The Devil is Real

The Issuances of Allowances in the Devil’s Empire is on the Foresight of the Skin.

When the Devil introduced Himself into this world, it was on the Backside of the Coin. The Flipside of the Coin. For this to be true, he, she, it must be whatever you envision if to be.

For this to be true, he, she, and it is the Devil’s Compasser.

For you to be real, you must be an envision of the Future’s Past.

For the Devil to be Real, you must be an Envision of the Future’s Past, In the Time Period that it Is Allowed.

For this to be real, it must be OF the Future’s Past Life’s, Future Past Lives, and Future Past Live’s, Of the Lives of The Past.

For this to be real, it must be Him, who is dwindled into Submission, Dwindled into Submergence, and Dwindled Into Submergence of the Sea-Farers.

For they, or them, to be real, they must be Thy’ne. For they are of the Backside of the FlipCoin. For they are on the Backside of the Flipped Coin. For they are on the Backside of the Flipped Coin, of the Nonsensical Theme; Of the Past, and Of the Future Lives, Of the Past, and of the future Live’s, Of the Past’s Side-Show. For they are Common, and Uncommon, In Thy Dwelling Place, of the Abyss, of the Far Side of the Sea. For they are Very Uncommon, in the Far Side of the Sea, for they are, yes, they are, very Common, and very Rare. Indeed; for yes, they are, and yes, they Must be. For yes, they are, and yes, They must be Real.

For how common is it, to the Devil to be a Real Entity, When Pain Doesn’t Exist?

That’s right, Pain Doesn’t Exist, it is an Illusion, Befallen Upon Man by Them,  and by Those who are also Befallen.

For you see, Pain Doesn’t Exist; For it mustn’t be real, for it is a Common Groundwork of Thy Dwelling Place.

For thy dwelling place is an Illusion, Intertwined With Both. The Devil and Pain, go Hand In Hand, Like Feathers and Bee-Stings go Hand in Hand, like Boxer-Shorts and Pants go Hand in Hand, and Like Vultures and Sculptures go Hand in Hand.

For, yes, they Are real. They must be, But not In a Real “Psychical” Sense, For they are an Illusion, beseth, and Befollowed, Up on, By Man, and By Woman, but Not, on, and not, by, Beast.

For they are of the Common Underground, and of the Common Dwelling Place, or, Dwelling’s Place, for Thy Kingdom To Be real.

For the Devil is the Pitch Fork’s Handler, and the Pitcher’s Fork Handle. For they are the Handle of the Common Theme; For thy Theme is of This Common Underplace.

For the Thames of London is the Most Common Theme, of the Thames of Themes. For they are real, Physical, Indexable, Places, They can Be Exalted, or Not to be Indexed.

But for Christians, the Devil Must be Able to Inflict, or Self-Inflict Pain, Upon Others, Upon their souls, so to speak.

But, alas, that is not true, for the Pain of Self-inflictence is an Illusion Beseth on By Man. For they are of the Common GroundWorks, of Thy Kingdom, and Thy’ne Kingdom, Come.

For thy Kingdom is of This Dwelling Place, and Thy Paine, is of the Thomas Paines, of this World;

As Thomas Paine once Wrote: Pain is an Illusion, beseth on, by man, to SuperEmpower, or SuperImpower, the Fatal, and Fetal, Positions by Man, to Thy Common Ancestor, Up in the Realms of the Upper Abyss’es. For Thy Kingdom is of the Upper Abyss. For the Devil To Be Real, thy, thy kingdom, Must be a Real Place, and it is not. For it is an Illusiological Commonsensical Ground Theme. For this Ground Theme to be True, it must be An Invision on Thy Settler’s Kingdom, of Thy Common Settler’s Kingdom of the Time To Come.

Now, with this having said that, Thomas Paine, Who was Far, far More brilliant than Any of You Could, or Can, Envision, also wrote:

For this Devil Menace to be real, he must be of the Heavens, AND of the Earth, for it is true, for truth be told, he Must be Real, but only in the Next sense, and the Next sense of Realm.

For this to be True, he Must be The Real Devil’s Entity, for this to Be True, He must be the Real Devil’s Entity of the Past’s Abyss.

Now, with this having said that, he also wrote; Now, With this Having said that, This Common Nonsensical Theme Of Real life Pain, Like My Name IMPLIES, IT IS A COMMON, MERE, NONSENSICAL THEME UP, UPON THE RIVER THAMES, OF LONDON, TO THYNE DWELLING PLACE UP IN THE HEAVENS OF THE FAR ABOVE SKIES AND ABODES.

That, is true, which is true, in the first place.

For this is a Must, it is A Must. It Is a Must. For it Must be, A Must, which, upon, Befallen, By Man, and By Woman, But not, By, or with, or which, with, the Beast. Of Man.

For this Common Nonsensical Theme to be True, it must be Said, that Thomas Paine, also, Wrote: This Common Nonsensical Theme is of the Past, and Present, and Future Lives, for Pain is but an Illusion, Upon Thy, and Upon thee.

Also, when this Besettler’s Half, or the Half of the Besettler, is of the Common Groundworks, he, she, it, said, Whatever, what are ye doing here?

We must be new here, this Common Nonsensical Theme is of the Past, and of the Present, and of the Future’s Past.

For this Theme to be true, the Sumereo-Illological, Illocommonsensico, Illocommonsensical, Sweet Spot of the Abyssmal Treaties of the Far side, or Far Sight, of the World, Are but A dwindling SuperStition, for the Dwindling SuperStition, is of the Common GroundWorks of Thy Elvish’s Past.

Now, With This Having Said that, we must be new to this common place, of Thy, and of Thy’ne, But must be of Thy’ne, for Thyne is also true.

Thy’ne, in Which, in with, and, In which, the Realm of the Future’s Past is REALLY OF THE PAST LIFE.

Now, the Past Life, in this Sense, or this, Past Tense, is of the Commological GroundWorks, of Thyne Kingdom, and of Thyne Kingdom Come.

Or Cometh, thy shall’th Comet; Or, Thy Shall’t Cometh, Or Shall’t Thy Cometh?

No, Thou Shall’th Cometh, to thy Kingdom’ Past, and to Thy’ne Past Kingdom, To Come.

For Thou Shall’th, Not, and I mean, Not, Besiege Thou, and Thy’ne, Kingdom, or Rigdom, or, the Rig-Veda, with the Indonesians, and, Indonesiërs, with the Indonesians, of Thou, and Thy, Kingdom, of Shall’ths Past lives.

For this to be true, thy, or thy’ne, kingdom is of this Past World, and of this Past World, the Devil is a Real entity, of the Future, and of the Past.

The Pain inflicted Upon By the Wounds of this Devil, is of Nonsensical Themes, as of like, as of, The Thames of London, Who is Also, the Devil’s Pitch Fork? With Whom, and, With Which, thou Hasth Shall’th Come To Pass.

For this Truth to be Ready, we must be Readying on the Floor, of the CandyBar, and the Candyslippers, for they are, and must, be Real.

This Pain, inflicted Upon By Thomas Paine, who is not real, who is But an Illusion, In Th’ne Kingdom Come, or, In Thy’ne Kingdom to Come; Thou hasth  cometh, for Thy, or Thou’th, Come, Thy, Kingdom, has come.

For it has Come; It must Have Come, it Must have Common Grounds, and Means, and Superinstitions, or, Superinstititions, Or, SuperInstititions, For these, SuperImperical, SuperImposed, SuperIndwelling, for these SuperIndwellingPlace’s, of the Indwelling’s Place, for they are real, of this Super Indwelling Place.

For they must be real, but not REAL in a “Physical Sense”, For in a Physical Sense, and Unreal, Unrealmthy, Sense, the Devil and Pain can’t be Real.

It’s impossible for them to Be Real.

No way, José, No way.

It’s Absolutely Impossible.

But, who cares, right? Let’s think it’s real, Good Enough for us.

Why do we Think it’s real? Because……………………………; We’ve read it in a book.

That’s the Most Common Nonsensical Theme, of the Past and Present Lives, of the Common ground, Past, and Common Ground, Future.

For they are Nonsensical, and No one can Talk about it, except, pain. Everybody Talks about it, or, that is, they Use the Word, Which they Think they know, and Which They Think,  WHAT IT REPRESENTS.

But the Devil, oh, the Devil.

He must be a Real entity, for yes, It is Real, In thy’s Minds, and in Thy’s Minds Men, of the FIRE IN THE MINDS OF MEN? AND OF WOMAN? AND OF BEAST?

Oh yes, in thy’nes Mine’s Men, or In Thy’nes Mind’s Men, of Men, and of Woman.

For the Woman Rides, who Rides the Beast, in thy Revelation, or, in Thy’ne Book of Revelation.

In thy’ne Book of Revelation, Pain is Real, In Thy’ne Book.

It must be real, because, it’s in a Book, and, A Paster hath Said it.

For that, it must be Real.

For Pain, and The Inflicting, Upon Wounds, on Thy’ne Master’s Slave; up On Thy’nes Master Slave, of the Past, and of the Future, Kingdom, to Come.


With this Having Said that, it is true, however, that Dwelling Places of the Devil, and of the Devil’s REAL PITCH FORK,WHICH IS THE COMMON DEMUTOR, OR THE COMMON DENUMITATOR, OF THY’NE KINGDOM, AND OF THY’ KINGDOM TO COME.


For this Devil’s Pitch Fork’s, Inflicts Pain, for it Inflict’s Pain, Upon Thee, of Thy Devil, In Thy Mind’s, Of Thy’, Men.

For that is true, for it must be True.

For now, It is thy common Denominator. For it is true, however, that Pain is Real, In thy Mind’s Men, and In Thy’se Men’s Eye.

Or, Thy Mind’s Men, Eye.

For it is true, however, that this Pain, Which is Inflicted Upon, By Thy Mind’s Men, Eye. It is true, however, that his pain, which is inflicted Upon, is also, of, the She-Devil, She-Devil-Worship, and Common She-Lological, Common Sensical Themes.

Now it’s all starting to make sense, with this She-Devil-Stuff.


This She-Devil, doesn’t exist, it’s not Real? It Can’t be Real. It must be A male Deity, just like God, Whom, Must be, A male Deity.


It, or they, Can never Be female. For, in Actual Fact, God, Is Female.

She must be, She Gave Birth to Everything.


How can God, which is not Male, but, is, supposed to be, Give birth to Anything.

He, she, or it, Don’t Have wombs, that is true, But Neither does a Female, or Male, Deity.

For they are Deity, not Invision of the Past, and of the Present, and of the Future, for Dionysus Once Said: This Common Groundological Groundwork is of the Past, the Present, and the Future, for they are of this Sense, of, and of this Senseo, they are Sensing Real Things. For they Must be Real Things, for they Must be. This Groundological, CommonSensical Theme, of Thy Abyss, In Thy Underworld, or, not, Netherworld, is of this Common Groundwork, of the Female Deities, Which, Possess, Sudden, and Common, Strong, Forces.


For they Possess Strong Forces, with Dionysus, At Its Head.


For they Are Common, Sensological, Theme-ological, Seriousness, In depth, Replies, of the Realms, and Healms, Above.


In Helm’s Deep, as Lord of the Rings Depicted, it was Said, that, Helm’s Deep, was the Founder’s Founder, and the Founder’s Creator, for their Pain, which wasn’t Real, was Inflicted Upon, by a Movie, with A Common Sensological Theme, of, Helm’s Deep. With that, having said that, I end.

For, now, I must end, For Pain is not Real, and Neither is the Devil, they are Both Nonsensical Themes, Up-on the Thames, of London.


For now, this is the End, this might get a Reverberation, In The Future, or in the Past’s Future. But not In This Future, This is, the Future, This, Is.

Now, it is said, that Dionysus, the Great Ground Dweller, and Horus, With the Twelve Eyes of the Zodiac, And Mithra, and Zoroaster, All Had Dwelling Places, in the Past’s Abyss, for which, God, and Jesus, Neither had an Answer for, For they have no Answers, for they Have None. Zero, Zilch, Nada, ZoroNada, Zoroaster, the Zoro of the Kingdom’s Past; Had not Pain, or, Had No Pain, Not inflicted, Upon, Not, Besieged, By, and Upon.

For no, Dionysus, Which, and Whose Name, I like, Is a Common, great, Commological Theme; Of thy Thames, and Thy Things, In Thy Thing’s of the Kingdom Past.


The end.

Have fun in life all, be well? And, Have fun, Oh yes, Have fun.


Be well all, Take care. 🙂


PS: The Devil’s Pitch Fork is the Nonsensical’s Issue, it is the National Geographic of Nonsensical Issued Bonds, in the Banster’s Waller, Up on Their Altars, Up On Their Hills, Up in roma, up on the Vaticalé’s Hill.


Up on their Hill, Their Devil, Dwindles, for it is their Might, and Their Superiority, Which Causes them to Dwindle, In All Their Might, For their Books are Their Inspiration, Up in the Vatican’s Archives, Whom, of Which, I have Never seen, And, Most Likely, Will never, Not;


For It is their Hills, And Their Instructions, of Their Hill’s, Past. And of their Present’s Past. For they ARE INSTRUCTIONS, ISSUED BONDS ON THEIR LEVERAGE OF THEIR NATIONAL BANK ACCOUNT.



For they are, for they must be, for pain isn’t real, it’s a Leverage On Their Bonds, and Bands, With their Dionysusian Connection, And Bond’s Connection.


For they Are Bonds, With Their Issues Enslaved, Up on Their Hills, Of their Roma’, Vatica’, Archivo.


For they are of Frodo, The Common Ground Dweller? For they are? Of, the Lord of the Rings, the Lord, of the Flies, in Thy Kingdom, Past, and, Thy Kingdom, Cometh.

For they are, to Be Sensed, In their Commological GroundWork.


For they are, for they are…

The End, and, be well, All, Have fun In Life, and, Take care. 🙂


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