Sollipticism, The Jesuit’s Tool of Enslavement


That, Which cannot be hear, that, which cannot be seen, by, or, with, or unby, by, the untrained Eye.

For thy, thy Sollipticism, has come to a pass, and to a Past.

For thy, thou shallt Come, to Thy Sollipticism,of Thy Commitment, to Thy Elvish, and Slavish, past, Lives.
To thy commeth, to thy kingdom Commeth, to thy kingdom has thy cometh. To thy Kingdom Has Thy Commeth, Thy Must have, and Thy Must have Commeth.

For thy, are of this World, and Thy, are also, of this World. For this Enslaved is one Of Many, and of Many is much, is alot? Or, A lot. Not, Aloft.

No, not Aloft, but, A lot. It is a Lot, for this Jesuit is on a Mission, A Mission to Enslavement, a Mission to Enthrallment, a Mission to Enbrawlment, of Thy’th Enbrawlment, of thy Enbrawlment, and On, or Of, Thy? Enbrawlment.

Oh yes, thy, hasth seen, the Kingdom of the Past.

For it is Thy, that Thy hasth Seen it.

Thy Kingdom Hasth, Cometh, And Gone.

Now, With this Jesuit on the Sleeves, on the Sleeves, of the Hill. Of the Hill’s Kingdom Past. Of Thy Hills, thou Hasth Comet; Of thy Kingdom’s Past, Tho Hasth Comet.

For Thy, for Thou, for Thy, For Thy, For Thy, Hasth Thy Comet.

For they are of the Elder, of the Learned, and Elder, Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls of the Past are of This Life; And of This Life, to Come; For they are, and must be, for this New, Learned, And elderly, or Elder, Learned, World. For they must be of this world, for this Sollipticism, is of this Kingdom, It Must be.

For it must be, of This World, and, Unto the Next.

The Nexus of the Past Grains, of Thy Grains, into this Past, Life.

For it is This Nexus, of this World, of This Next World, Unto, thy, beseth.

For Thy areth Of This World, for Thy Areth, for thyeth, Must be, It.

For Thy, are’th, It.

For they are of the Jesuitical Logical Power; For their Logic is Far, Far, Greater than yours. It must be, It must be their logic, and their common sense, and their common Sensological Themes. For their Logic Far, and Far, Supersedes, yours. For it must, be, That logic, is of the Devil’s Kingdom, and of the Devil’s Past; And, of the Devil’s Past, Lives.

For they are, and yet, must be, Of Thy Kingdom’s, Past.

Of they, thath they must be Certain, That, they must be.

For they, must be.

They, and Thy, Kingdom, Has Come, and Gone.

They must Have Come and Gone. They must have, For they are of the Dweller’s Past, and of the Dweller’s Past Lives, for they, must be. For they are, and yet, must be, for it is the FUTURE. OF THIS LIFE? AND OF THE NEXT.

The Nexus, and the Nectar, or This Fruit, and Loosy, Juise, for this Fruit-Loosy-Juice, is the Hell’s, Heaven’s Pitch, of the Fork, of thy Nectar, in Thy, Next, Kingdom, and of the Kingdom’s to Come.

For they are of this, and of the Next, for they, are, yet, they must be.

They are of the Solliptisists. For yes, they are. They must be? For they are, and, yet, they must be, Not.

How come, Said the Jesuit, How come, hast thou’gh, Come? How come?
How come, is that possible, is it, or of it is, Possible, Even?

Oh yes, it is, for the Jesuit’s Sollipticism is of the Devil’s Pitch Fork, it is of the Realm Above, this Abode, and of, The Realm, Above, This Abode.

It is of This Realm, and of the Realm Above the Abode?

How come, is it of this Realm, and of the Abode.

How come?

How come hasth Thou Forsakeneth, Me?
How Come?

How come is that possible,

Thou Hasth, Not.

No, Thou Hastn’t.

No, Thou Hast’n Not.

No, Thou Hastn’t.

Now, with this having said that, this Devil’s Pitch Fork is of common Grounds, and Commonlogical Groups; For Thou hasth’t Seen it. Thou Has.

Now, this Common Groundological Loop-Hole, has, also, has got, many holes in it. Many, many, holes. For these Holes are of the Solliptisist’s Fury, and Anger, Of Their Furious, And Anger. Of their Furious Anger. Of their Anger, they are Bestoweth, they are, oh yes, they are. How come, is it possible, this Fury and Anger, to be Real? If Heaven, and Hell, isn’t Real?

How come, can it be Real? How come?

Thou Hasth Forsaken me, O, My Lord.

How come, Hast thou Forsaken me?

The Jesuit’s Sollipticism, is, of this Forbidden Kingdom, and of, This Forbidden Fruit. Of the Fruit Of Knowledge, of the Tree Of Knowledge, of this Fruity Tree, of Knowledge, or the Fruity Three, Elders, of Knowledge.

The Fruity Three of Knowledge.

I know, why, how come?

First off, the first.

The Common Sensological Theme, of Thy Forbidden Kingdom, and of, Thy Forbidden Fruit, is of This Devilish’ Past. Of this Devilish’s Past. It has come, to, and undergone, and Underwent, Many, Subsequential, Eventhomonous, and EvenHomongues, Or, EvenHomonguous, or EvenHomonguenus, or the Penis of the Phallic Symbol, Up on the Alter, of the Sollipticist’s Magic. Of their Magic, and of their Magic’s Works, they are of this Kingdom, of this Forbidden, Fruit; Of the Tree of knowledge, not Three of Knowledge, But Tree, of knowledge.

The second, and the Final one, are, Indepthness, and, Indeptitude, Or, Ineptitude.

For this Indepthness, and, Ineptitude, this Common, Seemological Theme, of this Common GroundWork, is of, The Past’s Elvish Lives. These Elvish, Lavendelish, Common Themes, and Seems, it Seems, is true. For it is, yes, it is, true.

For it must be.

It must be, That this Common Theme, is true.

For this Common Theme is the Ancestor of the Above Abodes.

It is of the Sky, and Star Alignment, It must Be.

Oh yes, For it Must be.

It Must be.

For, yes, O lord, It is true, For it Must be True.

For this To Be True. It must be, It must be True.

Now, With this Having Said That? How Come? Is it true?

No, How come, is this Ineptitude, and, Inseptitude, Of this Common Coundological, Sweet, Spot, of the Elvish, and Lavendelish, Past, sweet, and sour, and spot, On?

How come, is this possible, if it is, At All?

Now, this, no, This not, This is Not possible.

How, Come, No, It is not.

No, This Common Ineptitude, and, Common Inseptitude, Is of the Elvish Past, and of the Lavendelish, Present.

The Present Future is the Most Important One, for This, They dwell, and Dwell, Upon.

For this, They see, And must they See Not.

For this, They are, Time. And, Time, Is On My Side.

It really, really is.

Time is, On My Side.
It must Be, Oh yes? It Must be.

How come, Has though’th, Forsaken me?

How come? How Come, Is This Possible?

How come, Is This Possible?
Now, It is not. No, It is not.

Now, It is not, Now, it is untrue.

Now, of course, this common Inseptitude, is also of this Elvish, Past.

This Lavendelish, Elvish, Slavik, Olavish, and, Elvishly Past Tense, Foreword, to the Book of Revelation, it is also, of, the World’s Sixteen Crucified, Saviors.

The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors, Or More; That is.

There could be A whole Lot more. And, there probably are, or is.

Most Likely, Most, likely.

Now, of course these 16 Saviors that the World’s Has, or Have, Crucified, is of, Dionysus, the Great.

Dionysus the Great is the Great Ineptitude, and the Great Inseptitude, for this Inseptitude, is of the Devilish’ Kingdom; It Really, really, is.

For this Ineptitude, and this Septitude, with the First Common Groundological Theme, Which Runs Through the Thames In London. It is Also said, of this, or, of it, of this, With this Great and Mighty, and Mighty, Powerful Leader, Dionysus is the Great and Allmighty, Powerful, Leader.

As Mettinger, once Said.

This Great and Powerful Leader, is of the Stepping Stone, of the Guidelines, of the Great, and Late, Elvish Past, And Present.

For this is True, for Mettinger was a Wise, Man.

Oh yes, He was a Man;
Oh yes, he was.

Who, or what, is, A Mettinger.

A mettinger Is a Common Theme, Which Runs Through the Thames In London, Which, Also, supersedes, and Superset, the Common Grounological Themes, of the Far West, and the Far East.

That, My Ladies, and My Gentlemen, is a Mettinger.

The Common Superstition, on Which, This is Built, and Built Upon. By Those, Who see, and Who seek, By those, whom have Invisioned Power over their Right’s Of Kingdom, and of Kingdom’s and Elvish Past.


How come, is this possible? Thy, hasth Said.

Thy Hasth, Said that.

Thy, really, really, Hasth, Said That.

Now, this common Groundological Theme, is of the Thames of London, of the Themes, of their Common Ancestorial Roots.

Oh yes, They must be, Of Their Common Ancestorial, Roots.

For yes, they are, of this Common SS BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL.

For the Brotherhood of the Bell, is the SS. And, or, The SAS.

Oh yes, the Brotherhood of the Bell is the SAS, THE BRITISH SAS, That is? Not so, or not, Not as Much the Australian SAS, if there even is one.

Haha, Now, we Have come to This.

For we are of this Brotherhood of the Bell, for we are, yes, we are.

This is, about the End of My rant.

And Rant, In English-Anglo-Saxon-Slavish-Elvish, Past Life, Tense, Means:

The Rant of the Eagle, which hath also Beseth, and Beseth, Mine? Unto Thyne, and Unto Me? For Thy are of This Mine. For Thy, of This, Are Mine.

That is a Rant, of the Eagle, the Two Headed Balded, or Balding, Eagle.

For this is true, This Rant, is of the Old, Common, Old English, and Anglo-Saxon, Language.

For this language is Of Old, And, Of New.

For it is, Anglo-Saxish, Or, Anglo-Saxon, The Language of the Eagles.

Of the Vaticalé’s Hills, In London, In, The River Thames.

That’s right, The Vaticalé Hills, are also, In London.

The Vaticaleé’s, Hills, Are Everywhere.

Now, they are not, just, not, Met. Be.

For they are a Mettinger, on this, Not, Met. be.

For they must be, the abbreviation, for they are, And Yet, Must be.

The end.

Take care, and be well all, be safe, and have fun in life. 🙂

PS: Now, this has come to an end? This Rant, of the Eagle’s, Elvish, Past.

Have fun in life, be well all, and, have fun, and, above all, how more than much, than just fun, in life. 🙂

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