGHTS, or, Should I say, HEIGHTS of theyr, or, their great and Powerful Leader, the KING OF THE JESUITS? The Black Pope, for he is also the Grey Pope, and the Greenish one, and the purple one, Etc…

For they are, and yet must be, in the Midsts of Alexander Hislop’s The Two Babylons, for yet, he must be, in the midsts of theepm p”Popular Edition” of the Two Babylons Intersectuous books, for they are of the Jesuitical Order as well.

Now, let’s continue with The Two Babylons, …. and…….. going back to page 73, and, also, continued onwards, and on to page 74 of Alexander Hislop’s invaluable asset’ of books?…….., he writes, in continuation of the previous, and earlier, quote by his/Him:

[…] He [The Jesuitical’s order of the Monk’s, the infalluable Indu-or-Indo God-Osiris the Great] was worshipped in Babylon under the name of El-Bar, or “God the Son.” Under this very name he is introduced by Berosus [The Indu-or-Indo god of the Serious matters in the Ancient Vatican’s rome Indu Religio, politico Indo religio indo Politico Inu God, Krishna, and Vishnu, and Crishan, the Great of the late Great of monks, the Powerful holder, the Indo, late great, and the INDO LATE GREAT OF THE INDONESIAN TERRITORIES…], the Chaldean historian, as the second in the list of Babylonian sovereigns.† Under this name he has been found in the sculptures of Nineveh by Layard, the name Bar “the Son,” having the sign denoting El or “God”prefixed to it.│ Under the same name he has been found by Sir H. Rawlinson, the names “Beltis” and the “Shining Bar” being in immediate juxtaposition.§ Under the name of Bar he was worshipped in Egypt in the earliest times, though in later times the god Bar was degraded in the popular Pantheon, to make way for another more popular divinity.║ In Pagan Rome itself, as Ovid testifies, he was worshipped under the name of the “Eternal Boy.”¶ Thus daringly and directly was a mere mortal set up in Babylon in opposition to the “Son of the Blessed.”

† Berosus, in Bunsen’s  Egypt. vol. i. p. 710, Note 5. The name “El-Bar” is given above in the Hebrew, as being more familiar with to the common reader of the English Bible. The Chaldee form of the name is Ala-Bar, which in the Greek of Berosus, is Ala-Par, with the ordinary Greek termination os affixed to it. the change of Bar into Par in Greek is just on the same principle as Ab, “father,” [Ab… the “b” in Ab doesn’t render too wel, as I don’t have the font for this Greekish-Indo-Slavish-and-Sanskritian rendering of the English word, abby, in the Indo Slavish and Indo-Slavish-Greekish-Word-Of-Father, ABBEY, is the Abbey vill, or, Abbey Hill in the Indo-Slavish-Greekish-Word, of the Temple Mount of Seth, in the ancient Greekish indo-slavish world…] in Greek becomes Appa, and Bard, the “spotted one,” becomes Pardos [Which, we, the Dutch-Flemish kinda speaking people, and the Frenchies, of course, as, that, is, if, they are the, or, they are getting the word “Pardon”, from, for, “Pardon,” in Dutch, and English, kinda, and FRENCH, of course, is where we get the word, “Sorry”, from, to Apologize for something. – N.B.], &c. This name, Ala-Bar, was probably given by Berosus to Ninyas [which is where we get the word,  “Ninya, from, or, Ninya, or, Ninja (‘in Dutch, that is…’) The Ninja’s of the Japanese people, that is. – N.B.] as the legitimate son and successor of Nimrod. That Ala-Par-os was really intended to designate the sovereign referred to, as “God the Son,” or “the Son of God,” is confirmed by another reading of the same name as given in Greek (in p. 712 of Bunsen, Note). There the name is Alasparos. Now Pyrisporus, as applied to Bacchus, means Ignigena, or the “Seed of Fire;” and Ala-sporos, the “Seed of God,” is just a similar expression formed in the same way, the same being Gecised [Which is where we get the Tax-Reform, Greecized, or, Great-cized, Great-Seized, to seize greatly a form, or PLOT of land, FROM. – N.B. (“N.B.” ‘s, is, where we get it from the Author of this article, of course, and all, and everything in between the “[ ]” ‘s, of course, just letting you know…….. :)]. It is well known that the Greek otelpw [Again, can’t correctly write this word As I only have on FONT, and that is this one, as I’m typing it right, about, now……. But it’s kind of similar though, the Greeks will know, or those who speak Greek as well, perhaps not their Native Tongue, though, but, who cares, it’s KIND OF similar, which is good enough for me….] comes from the Hebrew Zero, both signifying as verbs to sow. The formation of otelpw comes thus: The active participle of Zero is Zuro [Again… with a “hyphen-like-thing on top of the “u”], which, used as a verb, becomes Zwero, Zvero, and Zpero. “Alasparos,” then, naturally signifies, “The Seed of God” – a mere variation of Ala-Par-os, “God the Son,” or “the Son of God.”

│ Nineveh and Babylon, p. 629.
§ Vaux’s Nineveh, p. 457.
║ Bunsen, vol. i. p. 426. Though Bunsen does not mention the degradation of the god Bar, yet by making him Typhon he implies his degradation. See Epiphanius, Adv. Hœreses, lib. iii. tom. ii., vol. i. p. 1093.
¶ To understand the true meaning of the above expression, reference must be had to a remarkable form of oath among the Romans. In Rome the most sacred form of an oath was (as we learn from Aulus Gellius, i. 21, p.192), “Per Jovem lapidem,” “By Jupiter the Stone.” This, as it stands, is nonsense. But translate lapidem back into the sacred tongue, or Chaldee, and the oath stands, “By Jove, the Son,” or “By the Son of Jove.” Ben, which in Hebrew is Son, in Chaldee becomes Eben, which also signifies a stone, as may be seen in “Ebenezer,” “The stone of help.”  Now as the most learned inquirers into antiquity (Sir G. Wilkinson evidently being included among them, see Egyptians, vol. iv. p. 186), have admitted that the Roman Jovis, which was anciently the nominative, is just a form of the Hebrew Jehovah, it is evident that the oath had originally been, “by the son of Jehovah.” This explains how the most solemn and binding oath had been taken in the form above referred to; and, it shows, also, what was really meant when Bacchus, “the son of Jovis,” was called “The Eternal Boy.” – Ovid, Metam., iv. 17, 18.

Now, this is so darn, and damn accurate.

Jovis, the son of the two balded headed eagle, is also the son of the Jovisisian, the Two Son of the Two Sonned, or, two sonneth, of the two sonnets of the Psalm of Springs, as Noah, or Noach was called.

When the Roman invaders are in the midst of the heaven, they also sing of the birds, and the birds tjirp, or, tjilp, they make the sound of the Horn of the Jovis, for Jovis, the two balded headed eagle, is of the Son, or, Sun, of the Morning Star, Capricornicus, for, this is too, written, in the Book; The Witness of the Stars, by, as, and, previously quoted, by, and as, as also, by: E.W. Bullinger, and, also, on page 179, Bullinger writes:

Each saros contains, on the average, about 70± eclipses. Of these, on the average, 42± are solar and 28± are lunar. Since the Saros is 11 days (or, more correctly, 10•96 days) longer than 18 years, the successive recurrences of each eclipse fall 11 days later in the year each time, and in 33 Sari will have travelled on through the year and come round very nearly to the original date.

This is absolutely brilliant, as this entire book is absolutely brilliant, and brilliance, of the HIGHEST “ORDER”,-Of the Stars, lol.

Now, the EB9th, writes, about the “Popedom”, in Volume 19, of this most excellent set of books, under the section of “Popedom”, on page 501:

Shielded from criticism by the fact that it was sanctioned by the pious Louis IX., the loyal son of the church, the Pragmatic Sanction passed at the time unchallenged even by the papacy itself [Around 1650 AD – 1665 AD]. Of the extent to which the latter was becoming more and more a political institution we have striking evidence in the brief pontificate of Celestine V. (1294). A hermit of the Abruzzi, of austere and holy life, he had been elected pope in the hope that his reputation for virtue might in some measure restore the character of his office. Something more, however, than mere sanctity and blamelessness were now necessary for the discharge of the duties of a position which by its associations demanded the exercise of statecraft, political intrigue, and a wide knowledge of affairs. In less than six months Celestine resigned an office for which by lack of experience and ability he was altogether unfitted, but leaving behind him a tradition of self-devoted and holy life which found expression in the institution of a new religious order, that of the Celestinians, afterwards blended with the Fraticelli, or Spiritual Franciscans. […]

This is true, the spiritual franciscans are of the religious order of the Knights of Malta, for they are, and, were, and still were and are, of the SPIRITUAL ORDER OF THE KNIGHTS OF MALTE.

For they are, and, still, were, and, still are, into the domain of the public domain, for they are, and must be which into thy order of the order of orders. The Knights of Malta of the Sainthood of Saint George.

For saint George was but a powerful tool in the Religious Order of Orders, for he was but a Knight of Malta, and, only but, I THINK, 42-43° Freemason.

For yes, he was of the Freemasons, for yes, he must have been, and, still was, into this religious order, of the Knights of Malta of Saint George, for yes, he was the instructional leader of this order of KNIGHTS.

For yes, they were and still are into this order of Knights, for they were and STILL ARE A RELIGIOUS ORDER OF SECTS OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE SAINT’S CROSS;

And, for this to be true there must be many, and many must have still been have, or haved, or have not, or, not to be, in this Religious order of orders, for there are other orders in this Knight of Malta Cross, and this knight of Malta Cross is but of the Religious order of RELIGIOUS ORDER IN THE SAINTHOOD OF SAINT GEORGE.

Not, the EB9th also writes, on the very same page, a little bit earlier, about this Sainthood of the very, very religious order of the Knights of the Saint’s Cross:

Of this measure [Of the knights of the saint’s cross of the knight’s of malta sainthood, and those, and that of the sainthood of prince/saint george], which has been described as the foundation of the Gallican liberties, it will here suffice to say that it consists of a series of enactments expressly directed against all those encroachments of the popedom with respect to collations to benefices, elections to bishoprics, simoniacal practices, ecclesiastical promotions, imposts, and other forms of exaction, such as we have already noted in their gradual growth.

This is absolutely factual correct. The Growth of the Religious and Pious army of the Army of General of the Jesuits is of the same religious order of the army as of the army of Saint George.

For George was but merely a saint, for he was also a Army General of the Army of Jesuits, for they were of Religious order of the past and ancient, King, lives. For they are, and still were, at the time, in this same religious order of monks, for they are and still were, AT THE TIME, THE SAME RELIGIOUS ORDER AS THEY ARE TODAY.

For yet, they must be, and still are, the same pious and religious denoctations, for denoctations are not of the devil, nothing is, basically, for they are of the same religious and pious order in this order of monks, for they are, and still were, the same SECTOOLOGY, for the same SECTOOLOGY is of the same SECTS of the same SECTS OF MONKS.

Here we have a group of Jesuit monks embralling on the same theme of the Old and Slavish Indo past, of the Embrallment of the Knight's Kingdom of the Knighthood of the Templar's Past and Priesthood of the Elvish' Lives of the Common People. This same group of Jesuit Monks is of the same order as of the same order of the Knights of the Sainthood of Saint George, the 24th. He was of the same order as the Knights of the Priesthood of the Jesuit Monks, as they were embralled and enthralled at the knight's priest of the feet of the Kiebler' Elves. For they were of the same Jesuit oath which embarked upon a mission to enslave humanity, in their very own right, for they are, and still were, the DEVIL'S PITCH FORK'S OF THE DEVIL PITCH FORKS. For they are to be embarked upon by the same Knighthood of the Religious Order of the Saint monks of the Jesuit order. This Order of Jesuit monks is of the same order as the Order of the knights of the Saint's Bells of the Bellhood. The brotherhood of the Bell is the same as the British SAS, as I explained and expanded on in an earlier and previous article/Pamphlet of mine. For they are of the Same Jesuit order as the monks of the Priestly Sainthood as many other order of monks, for they are to be seen as the enemy of the State's. For yes, they are, the enemy of the states, for yes, they are, of the same priestly knighthood as Saint Justinian I. For yes, they are, of the same Knighthood as the Priestlyhood of the Same Jesuit Monks of the Saint's Order of the Knights of the Cross. For yes, they are, to be seen, and this is about the end of this "rant", for yes, they ARE TO BE SEEN........ as the Knight's Priestly Priesthood in the Order of the Saint Monks of the Justinian Order, the Knights of the Saints of Malta. For yes, they are of YOUR SAME PRIESTLYHOOD, and yes, they are of YOUR SAME PRIESTLYHOOD, as the Knights............. Of the Saint's order of the cross.

Here we have a group of Jesuit monks embralling on the same theme of the Old and Slavish Indo past, of the Embrallment of the Knight’s Kingdom of the Knighthood of the Templar’s Past and Priesthood of the Elvish’ Lives of the Common People.
This same group of Jesuit Monks is of the same order as of the same order of the Knights of the Sainthood of Saint George, the 24th.
He was of the same order as the Knights of the Priesthood of the Jesuit Monks, as they were embralled and enthralled at the knight’s priest of the feet of the Kiebler’ Elves.
For they were of the same Jesuit oath which embarked upon a mission to enslave humanity, in their very own right, for they are, and still were, the DEVIL’S PITCH FORK’S OF THE DEVIL PITCH FORKS.
For they are to be embarked upon by the same Knighthood of the Religious Order of the Saint monks of the Jesuit order.
This Order of Jesuit monks is of the same order as the Order of the knights of the Saint’s Bells of the Bellhood.
The brotherhood of the Bell is the same as the British SAS, as I explained and expanded on in an earlier and previous article/Pamphlet of mine.
For they are of the Same Jesuit order as the monks of the Priestly Sainthood as many other order of monks, for they are to be seen as the enemy of the State’s.
For yes, they are, the enemy of the states, for yes, they are, of the same priestly knighthood as Saint Justinian I.
For yes, they are, of the same Knighthood as the Priestlyhood of the Same Jesuit Monks of the Saint’s Order of the Knights of the Cross.
For yes, they are, to be seen, and this is about the end of this “rant”, for yes, they ARE TO BE SEEN…….. as the Knight’s Priestly Priesthood in the Order of the Saint Monks of the Justinian Order, the Knights of the Saints of Malta.
For yes, they are of YOUR SAME PRIESTLYHOOD, and yes, they are of YOUR SAME PRIESTLYHOOD, as the Knights…………. Of the Saint’s order of the cross. —- Image credit: The History of Protestantism, by Rev. James A. Wylie

Now, M.F. Cusack, author of a Couple of books, writes in her most Excellent Treatise on the Order of the Saints monks of, and from Paradise, in her book entitled, An Illustrated History of Ireland, on page 275:

The Abbey of Mellifont was founded A.D. 1142, for Cistercian monks, by Donough O’ Carroll, King of Oriel. It was the most ancient monastery of the Order in this country, and was
supplied with monks by St. Bernard, direct from Clairvaux, then in all its first fervour. We have already mentioned some of the offerings which were made to this monastery. The date of the erection of St. Mary’s Abbey in Dublin has not been correctly ascertained, but it is quite certain that the Cistercians were established herein 1139, although it was probably built originally by the Danes. Theabbots of this monastery, and of the monastery at Mellifont, sat as barons in Parliament. There were also houses at Bectiff, county Meath; Baltinglass, county Wicklow; Moray, county Limerick; Ordorney, county Kerry (quaintly and suggestively called Kyrie Eleison), at Newry, Fermoy, Boyle, Monasterevan, Ashro, and Jerpoint. The superiors of several of these houses sat in Parliament. Their remains attest their beauty and the cultivated tastes of their founders. The ruins of the Abbey of Holy Cross, county Tipperary, founded in 1182, by Donald O’Brien, are of unusual extent and magnificence. But the remains of Dunbrody, in the county of Wexford, are, perhaps, the largest and the most picturesque of any in the kingdom. It was also richly endowed. It should be remembered that these establishments were erected by the founders, not merely as an act of piety to God during their lifetime, but with the hope that prayers should be offered there for the repose of their souls after death. Those who confiscated these houses and lands to secular purposes, have therefore committed a double injustice, since they have robbed both God and the dead.

For this is absolutely true, the Cistercian monks’ order, was of the highest order of the elite, for the Cistercians were of the same rank, and as of, the same rank, as, and of, the Same Rank as and of, the Jesuits of the 14-17th Reich, the jesuitical order of the Saint Knights of Mister-Malta, for they were all male members, all of them, except one, which, was also mentioned in this piece of article/Quote by M.F. Cusack, the one and only, the learned, Mrs. Mary Abbey Dubbey, for she is the Dubbey of the Rightfulness, and, also the rightfulness for the Layard’s of the time, for the Term Layard is but an invention of the mere Catholic Church of the Vatican of Rome, for they are the Vaticalé’s leaders, for they are, and yet, must be, of the Same Order of monks as the same order of the monks as saint Justinian I in Jerusalem, on his deathbed, he also confessed to the Lay-Groundworks of Saint, Jerusalem, the 14th, of the Kingdom of the Holy Roman Empire, as the Frankcistian monks, or should I call them The Franciscians, for they are of the Franks, who conquered and dominated Europe in the 14th to 16th Century, for they are of the Same Knighthood that the Knights Templars possessed in the 16th – 17th Century, for they are the ELITE OF THE ELITE, the Cistercian Monks of the Knights order of the Saints of Malta;

Now, having just completed a VERY VERY INTERESTING AND VERY VERY SERIOUS WORK, on the Sainthood of all the Knight’s orders in all the Religious Histerya in the 14th – 16th Century, this book, that I just read is an ABSOLUTE GOLDMINE, and I love it, I absolutely and completely love it, yet, I can’t mention the name, and it could be It’s only available in dutch.

But, anyway, Saint Justinian the 1st, in this book, is exposed as being AN EARLY KNIGHT’S TEMPLARS OF THE SAINT’S CROSS OF JUSTINIAN, OF THE 4th or 5th Century BCE.

For, this is true, he was the First.

For, this is true, he was also a sinister and “evil”, debious, or, should I say, dubious little man, who wasn’t very tall, he was very, very short.

Here is a direct quote from that book, translated by me.


A couple of years before the reconquering and re-constitution [of the Knight’s Templars in Europe] in Jerusalem in 1099, there was a group of Knights Active as Guides and protectors of the christian pelgrims in the countries of the enemy’s Seljuks. At, or, in and, at on the time of the First Crusade, they stayed in a hostel, or inn, near, or close-by the temple of Salomo in Jerusalem and when Hugo of Payns and Godfried of St.-Omer, in 1119, came to the idea to unite the knighthood, Knights, up until, and including, into a religious order, with the name, attached to, it, “The Poor Knights of the Temple of Salomo,” or, in other words, the Templars. In 1128 the Order was officially recognized bu the Church by, and during the time of, the Council of Troyes, and Bernardus of Clairvaux, the most influential, and pious Religious Knight of that era, time, was given the order of the Rules of the Order to write.

This is an invaluable piece of information, for it is true, Bernardus of Clairvaux, the saint of the Religious Order in the 1200’s, was also the Knighthood’s Most Influential Morder, or, Knight of the Mordor of the Knights of the Sainthood.
Now, in another piece from the same book, from page 379:

Order of the Bath

The Order of the Bad was founded by George I and has its name to thank to the cleansing’s bath-tub which was needed before we, or, they, the Upcoming Knight’s order of knights, were, and still are, being, and, or still were, to this day, being and still are, being KNIGHTED, to the Knigthood of the Saint’s of the Order of the Bath-(Tub). Prime Minister Walpole used the tools for the embellishment of the Order’s Sanctuary to reward them with a Rewaring-type-like-kinda system. to “bribe”, or, to “bind”, certain members of Parliament. The Chapel of the Order of the Bath is the Lady Chapel of Hendrik VII in Westminster Abbey.

This is brilliant and very, very insightful piece/s of information, for it is true, this Order of the Bath, is, also, by reckoning, the order of the bath-tubs of the Saints of the Knighthood of the Vindicar of the Saints of the Order of the knighthood of the Saint George’s.

Now, there’s a whole lot more of information to be gleaned from this most excellent book.

Now, quoting from page 260, talking about the Knight’s Templehood in Great-Britain in the 16th, 17th Century, on the order of the popes and the pope’s knighthood:

The popes sometimes were bad marionettes of local ambassadors of teaching’s Implural, but they succeeded to keep the Sovereignty over, and above, their countries and acquired, succeeded to acquire in those days, of 1077, the dukedom of Benevento.

This is more great Stuff, as the dukedom of Benevento is the Knighthood’s Saint order of the Knight’s of malta, for they are of the same order as other knight’s in this order, for they ARE OF AND FROM BENEVENTO, and for that, they must be of the SAME ORDER OF KNIGHTS AS THE ORDER OF THE BATH-(Tub).

For that, they must be succeeded by Ciscerians, and, for that, they must also be used as tools as, and for, the Order of the Franciscans, in the Same Knight and Templehood as the order of order’s, the Same Knighthood as the Bishop-Kingdom of the Same knights of the same Order.

Now, Jerusalem, having mentioned this…. this same author of the same book that I just quoted like two, three times, wrote 2 other books, and both those books are equally, and absolutely brilliant as well.

Now, I’m not gonna quote from those, but the author is Dr. Ian Barnes.

Now, from this same and most excellent and BRILLIANT, INSIGHTFUL, AND VERY VERY INSIGHTFUL BOOK, CALLED: The Historical Atlas of Knights & Castles, is this most excellently and esci-qualitative, esci-excellentia, and, esci-quasi-excellentia-in-the-midst-of-heaven-of-the-knighthood-of-the-saint-crosses-of-the-knights-of-malta.

For, this is true, in his book, that I just gave the Title of, is also a quote by the late great, Saint Justinian, for he wrote about it in his Personal Letters, which, and whom of, are very very rare.

For they are true to their very own message of devouring the saint and knighthood of the saints of the templars and the knights of malta.
For the Saints of the Knights of Saint-Malta, were nothing but less than a religious order to destroy the holy Roman Empire, into their very own Sainthood and Knighthoods.

And, for this, truth be told, many and much must be said about this Saint and most Brilliant, of Brilliant Knighthoods.

This, we have come about the End of this, and to, this chapter.

For this is true, the knighthood of the Saints of the Knight’s order of saint of malta, must be said, and, must be told, to the truth of the masses.

And for this, many Knighthoods must and shall, and, shanth not to be, and shanth not to be till, for, this is true, we must, and still expose this and these Knigthood’s, for the Knighthood of the saints of Malta and of the Saints of the Templars, are but the same hardcore group of the Same Hardcore group of the same Saints, of malta.

And, for this to be true, as Justinian said in his Opening Letters to some of his most, and more famous books (Paraphrasing here):

We must be told, the truth that is the fact of the matter that sainthoods and knighthoods of religious orders are but the same mechanisms and same means as conquering enslaved and endangered species in the same realm as the knigthoods of the saints of the Saints Jerusalem Order of the Saints of the Knights of the Maltese Cross.

(He said this around his death, on his death bed, in around 1750 BC; or, no, Should I say, 575 AD.? That’s right, that’s more correct, I think. 🙂

The knight and the templehood in Greece, and Ancient Greece

When the templars came to Rome, they conquered the Holy Land, for they were of the same knight and templehood as the Saints of Jeremiah, for they were, also, of this time, and of the next, of the same knight and Templehood as the Knights of the Saint’s Cross of, and, as of, as, the KNIGHTS OF THE SAINT’S CROSS OF MALTA.

Now, Greece is also a very, very, important player in the Knight’s Temple hood.

As Dr. Ian Barnes writes in his most excellent treatise on the Knight’s and the Templehoods, on page 176 of the same book that I previously, mentioned before, a bit, of the same of the past of the Elvish life and lives. I hereby, quote this entire chapter, called “The Loan of the Borrowing of the Knight.” This most excellent piece of writing discusses the Knight’s loans in the East and Anciest East Prehistoric Era of the Past and common Tense. For the are to be Knights of the Loans, and of the Borrowers, for they borrow and steal, and all the wealth’s riches into thy and their very own hands.

The Loan of the Borrowing of the Knight

Heritage owners of the land kept their farm stock and their farm houses, mitst, and in case they foresaw in Knight’s Warrior of the Honorable Past the king they needed. This was known, and also earlier, a bit before that, as “The Loan of the Borrowing of the Knight.” Just a few, a small few heritage, and big Heritage owner’s of the Past and Elvish lives of the Knighthood of the Saint’s of the Cross of the knights of Mata, were able to subduct and subdue many of its very own knighthoods and very own Knight’s Templars knight and they also kept their slaves as the midsts of heaven and kept their pieces of land in the midsts of their General Assembly into the hands of the Knight’s of the Saint’s cross, in trading off, and of, midsts of the king of their Knight Hood, or themselves, with, and, of themselves, whenever it, and they, or whatever it takes, or took, was needed. This Process was called “under lease.” If someone garnished more, and more, and a bit more of land, their power and their Wealth’s power of the Knight’shood of the Saints of the templars INCREASED, and, more knights would have been available, or, still would have, and still would have been to availability.

In the Many Feodal Mid-Century Classic wars, whereby knights cross-countries the entire land and lands of the common people to choose sides on which, and on whom, to fight, and to die for, in their midsts of heaven, in their Holy Roman Righteous kingdom of the Past and Elvish, Slavish lives, everybody had to wear the Emblem, and or, the Symbol of the Fighter’s fighter’s choice of whom they fought, and died, for. Kings and rulers choose various and Simple Objects as an emblem to separate and object, and SUBJECT, and, TO DIFFERENTIATE THEIR KNIGHT’S HOOD KNIGHTHOOD ON THE BATTLEFIELDS OF THE ANCIENT HOLY AND ROMAN EMPIRE. The usage of this and these emblems became more and more widespread in the West of Europe in the 11thn 12th and 13th century during their various and vary, kind of kings, of the Crusades of this, and their’s Time Period. The usage of the broom-emblem by the House of Anjou was given, and received this family’s name of Plantagenet and made them more reconcilable, and also, more received and honored at the same time. The Holy Land, the Birth place of the Christianity’s Christianity, of King Pius IV, was taken over and invaded by Islamic Turks, who had denied access to them, and, also, of and to of the OF THEM, and, also, and too, FOR THEM ALSO. The pope recalled and called the Holy Leaders to come and fight for the Holy Land of the Holy emperor’s office and to Set free, and set loose, them of the invading vader’s forces of the Holy land, and to SET THEM FREE, OF, AND TO, AND OF AND TO AND FROM THEM. The CRUSADES HAD BEGUN. Warriors used the Warrior’s Knight Symbol on their helmets, jackets, feet, hands, you name it, in various colors, creeds, and various shapes of emblems, all depending on their country of origin and place of Department. And, also, depending on the Type of Army they were from, and also too, and from and too and also of their COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, of course. The emblem’s pieces were engraved and engrained on their very Pious pieces of the Emblem’s Knight’s Samplehood of the United Kingdom’s Holy Roman Empire, in which they set loose and set forth the Knight’s Emblem of the Templar Crusaders. It gained traction in Europe to set loose and free these fractions of people, using their God’ Given’s right of these God’s Symbols to unite and conquer the holy land of the Holy Empire’s Roman, and Romish, and Slavish, romish holysh, and romish holish of them and their Knight’s Templehood, of the knights of the saint’ cross of the Knight’s of the Templehood In Christian Europe.

This is the entire section, and concept, of the concept of the Knight’s Templehood in the Crusader Countries of the Holy Roman Empire of the Knight’s Crusaders.

Now, M.F. Cusack, in her excellent treatise called An Illustrated History of Ireland, on page 279, where she discussed the Knight’s Templehood, she also discussed the Knight’s templehood in the Religious order in the Knight’s of the Saint’s order of Malta of the Orange’s Orders, order.

For this to work, she emballishes, and embellishes on this and on these very Pious and Very relevant and Important pieces of articles and concept, saying of this Very Pious and very dangerous Religious Order:

The Convent of Kilcrea was another sequestered spot. It was founded in the fifteenth century, by the MacCarthys, under the invocation of St. Brigid. The richness and magnificence of the church, its graceful bell-tower, carved windows, and marble ornaments, showed both the generosity and the taste of the Lord Muskerry. Cormac was interred here in 1495; and many noble families having made it their place of sepulture, protected the church for the sake of their ancestral tombs.

Now, she continues this on the Very Next page, where she adds to this, and, also, and too, and as well, ON THIS ALSO, AND AS WELL, BUT NOT TOO……..:

The second wife of O’Donnell was not less devoted to the Order. This lady was a daughter of Connor O’Brien, King of Thomond. Her zeal in the good work was so great, that the  monastery was soon completed, and the church dedicated in 1474. The ceremony was carried out with the utmost magnificence, and large benefactions bestowed on the religious. After the death of her husband, who had built a castle close to the monastery, and was buried within the sacred walls, the widowed princess retired to a small dwelling
near the church, where she passed the remainder of her days in prayer and penance. Her son, Hugh Oge, followed the steps of his good father. So judicious and upright was his
rule, that it was said, in his days, the people of Tir-Connell never closed their doors except to keep out the wind. In 1510 he set out on a pilgrimage to Rome. Here he spent two
years, and was received everywhere as an independent prince, and treated with the greatest distinction. But neither the honours conferred on him, nor his knightly fame (for it is said he was never vanquished in the field or the lists), could satisfy the desires of his heart. After a brief enjoyment of his ancestral honours, he retired to the monastery which his father had erected, and found, with the poor children of St. Francis, that peace and contentment which the world cannot give.

In the county Kerry there were at least two convents of the Order — one at Ardfert, founded, probably, in the year 1389; the other, famous for the beauty of its ruins, and proximity
to the far-famed Lakes of Killarney, demands a longer notice.

The Convent of Irrelagh, or, as it is now called, Muckross, was founded early in the fifteenth century, by a prince of the famous family of MacCarthy More, known afterwards as
Tadeige Manistireach, or Teigue of the Monastery.

According to the tradition of the county, and a MS. description of Kerry, written about the year 1750, and now preserved in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, the site on which the monastery was to be built was pointed out to MacCarthy More in a vision, which warned him not to erect his monastery in any situation except at a place called Carrig-an-Ceoil, i.e., the rock of the music.

For this absolute(l) brilliant piece of writing, I turn also to the Likes of, the late great and Revered, and, not of as late, but also as, or at, as of at, and as of at of as late as Leopold Ranke; who writes in his excellent 3-volume-treatise, The History of the Popes, on page 178, he arrives at his conclusion to the besettlement and empowerment of the Roman-German-Romanish-League-of-the-Gentlemen, of the Knight’s of the Saint’s cross, the History of the pope’s final conclusion of BOOK II of Vol.1, in that, and this, most EXCELLENT AND VERY RARE TREATISE OF HIS:

Thus, we perceive, that while the tenets of Protestantism were enlarging their influence over the minds of men on the one hand, a new impulse had on the other been received by Catholicism, and was acting vigorously in Rome and the court of its pontiff more especially. This last, equally with its opponent, had taken rise from the spirit of worldliness pervading the church ; or rather from the necessity of a change that this corrupt spirit had forced on the general perception.

These impulses had at first displayed a tendency towards approximation. There was a certain period during which Germany had not entirely resolved on casting off the hierarchy; there was also a moment when Italy seemed approaching towards a national modification of that hierarchy. That moment passed away.

The Protestants, guided by Scripture, retraced their steps with ever increasing firmness, towards the primitive forms of Christian faith and life. The Catholics, on the contrary, held
fast by the ecclesiastical institutions, as these had been consolidated in the course of the century, and determined only on renovating all, and infusing increased energy, a more
rigid severity, aud deeper earnestness of purpose into each. On the one hand there rose up Calvinism, its spirit far more anti-Catholic than that of Lutheranism ; on the other, whatever could but recall the idea of the Protestant doctrines was confronted by unflinching opposition, and repelled with deter mined hostility.

Thus rise two neighbouring and kindred springs on the summit of the mountain, but each seeks its path to the valleys in an opposite direction, and their waters are separated for

This is true, as this conclusion of the pope’s final verdict in the Sepitomes, or, of the Sepitome-itude, of the samplitude of the General’s Assembly of past and present Lives, and, for this to live on, there must be many common ancestors, in the minds of the Fire’s of the men, for, as the General Assembly Line hath said, fire in the minds of men is but most of a brilliant book, yet, it is also not a book, for FIRE IN THE MINDS OF THE MEN is also a fire in their midsts of heaven, and for that they must be assembled into their kingdom come, and for that they must be FIRED IN THEIR MIDSTS OF THE MINDS OF MEN, AND FOR THAT, WE MUST NOW TURN TO GERALD MASSEY, WHO WROTE SOME EXCELLENT BOOKS, INCLUDING THE ONE EXCEPTIONAL 2-VOLUME BRILLIANT BOOK OF SETS, OR, SHOULD I SAY, Brilliant set of books…….. lol :)…….. The Natural Genesis.

The Common Presbyterian Roots of the Common Past, of, Gerald Massey, and, other Great Workers, of the Past, Life, and of, the Present.

For this is true of many, and truth, be told…….. The life and Times of Gerald Massey, is, also of………… The life and Times of Robert Taylor.

For Gerald Massey is but many, but, a genius he is not, but, yet, in his own right, he is, for he is the truth bearer to his kingdom, and thy kingdom come.

Now, going back to Dr. Ian Barnes’ book, he also discusses the Ancient Mythological Rites of the Knight’s Crusaders, the Knight’s Templar of the Old Rite of British Freemasonry.

On page 122 he discusses where and when and how these practices came to be, and where and how and where to THEY CAME FROM.

As this direct quote from his book proves:

Hendrik [V] once again crossed the Channel of, and on, of, the River Kwai, and in October he had already conquered, and seized Caen, Bayeux, Argentan and Alençon. In 1418 he had already conquered, seized, and territorized Nether-Normandy and promosized, and promoted Caen to Capital of the Conquered, and seized, and territorized Country-States of the conquered land. Pretty, and very soon after that, Cherbourg and Rouen were conquered and seized by the opposing forces of the West, and in the Summer of 1419, the rest of Normandy followed suit. In accordance to the laws of the seized property, and, in a hefty sum of money and payment, and, according to its laws, the normandiars were able to obtain a certificate of confiscation which conclusively proved, and show they were [and still are to this day, to be honest – N.B.] Loyal to Hendrik V and recognized him to be the seizer of the territories, and also recognized him to be the duke of Normandy and King of France. The landowners were disowned and disowed of the land of the property their forefathers seized, also, and, not relentlessly, by, and not only limited to, the English Noblemen of France. and, also, in an attempt to colonization to English rule and authority, a garrison of 4500 men were, and were to this day in the Halls of the Church of Rome, and also, and still to be, GARRISONED in the States and conquered lands of Normandy.

This piece is absolutely exquisite, for it also conclusively proves that Garrisons of men were stationed at Normandy, like I always expected every since I was growing up and Learning about history etc….

Now, this is also continued on the next page, where the author, Dr. Ian Barnes, also discusses other regiments in this same, endeavored, regime of the king of the ages, King Hendrik V.

As he discusses in this next chapter of the same and exact chapter as previously quoted, the author continues:

The English success was crowned with the, by, and also, by, in the May of Months, of the year of 1420 by Charles VI, the also, and, not exclusively Ratified to England, and France, Ratified Treaty of Troyes. For Hendrik V was to be informed, and became heir of the French Kingship and was to be married to [Queen, at the time, that is. – N.B.] Catharina, the daughter of Charles. Hendrik armied and stormed and conquered Montereau and Melun, whereby in February of 1421, he returned back to England to Marry, and Categorize the Queen of England, to THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND’S POSITION. And to crown her to Queen of England as well, and too, and also, AS WELL AND TOO TO ALSO, TO THEM.

Now, this regime was also butchered at a later time, for he, King Charles VI of Spain, and of Greece, and of Conquered Europe, categorized the Queen of SPAIN, Queen Catharina the 6th into Hofmenship, for Hofmenship was of the order of the monks of Queen of Spain, Queen Catharina the 7th. For this to be true, many, many before him and her, and them, and them also, for they were of the Queen of Spain, Queen Catharina the 6th, for they were to be butchered in the King’s and Palaces of the Royal’ Butcheries.

For these Butcheries to take place, many territories and lands were seized.
Now…….. we move onwards to the late, and great, of Spain, and of Portugal, and many, many other countries, The one and only, Gerald Massey, King of the Uniques of the Uniques, and also, Conqueror and Categorized of the SPAINS OF SPAINS. KING HERALD THE 16th, or, the 26th, or the 25, or the 24th, or the 23rd……. and on and on it goes.

Now, in Natural Genesis, he describes the workings of the teachings of the ages, as for, that, he also describes the kingship of the KNIGHTS OF MALTA, IN A CERTAIN SENSE, even though he doesn’t discuss them directly, of course.

For this is to be said, of GERALD MASSEY, who was also a spanish Nobleman, for he was to be of spain, for the Queen of Spain, Queen Catharina 6th, was also of spanish Nobility, for she was to be crowned queen by King Charles VI, or the V, of Spain, and of Holland, and of the “Dutchies”, for they were to be called the “Dutchies”, by their English Heralder, the King Duke of Spain, King Juan Carlos I.

For this is true, as Massey writes on page 279, in His Natural Genesis Vol.1:

We find that there is a stage even in verbal language, in which doing and saying are one, and both are expressed by the same sound or word. Following this clue to the end or rather to the beginning, we see that certain natural actions include both the act and sound, the later verb and noun in one; the involuntary sound being spontaneously produced in and with or by the action, and this sound it is suggested was repeated voluntarily and duplicated to form the earliest vocal sign preceding words—repetition being the primary mode of consciously employing sounds which had been involuntarily evolved in the natural act, to become the recognized voice of each special sensation and finally of ideas.

For this to be true, many inflictations, and many INFLICTIONS OF “PAIN”, must be true, for they are not true, for many of the Past Psychological Senses are still of this day and age, common to the masses of the Old British and Romanian Empire, for I, king of Spain, and of Belgium, will hereby declare war…….. on no one.

For I don’t do that, for nobody does that, ever.

War is never declared on anybody, or, should I say, anyone.

For war is but a mere declaration of Independence. For this war is to be Fought with Independence, and for this, and for that, many such wars must have been fought, and many more wars will still be fought in the streets, for many are true.
Now, Massey has been slandered far and wide, as has been, Rev. Robert Taylor, and, the Archduke of Wales, as I believe her real title and name was, the REVERED, and Rev. in her own, very own Right. “Jacob Bryant”, for she was of Royal Descent, and yet, she must be, and still must have been of Royal Descent, into this common era of foolishness-proof, and substantiality-proof, SUBSTANTIALS.

For these claims to be true, Masse writes about Jacob Bryant, in a certain and Gooky way, for she is not Gooky, for Gookyness does not exist, or should I say, Gookiness.

For gookiness is but a mere word and term that I just invented, I THINK.

I don’t know every word to man, and to woman, and to beast, and to Sound Whales, and to DOLPHINS, of course.
Why not Dolphins? Of course…

Anyway, for this, and these claims to be true, we turn to Gerald Massey’s The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ. A Lecture.

For this work of Reclamation is but a fool proof plan, for the masses to absorb, and for many, many masses to absorb with great ease.

On page 22, Massey writes:

From beginning to end the history is not human but divine, and the divine is the mythical. From the descent of the Holy Ghost to overshadow Mary, to the ascension of the risen Christ at the end of forty days, according to the drama of the pre-Christian Mysteries, the subject-matter, the characters, occurrences, events, acts, and sayings bear the impress
of the mythical mould instead of the stamp of human history. Right through, the ideas which shape the history were pre-extant, and are identitiably pre-Christian; and so we see the strange sight to-day in Europe of 100,000,000 of Pagans masquerading as Christians.

Now, this, of course, is absolutely true, for the masses of the people are to be descendant from the kings of rome, and, from the kings of the Archduke of Canterburry, for he, this duke, or should I say, Archibald duke, is of the Dukes of Dukes.

For he is the king ruler of all.

And, for this quote to make sense, we turn to page 21 of that same, quoted work, by Gerald Massey, The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ. A Lecture.

I could keep on all day, and all night, or give a dozen lectures, without exhausting my evidence that the Canonical Gospels are only a later literalised réchauffé of the Egyptian writings; the representations in the Mysteries, and the oral teachings of the Gnostics which passed out of Egypt into Greece and Home — for there is plenty more proof where this comes from. I can but offer a specimen brick of that which is elsewhere a building set four-square, and sound against every blast that blows.

For who, and whom, must be called, must also be Majorly motherfucking piss fucking annoyed at this stage, for name calling is not a thing, or NAME, of the past, for it still exists to this day, and still operates on legal bounds and legal issues, for name calling is very very important in this day and age.

Now, James A. Wylie, in his most excellent treatise, Daybreak in Spain, recalls upon the memories of the spaniardized Templars of the Spaniards of the Sappers of Rome, the Jesuitical Order.

From pages 154 and 155 we read:

During the tyrannical administration of Narvaez, when the secret police were continually on the colporteurs’ track, it fared hard with the evangelist, and still harder with the convert. To quote from the report of one of the colporteurs of the “Spanish Evangelisation Society,” in 1865: “They always carefully examine the room, and lock the doors, before saying a word. Upon one occasion I spoke for some time to several persons without eliciting a single expression, either of assent or dissent. Muffled up in cloaks to the eyes, they sat mute hearers of the Gospel, not daring to express an opinion, for fear of betrayal. ‘Is not my Word, saith the Lord, like a fire, and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces'” We find another writing: “Asan instance of the destitution and ignorance of the Spanish mind, I may mention a visit in P———, where I found nine men in one place, none of whom had ever seen a Bible, and two of them did not know what a Bible was. It really was pitiable to see their perplexity, as they wonderingly said, ‘Biblia, Biblia, que es?’ (Bible, Bible,
what is it?) Yet these men could employ sensibly enough the phraseology of the religion of Rome in such inquiries as these— Who is your patron-saint? How many saints do
you worship?”

This time of roman retrieval was of a force of mere but powerful Allies in their Daybreaking Days in Spain. For they were of, and under, the impression that the Knight’s templehood was of the same order as the same order as the Knight’s templehood in same ways as the Templehood as the templehood of Spain implies.

Now, from the same page, page 155, and the following continuing page, page 156, we read, as follows, and as such, about a plague in “Northern Egypt”, for there was but one ally, and this ally implies the common good of the People.

On another occasion we find the colporteur and a priest thrown together in a railway carriage. The priest, hearing the colporteur speak of a certain mountain on which is a shrine of
“our Lady,” and knowing that he has just come off a tempestuous sea-voyage, says, “I see you made a vow to the Virgin, and are going on a visit to her shrine.” “No,” replies the
other, “I prayed to God, and He stilled the winds and the waves.” ” Señior Inglis,” responds the curé, “it is a good thing to pray to the Virgin.” Then follows a sharp controversy on
Mariolatry. A lady in the carriage counsels the colporteur to have a care what he is about—that thecurés of Spain are well up in the Fathers, and that if he continue the argument,
he will certainly be annihilated. The colporteur, however, does continue the discussion, even at this formidable risk. Pulling out a Bible, he reads passage after passage condemnatory of image and creature worship, and presses home these Scripture texts by argument. The priest, overwhelmed by the boldness and fulness of the assault, makes no reply, and sits silent for the rest of the journey. Soon, however, the train arrives at the station where he is to leave. Getting quickly out, he no sooner steps upon the platform, than, turning round and crossing himself, he addresses his opponent, “God deliver us from such company; of a truth thou art an English heretic of the first water!” “Well, I would have answered you, at any rate,” interposes the lady, who had been watching the result. “If I were a man I would never give in.” “Unless you were vanquished,” responds the colporteur. “Well, if beaten in honourable combat,” replies the other, “I would not curse my conqueror.”

This is an excellent, excellent passage, by James A. Wylie.

Now, also, they (The Common Usurper’s Usurper), became “enthtralled in the Kingdom’s of heaven,”

And also, as explained by Leopold Ranke in his The History of the Popes, they, the Common Usurper’s Usurper, has also gotten “the right of the people in the hands of the People of the right.”

Now, in Ian Barnes’ The Historical Atlas of the Bible, on page 289, he writes about the Bible and their/his/its influence of the Germanic people of the west of the Kingdom, and also the Usurper’s Usurper in Gerald Massey’s treatise, Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World. On page 289, Dr. Ian Barnes writes.

The night before his escaped, escalates, and escalation, Petrus, the Roman escaped his Conqueror’ Usurper’s Dream. In a miraculous manner, that is. He escaped from, and to, from and to, and fro and to, FROM JERUSALEM, and the Christian leadership – which included Paul, the Usurper’s Usurper Dream, he escaped, and envisioned to be the Leader’ of the Leaders – and he knew how to common-held the scape, of the Escapes. Josephus writes, that, Agrippa, shortly afterwards, after, and towards, a very, very public meeting was subdued and experienced heavy, severe pains and suffered, a bit, for a couple of days, when he died. Christians interpreted it as God’s Punishment for conquering of the Holy Land, and usurped the Usurper’s dream into the kingdom of heaven.

This passage is very self-explicatory, or, should I say, self-explanatory.

Now, on page 289, or Should I say, page 274, Barnes’ also writes, about the passages of the Bible in the New Testament:

Jesus announced his Ministries to all sort’s of public announcements, and, in his treatise, he also announced to the public: Individuals, are disciples, visitors of the synagogue, and crowds who, and whom, who gathered in the public square. Even, also, the inheritance of his public announcements varied, but the most important themes were the fatherhood and the obedience to God, and the importance of virtue-ance, virtualness, for the Kingdom of God is at hand of the Synagogue of Satan, and it’s Usurper’s dream, and also, unselfishness of the Trone’s of the Roman Emperor, king Julius the 4th.  His role as Son of God he always and always and always endured and salvished with his disciples, he also envisioned their resurrection, and also, of his, and this, his also of the, his death, and also, of course, RESURRECTION OF THEM.

For this is true, as his resurrection is the key to unlocking the key’s past.

Now, James A. Wylie, in his Treatise on the Jesuitical Order of monks of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, in his most excellent treatise called: History of the Protestant Reformation.

In, and on it, on page 275 of Volume 1, he describes the Protestant reformation in all its, and his glory, to the kingdom of the Usurper’s at hand, and, with it, also, the common good of the people of the Scottish rite of freemasonry.

Of the scottish rite of freemasonry and, his, and their role in the rites of freemasonry, he writes, and, also, right in arides of the Free’s of the Frees of freemasonry, as he, and, it, it is also commonly called, the Usurper’s Dream USURPERS:

From Weimar, Luther pursued his way, still on foot, to Nuremberg. Here he was welcomed by warm friends. Among these were the illustrious painter and sculptor, Albert Dürer, Wenceslaus Link, monk and preacher, and others. Nuremberg had formerly enjoyed an enriching trade  it was still famous for the skill of its artists; nor were letters neglected, and the independence of mind thus engendered had led to the early reception of Luther’s doctrines within it. Many came to see him, but when they found that he was travelling
without a safe-conduct, they could not conceal their fears that he would never return from Augsburg. They tried to dissuade him from going farther, but to these counsels Luther refused to listen. No thoughts of danger could alter his purpose or shake his courage. “Even at Augsburg,” wrote he, ”in the midst of his enemies, Christ reigns. May Christ live, may Luther die: may the God of my salvation be exalted.”

The God of the salvation is the king of rome, King Juan Carlos the 1st.

Now, going back to Gerald Massey…….. On page 478, in the edition released by Celephaïs Press, of Volume 2, of The Natural Genesis, the author, Massey, writes, about the Kingdom of the Usurper’s Usurper, in their dreams and vision of the past’ lives:

But stucco is not for lasting wear; it cracks and crumbles, sloughs off, and slinks away into its natal insignificance; the rock is the sole true foundation, the rock is the record in which we reach reality at last.

Such has been the reversal of cause and outcome according to the  non-evolutionary view that the Substance and the Shadow have had to change place and relationship. All that was foundational, all that was substantial in the past has been held to be the foreshadow of that which was to come. The long procession of fetishism, typology, and Kronian mythology is looked upon as if it were like that representation of Adam in the German play, who is seen crossing the stage whilst going to be created. Wilkinson, the Egyptologist, has actually said of Osiris on earth, “Some may be disposed to think that the Egyptians, being aware of the promises of a real Saviour, had anticipated that event, regarding it as though it had already happened, and introduced that mystery into their religious system!

The stucco is a religious emblem on the Shoulder of the Giants, the Usurper’s Usurper’s dream, in the visions of heaven and the Celephaïc Press of the Common and Ancient good of the Ancient People.

This is a very, very rare facsimile reprint of the Three Ambassadors of the Roman Egyptian and King of the Slavish People, King Juan Carlos the 1st, Emperor Charles. Image credit: The History of Protestantism by Rev. James A. Wylie

This is a very, very rare facsimile reprint of the Three Ambassadors of the Roman Egyptian and King of the Slavish People, King Juan Carlos the 1st, Emperor Charles.
Image credit: The History of Protestantism by Rev. James A. Wylie

King Charles I, also, known as the Borgissians, or, Borgisees, is the Common Ancestor of King Justinian I. Who, also, was a Knight’s Templar’ in the 6th Century BC, or, should I say, AD?

For he was of the common people of the old land, and, for that, they also embellished and embarked upon the tree of old, and the three of old as well.

For there were three before the ambassadors, for they were of the common people of the lawless land of old.

This very very rare facsimile is of the Protestant Princess's meeting with the King of the North, the Prince of the Charles of Dukes, Emperor Charles. Now, king Justinian, who was also a Roman Emperor of the Old guard, and the Guardish Guardian angels, were of the same family tree descendant line as the Pope's of the Old Romanish, Judaic Kingdom of the Old Romanish Kingdom of the Old Empire. For they embarked upon the three of the Old Romanish, Indo-Slovakish Empire of the Old Romanian Guard, the Vaticalé Hills, in the Hillside of the Roman Emperor, King Justinian I.

This very very rare facsimile is of the Protestant Princess’s meeting with the King of the North, the Prince of the Charles of Dukes, Emperor Charles.
Now, king Justinian, who was also a Roman Emperor of the Old guard, and the Guardish Guardian angels, were of the same family tree descendant line as the Pope’s of the Old Romanish, Judaic Kingdom of the Old Romanish Kingdom of the Old Empire.
For they embarked upon the three of the Old Romanish, Indo-Slovakish Empire of the Old Romanian Guard, the Vaticalé’s Hills, in the Hillside of the Roman Emperor, King Justinian I. —- Image Credit: The History of Protestantism by Rev. James A. Wylie

Now, The History of Protestantism also discusses the fact that Protestantism was but a lively factoid in the creation of the Catholic Church, and, as we read from pages 178-179, from the First volume from this most excellent treatise, we read:

But deeper feelings were at work among the Bohemian people than those of anger. The faith which had produced so noble a martyr was compared with the faith which had immolated him, and the contrast was found to be in no wise to the advantage of the latter. The doctrines which Huss [The King Emperor’s of Spain, Treatise of Versailles, Dambord the 22nd] had taught were recalled to memory now that he was dead. The writings of Wicliffe, which had escaped the flames, were read, and compared with such portions of Holy Writ as were accessible to the people, and the consequence was a very general reception of the evangelical doctrines. The new opinions struck their roots deeper every day, and their adherents, who now began to be called Hussites, miiltiplied one might almost say hourly.

The throne of Bohemia was at that time filled by Wenceslaus, the son of the magnanimous and patriotic Charles IV. In this grave position of affairs much would of necessity depend on the course the king might adopt. The inheritor of his father’s dignities and honours. Wenceslaus did not inherit his father’s talents and virtues. A tyrant and voluptuary, he had been dethroned first by his nobles, next by his own brother Sigismund, King of Hungary; but, regaining his throne, he discovered an altered but not improved disposition.
Broken in spirit, he was now as supine and lethargic as formerly he had been overbearing and tyrannical. If his pride was stifled and his violence curbed, he avenged himself by giving the reins to his low propensities and vices. Shut up in his palace, and leading the life of a sensualist, the religious opinions of his subjects were to him matters of almost supreme indifference. He cared but little whether they kept the paths of orthodoxy or strayed into those of heresy. He secretly rejoiced in the progress of Hussism, because he
hoped the end would be the spoiling of the wealthy ecclesiastical corporations and houses, and that the lion’s share would fall to himself. Disliking the priests, whom he called “the most dangerous of all the comedians,” he turned a deaf ear to the ecclesiastical authorities when they importuned him to forbid the preaching of the new opinions.[1]

The movement continued to make progress. Within four years from the death of Huss, the bulk of the nation had embraced the faith for which he died. His disciples included not a few of the higher nobility, many of the wealthy burghers of the towns, some of the inferior clergy, and the great majority of the peasantry. The accession of the latter, whose single-heartedness makes them capable of a higher enthusiasm and a more entire devotion, brought great strength to the cause. It made it truly national. The Bohemians now resumed in their churches the practice of Communion in both kinds, and the celebration of their worship in the national language. Rome had signalised their subjugation by forbidding the cup, and permitting prayers only in Latin. The Bohemians, by challenging freedom in both points, threw off the marks of their Roman vassalage.

[1] Krasinski, Religious History of the Slavonic Nations, p. 66; Edin., 1849. John von Müller, Universal History, vol. ii., p. 264; Lond., 1818.

The Roman Hierarchy’s Hierarchy, which was subdued by the roman invaders, is also written about by none other than the Great Scholar, Dr. Ian Barnes, and, in his great treatises he also embarks upon the mission to Enthrall the nations of old and of new, as they also embellish “the common conqueror’s emperor,” for they were of the great nations of old and of new, and for that, they also are in the “midsts of heaven,” and for that, they must also endeep the Envision of the Common Ancestor’s ancestor.

Now, going back to Gerald Massey’s work, The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ, on page 21, he writes:

The Gnostics truly declared that all the supernatural transactions asserted in the Christian Gospel “were counterparts (or representations) of what took place above.” That is, they
affirmed the history to be mythical; the celestial allegory made mundane; and they were in the right, as the Egyptian Gospel proves. There are Healers, and Jehoshua Ben-Pandira may have been one. But, because that is possible, we must not allow it to vouch for the impossible ! Thus, in the Gospels, the mythical is, and has to be, continually reproduced as miracle. That which naturally pertains to the character of the Sun-God becomes supernatural in appearance when brought down to earth. The Solar God descended into the nether world as the restorer of the bound to liberty, the dead to life. In this region the miracles were wrought, and the transformations took place. The evil spirits and destroying powers were exorcised from the mummies; the halt and the maimed were enabled to get up and go;the dead were raised, a mouth was given to the dumb, and the blind were made to see.

“The blind were made to see.” This exercising right of the divine powers and spirits of the Kingdom of the Dwellers of the Dead were made aware by Dr. Ian Barnes, when, in 525 AD they also embarked upon a mission of the Settler’s of old, for they were of the settler’s of old, and for that, of the kingdom of the kingdom to come.

Now, the Catholic Encyclopedia, also embarks upon this mission, when it enthralled many readers.
In the opening confinements of the Catholic Encyclopedia, it talks and embarks about, and, up on the mission, of the great and powerful leaders of the past and Commish live of the King of the Dead, for whom, and though, there were no salvation(s).

Now, in Daybreak in Spain, by Wylie, he discusses on page 98 the Virtues and Prowerness of the Continuation of the Salvation Army of the North, and, the South of the Country, and as he describes it in his own words:

Seest thou not that Bible-stall in Valladolid, planted on the very spot where the glorious autos-da-fé of old days were celebrated? Luther and Calvin and Knox are risen from the dead, and are again preaching by a hundred tongues and a hundred pens; and yet thou, O most Catholic king, slumberest ingloriously here! Make haste: delay not: come forth from thy marble tomb: gird on thy sword: summon thy inquisitors: get ready thy fleets and armies. Haste thee before Spain is lost. What, no voice, no answer! The Reformation is abroad. Loosed from the stakes to which you bound it, it is speeding on its way like a mighty angel, filling realms with its light, whilst thou, O unhappy man! art dwelling here in
darkness. Has thy tomb become thy prison? Yes: and from that prison the archangel’s trump only shall set you free; to place you, alas! before the tribunal of Him whose saints and martyrs you slew, and whose name and reign you sought to cause to perish from the earth.

This excellent treatise on the History of Protestantism in Ireland is of the same virtue and virtuousness of the cause and effect Symbolism in the Hearts of the Robert’ Lomasses of the world, whoever the heck, and whoever the hell they are.

Now, Robert Lomas, in his most EXCELLENT, little, virtually INVALUABLE book called The Secret Power of Masonic Symbols he discusses the very fact that symbols are used to endanger species and specify certain individual’s thought.

On page 23, he writes, of the secret and masonic thought of old:

All symbols around us are incomplete examples, but we have an inner knowledge of abstractions of arts, themes, and symbologies, like truth, kindness, goodness of heart, and equality, of the embrationship of the Old Romanish-Slavish-Indo-Saxish Empire. These are the ‘ideas’ or shapes and transfiguration of Plato: abstract entities loose, and loosened, of the physical world. Plato said incomplete images are of the Devil’s Pitch Forking-Attitude, in the Ancient Romish-and-British-Slovakish empires of the Old Romish and slovakish EMPIRES OF THE COMMON THEME OF THE GUARDIANS, AND THE GROUNDIANS. A flawed, and mere substantial incomplete sets of assets of images of the Flawed and insincere SETS of images of the common Old Romanish and Slavish Roma Saxish King of the Hill-Type of things, of their inner symbols and transitions. Later on we will see how this works and transmires into the Core Symbols who, or what, of whom, have influenced the human development in thought, and transpirations.  Even though we are never, and will never be able to draw a perfect square or a perfect diamond, our soul should, and even knows, their perfect imagery who, or what, shaped the shapes of the Old Shape of Shapes.

These virtues of the symbols of the Ancient-Indo-Romanish past of the Past lives of the Kingdler Elves’, are also of the Past live empires of the Swittish, swedish, and Indo-Romanian Slavish Empire of the Slavik past, and, now, as Robert Lomas also notes, in his most excellent treatise, called The Secret Power of Masonic Symbols, he or she also notes the Power of Inductive reasoning and Deductive Can-Shamblement, or, Con-Shamblement, for the power of virtue is of those of the Past Elvish Lives.

Now, Robert Lomas also notes, on page 79, that the Power of Symbols is of the Power of the Lost souls of the Ancient Ark.

For he writes, about the power of symbols in the ancient Indo-Romanish-Elvish-and-Slavik-Past:

The very first Maçons must have realised that certain group of symbols coincide, and work together very, very well. And, like Wilmhurst says: “Symbols always encompass what cannot be put into words, but is put into powerplays of symbols and imagery.” With, and along together with the First Freemasons, came, also, and too, AND, AS WELL ALSO, the first attempt to understand and unite the Power of the Symbols in their Ancient Old Scottish rite of the Rite of Freemasonry. They powered them to their uniteness and Unsignifying Emblems of the Old Past Rite, the Power of the Freemasons. And also, to entice people with their power, and symbols and emblems of power, with their Uniteness and Sense of Commonness, and to try to unite and Encompass, and Encombat, and ENCOMPASS their Society’s role in the Unifying power of these Symbols of Religio-Politico-Control, of the Power of the people, of the Ancient Scottish-Romanish-Freemanish-Indo-Slovakish-Power-of-the-Symbols.

This is true, as symbols of the Freemasons are also symbols of UNIFYING POWER, and PROWRESS, and PROWLENESS, AND PROWLESNESS, and PROWLESNESSNESS, for, these symbols are of the Unifying power, and Ensenslement, for they are of the Ensenslement, for, of the power of the people, and OF the power of the people.

Now, the very last quote by Lomas, which I’ve just quoted twice, or something like that, give or take, also gives an Impression of the symbols on certain pages, where he discusses the Literacy of the Power of the Symbols.


The thoughts and powers behind the symbols is that there are unifying powers of the duress of the people in the State’s of the minds of the people, and, whom also, RULE THE STATE BY FORCE AND DURESS OF THE PEOPLE, and, if, and, or, what if when, one of the symbols is, and becomes too powerful, the state will turn imbalanced and tyrannical. Both Masonic Arches have to coincide and work together to form a coherent society of thoughts, and thoughtful people of the past and Indo-Slavish lives of the power and duress of the people, of old, and, of new. Let us return to the starting period of the symbol in the Freemasonic’s, 15th Century Aberdeen, Scotland.

The Arches that, and whom, of have, shaped and Formed the Freemasonry, and Freemasonric Thoughts and Shape’s of symbols and duress of power of the people and power of the people of the duress of the Knight’shood of the Saint Johns

We saw earlier and previously thought of symbols of the Masonic Versions of this symbol, and, of these symbols on the Kirkwall Scroll, dating back to the late 15th Century, give or take, around 1480, in two different shapes and versions of this, and these symbols of power and duress, of the people of the Earth and the Freemasonic Arches of the People of the Earth. The first one showed the 2 Arches independently and separately from eachother, and one another, and not next to eachother, like they are depicted on the FOREGROUND of George Washington, and in the imagery of Oliver Cromwell, like they are depicted elsewhere, as, also, and too, but not as well. The other shape of this statue and duress of statues on the Kirkwall Scroll … showed the two arches interconnected and connected through to an arch and a Key Stone, of the Knight’s Templar prawlers and Prawlessners.

For they are of the Power of the people, and for that, we end with Robert Lomas’s Quotes, for they are of great, and invaluable means of communication and thought, to the power and duresness of the Power of the Freemasonic People of the Thought of the train of old, and of new.

For they are to be seen as symbols, in their own, and very own right, to the Prawler’s Extinction Protocol, and for that, we end with this chapter, on an emblem of Society’s succinctness, and for that also, we are to be endangered by the power of symbols, and for that, we must also remember the Power’s of the Symbols, and for that, we must also Endanger and Envision…….. the neverending trembling fear for, and of, the Power of the Symbols of trains, and thoughts……………. and thoughts of train(s).

From the oils of the old haunted gauntlet to the cities of the Old’ Dweller’s Past

When the Romish-Turkish-Invading-Forces invaded rome in the 17th century bc, they also said to the Roman Conquerors of old.

Hi, how are you, what are your thoughts on this, and these, emblems, of the Romanish Culture of the Indo-Slavakish, and Indo-Slovakish Indo-Romanian Past, of the Kiebler Elves’s, Elves.

For they are of the Romanish and Indo-Greekian Indo-Slovakish Indo-Prussian, Indo-Russian, and Indo-Sanskritious Indo-Slavish, for the power of the people, and the duress of the people are also of the decline of the Holy Roman Empire, and it’s, or, its, Vaticalé’s hills, in the Catacombs of the Vatican’s Hills, on the Hillside and topside of their Endangerment and Jesuitical Order of Knights of the Saint Templehood of the Knights of Malta, for the Powress, and Powers, of the Sainthood of this knight-and Duress-Knight-Hood, for they are of the indo-slavakish, and Indo-Slovakish, Indonesian Indo-Powers, of the Power Elves’ of the Indo Power Elves of the Indo-Slovakish indo Saxon, or, Saxish, of the Powers of the Indo Slovakish, Indonesian Retribrutional Forces of Nature, and Forces of Nature to be reckoned with.

For they ARE of the forces of nature, and forces of nature are the Forces and Thoughts behind the Indo-Slovakish, and Indo-Slovanish, Indo-Saxish, and Indo-Romanish, SANSKRITIAN POWERS, AND PROWESS, of the INDO SAXISH, AND INDO SLOVAKISH, ROMAN KIEBLER ELVES;

For, yet, and, also, they yet also must be of their Heir-Inheritance, for they are of the Power of the people, and also, of the People’s republic in the states of power.

Now, as Leopold Ranke has denoted, in his 3-volume-set The History of the Popes, he also ensued and endangered the lives of his very own people, NOT, for it is not true he did that, yet he was commissioned to the Mission states of the Old Romanish and Greekish Empire State, Buildings, for they ARE of the Indo-Romanish-and-Indo-Greekish-State-and-Slave-Buildings, for yet, they are, and yet must be, in this right and slave state of mind, for these state-slaves of the mind, and or, minds of the people are also in their very own right and midsts of the Rights of the people.

Now, Leopold Ranke, on his deathbed confession, said to his Kiebler’ Elve’s Princes, for they are of the Princess of the Princesses Thought of min:


And we ender their slave-state-of–mind, for they are, and were, of the Roman-Old-Irish-Catholic-power-and-duress-of-the-people.

For yet, they are, and yet, they must be… in their very own rights and midst of the men of the Duress of power.

That’s the End of this chapter, as it is very, and supposed to be, very, very brief.

Now, let us turn back to Gerald Massey, as there is an article out there, supposedly refuting his Very Historical and very Mythical and Very Folklorish Tale of the Power of the people, the very enduring and Endsighting end’s of the book, his book, entitled The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ. A Lecture.

A reply, and rebuttal, to,… Tektonics’ abysmall “refutical” article about Gerald Massey’s work. – A rebuttal, and, A Critique, refurbished, in, his life and Times, of the Late, and Great, Poet, and, Jesuitical, Teacher, of the Egyptians Myths, Mythslore, and Folklore, of the Egyptians, of the Past, and Late, Great, Past, tense, and, Future, of the beholder of the People.

Now, has, or hath, and still has, or hath still, published an article supposedly “debunking” this most excellent which I’ve just recently and very commonly of old, just recently Mentioned, entitled: The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ, by Gerald Massey.

First off, the claims of this “debunking” article can be found on this webpage.

Now, having said and mentioned this piece of crap, or, should I say, piece of crappy horse shit website, for, it not only OUTRIGHT LIES about quotes which Gerald Massey supposedly said, yet never did, not in this Book, nor in any other Article, book, lecture, or book of his.
I wish I could be very, very brief about this, but I’m certain he, the author, admin, and webholder of said website is also a liar and a chief-of-in-thief-of-the-night-of-jesus-christ.

For he outright lies about Gerald Massey’s SUPPOSED WORDS AND SUPPOSED WORKS.

Now, for having said this, the author of said webside,, is also a Lief-in-Thief.

For he is the Jesus’ Mystical Past teacher, of the ancient indo-religio-politico-and-sanskritio, Piece of Garbage and piece of crap website,

Now, if you go to his copycathub.html, you will find many piece of garbage and crappy articles, “SUPPOSEDLY” debunking many claims about many historians and Lyrics of the Past Ancient Poems of the Cryptic Language of the Indo-European, Indo slavakish, Indo-Repture, for the Indo-repture is of the Indo-Slavakish, indonesian past of the Past Lives of the Apocalypse.

Now, I can be very, very brief about this, I THINK. For he simply OUTRIGHT LIES, for, and about, and with quotes, GERALD MASSEY SUPPOSEDLY. Yet, he never did say those, and such things.
So basically, I wonder how much Time I will have to spend on this piece of garbage and crappy piece of fucking horse crap article, SUPPOSEDLY refuting Gerald Massey’s The HIstorical Jesus and Mythical Christ.

For he also endures the Past Live’s Kiebler’ Elves, for he is of the kiebler’ elves, and, of the Kiebler Elvers, or, Elves, as well, and too, and A BIT OF ALSO.

For he is an outright liar, and liar-in-chief, of the Mytho-Indo-Indocan-Indonesian-and-indo-Slavakish-Indo-Euruptan-Indo-Nesian, and past life and tenses of the MYTHICAL PAST OF THE SUPPOSED JESUS CHRIST.

For liar in chiefs are to be condemned, yet, he still continues to prawl, onwards, the PRAWLING SINISTER STATE OF THE LIAR IN CHIEFS.

For he is to be condemned by Jesus, and by the “Devil”, for he OUTRIGHT LIES, things which are NOT EVEN IN GERALD MASSEY’S BOOKS, AND OR OTHER WORKS, MEANS OF PUBLICATION.

For, let us now start with this opening quote, which, the website, I’ve just recently mentioned, and listed to.

Straight from the horses mouth:

Having taken a look at some works of Alvin Boyd Kuhn, a main source for Tom Harpur’s Pagan Christ, we move to his second-favorite source, and one of Kuhn’s favorite, Gerald Massey. The subject here is Massey’s essay, “The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ”.

Massey, like Kuhn, is highly effective at saying in 5000 words what could have been said in 50. Thus as with Kuhn we pare the excess and get right to the points. But we also add a special feature: as we close, we will challenge readers of Massey and Harpur to produce documentation for claims made by Massey — that Massey himself provides no documentation for.

Massey begins with a claim that, as Kuhn also said, Egpytian discoveries have shown that “much of the Christian History was pre-extant as Egyptian Mythology” and an assurance that though he can read hieroglyphics, “nothing offered to you is based on my translation” and that “scholars of indisputable authority” back his understanding. If this were so, one is puzzled by Massey’s pointed lack of documetation and references, and indeed, the names of these scholars. But none are offered; and Massey goes on to offer a main point, thus:
The personal existence of Jesus as Jehoshua Ben-Pandira can be established beyond a doubt. One account affirms that, according to a genuine Jewish tradition “that man (who is not to be named) was a disciple of Jehoshua Ben-Perachia.” It also says, “He was born in the fourth year of the reign of the Jewish King Alexander Jannæus, notwithstanding the assertions of his followers that he was born in the reign of Herod.” That would be more than a century earlier than the date of birth assigned to the Jesus of the Gospels! But it can be further shown that Jehoshua Ben-Pandira may have been born considerably earlier even than the year 102 B.C., although the point is not of much consequence here.

Now, this is an outright falsehood, nowhere in Massey’s The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ does Massey say or mention this, for it is not true, that many of the Religious people of the world, lie, outrightly, or outrightly lie about the state and nature of things to come, for many are of the state and livelihood of the Past Presence of the In-Essence, or the Inner-Essence of the Kiebler’ Elves, Elvish past, and indo-slavish Indo-European INDO-SLOVAKISH AND INDO-SLAVISH AND INDO PAST.

For this to be true, there must be many, and many must have been, in the hands of the Power rectors, and of this, I doubt sincerely that many even read certain works they “supposedly” criticize, in their works, or Should I say, very own works, for this rebuttal of mine about Gerald Massey is nothing more of a mere defense, and Defense tactics of the likes of the likes of the likes of the likes of the LIKES OF LIKE THE JESUITS.

For my rebuttetical work is of the Same Prowess, or should I say, same PROWESS, for the same PROWESS is of the same Indo-Latin, Indo-Slavik, INDO-EUROPEAN, as the SANSKRITIANS OF OLD AND AS OF NEW.

For they are to be seen as the enemy of the states, as this next FALSIFIED QUOTE, UNATTRIBUTED TO GERALD MASSEY, PROVES.

And here, yet again, we have another quote, straight from the straight’ Horses’ Mouth, straight from their very own core, and straight from their very own website.

After more description of the contents of the Toledeth Jeshu, Massey admits, oddly, that:
The Jewish writers and Rabbis with whom I have talked always deny the identity of the Talmudic Jehoshua and the Jesus of the Gospels. “This,” observes Rabbi Jechiels, “which has been related to Jehoshua Ben-Perachia and his pupil, contains no reference whatever to him whom the Christians honour as God!” Another Rabbi, Salman Zevi, produced ten reasons for concluding that the Jehoshua of the Talmud was not he who was afterwards called Jesus of Nazareth.

Nowhere in his right mind would Massey say such a thing.

And if you don’t believe me, read The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ. That’s the work that’s supposedly being criticized, as the title of that article “proves.”

For liars are everywhere, and cheater’s and duress of the power of the people also, but, not at least, or the very bit of true, of the very least, at, also, and A LITTLE BIT AS WELL, AS WELL.
For liar’s in Chief, in the Chief Chambers of the Catacombs of the Liar’s in Chief, in the Chief’s Liar, they are of the power of the duress, for they yet, not be seen, or not be seen, or not yet to be seen by the naked eyes, also outrightly lie about CERTAIN QUOTES ATTRIBUTED TO CERTAIN PEOPLE.

Massey was no Liar, he was a genius in his very own right.
Sure, his works are very, very poorly Sourced/cited. That is true, he should have been more careful, cautious with that, That is absolutely true.

But, still, this work, is not a work of Reclamation, as some of his works are called, like I think, If I remember correctly, Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World was called.
He had many Reclamational works attributed to him, including, but, not only, and included to him, as also, and, as always, also true, on other book he wrote, which is called: Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Mysteries of Amenta.

Now, if you can’t debunk certain sources, lie about them, cheat on and about them, or just plainly, outrightly ignore them.

Whatever suits your needs to satisfy your desire to reclaim that which is rightfully yours, your withheld beliefs from the power of the people, and the RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, which are also of the power of the people, for they are to be seen as enemies of the states, for those, who, and which are, to be seen as ENEMIES OF THE STATE, for the religion is a STATE OF MIND, for it is a COGNITIVE ABILITY IMPAIRMENT, as it reduces your cognitive ability’s Impairment of Psychological thought, and thoughts, for they are the Interpreter of every thing you see and belief, and smell, and touch, and taste.


It is the enemy of the STATE OF MIND, in which, and, in which up thou, thou shallth see the Indifference in their religious mindo-sicko-religio-politico, state of mind, for States of mind are of hell, and for that, they are also turning into liars, for liars are like KUCKLES, or, should I say, KAKELS? or, KUKELEKU’S, for KUKELEKU’S are also of the in-doctrine of the minds of the people, for religio-and-politico state, and Straight, and STRATE from the minds of the people is a neverending duress, of the Jesuit-like train of thought, for Religio-Politico-Infused thinking are of the likes of the Jesuits, for they are the Jesuit’s train of thoughts, or, Should I say, Trains of thoughts.
For yes, they are of this Religio, Mindo, Sicko, Train of Thought Mindo-like thinking, for they are of the MINDO PEOPLE, THE MIND-OF the people, and the mind of the people is but a powerholder, or powerwelder of DURESS AND SUCCINCTION ,and yes, this SUCCINCTION, is of the minds of the people, as people are brawlers, as this next “quote”, by “Gerald Massey,” supposedly proves.

And yet, Massey neither lists (much less answers) these reasons; instead, without pause, he proceeds right to:
Jesus of Nazareth (and of the Canonical Gospels) was unknown to Justus, to the Jew of Celsus, and to Josephus, the supposed reference to him by the latter being an undoubted forgery.

Yet, another falsified quote.

Anyway, all the rest of the quotes, SUPPOSEDLY BY MASSEY, are not (of) his’.

For he is but a powerholder, and welder, and powerwelder of the Minds of the people.

And, as the people see him crawling around the Streets, of, and, at night, of the AT NIGHT PEOPLE, for, and of, at night, people see things in the dark, and they KACKLE, AND KAKEL, AND KUKELEKU’S, or, should I say, KUKELEKU’D, for, in the morning, when the HEN and the Rooster wake the people up, or OP, OP AND TO, the MINDS OF THE PEOPLE, they also ENLIGHTEN THEMSELVES WITH INGRAINED THOUGHTS, and also, ENGRAINED THOUGHTS, of the minds of the people, for they are of this religious order, and of the order of monks, they also embellish and embark upon a mission to enthrall and ENTICE THEIR READER WITH FALSE AND FALSIFIED THOUGHTS, and for these, missions, of old, and of new, these missions also compulsively, and completely prove to themselves they are wrong, yet, in their RIGHT MIND, THEIR LEFT ILLOGICAL AND INREATIVE MIND, FIGHTS THE DARK SIDE OF THE INNER-CREATIVE MIND OF THOUGHT, AND OF ILLOGICAL THINKING, in the RIGHT state of mind, and the LEFT state of mind, for they are of the Embarking mission of the Jesuit’s Train of thought, for Jesuits are of the Same Train of Thought as Religious Nutjobs, for they must, and yet, have to be, in the same STATE OF MIND, as a state of mind is a power play.
A power play of the people, and FOR THE PEOPLE.

And as they stand BEFORE THE PEOPLE OF OLD, AND OF NEW. They must be enthralled, and enticed, to the endurance of the right state of mind of the people, as the LEFT state of mind is left wondering in the dark, left wondering what the hell to do with this RIGHT, and CORRECT, state of mind.

And, as they see fit, they also see the Ender-douring, or, ENDOURING, right right of mind, connecting to the inner self, of their inner state of mind, and KUCKLING, or, Should I say, kackling, and KUKELEKU’ING, for they are KUKELEKU’ING, or QUEUING, in the right state and the right FRAME of mind.

For the mind is to be framed, by fame of their very own Virtuousness, and Virtue of the inner self of the RIGHT FRAME OF MIND.

And as the right frame of mind, inbattles, or Inner Battles, with the LEFT FRAME OF MIND, it loses its frame, and the picture of Enthrallment, and Embalment, is to be lost in the Vatical’s Hills, on the Hill Prower, on the Prower of duress…….. And sanctity, of the right frame of mind, and…….. the left STATE, and NOT-SO-FRAMY-OF-MIND.

For this is true, as embrawlers, and EMBARMERS, of the right state and frame of mind, embrawl, and embarm, and endow, into, and unto, their very own UPPER MIDST, they also see the darkness of the other side of the coin, as the coin is on the FLIPSIDE OF BOTH COINS.

And, as both coins are to be seen as enemies of the state, of the right state, or frame, of mind, this picture of coins falls, and bestows upon them, on their very own inner right of the RIGHT STATE OF MIND.

For pictures are to be seen like a thousand pictures of words, for words are to be embarked upon, and PICTURES OF PROOF POSITIVE OF SOMETHING IN-NEFARIOUS, are to be forgotten, and erased, by a gum eraser, as all their words in their right state of mind, and of frame of mind, are to be written in pencils, which can easily be erased, by a GUM ERASER.

For erasers exist in the right state of mind, and the left, and as the left battles the RIGHT AND RIGHT STATE AND FRAME OF MIND……… THE LEFT LOSES ITS POWER…….. AND LOSES ITS GUM ERASER, TO, THE RIGHT STATE AND FRAME…….. OF MIND.

For, this is about to be true, for this is the truth right, here, and truth hurts, and truth is SUPPOSED to be forgotten by some, and suppressed, in their very own right state, and frame of mind.

For Duress and power of the people are of the very same inner core as the Jesuits, as St. Francis Xavier [Picture below] wrote about. And also, his picture shows the DURESS OF THE PEOPLE, as their right state of mind is in the right state and left state of the mind of the frame, and the frame loses its power, its strength, and for this, and for this alone, and for this in on itself……… GAME, OR GUM ERASERS, can be GAMED TO.

And, gamed to, is the same as GAYME-TOED, for GAYME-TOED, is of the same and right state of mind, but not of the frame of mind, for many are to be seen with their eyes closed, and also, many are to be seen with their eyes open.
Yet, those to be seen with their eyes open, are to be erased, with their KUCKLING AND KACKLING, AND KAKELING, AND KUKELEKU’ING, for they are of the same CODE OF CONDUCT as Adam and Eve, never even existed, never, upon the face of the Earth, did Adam and Eve ever even exist, no way, not Possible.

It’s just like some frame of minds, for religious people, nutjobs that is.

Those hardcore Fundamentalists, for they are of the right state of mind, and their Fruit, or Tree of Life, bore GUM ERASERS, for GUM erasers are of the RIGHT STATE OF MIND;

And as Adam, and eve, bore, and ATE THE APPLE OF THE TREE OF LIFE, THEIR GUMS BLED,,,, and they are still bleeding.
For some truths are to be kept hidden from the RIGHT STATE OF ADAM, OF, AND ON? THE RIGHT.

For they are of the same quality is, and yet, to be seen, by if, and also OF? For of the people, and of and from the people, and also to and fro, for they are also of the same kind of people who also drink, and duress, the same mind and Frame of People, for they are……… the 9/11’s of the day, THE FERTILITY CULTS, WHICH I’VE SPOKEN ABOUT EARLIER, in THE ARTICLE I ALREADY PREVIOUSLY LINKED TO, I SUPPOSE, AND I THINK.

Anyway, for this brawler to exist, this fertility cult of 9/11 must be seen as the male and female dominance and essence of power, and as Female Origence (Female Arrogance), and Male Orrigence (Male Arrogance) are to be combined, we receive another blowback, another 9/11, in the minds and midst of the people, for they are to be seen by, and if and from, from the enemy of the people.
For yes, they are to be seen by the likes of Jacob Bryant, and also Kersey Graves, who was a genius, and still is, in his very own Right, and also, of course, the one and only, and late and great, and as of late, AND STILL LATE AS OF THE GREAT, AND GREATNESS, AND VIRTUE, of the likes of none other than Rev. Robert Taylor, for they are of the great lakes, and likes, of the Fire in, and Fire of Mount Doom, as they are the LORD OF THE RINGS, for the Lord of the Rings is but a Virtuous state of awareness, and for that awareness to exist, the gums must still be bleeding for some.
And also, Jesuitical Trains of thought are of the same people as the likes of St. Francis Xavier, as they are of the likes as of Eric Jon Phelps; who wrote Vatican Assassins: Wounded In The House Of My Friends.

And also, which is yet to be seen is the ineptitude, and invertitude by, and of, and from the people, as the RIGHT STATE OF MIND…………….. IS TO BE SEEN BY THE NAKED EYE, BY THE SERPENTS, as of the lake of fire, and of the lake, of mount doom, and its neverending fire of Mount Doomish, and Mount Doomishly, invertitude, and Ineptitude, of the minds and state of the people.

For yes, they are of the right state of mind, and, as they are creative, they are also very, very common, to their very own… Inner Sanctuary.

For yes, they are, and yes, still are, in the LEFT state of mind, for the left state of mind is the weakest, as Christians are come, and have come to be known;
For christians, and Fundamentalists especially, are always in their right and left state of mind at the same time, for they must be, yet, they don’t see, (it), for it is true, they are of the GUM’S BLEEDING, or should I say, BLEEDING GUMS? AS ONE SONG SAID? NO? I DON’T THINK? SO?.

For this is true, for the very right state of mind, is also of the very left state of mind, for yes, they must be, and still are…….. In the common goods…….. of the people. 🙂

The End.

St. Francis Xavier, the Archangel of the North, and ALWAYS in the right state of mind, and frame of mind of the LEFT state of mind and the RIGHT FRAME OF MIND.

St. Francis Xavier, the Archangel of the North, and ALWAYS in the right state of mind, and frame of mind of the LEFT state of mind and the RIGHT FRAME OF MIND. —- Image credit: The History of Protestantism, by Rev. James A. Wylie

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