APHROBELIA: The Worship of the Heavens, as Described by King Leopold II.



It is a common Ancestorial root of the Highness of Thyne Kingdom, Upon Which Thy’th Kingdom Dwelleth.

This worship of the heavens is in the heavens abode, up on the hills, of the Altar, and of them, from whence, and which, they came.


This word, commonly described to, and ascribed to, King Leopold II (which, of course, is not exactly correct,) is a foundation of Youth, of the Emperess of the North, They, and She, said that Aphrobelia is of the Groundworks of the Ancestors of the North, and the North Node, and The South Node.

They are said to have beheld, and becometh, to thy, and themselves, from whence, and which, they came home from, and TO.


Now, this word, is also of the Worship of the Heavens.

They said that this word is of common Ancestorial roots, to the History of Egypt, and of Grecco Roman roots.

This is true, however, not NECESSARILY 100% TRUE. For this word is of common origins of the Ancestorial, ROOTS, of them, and of thyne.

That which is South, is also North? Oh yes, and that which is North, is not necessarily South, For it is also of the embellishment of man, and woman, and beast, to beheld, and Withheld, to, and thy, to thyne kingdom of OLD AND OF NEW.


This word is of the Starship of the Heavens, of the Star Alignment. For it is true, AND SAID, that this word, is of the Commonth People of The Old and The New Testament.

Aphrobelia: The Worship of the Heavens in the Old, Ancient Old Grecco-Roman-Ancient-Egypto-Religio-Politico-Sanskritian Under-Netherworld, Lingo-Linguistic, ROOT WORD, of everything that it befolloweth.

It is of this, and of that, said origin, that this word followeth, and followed, by thy Inner Self, THY HEARTNESS INSIDE YE. To that which is added, a common self-sensored ROOTWORD, of THY, and OF THEM.

For they are persons, and persons are BELITTLED, AND BELETTLED. From Whence, and Hence, and Thence, they came, from. From whitherto, and Whetherto, they, and they thence, CAME FROM.

Now, of course, Whitherto, the also said of this Great Emperor and Embellisher. How is it possible you know so much of/ and about this?

This Great Emperor Said: For it is MY WORD, and it IS MINE, NOT YOURS. Now that it is mine, I shall embellish you from this powerkingdom of the GREAT GRECCO ROMANISH PERIOD OF THE ELVISH PAST, OF THE ARCHANGEL OF THE NORTH. Saint Gabrialus the Fifth.

For he, said Saint Gabrialus the Fifth, is the common Ancestorial rootHOUSE, of, or of, the ROOTWORD, of THYNE KINGDOM, of THE PAST SELECT, AND ELECT, AND ELECTIVENESS.

The Selective Nature of Man, and of Woman, and of Beast, thy shallth Beseth, and Beseth Upon.

For it is Thy’ne, is it thy’ne? Oh yes it is, IT MUST BE.



For yes, it is true, yet, it is also true of THEM. OF THE VATICALE, OR VATICALANE. For that is the truth, Not the Vatican, or they have to, but the VATICALE. It is different, it is NOT THE SAME.


They are DIFFERENT ENTITIES. For yes, they ARE entities; They are of the North and South Node, They are of the hills of the Past, Vaticale, and Hilly, the Past Node of the South Node “Pole”.


For they are the settlers of the North, the Country in the Western Side of the World, this APHROBELIAC, OR APHROBELIACUM; The Great Serpent of the Knighthood of the Freemasons’s Settlers, of the North Node in the Southern Sky. That upon which is Beseth, and that, upon, which is BESETTHLED.


For that is true, for that much is true, it is of the North Node, and of the South Node, that this PALACE OF KINGS AND KINGDOMS AND PRINCES AND PRINCESSES LIES.
For The God of this world, this FEMALE, FEMININE, ESSENCE, This Female and Feminine Essence, of that, which upon, is BUILT UPON, is Also, built upon, by the Settlers of the Romanish Past. For they are here, whitherto, and Whetherto, to Thyne kingdom, of the Settler’s Past. For they are Furious at them? For yes, oh yes? They are. They must be Furious at them. For they are settled in the Above, abodes; They MUST BE FURIOUS AT THEM, For that which is that, that which is which, and that which is that which is which.


It is BUILT UPON the Land of the Great South. The Vaticale Hills, the Vatican Hills? No, Not the Vatican Hills. No, no; It is not the same. They are different Entities.


Just like the Devil, Who is an entity, but it is not what you think it/she/he/it is. It is simply an entity, not a ghost or anything. Or a sheep.


The Devil is a place, or PALACE, even, of “Sexual Worship”, In that of the Netherworld, The Underworld, and BEYOND.

It is true, however, that Demons, whom are Good Spirits, are of the Same Netherworldistic, and Realistic, Essentialistic, Near Earth-Coming, Essentialistisism, Near Ourth-Earth, Ground Object, of the Southern Sky;

The Cross of the Southern Sky, that, upon which, Jesus Christ had Besettled, them.

For they are the Aphrobeliacs, the Aphrobeliacs of the North Node;


They must be.


The End.


That which is which, is that which is which.

For that which is which, that which is which, must be that, for they are that, and that which is which, must be which is that, for they are that, which is which, upon which is Built, Upon.

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