The Generation of Men, and, of, or, of Pussified Men.

Why talk about a kitten and not a vagina?
It makes no sense, as the Kitten is Inside the Vagina’s Pussy, and the Pussy is the Beholder of the Kitten, of the Pussy, of the Kitten’s Pussy.
As the Kitten, makes, way, it, strumbles, and as the kitten strumbles and makes it way out of the pussy, the pussy, or, should I say, the Kitten, need no food, as the food is of the kitten, and not of the Pussy.

The end, of the pussy, and, also, or SHOULD I SAY, LAOS? and, also, that of the Kitten’s Kitten Pussy.

lol 🙂

Also, Pussies are OF KITTENS, so, Basically, when a Pussy begs for her life, the life of the life between the LEGS OF BRIAN also begs for the pussy of the life of the Vaginal Influx of the Pussy’s legs; for as this Pussy keeps developing, into further Oblivious Darkness, this Pussy, of the Pussy panel, is also stretching out on the table, for this Table is made of Seizures, and seizures are of the Pussy’s Legs, as the Pussy Pushes out a Baby Kitten, or a Bitten, Kitten, of Kitten Nephoreus, as Atomic Kitten, the Musical Band, is also of Atomic Nature, as this Kissen, or Kisten, or Pussy’s kitten, or Kitten’s Pussy, is also developing further into deep oblivious darkness.

And, as pussies develop into black holes, the monkeys of the black holes, as described by Charles Darwin, are also of the Monkey Pussey, Farm, as Farm Pussies are of the Most Generous Kind, as they Lay Eggs in Charles Darwin’s Backyard?, or BackYears? lol


This Pussy is also of the Generational Flux of Man, as a Man’s Pussy is also a kitten’s pussy, for this Kitten’s Pussy is of a Man’s, and that of a Man’s, is also, that of a Woman’s, for this Woman’s Pussy, is that of a Woman, and for that of A woman, it’s also that of A Man, for that to be of a man, it must also be of a wombman, for a man is basically, in essentiality, a woman.
For a man, does hath, a pussy, he belieth, upon, and he, besiegeth, upon, and, Thresholdeth, upon.
For a Pussy of a Man, or a Man’s Pussy, is far, far Greater than that of a Woman’s, for a Pussy’s Man, is that of the GENERATIONAL INFLUX OF THE MAN’S PUSSY, INSIDE THE PUSSY OF THE WOMBMAN, AS SHE, OR HE, OR IT, IS BORN? RIGHT INTO THIS WORLD OF PUSSIES AND COCKS.
And as Cocks Develop they also develop into further, deep and oblivious Darkness, for they must, and have, to be, of this Pussy’s Generation’al, Darkness, for this Generation’l, Darkness, is a Generation of Ipads, and Ipods, and Pussypads, as Pussypads keep developing into the Obliviousness of deep and Penetrating founder of the Pussy, The Laboratory Coat of Charles Darwin.
And as Charles Darwin keeps developing Pussy, he Also Develops Deep Space, Science, or, Spience, as, Spiecen, or Deep Space Science of Pussy is the New and Next Generational Technological’s Advancemnts, of man, and of woman, and, of Beast’s pussy, into the Generational Abyss, or should I say, Ablyss, of the Generational’s Pussy, of this Starting Pussies, of Kittens, Atomic Kitten, and Their Other Generations of Pussy, right into this Neveranding, NeverEndingDwindling Space of Deep Fried Pussies, and Pans of Pottery and Pans of Pussies?.



OFU, OneFootUnder, dls87, (The Author of this blog.)

Have fun with this one folks, lol, 🙂

There’s a reason why I titled it like that, lol, I’LL LET YOU FIGURE IT OUT? WHY. lol 🙂

Anyway, have fun with this one, I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND, lol, I really, really, do. 🙂

That’s all, and, have fun in life, be well, and take care. 🙂

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