A musical , and, Sensu-ational, Archaeological, Poem, of Love, Power, and Commitment. To Thy-One-Self.

How Thy Kingdom Come

How Thy Kingdom Come,
Oh Lordd, How thy Kingdom Cometh,

To THyself, from Thy you must do It.

How i s It Possible, for thy richness, and embrowishment?

From hence, and whence, thy came forth, to thy riches,

Of the Old Empire Earth?
For they are the Upper Inner-ThySelf, For Thy Richness, Is,?;,
Not of This earth, but of Other Earths, in this Gabrielalus,
Archangel, or, the Archangel of The North?

Also, aptly called, the Archangel of the North Norrde, or
Archangel of the North Node, Gabrielus, or Gabrielalus,
The North Node Circle,
In Archaeostronomy, they are of the Inner Self,
The Inner Thighs, of THY RICHNESS?
From Whence, and THence, Thy came?
To Thou Inner SElf,

How is this possible, did he said,
No, it is not, He never did Saisth?
Said, or Saideth?
For he is new here, to thy inner self, and Inner Richess, Or richness?

FOr thy is Truuly, or Truly, thy, or Thy comest, or cometh,
Thy Cometh, to thy inner Self,

for THy is Worthy, of Resurrection,

To thy COmmmon Ancestor, to thy cometh.
For Thy areth Thouth, Thou’th, thou? Thouest,
Oh no,
Thy, or Thou,?
No , no way.
It is Thy’eth, or Thou’th, to thy cometh?,??
This is True, for this i S Turth.
Or Truth, for that matter.

It is the inner self, of Thyth, or Trhy’th, to Thy’th cometh.
For thence, and whence, they, or then, shall they receive,
thy inner comesth,

For thy are truly Thy Master,


To you inner being?
A poem

To thy, or thou, inner resurrected, commong
Or COmmon, Power, of Thyself, to THY ANCESTOR
The Ancestor, OF THY COMETH?
That’s it
The end.
Thy Cometh?
To THy POwer,
to Ut, Inside, UT?
Inside Ut,
not Urd?
No, not Urd?????
No, not that,
no, Not music?
Thou are the kingdomesth, cometh, to thy uppre self
to the archangel, from the Great Abyss, to ThY MUST THY COME.
That is it, for thy are the Selfishness, AWARENESS? or
Selflishness, the Awareness, of thy cometh?
The great cometh?
The greatt Comet,
Niburu, or NIBIRU?

Niburu, thy are the cometh, of the North, Node.
Sint, or saint, Paterus, or
Saint Peter, the North?
The COmteth, of the North Node, Up in the Upper Echelons, of the South Node, To THy Cometh to thy Inner Self, and Thy Inner Kingdom, to Thy Cometh, to Thyself, and To Thyself, myst Thy COmeth,

To Thy,n to Thy, thy, are here?
Not Thy, but THY.

How is that possible, not it, to thy cometh, to the cometh understanding of the cometh of the great past, and the future,
To Thy are heree?
No, to TY;

That is the truth.?
And the music
Must to Thy listen?
To Thy are here, Constantine The Great, Who created Religions, but no Islam, he is not the Imam, no he is not, but there is one,
There is an Imam, oh yes, he will cometh?.
Oh yes, he will.




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