Sense of Entitlement

The Sense of Entitlement, in the Age Of Aquarius.

For they are beseth of the Old Common Domain, and Kingdom, they are also of this planet, of Earth, for they are the Riches of Old.

For they are of new, also, or, as well. Not too, for too is another sense of Entitlement, for they are of the toundra, that which is Besettled Upon Thee, and Upon Them.

They Mustn’t Fight Amongst Eachother, for they are the Upper Most Evilist, Communalistic, Forensistic, Communalisticity, Forever, more and MORE.

Here they are Bestowed upon, up ON Their Altar, for they are of the Riches of Old, and Of Poor. For they must be, up on the Entitlement, for they are of the Riches of Old, and Of Poor.

They must, because they are of the Entitlement-Sense.

The Sensological, Communal, and Communital, Communities from, which, and For, and Fron, Which, They Span, and Spawn, And spawned, have, OF.

For you see, this Common Dweller’s Community, is of this Common Old Age, and of the New.

The age Of Aquarius, that which is Of New. That Which is Of New. For they must be, and must are, of this Common Sensologial, Entitlement.

They are here, of the Age of Aquarius, to their dominion, and their Kingdom, to whichst, Thou, and They, and Thee, And Thyn’e, has come, from.
From there, and they, and then, and thence, whence, they came forth from the jungle, from the Jungle of the Past, they also settled In Between, the Sense of Entitlement.

For they are of this Common, Old age. For they are, and they must be. Of this Age, and of the Ages of the Past.

For they must be, Oh yes, they must be?

Oh yes, they must be, Of This Age, and of the Age To Come.

They are of the Age of Pisces, and the Age Of Aquarius, not, of, or from, the Age of Aquarius, but the Age Of Aquarius, and the Age Of Pisces.

Pisces the Two Fish? Of the Beholder, of the Besetller, of the Jesus Christ of Annamareia, of Annamareia, they hasth, and thou hasth, Become, and Becometh.

For you must, come from Annamareia, for they, and thy, and thou, hasth become, of this Common Old Age.

The age of Pisces, is in the Age of Ensettlement, not in the Age of Entitlement, Not In That Sense.

No way, not Possible, but, who cares, right?

The Age of Pisces, the Two Fish, of the Age of Belettlement, and the Age of the Two Fish, in the Underground Bunkers of the Vaticale, In Roma.

The Age of Pisces, the Two Fish, of the Age of Belettlement, and the Age of the Two Fish, in the Underground Bunkers of the Vaticale, In Roma.

Nobody cares, for the Age Of Pisces, is of the Age Of Aquarius, for they are two, intertwined, Interconnected, Interbetween, the two, of the Settlement of Old, and of New. For they are, of the Old Usage, and, of the Old Usages, of them, and of thy, Kingdom, Has come. For they, and thy, and thou and, theirs, of theirs, their Kingdom has Come?. For they are of this World. They are, They must Be. How do we know? Because they are here. When you are here, you ARE of this world. There is no ifs, ands, or Butts, about it. I mean Buts, or not, who cares, right? lol.

Anyway, this Age of Aquarius Scheme, which is a Scheme, betettled, and Besettled, Upon Man, and Woman, and Beast, and The Woman Who Rides the Beast, in the Age of Revelation, and the Book of Revelation, the Books of Revelation, I should say. For they, and thou, and them, and thy, and these, they are of this Common Old Age; For they are, of this Common, Old Age; For they are, and they must be, not Mustn’t Be. They must be? Not the Vatican, or the Vaticale, or the VATICALA?. No, Not them. For they are, of this Common, Old Age. The age of pisces is the Age of the Two Fish, They are the Two Fish, as Explained in the Movie, the Internet Hit movie, “Zeitgeist,” And the Precession of the Equinoxes, for they are real, those Precessions, not Procession, But, precession. For yes, they ARE real. They DO Exist. For yes, they are a must to watch, a must to see, a Must To Behold. And Belittle, And Behettle, for yes, they are real, those Precessions. They are of the Common, Age of Old, of Old, Common Era, not Erea, or, Area? No, not that.

They are of THIS AGE. Not of the Age to come.
But this age that is yet to come, or, has not yet come to pass, which is yet to come, is of VITAL IMPORTANCE.

This Age of Aquarius-Thing, which is a Thing.

A thing is Merely a Subject Matter on which Thousth, Hasth, Beseth.

And Beleth, and Belittled, and Bestowed, Upon.

For thou hasth gotten the Zeitgeist, of the Age. The Spirit, of the Age, The Sense, of Entitlement.

The Sense of Entitlement, Thou Hasth Beseen the Ages of Aquarius, and Beseen the Ages of the Taurus, The Bull.

The Age of Taurus the Bull

The Age of Taurus the Bull

Thou Hasth Beseen, the Age of the Bull, with A Sense of Entitlement, with those, and with these, Thou Arth That. Thou Art, That.
Thou Art That.

Tat Tvam Asi.

Thou Art That.

Oh yes, Thou Art That, indeed;

For thou Art that, for thou art that, that that is.

For that which is that, that, which is not, is not, of that, which is not, of that not, which it is not of.

For that, the Age of Taurus the Bull is brilliant, it is the Besettlement, the Entitlement, of the Age of Taurus the Bull.

This Age of Besettlement, And Ages of Entitlement, Without a Sense of Dred, or, Dread, these are of the Jungles of the Past Lives, For Thou Art That. For that which is that, that, which is which, is also that, for what, and for that, which is also that, is also that, which that is not, which.

Which is true. For they are the Beholders of the Key of Light. The Key of Ensettlement, of the Key of Light. For yes, they are, of This World, and of the Next.

The nectar of the Fruit, or tree, of Life, is that of, which, is of the Fruit and the Tree of Life. For this Tree of Life, is a Myth, It is a Myth. It really, really, is.

For that Myth of the Tree of Life; And the Nectar of Life. For that which is that, that which is not that, that is, which is also, that, not.

For that which is which, which is that, that is also not that.

For that is true, The Tree of Life, or, the Nectar, of the Fruit of Knowledge, is on the Bees, of the Beesting.

The Beesting, is of the Old Age, and of the New.

This Beesting is to behettled, and to beholded, and to Behelth.

For that to Behelth, That which is Which, is that, Which art Thou That.

Which Art Thou that, thou art that, and which is not, That which is thou, art, not, That.

Thou art That. That much Is True. For thou Art. Thou Art.

Anyway, enough of this Thou Art That, stuff.

Now, with the Age of Aquarius, coming to a close, in the very, very Near Future, the Age of pisces is Just Coming to A beginning, in the Futuristic, Age, That is.

The futuristic Age, of Course, is Quite Different.

‘Cause I know, that the Age we are living in right now, is the Age of Pisces, and the Age we are Entering, is, The Age of Aquarius.

That much is true.

But I’m talking about Different Ages.

The Age of Taurus, the Bull, whas, or was, that of a Different Age.

It was the Age of the Ensettlement. Of the Ensettled, Ones.

Once, Upon, A time, In the West, and In Egypt, There was an Age of Ensettlement.

This Age of Ensettlement, or, Entitlement, this Common Sense, and Dread, thou hast that which that hast, not.

Thou hasth that Age of Ensettlement, In the Age of Pisces;

Now, with that having said that, we are to Enter this Kingdom, of the Age to come. For we are, into this area, or, This Era, of This Common Age, of Old, and Of New.

For we must be, and we are, of this Common Age, Of This Sense of Dread.
This Sense of Dread is of the Common Ancestorial Roots, of the Groots, of the Common Groundwork, that Upon Which Belayed, that Upon Which Beseth, and, that, Upon, Which, Besettled.

That which besettled, and that Which Upon Which That Besettled, is the Common Ground-Age Denominator, The Denominator, or, the Dominator, of the Common Old Age.

This Sense of Dread, and Sense of Entitlement, is that of the Age to Come.

For we are that Which thou Art. For we are, That.

We must be. That Which is that, and that, Which is, not, That.

The End.

Take care all, have fun in life, and, be well. 🙂

Oh, PS: Now that this age of Common Denominators Has Come to an End. It has also Come to an End in the Heavens, in the Skies, of Old, of the Abyss of the Lutherian Common DenominatorShip. For we are to be Shipped to the Heavens, above, For that which is that, Thou, Art, Also That, For That, which is that, Art is very, very important.

Art is the Key, the Master-Key. Art, or Arte, is the Master Key, to the Common Denominatorship, of the Common, Past, Old, Age.

The common past old age is of the Star-Spangled-Banner of the US Flag.

Not the American Citizen Flag, but the US Flag.

Without the “.”

That’s right, without the Dots.

Now, this US Flag, is of the Common DenominatorShip. Of the Ancient, Age, Old, Flag.

That, of which, is also, beseth, Uponth, Them.

For they are that common, In Thy Era, In thy Glusador, Ring.

In Thy Crusador Ring.

In Thy Crusador, Ring? Thou Art, That.

Thou Must be That.

Thou Must be.

It is the End of the Age of Apocalypse, or? Apocalypsus.

The Age of the Apocalypsus, the Age of the Vine, and the InterBetween.

For we are into, entering into, into the Age of the Divine, The Vince, or, The Vine, of the Interrelationship between the Stars, the Heavens, and the Ground.

This age of the Devine, or, This Age of the Divine, IntermediartatorShip, is Also, of the Age of the Divinity.

For Divinity is All that We Are.

All that Which, We Are.

We are in, the Age of the Divine.

We are, we are also Entering Into it.

We must be, for we Cometh from the Past, into the Future Lives, of the Future Elves, or, Of the Elvish Past.

We are the Common Denominator, In this Elvish Past, of the Slavish People, or Peoples, of the Ground, and of the Earth.

For this, we are entering into the Age of the Cosmos, the Age of the Cosmopolitan.

The age of Art Bell, who wrote, and Talked about, Stuff like this.

He did, for yes, he did, That is true.

He knew About the Ages of the Divine, maybe, He still does.

Who knows, if he is still alive, of course;

I’m not certain, myself.

Anyway, the end, be well, and Peace to all, Have fun, and Take care, Be well, Folks. 🙂

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