The Timing of the Future

The future is Past the Present Tense, the Tensological Combulation, or Combination, of the Common Factors, of old, and Of New. For they are here, to be discussed, upon thee, thy, and be, dwelleth, with them, on their Forefather’s Forefathers.

For they are to be beheld, and beholdth, beholdeth to thy’ne kingdom come, for they are of the Ancestorial Roots, of the Heavens, of the Skies, of Old, and Of New, with their, all their might, and their Furious Anger, of, up on them, for their time being.

With them, they must be just right, with their ancestorial roots, commanded up into heaven, for their flights of No-Nonsical, No-Nonsensical, Troops of the Old, and of the Abyss, with their Great and powerful Leader, of their past and Present, Current shape, With them of course, they are of this Current and Past, Present, Kingdom, of them, of their troops, of old, and of new.

For they are of the Behelth, of the Beheldeth, for them, and for their right, of them, of All Their Might, of them, their riches, are of the Slaves, of Old, and of New.

For they are to be besettled, with their Future Might, Upon their Gright, with their Current Understanding of Past and Present, and Future Events.

For they are to be Be-wellknown, to Be-Wellknown, to Be-Beknownst, To be, be well known, to be, beknownst, to be, beheld, and to be, bestowed, upon.

For they are their Own Settlers, for their Own Right, for their Own Admission, and Admissions, of Failure.

For they are of this Present Time, for they are, of their Own right,

For they are, yes they are.

They are of the Vatican, of the Vatican Hills.

No, I meant, of the Vaticale’s Hills, or, of the Vaticalé Hill’s.

For they are, yes they are; For they must be.

For they must be right, in their own right, of their Own Admission, on their Own Admission, to their Future, of their Past, and Present, Tense, Forward, and Fast Forward, to the Past and Present, Tense, Time.

For they must be, of their Own accord, On their Own accord.

For they are, of their Own Future;

For they Must be? For they must be, Yes.

For They must be.

For they are, of this Own Accord, and of this own Accordish.

To their Own Accordish Rite, Rite of the Freemasons, rite of the Behelders, for they are, of the Freemasonic Thought, and Thoughts, and Thought-Lets.

The Thought-Outlets, they are, or, yet, they must be.

For their Own Futuristic Rights, and Rites, for they are, of this Own and Common, Current, or Kurrent, Kingdom.

For they must be, Into this World, Born Into this World, For they Must be Born into This World;

Now, Of course, they must See it, they must Feel it.

They must, oh yes, They must? Oh yes, they must, yet, they mustn’t not.

For no, yet, no, not yet, no they mustn’t.

No they Mustn’t, or, no, The Must not.

For they mustn’t, into their Own Hands.

For they are, into their own Futures, their Own Freedomic Futures, their own Freedomanic Futures, for they are, of their Own Freedomainic, Future.

These past Elves, of the Futuristic Past, are of this Life, for they are, OF THIS LIFE.

For they must Be? For, O, Yes, They must be.

For they are, of this Present, and Futuristic, Future-scale, Futuristic, Freemasonic Present and Continuously Present and Futuristic Thought;

For they are, for they must be, Of this Present, and Futuristic, Present, and Present, Thought.

They are the besettlers, the Besettled, the Besettled, Upon.

They are Bestowed Upon.

Oh yes, they are.

For oh yes, they are, and yes, yet, they Must BE.

For they Must BE.

They MUST BE UP ON THE HILLS OF THE ANCIENT CANAANITE, ROMANIC, AND, ROMANTIC FUTURISTIC-SCALE-WEAPONS, of the Dragons, and the Demons, of Hell, of the Hell Pit, of the Demonic Angelic Vulturistic, Demonic Hell Pits, Of Hell.

For they are of Hell, and From Hell, Thou hasth Comesth.

Thou Hasth Comesth, From Hell, and From Hell Thou Hasth Cometh.

For Thou, Must, and Thou Must, and Thou Shall not, Come from Hell, but From the Abyss, of the Dwellers, of the Futurustic, Kingdom.

Thou hast Bestoweth, me, and them, and Up On Them.

For they are, of this Futuristic, Kingdom. Thou Hasth Cometh, Thou Hasth, thou Hasth Noth. For Thou Hasthnt, for Thou Hasthn’t, No, Thou Hasthn’t Not.

For thou has, into this future, of this futuristic past; of the Common Present, and of the Common Future, to the Own Kingdom of their Own Right. To their Previous Insights, into Their Own Futures. For they are, ow, or of, this Own Admission, into this, or Her, Right, of the COMMON OLD PAST? AND OF THE PRESENT?.

Oh yes, they are, oh yes, they are not.

For thou hasth Forsaken me, O, My Lord, My Vengeance, My Dweller.

My Dwelleth, into the Dwellesth, thou Hasthj Becometh. (That is not a Typo.)

Thou Hastgh Becomet, Thou Hasthn’t Becometh That. (Again, Not a Typo.)

For this End of Vengeance, into Thy Own Kingdom, Thou Hasth the Owl of Vengeance Upon Thy Knees.

For yes, you are, O, My Lord? How hasth Thou Forsaken me?

Thou Hasth not. For Thousth Hath, Thou Hasth Not.

For thou, it is possible to foresee the future, of old, and of New;

For thou Areth.


Thou Areth The Kingdom upon which Thou, or Thy, has, or had, Dwelleth. Thou Do-It with All Their, or Thou, Might, into the Present, and Futuristic Present, and Future Past. Into Thy, or Their, Own Hands of Admission, for thy current, and Uncurrent, Futuristic Present, And Past, Present Tense.

For Thou has seen it, thou has.
Now, this Thou has Come to an End.


Thou Has, for Thou Has, now Thou has Forsaken me.


Into this Oblivion of Absolute Nothingness, the Future Thou hast, Seen.

Thou Hast Seen it.

Oh yes, Thou has.

Now, this Thou has come to an end

For Thou has seen it, Thou Must have seen it.

Oh yes, this thou is on my nerves, on my nerve endings.

Now you see, how This Develops.

As I type, As I read, As I type, As I Think.


How this Story has Developed, Thou Hast Seen it.


My thinking is clear, it is of un-to This Ground, that was a bit more difficult. lol

Who cares, have fun in life, that’s all that matters, have fun in life, take care folks. 🙂

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