Loving, the nature’s of space, of, end time prophecy

For loving is of, the nature of space, for end time prophecy is but a mere hill, for the end time prophets, to uphold, and behold, into, thy, own, and, into, our, very own heart, of heart of hearts, the King of Spader;

For, PS, or, the Spades of Kings, or, the, of, the, spade of Kings, for this is true, of thy very own nature, for this nature, is of this very own man, for, she, or, he, or she, or he, she or it, for this is true of the very nature’s of man’s, loving.

For loving is of all ages, for to love, and, to have, beloved, into thy very own nature, of time, and, of, too, OF, space, for this is true, of the nature of space.

For this nature of space, is of time, immemorial, for this Time, Immemorial, for this to be true, there must, be, but one, of the, many essences, which life, possess, of, or, of, live, pi, or possesses.

Into thy, or, into the hearts of man, or men, sex is very important;

But, it is more, or merely, important, into, the hearts, of women, for women, are but very, very, pregnant, In-Virgins, or, In-Virgans, for Virgans, or Virgos of time.

For this to be true, there must be sex, for sex is, but, a powerful tool of creation, for the Nature of Space, is, of, but, not of Sex, for, it is not, of sex, but it is, fo, or OF, SEX.

For this is true, this is the very foundation, of the foundations, of the Nature of Space, for space, is, The Space’s Nature, for the Space of Nature, for there, must be many, for many, are, OF THE SPACE OF NATURE;

For this, is, to, be true, for the space of nature is everything, for everything is of loving, and for man to love man, and for woman, to love, woman, for women to love women, and for men, to love, man, for there to be, in, this existence, of the fabric of time, for, there, to be, must one, of THIS LOVING, for this loving is of, THIS LOVING, FOR THIS LOVING, is of THIS MAN, and, for this man, to be of THIS loving, there must be a man, or a woman, for there to be a woman, there must, also, be, and too, and also, a bit of, AS WELL, be, a bit of LOVING, FROM BOTH MAN? AND, OF WOMAN.

For, women, are of the key, of the center of Creation, for there to be many, of WOMEN, and for there to be MANY, OF MAN?

But, for, not to, be, there many, of man, for not to be there many of women, for there, not, or their, not of, this WOMAN, for this woman, of the BEAST OF CREATION.

Is, also, of, the beast of revelation, of the beast, of Creation.

For this Creational Sense, of this Awareness, of woman, and, of woman, for, of, not of woman, for there to be, not of this woman, and for there, to be, not of THIS woman, for LOVE, AND SEX ARE OF, BUT, THE POWERFUL TOOLS OF CREATION.

Especially, sex, and the creation, of the condom, and the Anti-Conception, Pill, of the Pill’s, of Creation.

For creation is there of a Poetical, Term, of Poetical, TERMINOLOGY.
For terminology is, of, but, not, mere of, Succinction, for this SUCCINCTION, of, or, is of this, mere, SUCCINCTION?

And, for this to be true, there must be a man, loving a woman, and a woman, love, or loving a woman, loving a man, for a man, shall’th, not love, another man, for a man shall’th, not betray, or betrayeth, another woman, for a man shall’th, not, betrayeth, another women, for men and women, are of EQUAL GENDER.

For they are both, equal, in both, male, and Female, Virtuence,

For this is true, of many, and, for, and, many of Creation, there, must be, of many, and, of, also, very, few, of CREATION.

For Creation is but a mere Distinction, or Should I say, SUCC-TINCTION?

For this to be true, there must be a SUCCTINCTION, and, for this to be true, there must be more, than one, for one, is more, than just, a mere, few, and, of, MANY OF THE POWERS OF CREATION.
For loving is of the nature, of space, and of time, and of the Nature, of Time, and, of SPACE.

For space is a space, umbrella, in thy very own-Inner-Creation, of, THE FORCE OF NATURE, AND, OF, THE FORCES OF NATURE.

For nature is of a woman, and of a man’s, woman’s LOVING VOICE.

For voices and sounds, are everything.

They are the key, and to, and of, and fro, and from, CREATION.

For this to be true, there must be many, for man, are, of, very few, and, few, are, of, VERY MANY? For Vary, is of many, and of many, VARIETIES.

For many Varieties, is of many, different manners, of time, and of Space.

And, for this to be true, there must be, of, but, not of many, but, for there to be many, OF CREATION.

There must be, one, but, not, ONE OF MANY, BUT ONE OF MANY VERY FEW.

For, many very few, are, many, for MAN AND WOMAN ARE FEW, AND FAR, IN, BETWEEN.

For between the legs of a woman, lies, the power of Creation.
For Creation is the Power-Structure, of the Forces, of Nature, and, OF MAN.

For a woman loves, and lies, to, lol, and, lies to LOL, to the LOLS, or, SHOULD I SAY? LULS, the LULS, OR LULZ, of creation.

For the lulz, or the Lover’s Umbrella, of the creation, or, of, the Creation, of, the Force of Nature.
And for there to be many Lulz, and, and for there to be MANY OF LULZ, OR, MANY OF THE LULZ.

There must be many, for many are of the lulz, and for many, there, are, of the lulz, but, not many.
For the Lulz, or, of the Lulz, of Creation, there must be Many, and between a Woman’s Legs, are the LULZ, OF CREATION.
For she, lies, down, and up, and in, and introvert, and INTROVERTNESS, AND, OUTRY, OR, OUTRO-VIRTNESS.
And, for this to be true, she must be true to her, own, very own, man, of Creation.

For she is but the Fabric, of time, for the time, of space, of the Space Time, and, the Space, time, and the, SPACE TIME CONTINUUM? There, must be many, for many, of, are, of the many very few.
For many very few, as we said, or, as she, also, said, for she is True, to her man, and, THROUGH, OR TRUE, AND INNER-THROUGH, TO, OR THROUGH, AND INNER-TO-THROUGH? To, her man. Of Creation, and of Space, and of time, and………….. Of…….. Creation.

For, this is true, of many, and, many, are, of few, for, many, are, in between the legs, of women, and of woman, or, of woman’s man, for this woman’s man, is, of the Nature of the Fabric, of Creation, for this Nature, of the Fabric, of Creation is, of many, for, many are of few, and few, legs, of the Women’s Legs, of creation, are of very many few, for many very few, are of THIS CREATION.

And this, Creation, is, of, and, of, and, to, and, of, and to, and fro, and to, and to, and from, and to, FROM THE WOMAN OF CREATION.

For they are of this Very, Essence, of Inner-Creation, between, they, and thy, Outer, Legs.

For they are of many, and, very many, are of FEW.

For a woman’s legs, are of virtue, for they are a Man, of, a, THE, man, of, of, A MAN’S OF A POWERBEHOLDER, OF A MAN’S.

For this is true, for a woman’s legs, are of virtue, to, and, of, and from, and to, to and from, and to, from and, to, FROM A MAN.

For, as always, this is but a brilliant insight, for, as brilliance, means, a BRILL, A GLASSES OF TIME’S. And of, END TIMES PROPHECY.

For end times Prophecy, are of the Nature, of man, and, for, and of, and to, and from, and to and FROM, for, FROM TO THIS, or, FROM THROUGH-INNER-THIS, THIS, and these thighs, of the thy’se, of woman, are, of THY, for they are of thy, just like a man’s, or a woman’s, man, are of THY’SE, and, of, and, not, BELITTLED, from, and, not from, to, and, NOT FROM WOMAN, BUT FROM? A MAN, FROM AND OF, A WOMAN.

For this woman, from and, of, the Beast of Revelation, is but a woman, of a mere, power, ful, or FULL, of POWER, of, A TOOL OF CREATION.

For beasts, are of the END TIMES PROPHECIE’S.

For they, are of many, and…….. A WOMAN…….. AND A MAN……… ARE OF A END…….. TIMES……… PROPHECY……… OF MAN, AND…….. OF…….. WOMAN.

For, she is true, to her heart, and, through, to her Core, for, the very essence, of existence, is, of, and from, and, of, and to, and from and, to, through, to, the from, of, the, ESSENCE OF TIME..

For this is true, and through, of MANY.

For they are, few, and, vary, and, very and, few and far, in between, the legs of a woman, and, that of a man’s, Woman’s Legs.

For A woman’s legs, are of the Essence of creation, FOR RAPE IS BUT A MERE FICTION, A FRACTION OF CREATION.

For, “rape”, in the COMMOLOGICAL, SENSE, OF THE WORD, AND, of and from, and to, FROM THE WORD, is but a mere word, of Aggression, of the man, and of the woman, towards the man, and, of VICE VERSA?

Oh yes, for this is true, a man can “rapeth” a woman, and, as, for, a woman, can, “rapeth”, a…….. man;

For, man, and both, woman, and man, and female, for this is true, of both genders, both genders, can both, man, and female, both, “rape”, and create”, a mere fraction, or, of, fiction, of creation.

For Rape is a Commological Sense of the Word.

For it is not Rape, for it is not, Rape’s Nature’, for the rape of nature, is but a mere, word, of the FABRIC OF CREATION.

For rape, is not a commological, sense of the word…….. IT IS A COMMONLOGICAL, sense, of the word?

For this is true, rape, is, but, a mere, a word, of, and from, and to, and fro, and OF AND TO AND TO AND FRO, AND FROM, OF CREATION;


Between, man, and woman, and, man, and, the loving of a beast.
For a beast, cannot rape, only a woman, or a man, cannot, or, will not rape.

For we are Beasts, inherintely, FOR BEASTIALITY, IS OF ALL AGES, AND OF ALL CREEDS.

For we, are all, BEASTS, OF CREATION? From, and, of, and to, from the Creation of the Inner self, centerness, of the creation of the Inner-Self-Centreness, for this Self-Centreness, is, of the Mere Fabric, of Creation.

For this is true, for the many of the Beasts, of Creation, is, of, but, not, of, not, of, not, of, not of many, for, of, not many, is of the BEAST OF CREATION, AND, OF REVELATION, Of, the Senses, of Time.

For this is true, of many species, for many species, are of, nature, and, for, and, of, and, to, and fro, and to and fro, FROM THE NATURE OF SPACE, COMETHS, A SPACE, OF TIME, AND IMMEMORIAL?

For the time of immemorial, thoughts, and IMMORAL, INTEND-TENDENCIES, OR, INTENDTENDENCIES.

For this is true, of many, and, of, many, for this is true, of…….. MANY.

For many, are, of the Time, Essence, of Creation…

For, in these final, and closing, moments, OF THIS…….. POSTING, OF GARBAGE, FOR GARBAGE GOES IN, AND OUT, IN THE FABRIC, OF THE?…….. INNER-ESSENCES, OF……..-TIME.

For, time, is on our, and, of their, and of their, of, the time of the side, of man, and…….. OF…….. WOMAN.

Of…….. The…….. BEAST…….. OF…….. CREATION……..

For, this is true, of many, and, OF MANY, THERE, ARE VERY FEW………..
For, these, very few man, and beasts, of man, of creation, there, are, but one, legs, of the Leg’, UPS, or, the PIN, UPS, of the LEGS AND THE PIN UPS, OF A WOMAN.

For woman, is mere, than just, a PINUP GIRL, OR, LEG UP GIRL.
Woman, are, or women, or, are, of, not of, if, but, not of if, but, not, of when, but, not, if, of, not, of, the men, of, their CREATION.

For women are essential, and so are man, or men, and so are BEASTS.

For the beasts, and…….. the women of Creation, or, of, and…….. TO, AND, OF AND TO AND FROM, AND FRO, AND TO AND FRO……..

For this is true, of many, and, of very few……..

For the woman, or women, of creation, there are but few, and few, are, of but, not of many, for many are of FEW……..


For yes, that is true, he, she, it, and he she it, says, that, she is of many,

For many, are, of many,

and, for many, there are, of a, few, of many…….. 🙂


For this is true, of many woman……..

And, as Bill hicks, or, SHOULD I SAY?…….. BILL HICKS.

For he, is, but a man, of many, capital letters, for he, is but, not, of many, for there are, many, of the man, or, of, not, of, the man, of, and, NOT, OF, OR, NOT OF, THE, MAN, OF, AND TO, AND? OF, and to, and to, and to, from the TO OF BILL HICKS………
He, said, once, or twice, or, thrice……..

He, is of many, for, many, are, of, and to, and fro, and from, Bill Hicks……..
He, once said, in,…….. His, Time, Immemorial.

For, the mere fabric, of time, is, but, a mere, distinction, for this is true, for, the mere, distinction, is, of the fabric, of time……..

That’s…….., about it.


Follow, this…….. link, into, the rabbit, hole, of…….. THE MERE FABRIC……… OF CREATION.

For this, is true, of many, and, many, are…….. OF FEW.


The, End.


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