The USDEBTCLOCK.ORG Website, a rebuttal, to its features, into the Financial times, of old, and, of new.

I created a Document, which I started, off, on a website with, and, uploaded it, to, and of, and from, into the Scribd. website.

For this to be true, it must be said, and truth, be told, that the nation’s capital is that of Great Leaders, but also, of Great, and Dwindling, Artefacts, or Artifacts, of our time, and for this to be true, there must be many, but, not of many, GREAT NATIONAL, AND NATIONALISTS, INDUSTRIAL LEADERS.

For there are many Great Leaders, like Obama, (Kind Of… That is, he Did a great move by NOT GOING INTO IRAQ, AGAIN, AND AFGHANISTAN…. Kinda, and also, not, limited, to, in the Industrial way of the Industrialization, of the Nation’s Capital, also, not, and, not belimited, to, the Industrial Nation, of the Female Capital, of SYRIA, BY NOT GOING INTO SYRIA, AND ASKING CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL. Great, move, mister, THE PRESIDENT OF THE US OF A, Barack Obama.)

Also, this Great Nations of Leaders, is also, and, not also, not, Belimited, to, the INDUSTRIALIZATION, OF THE NAZI LEADER CAMPAIGN? OF GREAT AND BRITISH NATIONALISTIC LEADERS, OF THE SOCIALIST, OR SOCIALISTIC REPUBLIC OF CHINA, AND, of, and, not limited, to, RUSSIA. Of the United States, of America, of the Industrial Corporization, of the Nation’s Capital, into the Roaring Twenties, of the 19th, AND TWENTIETH CENTURY, of the age of, or, the age of the old fox, of the INDUSTRIALIZATION, OF FOX NEWS, and CNN.

For this to be true, there has to be a limited, or LIMITLESS, POWER, of Nation’s, and of creeds, for the Nation’s of the Capital Leaders, of the Industrialization, of the Capital, National, or, Should I say, Nationalistic Leaders of the Socialistic Powers, and Money Structures, and Fractures of the Great Nationalistic Leaders of the Socialistic Republic of China, and, that, of Japan.

For Japan is very Nationalist, and Socialistic, AT ITS CORE. And most people don’t know this……….

Anyway, that’s about it for this intro.

There’s a whole lot more to it than this, that I just described, in thy very own Nation’s of Capitals, into thy, very own Kingdom, of thy Very own Riches, of the Powers, of this Age, Old, Earth.

For it is to be said, that Nation’s of Great Capital Leaders, like Obama, is, and still, is, or was, Unlike Bush, Junior, who was a Nationalistic Leader, of the Congress of People, of, and, before, and, not limited to, the Power of the People, to the Nationalistic Republic of China, for he was a Chinese, at the heart and core of his inner self, and his Inner Core, and his, Inner Heart, at his, or its core.

For this is the truth.

No way, Am I say, that George, H.W., Bush, of the Seniors of, the, Seniors, of the, Seniors, of the Seniors of the Seniors of the Nationalistic Leaders of the Nationalistic, Socialistic, Republic’s, of China, and, of, New Zealand, for New Zealand is a Nationalistic, Socialistic, Republic, of the people, of China, and of the Nations, and Ages, of Nations, of the Creeds of the People, of the Nationalistic, and Socialistic, Republics, of the Nations of China, for this is to be true;

For this Nations of Capitalist, or, Capitalists, for, and, of, the Nations of the Capitalistic Structure of New Zealand, and of Australia, and of Wellington, in New Zealand, or, of, and, not, be limited to, THE NATIONALISTIC NATURE, AND NATION, OF NATIONS, TO THE NATIONALISTIC POWER, AND SELF-POWER-INHERITANCE-STRUCTURE? Of, the Nation, of Nationalistic Power, and Leaders, of the Nation’s of Leaders, of the Powers, and the Power Structures, of the Nation’s of Leaders, of their, and, of thy, very Own Power Structures, into thy, and, their very own? Power Structure, of the NATION’S OF LEADERS, IN THEIR VERY OWN LANDS,………… THE POWER OF THE MIDSTS, OF THE NATIONS……. OF LEADERS……..

For this is the end, my friend, the end, of the Befriended, road…… Into thy, very own midsts………… :)…….,…;;… Of, Heaven…..


The end, and, be well all, for…. the end is near, into thy, and, our, very own, NATION’S;;;…. of…….. Leaders…. Into thy, very own, Midsts of Congres….

For this is true, of the future, and of the Nation’s, Future, of the Socialistic, Nature, of the Republic, of China, and…… OF;… New, Zealand, into thy very own new Zealand, of Zealots, and of Seas, into thy very own Lands, of the Zealots…. Of…. Creation.

The end, and, be well all, and, have, ABOVE ALL, have, fun in life….. šŸ™‚

Be well all.

Peace, be to all, and, of all, up to, the Nation’s of people, of all creeds, into thy very own Midsts….. Of heavens,… And of …. The Creations of Heaven…. And of the Hells, of the FIery Pits of tormet, and doom, and hell, and, of course…. and, not limited to, and, not limited to anything, not, anything, but of… “Pain”. For this is to be true, in thy very own Midsts, of not, and, not, limited to, the very own “suffering.”, Of, Creation….

To the very own people of the Midsts of Heaven, there must be but one Nation, One Creation, of thy very Own midsts…..
And this is getting better and better, my typing, my writing, my writing style, just like everyone else’s.

So good, and be well, all, and….. HAVE FUN IN LIFE…. šŸ™‚

Here’s the Document that I uploaded, and created, myseflf, and written, by, and, of, them, and, not, limited, to, by, MYSELF……. OF THE CREATION, OF TIME, THAT IS……… lol :)…:

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