St. (Saint) Paul, The Archangel of the North, and the Diamede of the Consensual Reverberation. Of the Past, Past and Present.

When Saint Paul Traveled to the Lands in Egypt, he was sat on, and bestoweth, the Consensual Lands of the Common Grounds, upon which, thy ancestors had come, and Befallen, Upon Them.

For they are the Fallen Angels, up which, in the North of the Coutry, they also, and them, had Bestoweth them, for they are of the Archangels of the North? Oh yes, they are, and must be. For they are of this Consensus, and this Diamede, that the Star-Fallen-SkyAngel, of this Common Consensus, had also, Beseth, them, with all their Great Might, upon which, the Altars of Time. They did this to ensure the Peoples of the North, and of the Common Lands, to Censor, and Consensus, to the Common Grounds of Their Religion.

When they bestoweth, and beseth, the Common Land, that is, The Holy Roman Empire, of Course, Vaticale Hell sent in, their warriors, to them, Their Roman-Greek, Soldiers, to their mighty land of the Down Under Hills of the Past Lives.

These Past Lives, of their Ancestors, were of the Riches of the Land. For them, and for that, They also had to Censor the Consensus, and sign a Treaty, and Agreement, to The Settlers of the Holy Land, the Popes of old, and Of the New Kingdom, The Holy Roman Empire II. Part Deux.

Or, Deux-ex.
That is, the Deux-Ec Manica, or Manichca, or, Manichica, the Deux-Ex Manichica, to the Power Dwellers, of the Holy Roman Empire, to their Groundworks, and Their Settlers, of their Common Kingdomial-Ground-Works.

The Works of the Grounds, to their Holy Roman Emperor, King Julius 4th, who, he who, beseth, and besath, to them, on the Holy Roman Throne, of Old, and Of New.

When they, and he, and thyne’, had also become to THY’NE kingdom, they also had to Endranger, and Endanger, and Envision, their Holy Roman Seat of Power, in 1665 AD.

Now, this Date is Very Very Important, for it is a must, in thy Time Machine, Not Time Travelling Machine, that the Deux-Ex Machinica, the Deux-Ex Manichia of the Time Dwellers, the Time Travelers, of Old, and Of New. And, also, to their Holy Land, of their Great Common Ancestor, the Holy Roman Monarch, or Arch, of the Seat of Power, King Julius 15th. He saith, or said, or Besaith, on their Holy throne, the Holy Throne of, or, Seat of Power, Their Industrialized, Common, Ancestorial Good, or Goods, of the Common, Bad, Lawless People, of the Lawless Land.

He, said, and sent, to Rome, the Throne of Their Threaties, or Treaties, so they could Envision a Future in their Common Dwelling’s of Ancestorial Lands. For they are also the Besettles of their Common Good. For they did, to ensure the Diamede, and the Diadeem, the Diamedus, of the Diamedian, or the Diameddian, of the Common Ground, works of the Land’s. For they are of this (great), and mighty, and might, of the Power of the People, that King Tutius, the King of the North, of the Nordic Swedes, that he Beseth, them. For they are the Must and Must Not Rulers of their Holy Commiunonial Land, of their Seat of Power.

Now, this Seat of Power, who, or sho, said Saint Paul, of the Riches of Their Holy Common Kingdom, that this is the Time of the Great Funeral, from which, Anna Wilkes Describes, the Great Powerful Emperor and King Julius the 15th hath beseth them.

Now, with this in Mind, King Julius the 15th, or King Titanius, who saith, and besaith, to them, on their Holy Throne of Might, to them, and of them, that their Great Ancestorial Roots, or root words, should be Embollished, to their Great and Mighty Powerful Kingdom, of old, and, of new.

For they are here to Entertain, to them, they are entertainers, to them, which, also, and whom, the MUST be Entertainers, for they are the Entertainers OF them.

For they are here to Subdue to their powerful and Rich Of Mighty, or Rich of Mighty, for they are the Rulers of them.

For, there and back again, in 1665 BC, in Rome, they are the Rulers of the West, In that Time Period, they came, conquered, and Besettled their Holy Land. For they were, and are, still, the Common Grounds, the Common Ancestorial Grounds, for their Great, and Mighty, and Powerful Leader.

In 1655, AD. They, also, they, and them, had to Bestow their Old Elvish and Slavish Past; Of their Past Lives, for them, and Of them.

For they are, and must be, to their Common Grounds, and Groundworks, to their Ancestorial Roots, for they are of the Besettlers of the Besettler’s, Past. And, Past Lives.

For they are here, common, and Uncommon, for they are here to pray, and to prey, upon, for them, their might is up on their Shield, Their Shield of Power.

Now, of course, they are here, and they are … common, very, very common.

How do, or how did, they do it, you ask?

They Besettled, and Beholdeth, their Land of Might, and Of Power, and Of Virtue, for they are their own Vaticale’s Hills.

For they are their own, Vaticale’s Hill’s? For yes, oh yes, for yes, oh yes, they are, and they Must Be.
They Must Be.

For they are here, to their Settler’s, Might.

When they are here, also, on their Own, they are the Common Underground, and the Common Underthone, for they are their Own Might.

For they must be? Oh yes, for they must be, are, and are, then, for than, they are them, and then, or than, they are their, and them, or their, within.

For yes, they are that which is which, which is in them, for they are Them? Oh yes, for THEY ARE.

They must be.

Now, of course, this Slavish and Elvish Past, is also of the Groundworks Of Them.

For they Must be, and they must be, Not.

For they Are, and They are the Saint Pauls of Heaven, and of Heavens?

Oh yes, they are.

Their (very own, and very, deep rich…) Star Alignments are Up in the Heavens, for they must be, and they must be, Are, To Their Very Own Dwellings, to their Common Ancestorial Groot, or Root, Grounds, for they are that of the past, which is the Present, Also.

Not A present, as in a gift, or a Gifty present, but A Present Gift, For they are, and the must be, The Common Ancestorial Groot, or Root Ground Word, or Work.

For they are of the Emphasizers of the old, Grecco-Romanish-Past-of-The-Present-Fture.

For they must be Pure, and All mighty, to their Great, Saint Paulian’s, Saint Paulian’s Funeral, of the Upper Heavens, Not In Orion’s Belt, but in the Dweller’s Belt.

The Dwellers, for they are the Dwellers, the Dwellers of King Tutanchamon The Fourth, who also Sath, bestoweth, them.

For they are of the Common Grounds, of the Root words, or, of, the Root Words, or Grook, Words, the Greekish-Grecco-Romanian-Indo-Slavian-Slavish-Slovakian-Indo-Dustrian-Greekosh-Romaniosh-Groot-Ground-Work.

For they are the Common Ancestorial Groot, Ground, and Roun Work.

For they must be, said King Julius The 5th. For they Must be.

Oh yes, they must, be, for that, which is that, and for that, which that is not.

For it is, for It Must be.

For they are of the Star Alignments of the North Node.

They are, they are the Keyholders of the Key-Settlers, of the Ancient, Greeco-Romanish-Past-Slavish-Elvish-Vaticalé’s-Past-and-Present, Future, of the Grecco Romanish Past of the Greeks of the Slavish Grecco Romanian Future’s Future. Time, and Time-Line’s, are of the Past and the Present.

They are Intertwining, Into the Future of Old, and Into the Future of New.

For they Must be, for they Must be Connected, into Terror, and Fright, and Fear, into Elvishly everything, or, Everythingly Elvish, For yes, they must be, and they must be, are.

Are they? For they are, for they must be.

For yes, they Must be? For yes, they must be, are, or are they? Or are they, Not?

For, how are they, or thyn’e, to thyn’e Kingdom Come?

For they are, of the Old-Greekish-Romanish-Past, and the Past, and the Present.

They are Coming together, and, in Riches and in Old, For they Must be Coming Together? For, oh yes, they must be, Coming Together, To Them, and, Of them.

Now, of course, this Star-Heaven Alignment, which, and with, Jesus in the Fixed Cross on the Northern Sky, the Cross of the Crucifix, or the Cruciform, the Star of the Bethlehmian Past, Who Also, Saith Beneath them, and Of them. On the Old Groundworks, of the Old, and of the New, so they said to themseves, Hi, How are You? They, and them, and thyne, Must be New here?

For yes, oh they are, they are of the Romanish-Greekish-Grecco-Romanish, Past, Present, And Future.

For they are of This World, of this Star-Alignment, Up in the Sky, Up in the Heavens.

For they are there, of the Saint, or St. Paul, of the St. Paul of the Cathedrals, of the Cathedrals of their Common Ancestorial Groots, or Groot Ground Works, or Root Words of the Ground Works.

For they are, of this, and into this, World, of Old, and Of New.

The End.

PS: Now, of course, with this having said that, they are also Common Ancestorial Ground Works of the Root words of Old, and Of New.

With this having said that, they are here to Entertain their Own Dwelvish, and Elvish, and Devilish, Old and Ancient Old Elvish Past, or their Past Elvish Ancient Lives, of the Common Ancestorial Groot, or Root, Ground Work of their Common Ancestors.

Now, of course, with, this, having said that, they are here, to ENTERTAIN, and to ENTERTAIN THE MASSES, of the ROOTS, or GROOTS, of the GROUNDWORKS, OF THEIR COMMON ANCESTORIAL THEME.

Now, the Elvish Past Masters, and the Elvish Present Masters, they Subdue to the Groundworks, of the Old, and of the New.

With this, they are here to Settle, and Subdue, to Their Common Ancestorial Theme.

With, this, having said that, they Must be, New here, They must be.

For yes, they are, they are of the Common Groot Ground Works, with Their Star Alignment-ish in the Far East, with This, However, to their Common Ancestorial Ground THEME.

For they are, of the PS, the Present Past, or Presenté Futuré, of the Presentia Fastia, or Presentia, Pasta, Or Presentia Pastia.

For they are, of the Present Future, or, the Present Serpentitude, for they are, of this Serpentitude, this attitude of Serpent, of Serpentish Devils, and Devil Worshipers.

Now, how come, had thy Besettled them?

Well, in 525 AD, in Rome, they settled Their Groundworks, their Ground Vestings, on their Root Canal of the Christian, COPTICH, Church, of the Far East, with their Dwindling, And Dwendling, of their Great and Powerful Roman Monarch, the King of the South, King Julius the 14th, OR, THE FIFTEENTH; I’m not Exactly 100% certain myself, Although, It matters very, very little, or, not as much, as one, or you, as one or, one of you, May Think.

So basically, what I’m saying is, The Ground Vestings of the Works of King Julius The 15th, or the Fourtheenth, are also, in bemidst, the Ground Works, Or Ground Vestings, of the Midder-Mediarchy, the Mediarchy of the Monarchs, with this, and them, Having said that? For, oh yes, for they are, for them, and, for, Of Them? For, yes, oh they are, They Must be.

They must be, really?

The rally of the StarKingdom Of Heaven. Of the Star-Planetary-Alignment, With their Ancestors on the Ground roots, on the South Node of the North pole, in the Star of Bethlehem, and in the Star of the Siriusian Temple of the Old abyss, the Old Abyss of the Great Temple of the Sethian, the Monarch of the North, The Monarch of the North Node.

For they are, of the Dwellst, and the Bedwellst, of them, and of them, or, of them, they are not, They must not be, that, or it, or not, be, of that.

For they are of this World, and of this Kingdom, for they are Belittled, and Belettled, for the Star-System-And-Kingdom-Alignemnt is Settled in the Far North of the Eastern Skies, On Christmas Eve, of All Nights, A Night of All Nights, with Jesus “A.” Christ, in the middle of the throne of Works.

For this, end, for this ending, there is no verse, more Applicable, than this one:

For they are of this Heaven, and for, of this Heaven, fo, and for, of This heaven, and Of this Earth, They are Belittled, and Besettled, for, and fo, or of, for the Orpheans, for their World is starting, or has started, or started, to Crumble Down, From Beneath Their Feet.

For they are Settlers of the Old, Ancient Old, Mythic, or Mithraic, Mindish, or Mindishian, Indish Past, for their Lives are of their Past, for their Lives are of their Past Livelihood, for their lives are of their Past Livelihood Of the Past ancient, Indo-Religio-Politico-Religio-Politico, Elvish, Lavendelish, Loveliness of the Liveliness of the Past liveliness of the Past Fast- and, Parenthoods.

For their lives are of this Midsts, and of this Midsts of Heavens, for they are here, to settle In between, In between the MIDSTS, of Heavens, In betweenst them, for they are, or they are, for they are not, for their Past, Elvish Slavish, Romantisch, Romanish, Past Livelihood Of Nothingess, they Settle or Dwendle To Their Past Livelihood of Past Nothingness.

For they are of This World? O, For they are, Of This World; For they are.

Now, of course, with this having said that, we are done. 🙂

Have fun in life all, have fun.

Be well, and take care, that’s about it. 🙂


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